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Details of HW 75/178
Reference:HW 75/178
Description: Reports on miscellaneous Soviet economic and civil activity: including identification of Lovozero Combine, railway troops of Ministry of Railway Communications, agricultural workers resettled in Kamchatka appeal for re-establishment of their rights, arrangements to be made for settlement of 6,000 families directed to work for Yakutsk Timber Trust, reference to heavy water laboratory, outbreak of plague in Bashkir ASSR, forbidden zone on Karelo Finnish - Finnish border, road construction in connection with oil production at Kum Dag in Turkmen SSR
Date: 1948 May 04 - 1948 Jun 02
Held by: The National Archives, Kew
Former reference in its original department S/ARU-E/T251-T272
Legal status: Public Record
Access conditions: Retained Until 2010
Record opening date: 25 June 2010

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