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Details of AMSU
Reference: AMSU
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue U

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS6151 Deeds of Pippingford Lodge Estate and Thornhill in Maresfield and Hartfield (Newnham-Shelley-Bradford-Shaw-Le Blanc-Shirley-Gorden-Mortimer-Hunt/Bird-Banbury-Morris), 1757-1924; Wych Cross Inn (Wood & Monk-Mortimer, 1865), cottage (Goodwin-Mortimer, 1865), toll-house, and Duddleswell copyhold land (Jenner-Wood-Monk-Mortimer) in East Grinstead, conveyed for charity cottages in 1871 (Mortimer-trustees), 1871


AMS6152 36 Queens Road Brighton (Friend-Kemp-Cooper-Packham-Dives-Hart-North-Pugh), 1761-1925; 37 Queens Road Brighton (Tuppen-Terry-Dash-Harris-Pugh), 1761-1920; both properties (Pugh-Hind-Ferdinando-Baker), 1935-1960; Hillcrest in Peasmarsh, formerly waste of the Rape of Hastings (Pelham-Stevens-Packham-Bates-Smith-Dowdall-Page), 1787-1926


AMS6153 Metropolitan Estates and Property Corporation Ltd, E Sussex deeds: 1 25 Meeting House Lane Brighton (Cheeseman-Stubbs-Smith-Brown-Thompson-Cooper), [1778]-1917; 26 Meeting House Lane Brighton (Paine-Parker-Lashmar-Bell-Langridge-Stevenson-Cooper), 1765-1918; both properties: (Copper-Richbourne Ltd-Hanningtons Ltd-MEPC), [1917]-1968; 2 77 North Street Brighton (Kemp-Streeter), [1794]-1909; 78 North Street and 3 Farm Yard Brighton (Kemp-Wisden-Mitchell-Dyer-Chassereau-Float), 1802-1889; 79 North Street Brighton (Kemp-Wisden-Stenning-Float), [1797]-1879; 2 Farm Yard Brighton (Kemp-Wisden-Float), [1797]-1877; all properties: (Float-Soper), 1885-1955; 35 Upper Russell Street (formerly 22 Upper Russell Street, then 82 North Street) Brighton (Thanet-Friend-Kemp-Wisden-Peters-Catt-Lewis-Spinks-Soper), [1737]-1881; 35 Upper Russell (formerly 23 Upper Russell Street, then 83 North Street) Brighton (Kemp-Wisden-Handby-Soper), [1797]-1883; 36 (formerly 24 Upper Russell Street) Brighton, (Kemp-Wisden-Soper), [1797]-1882; the whole (Soper-Lewis), 1881-1905; 3 14 Ship Street Brighton (Lamb-?-Sassienie-?-Nye), 1871-1959; 4 49 and 49a Market Street Brighton (Vantop Ltd-Copp-Bankes-Morris-Wilton), 1947-1959; 5 plans of York Buildings, Wellington Place Hastings by Brown, Henson and Partners for Sunley Investments Ltd, 1961 6 12 Gardner Street (formerly The Sussex Arms) Brighton (Gunn-Vinall-Friend-Kemp-Scrase-Furner-Henwood-Pickford-Clark-Kidd & Hotblack Ltd-Tamplins Ltd-MEPC), [1720]-1969 7 3 Steine Court (later part of 69 East Street) Brighton (Mitchell-Wagner-Booth), 1813-1874; 69, 70 East Street Brighton (Swann-Lashmar-Hack-Booth-McKergow-James-MEPC), 1788-1951 8 971/2 and 98 St James Street (formerly St James Cottage) Brighton (Blacklock), 1823-1896 9 103, 104 St James Street Brighton (Wichelo-Howell-Hall-Dixon-Pratt), [1804]-1960 10 33, 33A St James Street and 1, 1A Cavendish Street Brighton (Hicks-Dillwyn-Wileman-Hobbs-Galliers-Hallett-London Land & Property Co Ltd), [1798]-1958 11 15 London Road Brighton (Goodworths Ltd-Deeco Ltd-Phillips Ltd), 1939-1958 12 20, 21 (formerly 18) Prince Albert Street and 2-3 (formerly 3-4) Nile Street Brighton (Buss-Martin-Sivers-Blaker), 1856-1933; 22, 23 Prince Albert Street and 1 Nile Street, Brighton (Blaker-Payne-Peroune Ltd), 1899-1958 13 56 Gardner Street and 1 Preeces Buildings Brighton (Wilson-Gunn-Heinemann); 1904-1962; 14 40 St James Street Brighton (MEPC-David Dale Ltd), 1960; 15 19 (formerly 18) Market Street Brighton (Polyblank-Vokins-Payne-Fanstone), 1902-1955; 21, 22 Market Street (formerly 32 Brighton Place) Brighton (Tupppen-Hughes-Scamell-Bertoncini-Ho Sun-Kai Yan-Kwan Lok/Mann Fung), 1815-1964; 23 Market Street Brighton (Salbstein-Thompson-Fanstone-MEPC), 1947-1963 16 2 York Place Brighton (Morris-Savage-Davis-Dudley/Samuel/Harrison-Yorkton Properties Ltd-MEPC), [1855]-1967; 3 York Place (Weymark-Ward-?-Kemp-Roberson-Brandons Tailors-Huggins-Samuel/Drukker), [1808]-1964; 4 York Place Brighton (Weymark-Leggatt-Morris-Streeter), [1808]-1904; 5 York Place Brighton (Weymark-Leggatt-?-Read-Pace-Terry), [1808]-1950; 17 59 Cavendish Place (formerly Ringmer Villa, then Selby House) with land at rear Eastbourne (Devonshire-Stevens-Russell-Carter-Lovely), 1863-1920; Essex Mews Tideswell Street Eastbourne (Devonshire-Underwood-Lovely), 1879-1918; the whole (Lovely-Lovely Ltd-Mansfields Ltd), 1924-1942; 18 Dubarry Perfumery Co Ltd, formerly The Standard Tablet and Pill Co Ltd, Hove: site of leasehold factory (Standard Tablet and Pill Co Ltd), 1911; land west of the old capsule factory (Saunders-Standard Tablet and Pill Co Ltd), 1908-1923; land at Hove Park Villas (Clark-Standard Tablet and Pill Co Ltd), 1916, 1929; land at Hove Park Villas (Stanford-Napper-Saunders-Standard Tablet and Pill Co Ltd), [1852]-1923; 2 Hove Park Villas and factory (Napper-Saunders-Drincqubier-Davis-Dubarry Perfumery Co Ltd), 1894-1928; New Town Hotel (Stanford-Napper-Tamplin and Sons), [1852]-1916; 48 New Town Road (Bishop-Borlase), 1926; former air-raid shelter at the Goldstone Laboratory (DPC-Hove Corporation), 1946; leasehold near Hove Station (BTC-DPC), 1960-1964; 81 Brompton Road London (Walton), 1916-1924; contract with HWK Pears as managing director, 1923; architectural drawings of the factory, 1933-1967 19 327 Portland Road Hove (CVA Ltd-Duck-Mulholland-Stubbs-Southern), 1935-1973 20 24 Grand Parade Hastings (Cunningham-?-Star (Greater London) Holdings Ltd), 1929-1964; 25, 26 Grand Parade (formerly 2-3 Seymour Place) Hastings (Vincent-Richards-Watkins-Baker/Benbow), [1849]-1920; 27 Grand Parade Hastings (Evenden-Bray-Brador Ltd), 1925-1948; 21 14 Market Street Brighton (Clippingdale-?-Wallis), 1883-1920; 14, 15 Market Street Brighton (Wallis-Teague), 1926-1958; 2 Bartholomews Brighton (Wallis-?-Frost-?-Ritelands Ltd), 1934-1956; 22 23 East Street Brighton (Edmunds-?-Traynor-MEPC), 1928-1964; 24 East Street Brighton (Mitchell-Walker/Luckly), 1954-1957 23 13, 13A East Street Brighton (Spencer-Smith-Walton-Franklin), 1844-1945


AMS6154 Notebook of the Rye tithe apportionment, annotated to show the effect of the altered apportionment in respect of the South Eastern Railway, c1850; OS 6" sheet 46 annotated with tithe numbers and rating boundaries, c1935


AMS6155 Foxdale 60 Woodruff Avenue Hove (Stanford-Osborne-Ryan-Neden-Nimmo), 1852-1967


AMS6156 Plan of four marshes in East Guldeford purchased from Miss Carter by John Offen, 1805


AMS6157 Rye Parish Magazine 25-143, 1884-1893


AMS6158 Hailsham Parish Magazine 461, 466, 468; 1931


AMS6159 Stafford, Jones and Young of London, solicitors: Brisco of Coghurst: 1 manor of Filsham court rolls 1444-1540 translated by Samuel Jeake, 1663; part of Portuguese chart of the world showing North America, c1570 (withdrawn); court roll, 1657-1730; index to court book from 1733 (AMS5863/1); part of contract for sale (Oxenden-Brisco), 1800; correspondence concerning forshore rights including history of the manor, 1889-1905; stewards' papers, 1830-1844 2 Lime Ticks in Hastings St Mary (Breeds-Gear-Brisco), 1799-1837; Heatly Field and other land in Hastings St Mary (Eversfield-Brisco covenant to produce 1702-1837), 1837; Hare Field part of Grove Farm St Leonards (Eversfield-Brisco covenant to produce 1736-1851), 1851; Rogers Land Farm in Westfield and Ore (Monck-Brisco mortgage), 1866; Newtown Hall estate in Montgomeryshire (Brisco-Jones), 1888-1894; plans, 1880s, 1890s; leasehold cottage in Hastings St Mary (Pelham-Whyborne-Brisco), 1791-1849 3-5 duplicate conveyances, leases and buildings agreements for parts of the Filsham estate, 1846-1923 6 wills and testamentary papers of members of the Brisco family, 1834-1920 7 Brisco-Woodgate marriage settlement, 1828; disentailing deed, 1879; covenants, St Leonards, 1885, 1895; Hastings Convalescent Home declarations of trust, Brisco legacy, 1890, 1901; miscellaneous sales and leases, Filsham estate, 1883-1930; partition and release (Boyce-Brisco), 1817; sale to Brighton Lewes and Hastings Railway, 1845; Coghurst in Ore: manor of Ilham admission, 1879; letter concerning Hastings Waterworks and reservoir, 1881; report on proposed sale of estate, 1901 R T Robinson of Frenches Farm Heathfield: divorce settlement, 1956-1970; deeds of houses in Ilford and Wanstead in Essex, Chiswick, Ealing, Homsey and Streatham in Middlesex, 1899-1955


AMS6160 Records of Daniel White and Son of Hailsham, grocers and drapers: partnership and partition agreements, 1931; accounts, 1922-1929; cash ledgers, 1916-1946; goods supplied ledgers, 1866, 1923-1945; coal and coke ledger, 1923-1930; cash books, 1872-1946; day-books, 1847, 1866, 1945; general accounts (1899-1904) with minutes of Hailsham Congregational Church organ committee, 1921-1923; grocery debts, 1923-1946; drapery stock books, 1895, 1908-1913; register of hawkers' licences, 1863-1864; Norwich Union insurance policy register, 1905-1924; inventory of goods, Taylor and Harmer of Hailsham to White, 1855; stock inventories, 1883, 1931; plans of the shop, c1900, 1934; plan showing businesses in Market Square Hailsham, c1946; deeds of part of Blackwoods Marsh at Manxey in Pevensey (Faulkner-Luxford-Petter-Sloman), 1600-1736; houses and land in Hailsham and house and crofts called Twy Town in Selmeston (Price-Children-Miller-Penfold- Jenner-Coby-Trumble), 1704-1733; The Crown Inn and land called Viney Crofts and Kirby Croft in Hailsham (Stonestreet-Colbrand), 1713-1930; licence for a pew in Hailsham chancel (Fagg-Trumble), 1719; settlement on marriage of Thomas Day of Mayfield and Hannah Weston: Little Kippers in Hailsham, 1735; Collers in Hailsham (Tutt-Waters), 1735-1832; Priesthawes in Westham (Medley/Jenkinson-Pitcher), 1822; dog-licence registers, 1867-1872; gun licence register, 1870-1871; game duty licence register, 1868-1871; advert for White's tea, c1880; accounts of parish constables, 1847, 1851; Daniel White as overseer: removal orders (Skinner, Wenham and Smith), 1846-1850, accounts for poor-rate appeals with list of poor excused payment, 1851; Josiah White as executor of Thomas Barnett of Hailsham, ironmonger, 1885-1887; Harry White as chairman of Hailsham Water Company, 1885-1939; Hailsham Literary and Social Guild rules and programmes, 1903-1913; Hailsham Brotherhood Slate Club rules and subscriptions, 1914; Harry White as treasurer of Hailsham Nursing Association, 1920-1948; Harry White as treasurer of Hailsham Brass Band, 1901-1948; Green family of Home Court Hailsham: mostly relates to Hailsham Baptist Chapel, Green's Rope and Twine Factory, schedule of deeds of Hothey London Road Hailsham (1923-1924, lease of Melbourne Villas 1932, schedule of deeds of property in Warbleton, 1840-1933; c1850-1943; E A Bray as executrix of Moses Edmonds including property at Gardner Street in Herstmonceux, Brighton and Eastbourne, 1877-1878; insurance policy for Fairlight House and adjoining schoolroom, George Street Hailsham, 1882; photograph and obituary of Joseph Nunn pastor of Hailsham Baptist Chapel, 1900-1908


AMS6161 Lewes News, 1979-date


AMS6162 Apprenticeship of Edward Bayley to A W Smith of Rye, chemist and druggist, 1876; passport for Edward Bayley and son, 1883


AMS6163 Archive of the Blaker and Borrer families of Portslade: deeds of Boniface near Blackstone Street in Woodmancote (Hill), 1738-1766; Greenyers Blackstone Lands and North Ground in Woodmancote (Liffin-Bound-Borrer), 1773-1869; manuscript verse by Samuel Bryant, 1889-1894; privately printed history of the Blaker family, 1894


AMS6164 Table of contents to Thomas Marchant's map of Firle, 1775; map of John Dixon Dyke's Berwick Court in Arlington, Berwick and Alfriston by Thomas Marchant, 1776; draft book of reference to Thomas Budgen's map of Lewes and Laughton Levels, 1790; rough plans of Lewes and Laughton Levels by Thomas Budgen, 1791; map of Miss Washer's Winton and Late Hamlins Farms in Alfriston, Arlington, Berwick and Wilmington by Thomas Budgen, 1793; map of Dicker Allotments in Chiddingly and Hellingly by Richard Lower, 1815; draft map of Lord Gage's Southerham Farm in South Mailing [by William Figg], c1820; conveyance of waste on the Pevensey-Hooe Road (Pevensey Corporation-Gort and Gage), 1883


AMS6165 Printed Collections relating to Henry Smith by William Bray, 1799, including an account of his life and charity, rental of the estates, account of the rents and distribution in 1768 and 1793 and a description of the estates; includes Alfriston, Mayfield, Telscombe and Warbleton in Sussex


AMS6166 Records of the Brighton, Hove and Worthing Gas Company, Portslade Works: wages book 1872-1873; volume showing water consumption, 1893-1946; specifications for retorts, 1948, 1950


AMS6167 Sketch book of Henry George Hine including proofs for woodcuts of Sussex Characters, views of Shoreham Railway and Swiss Gardens; c1840


AMS6168 Ore Place (Pannel-Spalding), 1864


AMS6169 Kirby of Mayfield Vicarage: correspondence concerning grant of arms (Kirby-Radclyffe), 1811


AMS6170 Deeds of a cottage and land near Hamlins Mill, Hailsham (French-Stapley-Woods-Mascall-Wood/Dunn-Hope-Goad-Gurr-Banks-Inskipp-Waymark- Oxley-Pattenden-Wood-Hughes-King-Pope), 1671-1945


AMS6171 House beyond the East Fort, house called The Duke of Cumberland and shops, warehouses and waste, all at Hastings (Bourne-Milward-Ball, Garn), 1748-1760


AMS6172 OS 7" sheets, 5th edition, Second World War revision 1940, overprinted with the Cassini Grid for use by civil defence and police; 1933, 1940-1942


AMS6173 Sale particular and map of the Snape Estate, Wadhurst, 1955


AMS6174 Sales particulars: parts of the Crowhurst Park estate (Crowhurst Park, Breadsell, Park, Stonebridge, Pyes and Brakes Coppice Farms in Battle and Crowhurst (Pelham-Papillon), 1942; Searles estate (Holmesdale, Moyses, Spring, Clapwater, Flitteridge, Woolpack and Black Ven Farms in Fletching and Maresfield, 1952; the Barham estate East Hoathly, 1953; the Iridge New Estate (Swiftsden, Eridge, Coopers Corner and Grovehill Farms in Hurst Green, Lower Barn, Jollies, Parsonage, Church and Goodgrooms Farms in Salehurst, Hemden Farm in Newenden, and other land in Etchingham, Bodiam, Pett, Pevensey and East Guldeford, 1955; parts of the Whiligh estate (Normanswood, Upper Walland, Darbys, Walters, Little Pell, Great Pell, Lucks, Upper Tolhurst, Bugseys, Stonegate and Hammerden Farms in Wadhurst and Ticehurst (Courthope's executors), 1956; part of Manor Farm in East Blatchington, Newhaven and South Heighton (Guildhall Property Co Ltd), 1959; Rotherfield estate (Copyhold, Sandhill, Rendlie, Mead, Redgate Mill, Cherry Tree, Boarshead, Millbrook, Court, Milk Lodge, Old Lodge Warren, Highgate, Greenhouse, Town Row Green, Stonehouse, Forest and Towsers Lodge Farms in Rotherfield (J R Abbey), 1960


AMS6175 Archive of Messrs Wright and Pankhurst of Rye, haulage and removal contractors, 1928-1951


AMS6176 Deeds of moiety of the lordship of the manor of Brighton-Lewes (Kemp-Hervey-Wisden-Wade-Smith-Feshbach), 1842-1990


AMS6177 Photocopies of documents relating to customs and excise of Rye and Eastbourne: relates to fleeces shorn and stored by William Foster of Brede, Samuel Day of Beckley, Mary Ford, Thomas Brignall of Appledore, Samuel Fairhall, William Brissenden and Thomas Casingham of Woodchurch, 1761, 1765; correspondence concerning seizures and sales, 1778-1782; letter from Robert Thatcher, Eastbourne, asking to be releived of his duties there, 1808


AMS6178 Tunstall Farm Mountfield (Tunstall-Lude-Haywood-Newenham and others), <1420-1420


AMS6179 Photographs of maps of Lord Camden's Bayham Abbey Estate in Lamberhurst, Frant, Wadhurst (Shoesmiths Farm), Tonbridge and Pembury by Thomas Budgen, 1800-1820


AMS6180 Commonplace book of Michael Baker of Mayfield, 1795-1796


AMS6181 Plan of R M Tillstone's Moulscombe Estate, Patcham, by W A Miles, 1833


AMS6182 Land formerly part of Plumpton Common, Plumpton (Leeche-Homewood-Clifford), 1595-1602; cottage at Little Willets, Chiddingly (Thunder-Goring; Fowler-Filtness), 1602, 1709


AMS6183 Co-operation's Prophet: The life and letters of Dr William King of Brighton; c1830


AMS6184 The archive of Derek Lord of London, journalist (Northiam family): pedigree, family notes and photographs; Wildings and Goatley Farms in Northiam to be sold in Lord v Lord in chancery, correspondence and papers, 1827; writings of DL concerning his life and work including war service in Egypt and Greece, journalism and the Nationalist Party of Great Britain, 1944-1989; journals and pocket diaries, 1948-1993


AMS6185 Correspondence and papers of the D'Oyly and Thomas families, 1711-1928 Separately catalogued for A2A


AMS6186 Map of Nicholas Manser's High Town in Wadhurst by Anthony Everenden, 1652; Thomas Houghton's Churchsettle in Wadhurst and Ticehurst by Anthony Everenden, c1650; Henry Playsted's Stile House Farm in Rotherfield, 1770


AMS6187 Printed pedigree of the Springett family of Hawkhurst and Sussex drawing descent from Thomas Springett of Hawkhurst (b1525), compiled in 1914, annotated to 1939


AMS6188 Map of Henrietta Collier's High Lankhurst Farm in Ore by John Shorter, 1767; maps of the Broomham estate in Guestling, Icklesham and Pett (Broomham Place; Black Hoath Brooks, Church, Down, Flories, Morgay, Copshall, Fraysland, Halfhouse and Hoads, Highams, Hoads and Saunders and Comb Snepps, Great Pickham, Little Pickham and Place Farms) by William Allfree, 1810; maps of George King's Church, Pannell and Toke Farms Icklesham by John Adams, 1825


AMS6189 Brochure, programme and scoresheet for cricket match on Fletching Cricket Club ground, 1990 to commemorate the contribution by 3rd Earl of Sheffield to cricket between Australia and England, 1884-1896


AMS6190 Parts of enclosures in Ashdown Forest (assignment of mortgage, Wyndham-Kenrick, Staples-Spinks), 1698; houses and 400a [?in Maresfield] (Atkins-Adams-Bunting), 1745


AMS6191 Household account book of Thomas Cooper of New Place Farm, Guestling, including details of servants' contracts and costs of schooling, 1788-1824


AMS6192 Notebook of Richard Stileman of the Friars in Winchelsea as a JP, 1819-1827


AMS6193 Archive of Rev John Coker Egerton of Burwash: diaries, 1842-1887; letters of ordination and induction, 1854-1867; scrapbook and family papers, 1857-1900


AMS6194 Maps of Ann Dyke's Boardwright in Hartfield by Williams, c1790; the misses Jordan's Wood Farm in Cowden in Kent by Stephen Waters, c1800; Richard Kemble's Heathersomes and Palmers in Hartfield by C Hunt, 1789


AMS6195 Archive of the Lansdell Estate (High Street, Mount Street, Parks Yard and Whatlington Street in Battle, Breeds Place, Castle Gardens, Castle Hill Road, Pelham Crescent and Wellington Square in Hastings) including costs of building and fixtures, rents and txes, 1810-1838; farm and household accounts, 1847-1863; Finance Act Form 4 in respect of the whole estate, 1910; Alliance insurance policy register, 1909-1932


AMS6196 Archive of Henry Brazier of the Old Monastery, Landgate, Rye, taken over by Thomas Legg and son of Bermondsey, Ashford and Rye, woolstaplers; correspondence concerning trade including France, 1824-1886; bills and vouchers, 1824-1886; accounts and registers of purchases, 1825-1871; insurance policy, 1860


AMS6197 Archive of the Rice family of Brighton and Tooting Graveney in Surrey, 1804-1845: correspondence of the rev John Morgan Rice of Bevis Hill in South Stoneham Hants and Brighton including a long series from his son at Westminster School and the story of a confrontation with a preventative officer on Bexhill beach, 1804-1829; letters to Elizabeth Rice at Brighton and Steyning, 1814-1828; letters to the rev Horatio Morgan Rice at Cambridge, as curate of Rye, of Itchen Stoke in Hants, at Brighton, 1823-1845; letters to Sir Ralph Rice, judge in Bombay India, at London and Bath, 1826-1845; letter describing grand tour proposals, 1825


AMS6198 25-26 High Street Lewes (Hopkins-Hutchins-Chapman-Saxby), 1773-1836; The Club Room and Still Room at 1A Waterloo Street Hove (Apfel-Davis-Christodoulides), 1947-1949; PCC AWA for Charlotte Maria Wynch of the Vicarage Westfield, 1836; PCC probate of the rev P B Wynch of Grosvenor Place, 1856; Balsdean and the Norton estate in Rottingdean (Alexander-Montefiore-Luck), 1818-1914; 12-13 Castle Street Hastings (Milward-Mannington-Vickery-Matson-Cave Austen & Co Ltd-Novens Properties Ltd), 1816-1957; settlement and associated papers on marriage of R L Koe of Yalding and A F Baring of London, 1849-1902; settlement and associated papers on marriage of W D L Shadwell of Fairlight and F M F Wynch of Pett, 1851-1919; inventory of 39 Bedford Square Brighton (Robinson deceased), 1852; settlement and associated papers on marriage of E Humphery of London and E L Randell of Walton on Thames, 1896-1934; land in Tower Road West, St Leonards (Frost-Gideon), 1929; land for tennis courts at The Green St Leonards (Eversfield-Meneer), 1929, 1933


AMS6199 37-38 Francis Street (formerly Castle Street), Brighton (Friend-Kemp-Attree-Cripps-Attree-Norrish), 1771-1912; 125-126 Albion Hill (otherwise The Obed Arms Dinapore Street) Brighton (Chalk-Dray-Kirkham-Willett), 1858-1884; Domans in Northiam (Sharpe-Margesson, lease), 1858; settlement and associated papers on marriage of W J Fry of London and C Ingle of Brighton, 1861-1902; Kings Head Windmill Battle (Ashby-Metcalfe-Neve-Gutsell-Cook-Neeve-Porter-Pinyon-Vane), 1801-1860; settlement and associated papers on marriage of T Ridge-Jones and R H M Ridge of London, 1876-1926; PCC probate and papers of S Steere of Sillwood House Brighton, 1848-1888; 3 Carleton Terrace Portslade (Watson-White-Isgar-Perress-Guilford), 1866-1919; sale off of part of New England Farm Brighton to LB& SCR, 1861; 3 Magdalen Villas St Leonards (Burchell-Ruddach-Butt), 1860-1874; Gotham Farm Brede (Coleman-Mawle-Belcher-Joyce), 1821-1903; Chitcombe in Brede and Udimore (Reeve-Joyce-Barnard), 1893-1925; London Stereoscopic and Photographic Co: Argyle Mansion 50 Kings Road Brighton (Lucas & Hick-Comber-Bennett-Izard-Nottage and Kennard), 1810-1891; 64 (formerly 24) Kings Road Brighton (McWhinnie-Attree-Nottage & Kennard), 1838-1879; 65-66 Kings Road Brighton (Cheeseman-Attree-Royde-Catt-Willett-Nottage & Kennard), 1808-1882; vaults opposite 64 Kings Road Brighton (Royde-Catt-Wilett-Nottage & Kennard), 1847-1872; 82-83 West Street and 6 South Street Brighton (Saunders-Lawson-Saunders-Nottage & Kennard), 1808-1896; 80-81 (formerly 73-74) Middle Street Brighton (Nottage & Kennard), 1890-1903; 84 Middle Street Brighton (Izard-Bayley-Nottage & Kennard), 1863-1897; 70-71 Middle Street Brighton (Izard), 1855-1867; 72 Middle Street Brighton (Lucas & Hicks-Izard-Nottage & Kennard), 1810-1865; estate of Robert Gear: Limeticks in Hastings St Mary (Worge-Collier-Green-Collingwood-Breeds-Gear), 1736-1825; house, barn and croft in Lewes St Ann (Wheeler-Barham-Dodson-Newman-Woodcock-Tliurman-Gunn-Smith-Povey-Lilly-Alien- Abergavenny-Apsley), 1639-1730; two houses in Lewes St Ann (Lilly-White-Wamett-Burtt-Durrant-Apsley), 1717-1754; house and shop in Lewes St Ann (Lilly-Tonson-Apsley), 1715-1765; all properties (Apsley-Dalrymple-Smith), 1770-1803; three houses in Lewes St Ann (Spence-Reynolds-Pelham-Smith), 1735-1 809; two houses in Lewes St Ann (Balcomb-Pelham-Smith), 1737-1809; four houses in Lewes St Ann (Spence-Reynolds-Pelham-Goldsmith-Smith), 1735-1812; two houses in Lewes St Ann (Spence-Reynolds-Pelham-Tanner-Smith), 1735-1818; whole estate (Smith-Gear-Sandham), 1819-1890; 24 (formerly 2) Grand Parade St Leonards (Eversfield-Putland-Tree-Pettiward-Hotham-Comerford-Bartrum), 1831-1889; houses in Ship Street Brighton (Bull), 1834; 1 Pavilion Parade Brighton (Gordon-Christie lease), 1876; stables and warehouses in Little Western Street Brighton (James-Browne), 1853-1854; 4-5 East Street Brighton (Lock-Cook-Howell-Tattersell-Walker-Brown-Tustin-Rolland), 1667-1860


AMS6200 52 Hova Villas Hove (Olguin-Grissell & Tidey-Tatham-Clark-Mansford-Musgrave-Southall), 1907-1934; 18 Clarendon Villas Hove (Buckler-Arrowsmith-Mannington-Flowers), 1880-1918; 26 (formerly 19) Oxford Street Brighton (Carpenter), 1849-1910; 55 Preston Street Brighton (Walkley-Sone-Nutley), 1859-1917; 15, 18-23 St Peters Street Brighton (Chapman-Verrall), 1883; court book of the manor of Tillingham in Peasmarsh and Udimore with rentals, 1697-1875; 12 (formerly 6) Livingstone Road Hove (Nurcombe-Payne-Vickers), 1877-1881

Date: 1420-2003
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office, Lewes

Physical description: 49 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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