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FRL1 Lancashire QM


FRL 1/1 Main Meeting


FRL 1/1/1 Minutes


FRL 1/1/2 Minutes, clerk's drafts


FRL 1/1/3 As to Qs


FRL 1/1/4 Queries


FRL 1/1/5 Various disciplinary papers


FRL 1/1/6 Disownments


FRL 1/1/7 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 1/1/8 Testimonies


FRL 1/1/9 Birth Notes


FRL 1/1/10 Marriage papers


FRL 1/1/11 Burial Notes


FRL 1/1/12 Burial papers


FRL 1/1/13 Membership statistics


FRL 1/1/14 Committee to visit Monthly and Preparative Meetings


FRL 1/1/15 Financial papers


FRL 1/1/16 Trust Property - General


FRL 1/1/17 Trust Property - Blackburn


FRL 1/1/18 Trust Property - Preston


FRL 1/1/19 Education


FRL 1/1/20 Rawlinson's Legacy


FRL 1/1/21 Various Committees


FRL 1/1/22 Correspondence


FRL 1/1/23 Reports


FRL 1/1/24 Proposals


FRL 1/1/25 Epistles


FRL 1/1/26 Notes concerning Emigration


FRL 1/1/27 Legal Matters


FRL 1/1/28 Notes on General Business


FRL 1/1/29 Lists of Ministers


FRL 1/1/30 Printed and General material


FRL 1/2 Lancashire Women's QM


FRL 1/2/1 Minutes


FRL 1/2/2 Minutes, clerk's drafts


FRL 1/2/3 Financial papers


FRL 1/2/4 Epistles and Annual Letters


FRL 1/3 Quarterly Meeting of Ministers & Elders


FRL 1/3/1 Minutes


FRL 1/3/2 As to Qs


FRL 1/3/3 Printed Reports


FRL 1/3/4 Notes of Meetings


FRL 1/4 Ministry & Oversight Quarterly Meeting


FRL 1/4/1 Minute Books


FRL2 Lancaster MM


FRL 2/1 Main Meeting


FRL 2/1/1 Minutes


FRL 2/1/2 Minutes, clerk's drafts


FRL 2/1/3 As to Qs


FRL 2/1/4 Acknowledgements of faults


FRL 2/1/5 Disownments


FRL 2/1/6 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 2/1/7 Testimonies


FRL 2/1/8 Resignations


FRL 2/1/9 Birth notes, etc


FRL 2/1/10 Marriage registers, returns, etc


FRL 2/1/11 Marriage papers


FRL 2/1/12 Burial certificates, etc


FRL 2/1/13 Applications for membership


FRL 2/1/14 Registers of members, etc


FRL 2/1/15 Incoming removal certificates


FRL 2/1/16 Outgoing removal certificates


FRL 2/1/17 Compliance with QM minutes


FRL 2/1/18 Tithe papers


FRL 2/1/19 Reports and correspondence concerning visits


FRL 2/1/20 Finance Committee


FRL 2/1/21 Financial papers


FRL 2/1/22 Premises and Finance Committee


FRL 2/1/23 Friends Hall Premises Committee


FRL 2/1/24 Trust property - General


FRL 2/1/25 Trust Property - Burial Ground


FRL 2/1/26 Trust Property - Fenton Street


FRL 2/1/27 Trust Property - Scotforth


FRL 2/1/28 Lancaster Friends School Committee


FRL 2/1/29 Lancaster Friends School/Hall, Fenton Street


FRL 2/1/30 Wyresdale School


FRL 2/1/31 Education - General


FRL 2/1/32 Various Committees


FRL 2/1/33 Correspondence, reports, etc


FRL 2/1/34 Certificates for travelling ministers


FRL 2/1/35 Printed and General material


FRL 2/2 Lancaster Women's MM


FRL 2/2/1 Minutes


FRL 2/2/2 Women Friends' Charitable Fund


FRL 2/2/3 Miscellaneous


FRL 2/3 Select Meeting of Ministers & Elders


FRL 2/3/1 Minutes


FRL 2/3/2 As to Qs


FRL 2/3/3 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 2/3/4 Lists of members


FRL 3 Lancaster PM


FRL 3/1 Main Meeting


FRL 3/1/1 Minutes


FRL 3/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 3/1/3 Burial Registers


FRL 3/1/4 Membership papers


FRL 3/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 3/1/6 Friends' School Committee


FRL 3/1/7 Lancaster Friends' School papers


FRL 3/1/8 Correspondence, notes, etc


FRL 3/2 Lancaster Women's PM


FRL 3/2/1 Minutes


FRL 3/3 Preparative Meeting of Elders & Overseers


FRL 3/3/1 Minutes


FRL 3/3/2 Correspondence


FRL 4 Calder Bridge PM


FRL 4/1 Main Meeting


FRL 4/1/1 Minute Books


FRL 4/1/2 Marriage papers


FRL 4/1/3 Burial Registers


FRL 4/1/4 Burial Ground


FRL 4/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 4/1/6 Correspondence


FRL 5 Quernmore PM


FRL 5/1 Main Meeting


FRL 5/1/1 Burial Notes


FRL 5/1/2 Burial Registers


FRL 5/1/3 Correspondence


FRL 6 Wray PM


FRL 6/1 Main Meeting


FRL 6/1/1 Minutes


FRL 6/1/2 Minutes, clerk's drafts


FRL 6/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 6/1/4 Burial Registers


FRL 6/1/5 Meeting House Records


FRL 6/1/6 Printed and General Material


FRL 7 Wyresdale PM


FRL 7/1 Main Meeting


FRL 7/1/1 Minute Books


FRL 7/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 7/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 7/1/4 Burial Registers


FRL 7/1/5 Burial Ground


FRL 7/1/6 Financial papers


FRL 7/1/7 Correspondence


FRL 7/1/8 Epistles


FRL 7/1/9 Printed and General Material


FRL 7/2 Wyresdale School


FRL 7/2/1 Registers


FRL 7/2/2 School Committee


FRL 7/2/3 Financial papers


FRL 7/2/4 Correspondence


FRL 7/2/5 Printed and General Material


FRL 8 Yealand PM


FRL 8/1 Main Meeting


FRL 8/1/1 Minute Books


FRL 8/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 8/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 8/1/4 Testimonies


FRL 8/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 8/1/6 Correspondence, notes, etc


FRL 9 Morecambe PM


FRL 9/1 Main Meeting


FRL 9/1/1 Minute Books


FRL 10 Fylde MM


FRL 10/1 Main Meeting


FRL 10/1/1 As to Qs


FRL 10/1/2 Disownments


FRL 10/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 10/1/4 Birth notes, etc


FRL 10/1/5 Lists of Elders


FRL 10/1/6 Incoming removal certificates


FRL 10/1/7 Clearance certificates


FRL 10/1/8 Financial papers


FRL 10/1/9 Correspondence


FRL 10/2 Fylde Select MM


FRL 10/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 11 Freckleton PM


FRL 11/1 Main Meeting


FRL 11/1/1 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 12 Preston MM


FRL 12/1 Main Meeting


FRL 12/1/1 Minutes


FRL 12/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 12/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 12/1/4 Incoming Removal Certificates


FRL 12/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 12/1/6 Reports, correspondence, etc


FRL 12/1/7 Property records


FRL 12/2 Preston MM of Ministers & Elders


FRL 12/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 12/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 13 Preston PM


FRL 13/1 Preston Meeting House


FRL 13/1/1 Financial Papers


FRL 14 Blackburn PM


FRL 14/1 Blackburn Meeting House


FRL 14/1/1 Various papers


FRL 15 Hardshaw MM


FRL 15/1 Main Meeting


FRL 15/1/1 Minutes


FRL 15/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 15/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 15/1/4 Membership statistics


FRL 15/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 15/1/6 Correspondence, etc


FRL 15/1/7 Lists of Ministers and Elders


FRL 15/2 Select MM


FRL 15/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 15/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 15/3 Hardshaw MM of Ministers & Elders


FRL 15/3/1 As to Qs


FRL 15/3/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 15/3/3 Lists of Members


FRL 15/4 PMs under Hardshaw MM


FRL 15/4/1 Manchester PM


FRL 15/4/2 Penketh PM


FRL 15/4/3 Southport PM


FRL 15/4/4 Friends' Adult School, Radcliffe


FRL 16 Hardshaw East MM


FRL 16/1 Main Meeting


FRL 16/1/1 Minutes


FRL 16/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 16/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 16/1/4 Testimonies


FRL 16/1/5 Financial papers


FRL 16/2 Monthly Meeting of Ministers & Elders


FRL 16/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 16/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 16/2/3 Acknowledgements of Ministers


FRL 16/3 PMs under Hardshaw East MM


FRL 16/3/1 Manchester Meeting House


FRL 16/3/2 Penketh School


FRL 17 Hardshaw West MM


FRL 17/1 Main Meeting


FRL 17/1/1 Minutes


FRL 17/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 17/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 17/1/4 Correspondence, Reports, etc


FRL 17/2 Monthly Meeting of Ministers & Elders


FRL 17/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 17/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 17/3 PMs under Hardshaw West MM


FRL 17/3/1 Chester Meeting


FRL 18 Marsden MM


FRL 18/1 Main Meeting


FRL 18/1/1 Minutes


FRL 18/1/2 As to Qs


FRL 18/1/3 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 18/1/4 Testimonies


FRL 18/1/5 Lists of Members


FRL 18/1/6 Financial papers


FRL 18/1/7 Trust Property


FRL 18/1/8 Correspondence, etc


FRL 18/1/9 Lists of Ministers and Elders


FRL 18/1/10 General material


FRL 18/2 Select MM


FRL 18/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 18/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 18/2/3 Lists of Members


FRL 18/2/4 Correspondence


FRL 18/3 Marsden MM of Ministers & Elders


FRL 18/3/1 As to Qs


FRL 18/3/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 19 Swarthmore MM


FRL 19/1 Main Meeting


FRL 19/1/1 As to Qs


FRL 19/1/2 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 19/1/3 Incoming Removal Certificates


FRL 19/1/4 Lists of Ministers and Elders


FRL 19/1/5 Trust Properties


FRL 19/2 Select MM


FRL 19/2/1 As to Qs


FRL 19/2/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 19/2/3 Lists of Ministers and Elders


FRL 19/2/4 Lists of Members


FRL 19/3 Swarthmore MM of Ministers & Elders


FRL 19/3/1 As to Qs


FRL 19/3/2 As to Qs 2 & 4


FRL 19/4 PMs under Swarthmore MM


FRL 19/4/1 Height PM


FRL 20 Cheshire Monthly Meeting


FRL 20/1 Main Meeting


FRL 20/1/1 Minutes


FRL 20/1/2 Trust Property


FRL 21 Yearly Meetings


FRL 21/1 Main Meetings


FRL 21/1/1 Minutes


FRL 21/1/2 Queries


FRL 21/1/3 Advices


FRL 21/1/4 Reports


FRL 21/1/5 Letters


FRL 21/1/6 Notes, notices, considerations, proposals, etc


FRL 21/1/7 Petitions


FRL 21/1/8 Epistles


FRL 21/1/9 Printed Tracts


FRL 21/1/10 Printed and General material


FRL 21/2 Meeting for Sufferings


FRL 21/2/1 Minutes addressed to QMs


FRL 21/2/2 General minutes


FRL 21/2/3 Reports


FRL 21/2/4 Advices


FRL 21/2/5 Letters


FRL 21/2/6 Notes, notices, considerations, proposals, etc


FRL 21/3 Reports of Committees


FRL 21/3/1 Committee appointed to visit Quarterly and other Meetings


FRL 21/3/2 Committee on Accounts


FRL 21/3/3 Loan Fund Committee


FRL 21/3/4 Committee on the Negro & Aborigines Fund


FRL 21/3/5 Committee appointed to gather information about the Slave Trade and promote its total abolition


FRL 21/3/6 Committee appointed to form a proposal for the encouragement of School Masters & Mistresses


FRL 21/3/7 Committee on alterations in geographical boundaries of Meetings


FRL 22 Non-Lancashire Records


FRL 22/1 Cheshire & Staffordshire Quarterly Meeting


FRL 22/1/1 Minutes


FRL 22/2 Cumbria Quarterly Meeting


FRL 22/2/1 Letters


FRL 22/3 Westmorland Quarterly Meeting


FRL 22/3/1 Letters


FRL 22/4 Hawkshead Preparative Meeting


FRL 22/4/1 Accounts of Sufferings


FRL 22/5 York Quarterly Meeting


FRL 22/5/1 General


FRL 22/5/2 Committee for the management of Rawden School


FRL 22/6 York Retreat for Persons Afflicted with Disorders of the Mind


FRL 22/6/1 Reports


FRL 22/6/2 Letters


FRL 22/7 Unspecified Non-Lancashire Monthly Meeting


FRL 22/7/1 Testimonies


FRL 22/8 Schools


FRL 22/8/1 Wigton School, Cumbria


FRL 22/8/2 North of England Agricultural School


FRL 22/8/3 Ackworth School, Yorkshire


FRL 22/8/4 Rawden School, Yorkshire


FRL 22/8/5 Camp Hill School, Warwickshire


FRL 22/8/6 Sidcot School, Avon


FRL 22/8/7 Other school records


FRL 22/9 Miscellaneous Material


FRL 22/9/1 Letters


Catalogue compiled 1998-2001 (MS/JH)

Date: 1568 - 1968

It has been decided to catalogue the archive using a hierarchical structure, beginning with the Lancashire Quarterly Meeting rather than with the Lancaster Monthly Meeting. Preparative Meetings are listed after their relevant Monthly Meeting. The records of the various Yearly Meetings, other Quarterly Meetings, and records of non-Lancashire bodies are listed at the end of the catalogue.


The archive was originally calendared in 1976 using the shelf locations of the documents when they were stored at Lancaster Meeting House. This original calendar is superseded by the current catalogue, and the old shelf references no longer apply. An annotated copy of the original calendar has been retained.


Initial listing of the collection was carried out by Maria Sienkiewicz in 1998/1999. The temporary numbers allocated during that listing have now been superseded.

Held by: Lancashire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Lancaster Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends, Lancashire

Physical description: 251 series
Access conditions:

Access to the following files is restricted:


FRL 2/1/1/27-28


FRL 2/1/11/243


FRL 2/1/14/8


FRL 2/2/2/2


FRL 3/1/7/34


FRL 3/3/1/1-2


FRL 3/3/2/1-3


FRL 4/1/5/2

Immediate source of acquisition:

Accessions 5681, 6632, 7207, 7673, 8305, 8370, & 8729

Publication note:

Reference should also be made to My Ancestors were Quakers, by Edward H Milligan and Malcolm J Thomas (available at the Searchroom Enquiries desk).

  • Lancashire
  • Lancaster, Lancashire
  • Protestantism
Administrative / biographical background:

The documents in this collection are the archive of the Society of Friends Lancaster Monthly Meeting. The Monthly Meeting is the official body in terms of law, to which all official matters are referred. Lancaster Monthly Meeting has or had responsibility for Lancaster, Calder Bridge, Quernmore, Wyresdale and Yealand Preparative Meetings, among others. The records of these Preparative Meetings, and of the Monthly Meeting, make up the main body of the archive.


Lancaster Monthly Meeting is a member of the Westmorland General Meeting. Formerly it was a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Quarterly Meeting (from 1855) and prior to that, the Lancashire Quarterly Meeting. As a result of this membership, there are also some records of the Quarterly Meeting within the archive, as well as records of London Yearly Meetings and other yearly gatherings, which governed the regional Quarterly Meetings. Records of other Monthly Meetings within Lancashire Quarterly Meeting and their related Preparative Meetings have also been deposited as part of the archive. Researchers should consult the catalogues of these Monthly Meetings (e.g. FRM - Marsden Monthly Meeting, FRP - Preston Monthly Meeting) for the main body of their records.

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