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Details of FO 383/422
Reference: FO 383/422

Germany (British Civilians), Prisoners, including:

Return to UK from Germany and repatriation of British civilians.

Return to the UK of the wives and families of British civilian prisoners who have been repatriated.

Transport of repatriated British civilian prisoners by the North Brabant and German Railway Company from the Dutch frontier in Rotterdam.

Notification of stretcher cases amongst repatriated prisoners.

Railway transport of British civilians repatriated from Germany and expenses incurred.

Expenses of the maintenance of British civilians interned in Holland and the repatriation of British civilians from Germany.

Repatriation expenses of members of the mercantile marine.

Reports of the admission to hospital of civilians repatriated from enemy countries.

Recovery from British civilians interned in Holland or repatriated from Germany of moneys expended on their behalf.

Cost of railway transport of repatriated and transferred German civilian prisoners.

Repayment of expenses incurred by George Watt during his passage from Holland.

Transfer of insane British civilians from Boston to the Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum.

Arrangements for a reception for returned mercantile marine officers.

Expenses of the repatriation of merchant seamen.

Repatriation expenses of Mr Squire Wood, mercantile marine officer released from Ruhleben.

Railway fares of interned British civilians repatriated or released to Holland.

Repatriation expenses of officers and seamen of the mercantile marine.

Conditions of civilian prisoners travelling in hospital ships to England.

Division of British civilians in Holland into two categories.

Payment out of public funds for: board and lodging of civilian prisoners interned in Holland, medical treatment and transport to Britain.

Claim for the repayment of repatriation expenses of Mr Percy Hull (railway fare from Berlin to the Hague) incurred during his repatriation.

Return to Britain of Canadian civilian prisoners interned at Ruhleben

Request for information on the total number of mercantile marines and fishermen to be repatriated and sailing on SS Porto.

Committee for Relief for the repatriation of civilian and mercantile marine prisoners of war.

Numbers of repatriated civilians to sail on the SS Primula and SS Fricaria.

Repatriated prisoners arriving from Germany via Denmark.

Repatriated British prisoners arriving back into Britiain via Hull.

Claims for compensation by British prisoners in respect of their internment by the enemy.

Arrangements at Ripon Camp for a reception for repatriated prisoners.

Released civilian prisoners arriving in Calais.

Repatriated British civilians arriving on SS Bernsdorff.

Claim by Mr French for the reimbursement of his fare from Rotterdam to London.

Arrival of repatriated civilian prisoners at Leith.

Claim for reimbursement of repatriation expenses by John du P Moll, a South African subject.

Funds provided by the General Steam Navigation Company Limited for their employees interned in Germany.

Parcels sent to British civilians at Ruhleben after they had been released.

Payment of travelling expenses for Owen Monk, a minor staff officer, for travelling to Boston for a reception for repatriated British prisoners.

Visits made by the Honorary Secretary of the Government Committee and the Government Committee examiners to Boston and Nottingham on the occasion of the repatriation of British prisoners of war.

Case of Dorothy Greenop, British subject employed at the British Section of the Netherland Legation in Berlin, and suggestion that she should resign from her post as she is working for the enemy.

Proposal to intern in the Netherlands the Dutch subject Johannes Cornelis Roothaa at present interned in Germany.

Passports issued to British subjects under the protection of the Netherland Legation, Berlin and confiscation of those passports.

Sequestion of passports by the German authorities.

Possibility of the release of Sir John Irvin and Mr Stanley Lambert, interned at Ruhleben.

Code 1218A Files 2027-4921.

Date: 1918
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: Files 2027-4921.
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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