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Reference: FO 383/154

Germany: Prisoners, including:

British prisoners in Germany, including:

  • Ill-treatment of British seamen at Sennelager Camp: sworn deposition of Skipper Blackmore, but no attested statement received from William Savory.
  • Supervision of young naval prisoners transferred from Guben Camp to Döberitz Camp.
  • Authority of British non-commissioned officer prisoners in Germany.
  • Alleged commandeering of gift parcels by German authorities.
  • Supply of soap for prisoners in working camps.
  • Lieutenant Cecil H Chichester-Constable: letter from Lord Charles Beresford to Lord Robert Cecil asking what can be done to alleviate his harsh imprisonment; view that as War Office will not intervene in this matter of military discipline, Foreign Office cannot take initiative.
  • Visits to internment camps by representatives of the US Embassy, Berlin.
  • Employment of British prisoners on work connected with operations of war.
  • Reports on working camp at Halverde (northern Westphalia), Paaren and Bornim. Treatment of British prisoners in working camps in Westphalia.
  • Drummer A E Page: enquiry.
  • William Watts and Eric Jennings, sentenced by court of Landwehrinspektion: removed to Festungsgefängnis at Cologne (Köln) to serve sentences.
  • Private Arthur Green's narrative of his experiences, and narratives of other prisoners: report that United States will only make representations to Germany if specifically requested to do so.
  • Typhus in prisoner camps in Germany.
  • All reports on prisoner camps in Germany received from US Embassy up to 31 March 1916 to be included in forthcoming White Paper on British Prisoner Camps in Germany; Royal Army Medical Corps reports not to be included but publication to be considered separately.
  • Report (printed) on violations of The Hague and Geneva Conventions reported by British non-commissioned officers and men returned from captivity in Germany.
  • Distribution of tobacco for British prisoners in Germany.
  • Alleged brutality to British prisoners.
  • Non-receipt of parcels by British prisoners at Giessen, Cellelager and Mainz camps.
  • Punishment of British prisoners for refusal to work; protest from Foreign Secretary concerning several named cases (in docket no. 89237).
  • James Miles, former internee in Germany, late 18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars: press cutting of his letter to The Times of 6 May 1916 alleging that statements of Members of Parliament regarding treatment of British prisoners in Germany are incorrect.
  • Conditions in Hameln Camp: statement of Lance Corporal John Abbott, 1st Dorsetshire Regiment.
  • Officer prisoners' camps at Gnadenfrei and Neisse.
  • Captain J Lucas, interned at Friedberg Camp: non-receipt of parcels.
  • Private Arthur Barker: confinement to punishment barrack for refusal to work.
  • Tyres for motor car at US Embassy, Berlin.
  • Reports on Dyrotz Camp and Müncheberg Camp.
  • Private G Brialey and his comrades at Wittenberg Camp: enquiry from his wife about their trial and situation.
  • Government Committee on the Treatment by the Enemy of British Prisoners of War: wish for publication of report on Güstrow Camp.
  • Foreign Office request to Army Council if it would be acceptable to omit personal names from publication of US reports on prisoner camps and hospitals.
  • Typhus camps in Germany.
  • Captain W P Lynes, King's Royal Rifles Regiment, interned at Crefeld: allegation of his parcels being tampered with.
  • Richard Watson Lovibond of Newcastle upon Tyne; Dr Gobert and Dr Jarroud of French Medical Staff; Dr Destrie and Dr Bolland of the Belgian Medical Staff. Government Committee on the Treatment by the Enemy of British Prisoners of War appreciation for their help during typhus epidemic at Wittenberg Camp.
  • Private W Ferns, interned at Cologne (Köln): enquiry from J B Dumbell of 'Mr J B Dumbell's Soldiers' and Prisoners' Comforts Fund'.
  • Captain S H Batty-Smith, interned at Bischofswerda: enquiry from his father.
  • Private W Lonsdale, imprisoned in Spandau: addition of an extra year to his 15-year sentence because his wife let the newspapers publish his letters and they exaggerated the facts.
  • Bread for British prisoners in Germany.
  • W Boddington, imprisoned at Schneidermuhl: extension of his sentence.
  • Printed report on the British Section of the Bureau de Secours aux Prisonniers de Guerre, British Legation, Berne, inspected on behalf of the British Red Cross Society.
  • German reprisals in three camps of French prisoners (consignments of bread forbidden), because letters to German prisoners forbidden in North Africa.
  • Parcels and letters to prisoners in Döberitz Camp.

Code 1218 File 463 (papers 77727-96582).

Date: 1916
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department: File 463 (pp.77727-96582).
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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