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Title: Portland of Welbeck (1st deposit): Deeds and Estate Papers

This collection of property deeds and related material largely consists of 16th and 17th century documents relating to Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, with a few items from Gloucestershire, Lancashire, Northumberland, Somerset, Staffordshire, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.


Many of the records concern former monastic or church land sold after the Reformation, especially the Welbeck Abbey estates which were originally acquired by Richard Whalley of Screveton but then lost by his family as a result of mounting debts and obtained by the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1584. There is also much documentation of those estates of the Earl of Newcastle which were confiscated by Parliament following his exile abroad during the Civil War and Commonwealth and of his efforts to recover them on his return at the Restoration in 1660. Marriage into the Holles family has resulted in the survival in this collection of a family cartulary of the property of John Holles, 2nd Earl of Clare, compiled in c.1660 (37/1).


The industrial development of both the Scarsdale Hundred of north east Derbyshire and Sherwood Forest in north Nottinghamshire during the 17th century is well documented. Lead smelting mills are mentioned in Derbyshire at Barlow (42/10; 43/11), Brampton (53/10; 53/15; 53/25), Lea Bridge (43/25), Linacre (84/3) and Totley (109/1). Iron furnaces or forges occur at Barlow (43/76) in Derbyshire and at Carburton (5/76; 5/83), Clipstone (7/22), and Kirkby in Ashfield (15/61) in Nottinghamshire, the latter principally developed by ironmasters from the West Midlands. Both the lead and iron industies consumed vast quantities of trees to make charcoal or the so-called 'white coal' (kiln dried wood), and numerous documents refer to the felling or leasing of woods for these purposes throughout north east Derbyshire and Sherwood Forest. In addition there are early 17th century coal mining leases, etc., in the Barlow (43/34; 42/69; 59/23), Chesterfield (61/3; 61/26) and Dronfield (70/49-53) areas of Derbyshire. These are complemented by a copy of the Commonwealth taxation survey of Scarsdale Hundred, listing industrial enterprises, of 1652 -1661 (59/21).


Several small groups of manorial documents are represented, the most extensive being a good sequence of court books for Mansfield, 1497-1816, etc., (17/2-74) as well as a long and detailed court roll for 1315-16 (17/1). These are supplemented by mediaeval or Tudor custumals of Mansfield and Edwinstowe manors (7/2), Derbyshire lead mining laws (7/2), and Peak Forest (95/10). For Sherwood Forest there are 18th century attachment court and swanimote records (27/3-20), copies of mediaeval perambulations (27/21-24), and an enquiry into depredations of woods in c.1588-59 (27/26). An unusual survival are the detailed records of coroners' inquests in Scarsdale Hundred, 1680-c.1730 enumerating a wide variety of accidental deaths, including road and coal mining accidents (65/1-71).


Content Summary:




DD/P/1 Annesley 154-1669


DD/P/2 Hundred of Bassetlaw (manorial records) 1575-1619


DD/P/3 Bingham 1593


DD/P/4 Blidworth 1812


DD/P/5 Carburton 1579-1729


DD/P/6 Car Colston 1614-1719


DD/P/7 Clipstone (including manorial records) 1556-1794


DD/P/8 Cotham and Sibthorpe 1413-1723


DD/P/9 Dunham (manorial records) 1665-1668


DD/P/10 Edwinstowe 1602-1803


DD/P/11 Egmanton 1692-1698


DD/P/12 Fulwood [Sutton in Ashfield] 1580, 1679


DD/P/13 Gamston [near Retford] 1664


DD/P/14 Gringley on the Hill (manorial records) 1637-1871


DD/P/15 Kirkby in Ashfield (including manorial records) 1446-1780


DD/P/16 Langford 1619, 1621


DD/P/17 Mansfield (including manorial records) 1315-1801


DD/P/18 Mansfield Woodhouse 1640


DD/P/19 Mattersey 1539


DD/P/20 Milnthorpe [Norton Cuckney] 1574-1691


DD/P/21 Newark 1614-1696


DD/P/22 Normanton Grange [Elkesley] 1634-1691


DD/P/23 Norton Cuckney 1625, 1821


DD/P/24 Honor of Peverel 1640


DD/P/25 Rufford 1618-1620


DD/P/26 Screveton, also Cotham and Sibthorpe 1617-1629


DD/P/27 Sherwood Forest: (court records) 1334-1726


: (officers) 1717-1812


: (perambulations and miscellaneous) 1227-1819


DD/P/28 Sookholme 1553-1678


DD/P/29 'Settlements and mortgages of estates of William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle' 1619-1675


DD/P/30 'Settlements of estates of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle' 1655-1692


DD/P/31 Sutton in Ashfield 1534-c.1805


DD/P/32 Sutton cum Lound: Rectory (manorial records) 1734-1936


DD/P/33 Walesby 1688-1708


DD/P/34 Walkeringham 1704-1709


DD/P/35 Warsop 1721


DD/P/36 Worksop 1617-1805


DD/P/37 Miscellaneous 16th C.-1785




DD/P/38 Ashbourne 1602


DD/P/39 Ashover and Tansley 1779


DD/P/40 Bakewell 1576-1672


DD/P/41 Barlborough 1556-1669


DD/P/42 Barlow 1530-1800


DD/P/43 Barlow (leases) 1579-1763


DD/P/44 Barnes [Dronfield Woodhouse] 1630


DD/P/45 Baslow and Bubnell 1366-1594


DD/P/46 Beeley 1608-1641


DD/P/47 Birch Hall [Hayfield, Glossop] 1577-1665


DD/P/48 Blackwell [Bakewell] 1552-1676


DD/P/49 Blackwell (leases) 1612-1681


DD/P/50 Bolsover (including manorial records) 1485-1753


DD/P/51 Bonds for Payment: Miscellaneous 1523-1669


DD/P/52 Boothlow [Hartington] 1628


DD/P/53 Brampton 1528-1766


DD/P/54 Brassington 1641


DD/P/55 Brindwoodgate [Barlow] 1630-1687


DD/P/56 Buxton 1567-1631


DD/P/57 Castleton 1622


DD/P/58 Chelmorton 1578


DD/P/59 Manor of Chesterfield and Hundred of Scarsdale (manorial records) 1511-1790


DD/P/60 Chesterfield 15th C.-1790


DD/P/61 Chesterfield (leases) 1589-1767


DD/P/62 Chinley 1598


DD/P/63 Clowne 1680


DD/P/64 Curbar [Baslow] 1630


DD/P/65 Hundred of Scarsdale, also Nottinghamshire (coroners inquests) 1680-1769


DD/P/66 Cause Hall [Brampton] 1516-1689


DD/P/67 Cowley [Dronfield Woodhouse] 1630


DD/P/68 Crowhole [Barlow] 1630


DD/P/69 Cutthorpe [Brampton] 1544, 1578


DD/P/70 Dronfield (including manorial records) 1388-1672


DD/P/71 Dronfield (leases) 1572-1704


DD/P/72 Duffield 1621


DD/P/73 Dunston [Chesterfield] 1578-1696


DD/P/74 Eckington 1601


DD/P/75 Edale 1625


DD/P/76 Elmton (manorial records) 1601-1698


DD/P/77 Fairfield 1631, 1724


DD/P/78 'Froggatt and Ashton v. Sacheverell', concerning Stoke [Hope] 1670


DD/P/79 Hasland 1635-1778


DD/P/80 Highlightley [Barlow] 1630


DD/P/81 Hope 1595-1666


DD/P/82 Hucklow (Great and Little) 1596-1677


DD/P/83 Kirk Langley 1654-1703


DD/P/84 Linacre [Brampton] 1513-1686


DD/P/85 Litchurch 1455-1655


DD/P/86 Little Longstone c.1570-1665


DD/P/87 Mansell Park [Mugginton] 1589-early 17th C.


DD/P/88 Mapleton 1633-1654


DD/P/89 Middleton by Youlgreave 1634


DD/P/90 Newbold 1500-1707


DD/P/91 Newbold and Dronfield early 16th C.


DD/P/92 Newbold and Whittington 1658-1764


DD/P/93 Temple Normanton, also Tansley and 'Boothlow' [Hartington] (manorial records) 1524-1625


DD/P/94 Oxcroft [Bolsover] 1562-1688


DD/P/95 Calling Low [Monyash] and One Ash [Youlgreave] Granges; Peak Forest and High Peak 1439-1735


DD/P/96 Phoside [Hayfield] 1552


DD/P/97 Pleasley 1767


DD/P/98 Romeley [Clowne] 1538-c.1660


DD/P/99 Rufford [Brampton] 1630-1687


DD/P/100 Rumbling Street [Barlow] 1630


DD/P/101 Shirecliffe [Dronfield] 1630


DD/P/102 Staveley and Romeley [Clowne] 1435-1660


DD/P/103 Stoke [Hope] 1608-1672


DD/P/104 Stubley [Dronfield Woodhouse] 1630-1639


DD/P/105 Sutton Scarsdale 1665


DD/P/106 Thorpe 1633-1686


DD/P/107 Tideswell 1591


DD/P/108 Tissington 1584-1654


DD/P/109 Totley 1615


DD/P/110 Unstone 1630


DD/P/111 Warsop Park [Pleasley and Shirebrook] 1672-1682


DD/P/112 Windley 1623


DD/P/113 Miscellaneous 1533-1772


DD/P/114 Various Townships 1496-1779




DD/P/115 Farnworth 1713




DD/P/116 Netherton 1521




DD/P/117 St Loe Marriage Settlement 1492




DD/P/118 Cheadle 1614-1682




DD/P/119 Hovingham (including manorial records) 1571-1632


DD/P/120 Slingsby 1563-1690




DD/P/121 Tormarton 1457-1663




DD/P/122 Hundred of Warminster (manorial records) 1430

Date: 1315-1936
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Further records of the Dukes of Portland can be found in the University of Nottingham Library, the British Library, and other repositories listed in the National Register of Archives.

Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Cavendish family, Dukes of Newcastle upon Tyne

Physical description: 85 boxes
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  • Cavendish, William, 1592-1676, 1st Duke of Newcastle on Tyne
  • Holles, John, 1595-1666, 2nd Earl of Clare
  • Welbeck, Nottinghamshire
  • Sherwood Forest
  • Agriculture
  • Forest management
  • Metallurgy
  • Taxation
  • Legal systems
Administrative / biographical background:

The bulk of these documents relate to properties amassed by Elizabeth, Countess of Shrewsbury ('Bess of Hardwick') in the late 16th century, and subsequently passed down to Sir Charles Cavendish (her son by her third husband) and then to his son Sir William Cavendish, subsequently Earl and 1st Duke of Newcastle. They are supplemented by documents relating to further properties acquired by the Cavendishes. The records descended through the female line to the Dukes of Portland and were held in the Estate Office at Welbeck Abbey until their deposit in the Nottinghamshire Records Office (now Nottinghamshire Archives) in 1950 and 1953 (Accessions 12 and 147).

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