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Title: Charlton of Chilwell

The collection consists mostly of eighteenth and nineteenth century title deeds, and it is not clear whether some of these, chiefly those of the Sherwin Leicestershire estates, are amongst them because the Charltons purchased the properties or were connected with the family, or whether they are strays, 1586-1887 (DD/CH/1-20). Apart from some seventeenth century colliery accounts, and some other working papers chiefly nineteenth century, most of the documents are concerned with title.


Of particular interest is the series of Heanor (Derbyshire) colliery papers. Title to most of the minerals in the parish of Heanor was somewhat confused, chiefly because the wording of the 1615 Zouch grant of minerals (DD/CH/32/14) gave rise to later doubts about the exact extent of the property and how far rights in the commons were affected by ancient enclosures. Furthermore almost from the first, these minerals were owned in two half shares by the Charlton and Stanhope, later Mundy families, entailing joint action both for working the pits or taking legal means to prove title. A long series of suits and negotiations preceded a suit in the 1850s, which seems to have finally established the claim of Mundy and Charlton to the minerals, as distinct from surface ownership. These investigations led to a thorough historical search for all documents from 1086 onwards, that concerned Heanor, and the whole provides a detailed picture of land ownership in the parish from the Middle Ages, through which, briefly, the gradual development of the collieries from medieval coal-getting to nineteenth century improvements in drainage, and machinery can be traced. Within the series of documents relating to Heanor Colliery, are papers concerning this joint ownership, 1783-1853 (DD/CH/36).


The Butterley Company sank Heanor Colliery in 1828, (later called Langley Colliery). It was locally known as Bailey Brook pit. The collection contains a sequence of documents concerning the Butterley Company which includes leases, accounts and other papers, 1849-1894 (DD/CH/42/1-46).


Content Summary




Nottinghamshire; early estate 1702-1709.


DD/CH/1/1-13 Beeston; also Lenton.


Thos. Charlton's mortgages, and sales after his death. 1702-1705.


DD/CH/2/1-5 Nottingham and Barrow upon Trent Derbs.


Thos. Charlton's securities, and settlement and sales after his death. 1705-1709.


Nottinghamshire; post 1800 estate 1668-1887.


Chilwell; also Annesley, Attenborough, Beeston, Bramcote, Broughton Sulney, Carlton (Gedling), Gamston, Nottingham, Ruddington and Toton; Long Eaton Derbs.; Burton on the Woulds Leics.


Sometime Chadburn estate. (1668-1850)


DD/CH/3/1-5 Powtrell - Shore ... Willoughby - Morley - Chadburn; Leys Close and Inham Nook, etc. 1668-1717.


DD/CH/3/6-9 Chadburn settlement and sale to Wood; Chilwell and Beeston. 1711-1728.


DD/CH/3/10-11 Wheldon - Chadburn; Bugg Close and Moor Close. 1759.


DD/CH/3/12-39 Chadburn - Richards - heirs; wills, settlements and mortgages and sale to railway; all estate. 1770-1844.


DD/CH/3/40-61 Richards and heirs - Charlton; messuage and 1a. 1813-1833.


DD/CH/3/62-69 Richards' heirs - Charlton; Bugg Close and Moor Closes. 1838-1844.


DD/CH/3/70-71 Enfield (mortgagee of Richards' heirs) - Charlton; Burton Leys Close. 1850.


Sometime Strey and Broughton estate. (1762-1841)


DD/CH/4/1-3 Place - Strey; 1a. close in Spencil Field. 1762-1763.


DD/CH/4/4-6 Looker - Hallam - Strey; 1a. close in Inham Nook Field. 1766-1779.


DD/CH/4/7-13 Longden - Strey (and Charlton) - Broughton - Charlton; various closes.


(See also Longden below) 1801-1841.


DD/CH/4/14-16 Broughton and Charlton exchange; various closes. 1838.


DD/CH/4/17-20 Broughton - Charlton; messuage, etc. 1840.


Sometime (Sherwin) Longden estate. (1800-1864)


DD/CH/5/1-7 Longden - Morris (mortgage to Strey - Charlton) - heirs - Charlton; messuage and dovecote, etc. 1801-1840.


DD/CH/5/8-16 Longden - Wright - Charlton - Charlton; Clover Flat Closes. 1801-1856.


DD/CH/5/17-32 Longden - Marriott - Charlton; messuage and 2 closes. 1800-1859.


DD/CH/5/33-34 (Longden - Sherwin) - Gregory - Charlton; Hardy Piece and Leyes Close. 1864.


Sometime Hunloke and (Sherwin) Longden and related estate. (1721-1887)


DD/CH/6/1-7 Hunloke - Longden - Sherwin and Charlton exchange; Beeston Nook Close. 1806-1845.


DD/CH/6/8-19 Hunloke - Burton - Meads - Charlton; various closes. 1806-1870.


DD/CH/6/20-29 (Dalby - Burton) - Clarke and Charlton exchange; various closes. 1773-1846.


DD/CH/6/30-37 Bradshaw heirs - Boot; various closes. 1803-1805.


DD/CH/6/38-41 Hunloke - Boot; various closes. 1806.


DD/CH/6/42-56 Boot heirs - Colton - Charlton and mortgage; whole estate. 1836-1887.


DD/CH/6/57-67 Hallam - Bradshaw - heirs - Hopkin - Charlton; Meadow Close. 1721-1843.


Sometime Cheetham estate. (1802-1876)


DD/CH/7/1-7 Attenborough - Cheetham - Charlton; messuage, Maggotty and other closes. 1802-1847.


DD/CH/7/8-19 Ellerker - Cheetham - Charlton; messuage. 1828-1866.


DD/CH/7/20-27 Cheetham - Morris - Charlton; Field Close. 1825-1856.


DD/CH/7/28 Cheetham and others (Land Savings Bank Co.) - Charlton; building land. 1848.


DD/CH/7/29-31 Cheetham and others - Starr - Charlton; building land. 1850-1867.


DD/CH/7/32-34 Cheetham and others - Dore - Charlton; building land. 1849-1854.


DD/CH/7/35-47 Dore - Eaton - Derby and Derbs.


Cheetham Banking Co. - Charlton; Beeston Nook and building land. 1851-1876.


Sometime Salmon estate. (1779-1875)


DD/CH/8/1-16 Salmon - Flewitt - Charlton; cotton mill, later 8 messuages. 1779-1875.


DD/CH/8/17-30 Garton - Williamson - Plowright - Salmon - Williamson - Charlton; 3 messuages. 1783-1861.


Small estates. (1670-1881)


DD/CH/9/1-6 Aram - Woolley - Burton - Charlton; 2 messuages, oven and gardens. 1781-1839.


DD/CH/9/7-11 Elston - Winter; Frettingham - Stone - Charlton; 2 messuages. 1695-1723; 1825-1844.


DD/CH/9/12-16 Turner - Hudson - Charlton; messuage. 1828-1845.


DD/CH/9/17-25 Powtrell's executors - Pearson - Peet - Charlton; various, later Inham Nook. 1670-1853.


DD/CH/9/26 Midland Railway Co. - Charlton; land. 1853.


DD/CH/9/27-44 Moore - Morris - Parr - Wilson - Stockton - Charlton; Cooks Flats Closes. 1738-1859.


DD/CH/9/45-57 Morley - Strelley - Pearson - Morris - Charlton; The Hills. 1716-1867.


DD/CH/9/58-77 Newton - Flint - Barrow - Widdinson - Walter - Charlton; messuages. 1716-1875.


DD/CH/9/78-81 Newton's Charity, Chilwell - Charlton; cottage and land. 1875.


DD/CH/9/82-85 Thompson - Charlton; Spencil Cop and Barn Closes. 1875-1876.


DD/CH/9/86-97 (Evans) - Percy - Charlton; Leys Closes. 1881.


Nottinghamshire; miscellaneous 1741-1862.


DD/CH/10/1-4 North Muskham; also Salmonby and Tetford Lincs. Hazeon - Edge. 1862.


DD/CH/11/1-17 Stapleford. Biggs - Bramley - Sherwin. Eyre. 1809-1841.


DD/CH/12/1 Sutton cum Lound. Eyre. 1741.


Leicestershire: Charlton and miscellaneous estates 1651-1836.


DD/CH/13/1 Diseworth. Bigland mortgage to Charlton 1712.


DD/CH/14/1-70 Hoby, Gaddesby and Rearsby.


Orton - Charlton - sales. 1783-1836.


DD/CH/15/1 Woodthorpe.


Orton mortgage. 1651.


Leicestershire: Sherwin estates 1586-1833.


Arnesby and Great Peatling; also many other Le. places, and Do., Mx., Np., O. and W.


Sometime Dawkins estate. (1679-1724)


DD/CH/16/1-30 Bradgate - Tate for Dawkins; messuage and closes. 1680-1707.


DD/CH/16/31-46 Fawnt - Boothby - Tate for Dawkins; ½ yard land, rectory and advowson. 1679-1714.


DD/CH/16/47-52 Dawkins - Sherwin; whole estate. 1707-1724.


Sometime Wilkins estate. (1586-1728).


DD/CH/17/1-18 Wiatt Marshall - Ward - Palmer - Wilkins.


¾ and 1/8 yard land. 1663-1687.


DD/CH/17/19-38 Ward - Wilkins; messuage, ½ and 1/8 yard land. 1685-1707.


DD/CH/17/39-49 Foxon - Smalley - Wilkins; ¼ yard land. 1586-1708.


DD/CH/17/50-59 Wilkins - Poughfer - Sherwin; all estate (messuage and 1¾ yard land). 1709-1728.


Sometime Blieth estate. (1664-1767)


DD/CH/18/1-2 Muxloe - Blieth; ¼ yard land. 1714.


DD/CH/18/3-11 Smalley - Hill - Blieth; ¼ yard land. 1691-1725.


DD/CH/18/12-21 Flude - Bishopp - Blieth; cottage. 1664-1741.


DD/CH/18/22-31 Blieth wills and heirs' sale to Sherwin; whole estate (cottage and ½ yard land). 1749-1767.


Sometime Butler estate. (1689-1800)


DD/CH/19/1-20 Bradgate - Sprigg - Seale - Butler; Old Orchard and Forty Acre Close. 1689-1730.


DD/CH/19/21-25 Bathurst - Butler; messuage and closes. 1733.


DD/CH/19/26-36 Butler heirs - Longden (Sherwin); whole estate. 1745-1800.


Small estates and Sherwin mortgages. (1681-1833)


DD/CH/20/1-8 Wright - Sherwin; messuage and homestead. 1681-1760.


DD/CH/20/9-52 Blackwell - Miles - Blackwell - Bentley - Banbury - Sherwin; 27a. 1675-1833.


DD/CH/20/53-55 Sherwin mortgages; whole estate. 1769-1785.




Surnames: Bass-Bright:- 1723-1752.


DD/CH/21/1 Bass, Rich.; Humberston Leics. 1723.


DD/CH/21/2 Bright, John; Chesterfield Derbs. 1748-1752.


Charlton:- 1439-1756


DD/CH/22/1 Nicholas. 1439.


DD/CH/22/2-3 Edward. 1656-c.1658.


DD/CH/22/4 Thomas (various). 16th-17th c.


DD/CH/22/5 John. 1711-1713.


DD/CH/22/6 Mary and Nicholas. 1720-1724.


DD/CH/22/7-11 Elizabeth and Mary. 1707-1724.


DD/CH/22/12 John. 1737-1740.


DD/CH/22/13 Nicholas. 1741-1750.


DD/CH/22/14-15 Dorothy. 1756.


Papers pursuant to will of Thomas Charlton: (1808-1839).


DD/CH/22/16-20 Rich. Fowler and Frances Charlton. 1810-1832.


DD/CH/22/21-26 Wm. Charlton's Chilwell mortgages. 1818-1839.


DD/CH/22/27-32 Wm., Rob., and Catherine Charlton. 1818-1828.


DD/CH/22/33-38 Jas. Conolly. 1819-1831.


DD/CH/22/39-67 Rev. Sam. Charlton. 1822-1837.


DD/CH/22/68-69 Quitclaims. 1831-1837.


DD/CH/22/70-86 Trust accounts. 1815-1838.


DD/CH/22/87-118 Correspondence. 1808-1833.


Papers pursuant to will of Wm. Charlton (1846-1887).


DD/CH/22/119-125 Tipping. 1846-1851.


DD/CH/22/126 Thos. Broughton Charlton. 1887.


Clarke and Sharpe:- 1653-1773.


DD/CH/23/1-2 Chris. Clarke. 1653.


DD/CH/23/3 Thos. Sharpe. 1704.


DD/CH/23/4 Winifride Sharpe. 1705.


DD/CH/23/5-7 Geo. Sharpe. 1719-1723.


DD/CH/23/8-9 Mary Sharpe. 1763-1773.


Surnames: Clayton - Stevens:- 1656-1815.


DD/CH/24/1 Clayton, Margrett; Humberston Leics. 1746.


DD/CH/24/2 Dudley, Isaac; Furnivals Inn. 1784-1791.


DD/CH/24/3 Drury, Wm.; (Chilwell). 1697.


DD/CH/24/4 Eyre, Benjamin; Nottingham. 1707.


DD/CH/24/5 Eyre, Anthony; N. Collingham. 1714-1716.


DD/CH/24/6 Flacket, Edmund; Chilwell. 1672-1673.


DD/CH/24/7 Fletcher, Mary; Chilwell. 1722-1728.


DD/CH/24/8-9 Gilbert, Benj.; Marnham. 1691.


DD/CH/24/10 Hawes, Geo.; Humberston Leics. 1656-1660.


DD/CH/24/11 Holme, Eliz.; Normanton on Soar. 1719-1720.


DD/CH/24/12 Hunt, Thos.; Nottingham. 1737-1744.


DD/CH/24/13 Jackson, Thomas; Stapleford. 1679.


DD/CH/24/14 Jackson, Gervis; Stapleford. 1728.


DD/CH/24/15 Kent, Thos.; Tissington Derbs. 1728.


DD/CH/24/16 Levies, Mary; Beeston. 1673-1702.


DD/CH/24/17 Marshall, Wm.; Scalford Leics. 1712.


DD/CH/24/18 Miller, Robert; Nottingham. 1685.


DD/CH/24/19 Miller, Anne; Nottingham. 1695.


DD/CH/24/20 Pinchbeck, Lucy; Nottingham. 1667.


DD/CH/24/21 Pitch, Rebecca; Groby Leics. 1728.


DD/CH/24/22 Randle, John; Breaston Derbs. 1773.


DD/CH/24/23 Roose, Geo.; Nottingham. 1675.


DD/CH/24/24-25 Shilcock, Sam; Chilwell. 1788-1795.


DD/CH/24/26 Shilcock, John; Chilwell. 1803-1804.


DD/CH/24/27 Simpson, Wm.; Chilwell. 1815.


DD/CH/24/28 Stevens, Jos.; Risley Derbs. 1750-1751.


Strey:- 1604-1803.


DD/CH/25/1-2 Nicholas. 1604.


DD/CH/25/3 Anne. 1666.


DD/CH/25/4-11 Sam. and family. 1681-1695.


DD/CH/25/12 John. 1697.


DD/CH/25/13 Ann. 1712.


DD/CH/25/14-15 Nicholas. 1733-1740.


DD/CH/25/16 Richard. 1797.


DD/CH/25/17 Dorothy. 1799-1803.


Surnames: Telor - Turlington:- 1671-1813.


DD/CH/26/1 Telor, Thos.; Chilwell. 1671.


DD/CH/26/2 Thorpe, Wm.; Nottingham. 1746.


DD/CH/26/3 Turlington, Jas.; Nottingham. 1813.




Nottinghamshire 1611-1801


DD/CH/27/1-40 Beeston; Strey. 1662-1769.


DD/CH/28/1-4 Chilwell, also Bramcote; Charlton leases. 1662-1704.


DD/CH/29/1 Collingham; Eyre. 1745.


DD/CH/29/2-3 Miscellanea. 1611; 1801.


Derbyshire, Leicestershire and miscellanea 1693-1743


DD/CH/30/1-8 Arnesby and Great Peatling; Sherwin terrier and leases. 1728-1743.


DD/CH/31/1-3 Miscellanea. 1693-1710.


HEANOR Derbs. COLLIERY Middle Ages - 19th c.


DD/CH/32/1-16 Colliery; abstracts of title and cognate deeds 16th-19th c.


Surface; abstracts of title and cognate deeds and papers 15th-19th c.


DD/CH/32/17-33 Grey and Zouch; castle of Codnor, manors of Codnor and Heanor, etc. 15th-17th c.


DD/CH/32/34-54 Zouch - Roper ... Fletcher ... Thompson; Dunsteads, etc. 16th-19th c.


DD/CH/32/55-66 Ormond, Scarsdale and Draycott titles; various lands. 16th-19th c.


DD/CH/32/67-75 Lowe - Parker - Tantum; Cow Closes, etc. 17th-19th c.


DD/CH/33/76-98 Miscellaneous abstracts and deeds. 15th-19th c.


DD/CH/32/99-107 Sale catalogues. 19th c.


Other papers collected in connection with title Middle Ages - 19th c.


DD/CH/33/1-24 Public Records. 13th-19th c.


DD/CH/33/25-42 Other record sources. Middle Ages - 19th c.


DD/CH/33/43-49 Pedigrees. Middle Ages - 19th c.


DD/CH/33/50 Enclosure award. 1792.


DD/CH/33/51-53 Honour of Peveril claim. 17th-18th c.


DD/CH/34/1-63 Ecclesiastical lands; abstracts, legal and other papers 18th-19th c.


The beginnings 1640-1694.


DD/CH/35/1-33 Legal papers, accounts and correspondence re. acquisition of Charlton's share. 1640-1658.


DD/CH/35/34-46 Colliery working accounts. 1642-1659.


DD/CH/35/47-50 Correspondence re. leases. 1684; 1694.


Papers re. Joint ownership 1783-1853.


DD/CH/36/1-5 Charlton and Harrington. 1783-1786.


DD/CH/36/6-36 Charlton and Mundy working agreement. 1799-1811.


DD/CH/36/37-71 Charlton and Mundy partition. 1838-1845.


DD/CH/36/72 Charlton lease to Mundy. 1853.


Fletcher and Sutton papers; the Flats, etc. 1779-1826.


DD/CH/37/1-16 Goodere Fletcher estate. 1779-1784.


DD/CH/37/17-29 Fletcher v. Charlton. 1781-1783.


DD/CH/37/30-53 Sutton and Charlton. c.1800-1826.


DD/CH/38/1-12 Jessop; Lacy Field, etc.; legal and other papers 1824-1840.


DD/CH/39/1-14 Miscellaneous legal and other papers re. colliery title 1781-1833.


Thompson and Ray; The Dunsteads, etc. 1844-1857.


DD/CH/40/1-68 Legal and other papers re. title. 1844-1852.


DD/CH/40/69-86 Agreements and coal leases. 1850-1857.


Miscellaneous agreements and papers after establishment of title 1850-1856.


DD/CH/41/1-17 Mundy and Charlton jointly. 1850-1854.


DD/CH/41/18-42 Charlton; Tagg Hill area. 1853-1856.


DD/CH/41/43-115 Correspondence. 1849-1854.


DD/CH/42/1-46 Butterley Company; leases, accounts and papers 1849-1894.


DD/CH/43/1-29 Heanor and Marlpool Colliery Company 1875-1880.


DD/CH/44/1-77 Miscellaneous agreements, accounts and papers 18th-19th c.


Maps and plans 18th-19th c.


DD/CH/45/1-3 Miscellanea (unconnected with colliery though found with papers) 17th c. - 19th c.

Date: 1439 - 1887
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Related Collections elsewhere: Additional papers relating to the Charlton family can be found in the University of Nottingham Library.

Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Charlton family of Chilwell, Nottinghamshire

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  • Chilwell, Nottinghamshire
  • Heanor, Derbyshire
  • Coal mining
  • Land tenure
Administrative / biographical background:

The Charltons were one of the landed families of Derbyshire; it is believed that the Chilwell estate in Nottinghamshire was purchased by Thomas Charlton of Sandiacre in 1572 and Chilwell became the family home in 1620. The collection was deposited at Nottinghamshire Archives in 1954.

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