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L85/1/1-31 INCUMBENT


L85/1/1-4 Parish Registers


L85/1/1. Early Registers, 1636-1784


L85/1/2. Baptism Registers, 1785-1886


L85/1/3. Marriage Registers, 1754-1890


L85/1/4. Burial Registers, 1781-1887


L85/1/5. Banns Books, 1935-1972


L85/1/6. Drafts for Register Entries, 1783-1823


L85/1/7. Miscellaneous Papers about Registers, c 1802


L85/1/8. Confirmation Register, 1942-1965


L85/1/9. Registers of Services, 1886-1971


L85/1/10. Licences for Divine Service, 1877


L85/1/11. Notice to Curate, 1888


L85/1/12-20 Parish Boundaries (ancient chapelries and new churches formed from Deane)


L85/1/12-13 Horwich Chapelry, later Holy Trinity


L85/1/12. Property in Tottington, 1722-1788


L85/1/13. Property in Horwich, 1770-1783


L85/1/14. Westhoughton Chapelry, later St. Bartholomews, 1755-1846


L85/1/15. St. John the Evangelist, Wingates, 1857-1859


L85/1/16. St. John the Baptist, Little Hulton, 1877


L85/1/17. Christ Church, Heaton, 1878-1894


L85/1/18. St. Margaret's, Halliwell, 1906


L85/1/19. St. Thomas and St. John, Lostock, 1911


L85/1/20. Miscellaneous, 1900


L85/1/21-23 Churchyard


L85/1/21. Grave Registers, c 1865-1876, 1964


L85/1/22. Addition to churchyard, 1796


L85/1/23. Dispute over Trees, 1777


L85/1/24-29 Glebe


L85/1/24. Property in Rumworth, 1799-1819


L85/1/25. Grant of Easement to Bolton Corporation, 1878


L85/1/26. Proposed Bridge over Railway at Deane Clough, 1891-1892


L85/1/27. Land adjoining Vulcan Inn, Deane, 1895


L85/1/28. Proposed Building Development, Deane, 1895-1898


L85/1/29. Maintenance of Deane Clough Pathway, 1910


L85/1/30. Income, 1905-1910


L85/1/31. Vicarage, 1848-1910




L85/2/1-11 Finance


L85/2/1. Accounts, 1723-1845, 1869-1948


L85/2/2. Accounts and Offerings, 1859-1866


L85/2/3. Various Accounts and Collections, 1901-1917


L85/2/4. Cash Book, 1910-1914


L85/2/5. Deeds of Pews, 1786-1807


L85/2/6. Pew Rent Accounts, 1869-1884


L85/2/7. Memorial Hall Accounts, 1946-1973


L85/2/8. Extra Fees for Burials of Non-Parishioners, 1882-1886


L85/2/9. Annual Statement of Account, 1904


L85/2/10. Bill, 1771


L85/2/11. Bequest, 1665


L85/2/12. Churchwardens' and Vestry Minutes, 1818-1974


L85/2/13. Churchwardens' and Sidesmen's Minutes, 1904-1935


L85/2/14. Orderly Book for the Churchwardens of Deane, 1807


L85/2/15-18 Church Fabric


L85/2/15. Faculties, 1819-1923


L85/2/16. Repairs, 1818-1913


L85/2/17. Plans, 1813 and n.d.


L85/2/18. Organ, 1878-1887


L85/2/19. Inventory, 1895-1954


L85/2/20. Description of Stained Glass Windows, Apr. 1985




L85/3/1. Minutes, 1920-1974


L85/3/2. Electoral Roll, c 1967


L85/3/L85/4/1 SOCIETIES


L85/3/1. Deane Institute and Gymnasium


Plans, n.d.




L85/5/1. John Guest's, 1831-1832


L85/5/2. John Laithwaite's, 1760


L85/5/3. Henry Mather's, 1752-1787


L85/6/1-20 SCHOOLS


L85/6/1-6 Deane School


L85/6/1. Trustees Minutes, 1786-1864 and Accounts, 1786-1868


L85/6/2. Accounts, 1874


L85/6/3. Trust Deeds of Property in Tottington, 1657-1878


L85/6/4. Letter about Trust, 1782


L85/6/5. Charity Commissioners Scheme, 1870 and Order, 1891


L85/6/6. Building of New School, 1881-1882


L85/6/7. Westhoughton School, 1745-1809


L85/6/8. St. Thomas's Schools, Lostock, 1878-1881


L85/6/9. Morris Green School, Middle Hulton, 1879


L85/6/10-20 Hulton School


L85/6/10. Managers' Minutes, 1887-1927


L85/6/11. Trust Deed, 1887


L85/6/12. Correspondence about Establishment of School, 1886-1887


L85/6/13-15 Disputes Between Managers and Vicar of Deane


L85/6/13. Dispute Over Collections at Services, 1889


L85/6/14. Dispute Over Dancing, 1894


L85/6/15. Dispute Over Services, 1894


L85/6/16. Dispute with Dr. Marsh, 1893


L85/6/17-20 School Property


L85/6/17. Plan, n.d.


L85/6/18. Water Supply, 1908


L85/6/19. Electricity Supply, 1914-1915


L85/6/20. Insurance Policies, 1904-1920




L85/7/1. Inclosure Awards and Maps, 1798


L85/7/2. Tithe Apportionments and Maps, 1844-1853




L85/8/1. Deeds, 1786-1790


L85/8/2. Wills, 1654-1825


L85/8/3. Hulton Family, 1836


L85/8/4. Westhoughton Landowners, c 1821


L85/8/5. Plans, n.d.


L85/8/6. Printed Papers, 1892-1898


L85/8/7. History, 1986

Date: 1636-1986
Related material:

The Archives Department also has Archdeacon John Rushton's Visitation Papers, c 1845, (MS f 942.72 R121 vol. 21); a 19th c. copy of a list of church goods, 1552 (L122/2/12/1); a 19th c. copy of letters patent of 21 Nov. 1538 making Deane a parish church (L122/1/10/4); extracts from the will of Thos. Nuttall of Rumworth making a bequest to Deane church Sunday School, 1814 (L122/7/1/1-3); and a letter from W. Warrington referring to work on stained glass windows in Deane church, 1845 (M383/2/18/3).

Held by: Manchester Archives and Local Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Church of England, Deane Parish, Greater Manchester

Physical description: 8 sub-fonds
Immediate source of acquisition:

The following records were transferred to Manchester Central Library as Diocesan Record Office from the Lancashire Record Office or deposited by Rev. R. B. Jackson in March 1982.

Administrative / biographical background:

The earliest reference to a church at Deane is in a 13th century deed. It was a chapelry within the parish of Eccles until 1538 when it became an independent parish, comprising the townships of Rumworth, Farnworth, Kearsley, Heaton, Horwich, Halliwell, Westhoughton, Little Hulton, Middle Hulton and Over Hulton. Horwich, Westhoughton and Little Hulton were ancient chapelries.


During the 19th century the ancient chapelries were assigned their own Districts and new churches were built, thus reducing the size of the original parish:-


St. John's, Farnworth, was assigned the townships of Farnworth and Kearsley by Order in Council, 23 July 1828, (London Gazette, 13 Jan. 1829).


St. Peter's, Halliwell, was assigned the township of Halliwell, by Bishop's Instrument, 31 October 1840.


Holy Trinity, Horwich, was assigned the township of Horwich, by Order in Council, 29 December 1853, (London Gazette, 10 January 1854).


St. Bartholomew's, Westhoughton, was assigned part of the township of Westhoughton, by Order in Council, 23 January 1860, (London Gazette, 25 January).


St. John the Evangelist, Wingates, was assigned the rest of Westhoughton by Order in Council, 26 March 1860, (London Gazette, 31 March).


St. Paul's, Walkden Moor, by Order in Council, 27 July 1863, (London Gazette, 28 July).


St. Paul, Peel, Little Hulton, by Order in Council, 17 March 1874, (London Gazette, 20 March)


St. John the Baptist, Little Hulton, by Order in Council, 7 February 1877, (London Gazette, 20 February).


St. George the Martyr, Daubhill, by Order in Council, 2 March 1881, (London Gazette, 4 March).


Christ Church, Heaton, was assigned the townships of Heaton and Rumworth, by Order in Council, 15 January 1897, (London Gazette, 19 January).


St. Bede, Morris Green, by Order in Council, 11 October 1923 (London Gazette, 12 October).


In 1981 by Pastoral Order, 16 September, (London Gazette, 23 September), part of Deane was assigned to Emmanuel, Bolton and St. George the Martyr, Daubhill, and part was transferred from St. George the Martyr.

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