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Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue T

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS6101 Sale particulars for Lady Ashburnham's farms (Boreham, Waterhouse and Williams) in Wartling, 1928


AMS6102 Lewes Bowling Green Society records, 1878-1985


AMS6103 Photographs of windmills at Eastbourne, Ocklynge, Friston, Polegate, Rye, Westham and Winchelsea; c 1920


AMS6104 Manor of Telscombe, court books, plan and sale particulars, 1625-1989


AMS6105 Plan of the Maresfield Estate, 1891


AMS6106 Copy of survey and measurement of cottages and waste land in the Hundred of Netherfield, 1780


AMS6107 - 6111 Deeds of the Fanners Estate at Wivelsfield, 1484, 1600-1987


AMS6107 Leasehold at Wivelsfield (Chaloner-Best-Attersoll-Wade; Jenner), 1678-1827; cottage and land near Wivelsfield church, copyhold of Ditchling (Carter-Sayers-Picknall-Farncombe-Rose), 1733-1863; Fyning manor copyhold house at Rogate (Pannell), 1711


AMS6108 Fanners at Wivelsfield Green (Roberts-Lucas-Honey-More-Middleton-Webb-Mercer-Pannett-Farncombe-Pannett-Bellamy-Rose-Harrison-Gaye-Robinson-Whiteway-Billson; includes partition of the estate late Richard Webb in Wivelsfield and Clayton between Mary Mercer and Israel Pain, 1749, and details of the break-up of the estate after 1939); 1600-1987


AMS6109 Not deposited


AMS6110 Not deposited


AMS6111 Messuage and virgate called Fanners Tenement (Abergavenny-Esterfeld), 1484


AMS6112 Deeds of the estate of Charles Hales of Abbots Leigh, Wivelsfield, 1583-1937: 1 Abbots Leigh estate: South Colwell and Slugwash Farms (Cripps-Combridge-Pemberton, 1792-1891), Slugwash and Rockhurst Farms (Tanner-Dixon-Pemberton, 1831-1891) and North Colwell Farm (Tanner-Pemberton, 1829-1891); the whole (Pemberton-Hales), 1891-1919 2 Mores Cottage, copyhold of Balneth (Cripps-Combridge-Pemberton-Stephens-Jarvis-Field-Hales), 1827-1919 3 cottages near Wivelsfield church (Tanner-Godman; Susans-Walder-Godman-Hales), 1881-1924 4 part of Manns Farm (Rose-Bradly-Palmer-Twose-Hales; includes particulars of The Hall, Shoulders and Wivelsden Farms, 1921), 1900-1924 5 parts of the Morehouse estate: Morehouse and land (partition, a Moor-Button, 1583; Lucas-More; Perkins-More; settlement of the estate of Thomas More in Wivelsfield, Cuckfield, Pyecombe, Ditchling, Lindfield, Reigate, Horley, Charlwood and Chipstead, 1653, and partition, 1668; with inventory of stock ?at Portslade, c1670; More-Middleton-Fuller-Tanner, 1583-1779); part of Slugwash Farm (Cripps-Tanner, 1804); part of Franklands and Clevewaters (Woodyer-Warden-Sergison-Tanner, 1686-1815); cottage at Lunts Hill (Wivelsfield parish-Chailey Guardians-Tanner, 1813-1844); house called Cagelot (Standen-Potter; Esterfeld-Potter-Hurst-Coppard-Carpenter-Paine-Webb-Mercer-Davies-Beard-Tanner, 1599-1847), house and land S of Morehouse (Miles-Tanner-Picknall-Farncombe-Tanner, 1780-1849); the whole estate (Tanner - Farncombe-Tanner -Hales), 1865-1924 6 part of Townings Farm (Baker-Bradley-Blaauw-Harker-Hales), 1892-1928 7 house and land called Melcombe (Hales-Scutt-Hales), 1919-1932 8 part of Awbrook Farm (Rose-Rydon-Hales), 1900-1933 9 woodland S of Pitchers Park (Cripps-Jowers-Bacon-Phillips - Sherwood-Hales), 1887-1934 10 land at Church Lane (Godman-Hales), 1937


AMS6113 Antiquarian notebooks of William Herbert relating to Hastings Castle and Hastings Rape, 1820s: villages on road from London - Battle; Hastings castle and rape with plans of earthworks at the castle; copies of Lambert drawings of churches; journal of excavations at Hastings Castle, with drawings by W G Moss, 1824


AMS6114 Map of George Tilden's Rufters and Windies Farms in Icklesham by John Stonestreet, 1736


AMS6115 Glass plate negatives showing piers and sea-fronts at Bexhill, Brighton and Eastbourne, and Hastings and Pevensey castles; c1900


AMS6116 Deeds of Beards Farm, Herstmonceux, 1738-1985: Beards (Baker-Skinner-Noakes-Everest-Hook-Curteis-Barnes-Martin-Keeley-Watson-Heal), 1731-1961; part of Studdens (Kemp-Errey-Waltho-Glyde-Heal), 1909-1963; part of Fareham Farm (Curteis-Barnes- Mepham-Smith-Goodsell-Heal), 1881-1964; Upper Bemzells Farm (Crowhurst-Mepham-Waltho-Keeley-Heal), 1888-1972; part of Lower Bemzells Farm (Mepham-Waltho-Glyde-Cutler-Heal), 1921 - 1985


AMS6117 Deeds of Fareham Farm, Herstmonceux (Davis-Isted-Lade-Waters-Firrell-Pinyon-Curteis-Barnes-Mepham-Smith-Goodsell-Heal), 1753-1964


AMS6118 Land Tax returns for Albourne, Ardingly, Balcombe, Bolney, Clayton, Crawley, Cuckfield, Fulking, East Grinstead, West Hoathly, Horsted Keynes, Hurstpierpoint, Keymer, Lindfield, Newtimber, Poynings, Pyecombe, Slaugham, Twineham and Worth, 1785


AMS6119 Minutes of commissioners for Land Tax Hastings Rape, 1692-1741


AMS6120 Deeds of 50, 54-60 Byron Street, Hove (Beeves and Tooth-Baker-Vickers-Bolt), 1894


AMS6121 Union Street Congregational Church, Brighton: Sunday school minutes, 1818-1832; obituary of Johah S Unwin, 1888; deacon's cash and subscription book, 1826-1854; correspondence concerning ministry of J N Goulty, 1824-1861; letters from GW Robinson, 1871, 1876, and AF Joscelyne, 1877; appeal leaflet, 1902; correspondence mostly addressed to Webb family, 1906-1930; organ appeal and other papers concerning T R Wiliams, 1909-1927; yearbooks, 1901-1916; calendar and monthly sermon, 1933-1935; orders of service for regular and special services, 1916-1954


AMS6122 Monday Literary Club, Lewes: Records, 1948-1984


AMS6123 Plans of Newhaven Fort, 1854-1900


AMS6124 Sale particulars map of Horselunges Hellingly and Marlgreen Farm Heathfield, 1825; house and land called Lip Cross Land, Speaks Land, R K Sampson deceased, 1861; copy map of consolidated chapelry of St John the Evangelist, Bodle Street Green, 1865; Beestons Farm in Heathfield and Warbleton, 1893; Gormans Farm Hellingly and Hailsham, George Goldsmith, c1900


AMS6125 Coloured engraving of 'Christ blessing little children', annotated by Mary Moon with warnings against swearing to pupils at Hartfield School, 1829


AMS6126 Photocopies of letters of John Hubbersty, curate at Ringmer, Seaford and Barcombe; concern clerical preferment, trade with Cumbria in iron and slate, international affairs, wheat riots in the Seaford area in Mar 1757, illness and financial affairs; 1754-1758


AMS6127 Sale particulars of the Crown Brewery in London Road St Leonards and six houses adjoining the Queens Head in Fish Market, Hastings, The Crown Inn and houses in All Saints Street, Hastings, beer-shop at Mount Pleasant, Fairlight, The Bell Inn, Bexhill and The Kings Head Hellingly, with notes of purchase of two lots by William Burgess, 1858; Cambridge House and 7-9 Magdalen Road, 32-33 Alfred Street and 18 Shepherd Street, Hastings (Nicholas deceased), with note of purchase of one lot by William Burgess, 1863


AMS6128 Archive of the Burra family of Rye: marriage settlement of Henry Burra and Frances Curteis, 1864; deeds of Springfield Lodge in Rye described as the site of a messuage called New June and 4a in Rye (Young-Waters-Reeves-Hollands-Smith-Macdonald-Burra; also includes property in Iden, Playden, Winchelsea, Icklesham, Wittersham and Romney, including several inns and a brickworks -the mortgage of Jeremiah Smith's estate in 1860 has 69 parcels), 1712-1867; Playden copyhold called Long Field at Nix Green in Rye (Heath-Curteis-Liddell-Burra), 1833-1880; cottages and gardens in Forge Lane Ewhurst (Alfrey-Burra), 1868-1877; three cottages and land at East Guldeford (Rye Union-Pankhurst-Taverner-Pankhurst-Pepper-Curteis), 1838-1920; genealogical notes and pedigrees of the Curteis, Mascall, Kenrick, Jackson, Jemmett, Barrett, Inglis, and Collett families of Sussex and Kent, compiled c1871, with family correspondence, 1790-1879; maps of the estate of the Rev Thomas Curteis in Kent, 1874; service and other papers of Richard Pomfret Burra, 1895-1919; settlement on marriage of Henry Curteis Burra and EAR Luxford with associated papers, 1901-1960, with other papers, 1915-1957; extract from Ewhurst court books concerning Virriers in Iden, 1766-1812, miscellaneous documents including a history of Windmill Hill Place in Wartling and family photographs, 1766-1942


Separately catalogued for A2A


AMS6129 Sale particulars Endlewick Farm Arlington and Wilmington and the manor of Endlewick, 1905


AMS6130 Photocopy of the meteorological diary of ?William Vine of Windover Mill, Wilmington, 1811-1812


AMS6131 Photocopies of documents from the archive of Ticehurst House Hospital: illustrated brochure, c1829; print of The Highlands, c1827; sketch view, c1829; sketch maps of Broomden and Bolsters Gate Farms in Ticehurst by Richard Budgen, 1787


AMS6132 Photograph of interior of Uckfield Church, c1888


AMS6133 Booth family of Maresfield and Lewes: photo of staff and children of Maresfield National School, c1887; competitor's ticket, Lewes Foresters' Fete quoits match, 1900


AMS6134 Sprotts Charity, Ditchling: order in chancery, 1784; Charity Commission orders, 1951-1953; minutes and rentals, 1785-1848; accounts naming those relieved, 1794-1959; deeds of two messuages and land in Ditchling (Michelbourne-feoffees; includes detail of chancery cause), 1569-1927; correspondence concerning sales, tithes and relief, 1910-1955


AMS6135 Drawings of Seaford 1870-1894 by Harry Harrison 'Wingy' Evans, c1920


AMS6136 Seaford - antiquarian collection of J F Sexton: photograph albums, unmounted photographs and local guides, 1785-1950


AMS6137 Photographs by E A Nicholson of 8 Wallands Crescent and 213 High Street, Lewes, solicitor, and the Burder family: Lewes, Glynde, Kingston, South Malling, Michelham in Arlington, Balcombe, Hamsey, Alfriston, Seaford, Buxted, Barcombe, Kent, Barford St Martin Wilts, Compton Pauncefoot Somerset, Devon, Yorks, Oxford, Hereford, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland, Shaghai and family members; c1850-1900


AMS6138 Willetts Farm Warbleton (Pelham-Freeland; Bray-Bentley-Luck), 1592-1698


AMS6139 Photocopies of documents at Keele University: land in Icklesham marsh (de Icklesham-Priory of Holy Trinity, Hastings), c1195; letters close to Hastings Free Chapel to admit the abbot of Robertsbridge as a canon, 1333; episcopal inspeximus of a grant by the count of Eu to Treport of Bollington and Playden, c1150; exemplification of exchequer proceedings concerning the discharge from the payment of a ninth by Robertsbridge Abbey on Possingworth in Waldron, Todhurst in Salehurst and land in Salehurst forfeited by John le Hunt, 1356; inspeximus of pardon in 1343 for alienation without licence by Robertsbridge, 1382; quitclaim of rights in manor of Ewhurst tenements in Peasmarsh (Groftherst-Ford), 1361; Doregges at Street End Heathfield (Lye-Tomkin), 1483; rental of virgates within the yokes of Clalslynton, Dot and Franceys in Kent, held by Robert de Pashley kt, c1400; list of other documents including Porters and Nether Pysings in Battle (Polhill-Collins), 1685


AMS6140 Architectural drawings of Herstmonceux Castle, c1770, and by Wratten and Godfrey, 1933-4


AMS6141 Photograph of a watercolour of Church House, Northiam, by Paul Sandby Munn, c1800


AMS6142 Deeds of Worlds End Farm, Hellingly: eastern portion, freehold (Scutt), 1847-1852; western portion, copyhold of Alciston (Parsons-Bourne-King-Scutt; includes property of Thomas King at Chiddingly); the whole (Scutt trustees-Ticehurst-Burgess), 1745-1947


AMS6143 Photocopy of printed ballad Execution of George Henry Wood for the Brighton murder and executions of poachers Eggleton and Raynor; nd, 1840s


AMS6144 Letters from HLR Hardy, Stroud, to his brother Charles George Hardy of 14a St Georges Square, Brighton, concerning the executorship of their father's estate, 1905, 1917; partnership deed of CGH and Edward Reagan of 7 Staple Inn as law stationers, 1905, assigned to ER 1915


AMS6145 Photograph of map of William Tanner's Morehouse and Townings Farms in Wivelsfield by Thomas Gream, 1792


AMS6146 Archive of the Darby family of London and Markly in Warbleton: correspondence concerning the purchase of 9 Great George Street, Westminster from William Colhoun, and negotiation for premises in Old Jewry, London, from Read & Co, 1813-1814; prosecution of William Griffin for debt for rent collected from houses in Cambridge Heath, Hackney, 1815-1818; trust money of Judith Persode (d1755), 1818-1819; purchase of the Markly estate in Warbleton from the trustees of Robert Hawes, including draft and copy deeds from 1723, 1819-1821; purchase of Little Bucksteep in Warbleton, with details of the Bennett family from c1700, and copy and draft deeds, 1821-1822; miscellaneous (including Stolyon's charity Warbleton, Chittenden of Herstmonceux, Great George St lease, 1826 election), 1824-1826; marriage settlement of George Darby and Maria Homfray, 1826-1829; debts of the rev B T H Cole of Warbleton, 1828; purchase of Priory Farm Warbleton from Thomas Lade, 1828; copy settlement on marriage of Marthanna Baker and Thomas Baker (Weeklands in Little Horsted, Kenchleys Hill in Warbleton, Little Horeham in Herstmonceux, woodland in Frant), 1755; George Darby as a candidate in the 1832 election; timber on Downgate Farm Warbleton, 1834; accounts for hops sold on behalf of George Darby, 1835-1836; lease of a watermill and land in Warbleton (Blackman-Baitup), 1839, 1842; receipt for deeds of the Horse and Groom, Warbleton, 1856; 1871 marriage settlement


Separately catalogued with AMS6148 and AMS6149 for A2A


AMS6147 Correspondence and papers concerning the Batten family and Oliver Batten and Cralle Chicken Farm Warbleton, 1898, 1929-1935


AMS6148 Photocopies: probate of George Darby of Markly in Warbleton, 1878; particulars of sale of the Markly estate in Warbleton, Herstmonceux and Hailsham (Kemps, Little Crouches, Little Markly, Allis, Huntons, Kingsley Hill, Water Mill and Great Crouches Farms, The Horse and Groom, The Old School House, Hornicks Cottage, Dog Cottages, Cherry Tree Cottage, Shepheards Cottage, Workhouse Cottages and other Cottages and land), 1931


Separately catalogued with AMS6146 and AMS6149 for A2A


AMS6149 Notes relating to Markly in Warbleton including copy or abstract PCC wills of the Hawes, Hawksworth, Persode, Darby and Bennett families, and pedigrees of the Hawksworth, Hawes and Darby families


Separately catalogued with AMS6146 and AMS6148 for A2A


AMS6150 Copy of photographs of pupils (identified) at Brightling School, 1918

Date: 1484-1989
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office, Lewes

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