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Title: Additional Manuscripts, catalogue II

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This, the eleventh volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss), has, in general, been compiled on the lines indicated in the Introduction to the first, apart from the modification in the detail given for maps, referred to in the Introduction to the fourth


Once again deeds of title predominate but there will also be found correspondence, including some between John Hawkins and Samuel and Daniel Lysons (Add Mss 7542) and two letters written by Eric Gill (Add Mss 7927 and 7928), poems by Oscar Lloyd (Add Mss 7104), diaries, some relating to a tour in France (Add Mss 7236-7238) and some to day-to-day events in Sussex (Add Mss 7462-7517), the working papers of the Selsey Inclosure Commissioners (Add Mss 7216-7219), a pedigree of the Ridge Family (Add Mss 7461) and miscellaneous family papers. The documents range in date from some 12th to 13th century fragments of early service books (Add Mss 7240 and 7241) to a collection of documents, 1948-1965, relating to Lancing Carriage Works (Add Mss 7224-7229)


Students are again asked to exercise care in quoting references, and to use the form indicated in the Introduction to the first volume




County Archivist


April 1967




Add Mss 6847-6972 Documents relating chiefly to property in the Mardens, 1544-1788


Add Mss 6973 Court book of the manor of Felpham, 1664-1881


Add Mss 6974-7075 Documents relating to property in Selsey, 1693-1868


Add Mss 7076-7096 Deeds of Pound Cottages, Yapton, 1765-1918


Add Mss 7097-7099 Deeds relating to the Prebend of Exceit, 1744-1760


Add Mss 7100 Letters and miscellaneous documents formerly in a scrap book, 1525-1865


Add Mss 7101 Photostat copy of will of Oliver Whitby, 1702/3


Add Mss 7102 Photocopy of letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Archbishop of York, 1698/9


Add Mss 7103 Certificate of the election of Edward Johnson as Town Clerk of Chichester, 1762


Add Mss 7104 Collected poems of Oscar Lloyd (1890-1956)


Add Mss 7105 Account for bricklayer's work at St. Mary's Hospital, Chichester, 1782-1785


Add Mss 7106 Discharge certificate and photograph of Private William Kitchell, 1865 and 1913


Add Mss 7107 Photocopy of letter from John Bright to Edmund Beales, 1867


Add Mss 7108-7112 Miscellaneous deeds, 1336-1590


Add Mss 7113 Certificate of acknowledgement of Caroline Moore Watkins, 1863


Add Mss 7114-7122 Account books of Goleigh Farm, co. Hants., 1892-1934


Add Mss 7123-7126 Plans of entrenchments and battles in the Indian Mutiny, 1857


Add Mss 7127-7144 Deeds of Spitalfields House, Chichester, 1840-1879


Add Mss 7145-7165 Deeds of "The Fighting Cocks", later Tower Street Infants' School, 1811-1912


Add Mss 7166-7173 Miscellaneous items, including correspondence of John Abel Smith, 1568-1874


Add Mss 7174-7214 Deeds of 16 North Pallant, Chichester, 1713-1880


Add Mss 7215-7222 Miscellaneous items, including working papers of Commissioners for Selsey Inclosure, 1628-1888


Add Mss 7223 Photocopy of plan of Bonwicks Place, Ifield, 19th century


Add Mss 7224-7229 Documents relating to Lancing Carriage Works, 1948-1965


Add Mss 7230 Bond, 1579/80


Add Mss 7231, 7232 Plans of Chichester, 1794 and 1854


Add Mss 7233 Photographic copy of map of Sussex by Yeakell and Gream, 1795


Add Mss 7234 Reproduction of illustration of North Mill Bridge, Midhurst, 1829


Add Mss 7235 Letter from G. Hodgskin to his son, 1866


Add Mss 7236-7238 Diaries of a tour in France, 1786-1787


Add Mss 7239 Passport of J.J. Robinson, 1914


Add Mss 7240, 7241 Fragments of early service books found in Madehurst Church, 12th.and 13th. centuries


Add Mss 7242 Probate copy of the will of John Green of Westbourne, 1855


Add Mss 7243-7245 Documents, etc., relating to Lancing Carriage Works, n.d. and 1961


Add Mss 7337-7391 Letters and papers of the Wells family, 1784-1885


Add Mss 7392 Receipt, 1661


Add Mss 7393-7394 Deeds of land in West Chiltington, 1869 and 1870


Add Mss 7395-7400 Records of Chichester Congregational Church, 1887-1892


Add Mss 7401 Assignment of tolls on the Horsham to Guildford Turnpike Road, 1825


Add Mss 7402 Half-yearly return of sick in Bognor Ophthalmic General Hospital, 1815 and 1816


Add Mss 7403 Inventories of stock etc. at 27, Southgate, Chichester, 1905-1913


Add Mss 7404-7418 Documents relating to the manor of Birdham Broomer, 1743-1857


Add Mss 7419-7460 Documents relating to property in Shipley, Thakeham and Horsham, 1580-1923


Add Mss 7461 Pedigree of Ridge family, late 18th. cent


Add Mss 7462-7517 Diaries and note books of Sophia Trower, 1793-1857


Add Mss 7518, 7519 Deeds of property in Chichester, 1746 and 1756


Add Mss 7520-7541 Deeds of land in East Harting, 1755-1909


Add Mss 7542 Correspondence between John Hawkins and Samuel and Daniel Lysons, 1812-1830


Add Mss 7543-7545 Documents relating to the Wittman family, 1815-1854


Add Mss 7546 Photographic copy of map of Sussex by Richard Budgen and T. Sprange, 1779


Add Mss 7547-7549 Pocket game registers and inventory of farming stock etc., Rudgwick, 1897-1936


Add Mss 7550 Map of East Wantley Farm, Storrington, 1707


Add Mss 7551 Pedigree of the Butler family, c.1850


Add Mss 7552, 7553 Court rolls of the manor of Goring, 1446-1464


Add Mss 7554-7570 Documents relating to property in Amberley, Madehurst, South Stoke, and Walberton, 1732-1842


Add Mss 7571-7590 Documents relating to property in Selham and Stedham, 1762-1899


Add Mss 7591-7596 Documents relating to the Liptrott family of Findon, 1773-1866


Add Mss 7597-7683 Documents relating to property of John Warnham Penfold of Selsey, 1711-1917


Add Mss 7684-7710 Deeds relating to property in East Street, Chichester, 1671/2 - 1867


Add Mss 7711-7729 Deeds relating to property in The Hornet, Chichester, 1729-1903


Add Mss 7730-7736 Documents relating to the estate of Elizabeth Green of Petworth, 1837-1883


Add Mss 7737-7924 Documents relating mainly to property in Binsted, Rumboldswhyke, North Mundham, Walberton, South Bersted, Bognor and Chichester, 1603-1942


Add Mss 7925 Impressions of seals mainly of ecclesiastical dignataries, n.d


Add Mss 7926 Testimonial presented to the Rev. Robert Blight, 1886


Add Mss 7927, 7928 Two letters written by Eric Gill, 1898 and 1900


Add Mss 7929 Copy of will of Dennis Peel, 1707


Add Mss 7930-8107 Miscellaneous documents relating to various parishes mainly in the Chichester and Manhood area, 1577-1907

Date: 12th century to 1961
Related material:

These documents are listed in a separate catalogue on A2A as Steyning and Steyning Water Company under Local Governance


Add Mss 7246-7336 Miscellaneous documents relating mainly to Steyning and the Steyning Water Company, 1774-1947

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