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Title: CONNACIUS O'NEILE, and others.

Articles by which I, Connacius O'Neile, am bound.


(1.) I acknowledge his Majesty to be my Sovereign Lord and King, and swear to be a loyal subject to him and his heirs.


(2.) I entirely renounce obedience to the Roman Pontiff and his usurped authority, and recognize the King to be supreme head of the Church of England and Ireland under Christ, and I will compel all living under my rule to do the same. If any provisors shall obtain any faculties or bulls from the said usurped authority, I will compel them to surrender the same, and to submit themselves to the ordinance of the King; and if any having like bulls or provision should wish to surrender them, and receive them from the royal gift, I will humbly implore his Majesty to restore them to their former dignities.


(3.) I acknowledge that I have offended his Majesty, and pray for his pardon.


(4.) I humbly beseech him to accept me as his faithful subject, and that proclamation be made accordingly.


(5.) I offer to live under his laws as the Earl of Ormond and Desmond do, and I pray him to grant the name of Earl of Ulster to me and my heirs, paying ------ [Blank in orig.] to his Majesty for every ploughland annually, in the name of a subsidy; that all persons who live under my dominion may hold their lands in the same manner; and that the lands of all who refuse to do so may be granted to me and my heirs.


(6.) I submit to the King's order and judgment, and I humbly pray him to grant me my lands as is aforesaid, together with the conduct of the men whom his Majesty shall appoint to be under my leadership. I will frequent the great councils called Parliaments; nevertheless I pray that I may not be required, on account of the dangers and expense of the journey, to attend any Parliaments in western parts beyond the river Barrowe.


(8.) I promise that Felom Rufus O'Neile, Nelan Connelaghe, and Hugh O'Neile shall have all the lands which of right belong to them.


(9.) I entirely renounce the rents which I have been accustomed to levy of the King's subjects of Uriell and elsewhere, humbly imploring his Majesty to grant me a stipend or salary during my life.


(10.) I promise to serve the King or his Deputy in all great journeys commonly called hostings with horsemen, Scots and kerne (turbarii) at my own expense.


(11.) I promise that until the royal pleasure shall be ascertained, all those who were under the peace of his Majesty, according to the form of the indentures formerly made, shall remain in the same; and I entreat that all those who were under my peace may also remain in the same.


(12.) I promise that all and singular the woods and forests between my country and the borders of the English shall be cut down and cleared away.


(13.) I promise to rebuild all parish churches now ruined in my dominion.


Contemp. copy.


II. "The answer of O'Neyle to such things as were proponed by the Lord Deputy and Council unto him upon the tenor of the King's Majesty's letters for that purpose to them directed.


Whereas motion was made to O'Neyle that he should submit himself to the King's order and mercy, and take such name and lands and with such conditions as his Majesty should appoint; he answered that he would do so. Witness his hand and seal, 19th May 34 Henry VIII.


Contemp. copy.


III. A peace between the Lord Deputy and Conne O'Neyle, captain of his nation. He shall rise with the Deputy to every hosting with as large a number of men as possible at his own charges.


IV. Indenture between the King and Phelym Roo O'Neill, that he shall go with the Deputy to every main hosting with as great power as possible at his own costs.


V. A peace between the King and Hugh Roo McMahon, captain of his nation and country of Ferney. He shall find one "battell of galloglasse" for a whole quarter, "besides his rising out to hostings with 12 horsemen and 24 kerne.


Nos. III., IV., and V. are merely extracts, bearing no dates.

Date: 19 May 1542
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State Papers III., 382.

Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 603, p. 33
Language: Latin
Physical description: 4 Pages.
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Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 167.

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