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Details of SC 8/1/45
Reference: SC 8/1/45
Petitioners: Walter de Huntercomb (Huntercombe).
Name(s): de Huntercomb (Huntercombe), Walter
Addressees: King and council.
Nature of request: Huntercomb requests that he be released from the payment of scutage for the two Scottish wars, and that he be granted a writ to levy scutage from his tenants as the king has granted to others doing such service. Huntercomb shows that he served in both wars with armed horsemen in the company of several nobles, and in the king's army.
Nature of endorsement: Because the treasurer has attested before the council that Huntercomb did his service in the 28th and 31st years of the reign, it is agreed that he should have a writ of Chancery for the levying of scutage, and that he be quit of scutage being exacted from him for the wars.
Places mentioned: Berwik (Berwick), [Northumberland]; Striveleyn (Stirling), [Stirlingshire, Scotland]; La Vaire Chapele (Falkirk), [Stirlingshire, Scotland]; Gaway (Galloway), [Scotland].
People mentioned: John de Warenne, earl of Surrey; Antony Bek, bishop of Durham
Note: The petition is dated to 1307 based upon the dating of Rot. Parl., vol I, p. 192, dating of the memoranda roll being for the parliament at Carlisle on Wednesday in the Octave of St Hillary, 35 Edw. I. This may well date to the very beginning of the year as writs were issued to the sheriffs of York, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Cumberland to supercede the demand on Huntercomb for his service in those years on 10 February 1307 at Lanercost (CCR 1302-7, p. 485).
Date: [1307]
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Parliamentary Petition 4336
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Language: French
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description
Publication note:

Ancient Petitions Relating to Northumberland, Ed. C.M. Fraser, (Surtees Society, vol. CLXXI, 1961), p.207 (no.185) (calendar of petition)

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edw I, vol. V, 1302-1307, (Public Record Office, 1908), p.485 (writs relating to the answering of this petitioner)

Rotuli Parliamentorum; ut et Petitiones, et Placita in Parliamento, vol. I, Edw I and Edw II, (Record Commission, 1783), p.194b (no.19) (Latin summary of petition on parliament roll)

The Parliament Rolls of Medieval England, Ed. Paul Brand, Anne Curry, Chris Given-Wilson, Rosemary Horrox, W.M. Ormrod and J.R.S. Phillips, (Cambridge University Press, 2005), Vetus Codex 1307, appendix, no.34 (full edition and translation)

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