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Details of ADM 137/3872/2
Reference: ADM 137/3872/2

Paper NID 12606, folios 130-145.

Folios 130-145: Report of interrogation of survivors from U.81 sunk 1 May 1917. Contents: List of survivors, (folio 132). Last cruise, (folios 132-133). Details of U.81, (folios 133-135). Previous cruises, (folio 135). Sinking of Hospital ships, (folio 136). Experiences of U.C.3 in channel, (folios 136-137). Extracts from Engineroom Warrant Officer’'s notebook, (folios 138-140). Ships sunk by U.81, (folios 141-143). Account by survivor taken on board E.54 after torpedoing of U.81, (folio 144).

Paper NID 12617/17, folios 145-171.

Folios 145-171: Report of interrogation of survivors of crew from U.93 [not sunk], in action with HMS Prize, 30 April 1917. Contents: List of survivors and complement of U.93, (folio 147). Narrative regarding action with HMS Prize (folios 147-151). Technical details – U.93, (folios 152-156). Submarine construction, (folio 156). Organisation of submarine service, (folio 157). Prize money for submarines, (folio 158). Information obtained from the Commanding Officer of U.93, Frieherr Spiegel von und zu Peckelsheim, (folios 159-171).

Paper CB 01444, OXO, folios 172-189.

Folios 173-189: Report of interrogation of survivors from U.103 sunk on 12 May 1918 by SS Olympic. Contents: Last cruise and previous history of U.103, (folios 174-175). Remarks on officers and crew of U.103, (folios 175-176). Details of U.103, (folios 176-181). Remarks on U.19,22, 31, 33. U.B.13,17. U.C.10, (folios 181-182). Kurland submarine offensive, (folio 182). Allied offensive against submarines, (folio 182). Discipline in the submarine service, (folio 182). Submarine accommodation ships, (folio 182). Projected larger cruiser submarines, (folio 182). Remarks on torpedoes, (folio 183). Grapnel for cable cutting, (folio 183). Information regarding officers, (folio 183). Morale in the German fleet, (folio 183). Outpost (trawler) service, (folio 184). German Dockyard regulations, (folio 184). Details of light cruisers, (folios 184-185). Various obsolete German Warships, (folios 184-185).Gunnery information, (folios 185-186). Late light cruiser Karlsruhe, (folio 186). Loss of H.M. Submarine E.13, (folio 186). Battle of Jutland, (folios 186-187). Destroyer engagement of 23 January 1917, (folio 187). Alleged commerce raider Vineta, (folio 188). Finland Expedition, (folio 188). Appendices: Orders for escort of submarines with diagram, 3 May 1918 (folio 188). List of crew of U.103, (folio 189). Plates: Arrangement of bulkheads in U.103 and venting arrangements in U.103, (folio 177). Quick change-over arrangement for hydroplanes and steering gear, (folio 179). Diagrams: General arrangement of W/T gear etc and wireless room of U.103, (folio 181). Magnetic pistol, (folio 183).

Paper CB 01438, OXO, folios 189-198.

Folios 190-198: Report of interrogation of survivor of U.104 sunk on 25 April, 1918 by HMS Jessamine. Contents: Last cruise and previous cruise of U.104, (folios 192-193). Remarks on the survivor [Engine room Petty Officer Karl Eschenberg] of U.104, (folio 193). Remarks on the officers and crew of U.104, (folio 193). Technical details of U.104, (folios 194-197). Cruiser submarines, (folio 197). Allied countermeasures against submarines, (folio 197). 2nd Submarine Flotilla, Heligoland, (folio 197). Submarine officers, (folio 197). Battle cruiser Hindenberg, (folio 198). Torpedo-boat destroyer G.104, (folio 198). Conditions in Germany, (folio 198). Appendix: Crew (named) of U.104, (folio 198). Plate: Arrangement of bulkheads and venting arrangements in U.104, (folio 194). Reference to the sinking of the Lusitania, statement from the prisoner that the Navigating Warrant Officer of U.20 fired the torpedoes without orders from the Captain, (folio 197).

Paper CB 01431, OXO, folios 199-218.

Folios 199-216: Report of interrogation of survivors from U.110 sunk 15 March 1918 by HMS Michael. Contents: Last cruise and previous cruises of U.110, (folios 202-203). Remarks on the survivors of U.110, (folio 203). Technical details of U.110, (folios 204-208). Gunnery information – U.110, (folios 208-209) Gunnery information regarding other submarines, (folio 209). Effective countermeasures against submarines, (folio 209). 4th Submarine Flotilla, Emden, (folio 209) Submarine officers, (folio 209). Attacks on Hospital Ships, (folio 209). Details of battle cruiser Seydlitz, (folios 210-213). Damage sustained by Seydlitz during the bombardment of Hartlepool on 16 December 1914, (folio 213), during the action off Dogger Bank on 24 January 1915, (folio 214), and the Battle of Jutland on 31 May 1916, (folio 214). Light cruisers Konigsberg, Karlsruhe, Emden and Nurnberg, (folio 215). Morale of the High Seas Fleet, (folio 215). Manning of captured Russian men-of-war, (folio 215). Conditions in Germany, (folio 216) Appendices: Crew (named) of U.110, (folio 216). Translation of letter written by Marine Oberingenieur B.Schmidt to Frau Kitty Schmidt dated 18 March 1918, (folio 217). Plates: U.110 (with 4.1 gun forward and 22 pounder gun aft, (folio 204). U.110. Seydlitz –28cm (11 inch) turret, plan of gun house, (folio 210). Colour plate of the Battle cruiser Seydlitz showing damage in action on 31 May to –1 June 1916, (folio 214).

Folios 218-221: various notes on U-boats.

Date: 1917-1918
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Legal status: Public Record(s)
Closure status: Open Document, Open Description

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