Conveyance by lease and release from William, 5th Earl of Denbigh to make John Dewes of...

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Reference: CR 2017/D17/1-4

Conveyance by lease and release from William, 5th Earl of Denbigh to make John Dewes of Clements Inn, London, gent. a tenant to the precipe with a covenant to levy a fine on the manor of Monks Kirby and properties as follows: the manor house, closes called Denmarke, Shatteswells Close and meadow, Westleys, Rye Hill and Stokeswell Meadow, Parke Close, Long Leyes, the messuage in Monks Kirby now in the tenure of Thomas Crook, Hawthorne Meadow, the messuage now in the tenure of William Bosworth, a plot and part of Monks Kirby pasture (28 acres); the messuage of William Perkins, Uppermost Plot in Kirby Pasture and lands there late of John Proctor; the messuage of Edward Hands, the orchard, Seggs Close, 4 closes by the Park, a close of New Inclosure, 1/3 of Furzey Close; the messuage called Steanes Tenement, the house, barn, orchard and Home Close, Upper Close, Long Leasoe and Island Closes (2) all in the tenure of William Jordaine; the messuage called the Cock, closes (2), Hilly Closes and meadow all in the tenure of Jonathan Turner; the messuage now in the tenure of Edmund Meadowes, Dairy Close, Long Close, Thursts Close, Little Close, Furzey Close; a messuage, Flaggyard, the Bank and Pailton Bridge Meadow in the tenure of Richard Hall; the messuage of John Smith, Furzee Close of Hannah Makepeace; Fletchers Close late of John Handley; the messuage in the tenure of Emanuel Makepeace, Great Ground, Water Lakes, Peabodys Meadow, Furzey Close; the messuage in the tenure of William George, the Home Closes of William Parsons; the messuage of Edward Hands, Cottage Close; the messuage of Thomas Pebbody, Home Close, Cottage Close; several messuages of the families of Webb, Towers, Herbert, Waring, Lovell, Makepeace, Bonner, Moreton, Dantford, Watts, Hurley, Gamble, Bagott, Dilkes, James, Hipwell, Edgins and Roberts in Monks Kirby.


Street Ashton: Fosse Close, Middle Close and Furzey Close in Street Ashton all in the tenure of Zephaniah Binley; Astley Fowlers tenement, the backside, Hay Close, Hemp Plot, close in Street Ashton, Rye Hill close and Meadow, Penney Irons and Furzey Grounds; Thomas Gilbert's tenement, the backside and meadow, Furzey Close, two Longland closes; Flatt Furlong close, Stoney Hill Close and meadow, all of Thomas Mason; Richard Clowdesley's messuage and homestead, Furzey Close, close, Middle Field, Little Hill, Long Close, the Hayes, the wind grist mill or milnes [there were two mills under one roof], late of Samuel Bliss; a messuage, Woodway Furlong, West Croft, Moorish Meadows and Poole Yard in the tenure of Thomas Gilbert, John Goodman's messuage and Furzey meadow and the the cottage of Edward Langham.


Brookhurst: The messuage of widow Showell, Kings Farm or Rye Hills Closes, Little Close, Barnyarde Close, Kings Yarde, Great Ground, Furzey Close, Rye Hills Close, Campdens Close, Billings Close, Hilley Meadow and Little Meadow; Joseph Showell's messuage and orchard, closes, Kings Close, 1/3 of a close, a close being part of Cottons Farm, John Smith's Messuage and orchard, Little and Great Monks Close and meadows, Bridge Meadow; William Jordaine's messuage and Furse Closes, 2 meadows; John Bradshaw's messuage, Mill Field, Long Leasow, Boswell, Fursey Close by Wood,Mutton Close and two meadows; Richard Mott's messuage, Motts Cottons Meadow, 2 parts of Cottons Furze and the messuages of Thomas Pebbody and the families of Hands, Scotten, Bagott and Gilbert.


Newnham: Little Hall Field, Pinch Furlong Close.


Copston: William Martin's messuage, Home Meadow, Hall Yards, Squire's Yard, Sheeps Closes; Edward Kem's messuage, Paines Piece, Watkyns Yard, Watternes Yard, Essex's Orchard,Furzey Ground, Wrights close, Rye Hill Grasse, Slade Field, Rye Close, Water Furrow Plot of Anne Scotten. William Perkins' 2 messuages, Meare Close, Romillo Close, Perslade, Greens Furlonge, James Lease, The Greens, Chapell Yard, Bushy Greene Plot, High thorne Plot, Heath End Plot; The messuage of Samuel Kem, Watternes Close, The Yards Ends, Cork Meare, Meare Pitt Close, Upper Furlong, South Slade; Clowdesley House and lands called New Pitts Plotts and Wash Pitt Plot; the messuage of William Binley, Old Parke Close, Parke Furlong, Old Lant., Spring Dales, Old Land Meadow, Prestall Meadow, Hall Yard Leyes, Middle Peece, Broome Leyes, Old Barne Peece, Moyzey Meadows, Great Ground, Middle Close, Greens Meadow., William Clarke's messuage, Lodge Ground, Church Furze, Long Slade Meadow, House Ground, Galley Bridge; Richard Wheatley's messuage and Rye Field; Dinner Meadow in the tenure of Thomas Thompson, Richard Miles' middle part of Copston Park, Widow Baker's messuage, the Homestead and Scotchs Gore Piece; Widow Moe's messuage, the Homestead, Moes Plot and 6 messuages etc. of the families of Freer, Day, Golding, Mason, Hackett and Bull, 16th-17th Oct.


An indenture of fine, Michaelmas Term, 1721, and an exemplification of a common recovery by double voucher of the property, in which John Warner and Robert Buck gent. were demandants, John Dewes the tenant to the precipe and the Earl of Denbigh and his wife, vouchees, 1721/2.

Date: 1721-1721/2
Held by: Warwickshire County Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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