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Records of MPTE and predecessor undertakings main classes of records


M 388 MPT/A MPTE, 1968-1988


M 388 MPT/B Liverpool Corporation Transport, 1870-1977 includes


Annual report & accounts, 1901-1969


PTC resolution and report books, 1919-1954


Special Committee minutes, 1923-1962


Administrative records, 1934-1974


Agreements (co-ordination of services), 1902-1969


Staff and traffic orders and notices, 1935-1970


Information re vehicles, buildings, fares etc, 1905-1971


Personnel records, c1887-1983


Miscellaneous and ephemeral records include:


Press cuttings from 1912-1969


Maps and plans


Glass slides


Fare and timetables


Route maps


Advertising and publicity material


M 388 MPT/D Birkenhead: records include


Annual report & accounts, 1902-1969


Correspondence, 1924-1972


Contracts, tenders & agreements, 1961-1970


Route mileages, statistical returns, 1939-1968


Maps & plans, c1930-1960


Time and faretables, 1903-1969


M 388 MPT/C Wallasey Corporation Transport, 1929-1971: few records but includes material relating to


Finance & administration, 1966-1969


Operations, 1946-1967


Staffing, 1946-1966


Maps & plans, 1929-1966


M 388 MPT/E Southport Corporation Transport, 1900-1985 records include:


Annual report & accounts 1902-1973


Reports, 1912-c1970


Monthly record books, 1955-1985


Agreements & specifications, 1918-1960


Personnel, 1903-1974


Miscellaneous and ephemeral records include:


Press cuttings, 1959-1973




M 388 MPT/F St Helens Corporation Transport, 1900-1979 records include


Annual report & accounts, 1937-1968


General Manager's reports to Transport Committee, 1945-1974


Administrative files, 1920-1972


Statistical record books, 1927-1963


Agreements, 1902-1931


Traffic and staff circulars & notices, 1927-1973


Vehicles/plant & building (inc. bus shelters), 1939-1964


Road service licences


Personnel records, 1920-1979


Miscellaneous records include:


Press cuttings, 1905-1967


Maps & plans


Faretables and timetables


M 388 MPT/M Miscellaneous: records of other organisations, 1927-1988 include:


North West Traffic Commissioners, 1931-1981


MALTS and transport plans


Tramways, Light Railways & Transport Association, 1932-1939


Municipal Passenger Transport Association, 1927-1975


Public Transport Association, 1944-1967


National Joint Industrial Coun for the Road Passenger Transport Industry 1937-1971


Mid-Lancs. Transport Co-ordinating Committee, 1967-1971


Operators' Safety Council, 1956-1963


Transport Users' Consultative Committee for the NW 1981-1983


Other miscellaneous records include


Summaries of questionnaires; vehicle plans & diagrams; material re other local operators; advertising material; maps.


M 388 MPT/9 Wallasey Corporation Ferries, c1884-1973 records include:


Administration, 1930s-1966


Finance, 1951-1969


Staffing, c1884-1970


Reports, 1903-1964


Seacombe Ferry landing stage, 1926-1961


Ferry vessels, c1895-1970


M 388 MPT/10 Birkenhead Corporation Ferries, 1835; 1901-1970 records include:


Ferry manager's reports, 1897-1926


Ferry manager's reports (misc) 1924-1958


Finance, 1902-1970


Staffing, 1835-1970 (one wages book from 1835; other records start c1855)


Ferries/property, 1934-1970


M 388 MPT/11 MPTE Ferries (& earlier joint arrangements), 1935-1985: Material from 1935-1974


Summary of lists


M 388 MPT/A MPTE, 1968-1988


M 388 MPT/B Liverpool Corporation Transport, 1870-1977


M 388 MPT/C Wallasey Corporation Transport, 1929-1971


M 388 MPT/D Birkenhead Corporation Transport, 1902-1971


M 388 MPT/E Southport Corporation Transport, 1900-1985


M 388 MPT/F St Helens Corporation Transport, 1900-1979


M 388 MPT/M Miscellaneous, 1927-1988


M 388 MPT/9 Wallasey Corporation Ferries, c1884-1973


M 388 MPT/10 Birkenhead Corporation Ferries, 1835; 1901-1970


M 388 MPT/11 MPTE Ferries (& earlier joint arrangements), 1935-1985

Related material:

Further reading:


The Development of Transport on Merseyside Since 1945, J S Dodgson, in Commerce, Industry & Transport - Studies in Economic Change on Merseyside, B L Anderson & P J M Stacey, Liverpool 1983


Liverpool Tramways 1943-1957, R E Blackburn, Cardiff n.d.


Liverpool Transport (3 vols.), J B Horne & T B Maund


Local Transport in Wallasey, T B Maund (Omnibus Society, c1969)

Held by: Merseyside Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive

Physical description: 11 subfonds
Access conditions:

Merseyside Record Office, Cunard Building (4th floor), Pier Head Liverpool L3 1EG. Tel: 051 236 8038. Fax 236 5827.


Mon-Fri 9.15-4.45 (lunchtimes according to staff availability)


An appointment is advised.

Custodial history:

Provenance: details of the accession are sketchy and apocryphal, and few written details exist. Some of the records were transferred from the modern records system - Consignments 18, 42, 44, 59 & 65 - but there are no details of the accessions beyond what are in the Record Office's consignment book. It would seem that, assisted by MPTE H(istorical) A(nd) T(ransport) S(ociety), the Archivist cleared out one or more MPTE offices (almost certainly, at least those of Mersey Ferries & St Helens Division). Some minor accessions - Road Service Licences etc. - are of a later date than the bulk of the accession: Acc. 189 (DX471), 190 (DX473), 1990-7 & 1990-15.


The archive comprises records of MPTE and each of its former municipal undertakings. Each of these, as administrative entities, has been listed as a whole. Birkenhead and Wallasey ferry records have been listed separately up to their merger, and then together after it. All photographs, (except for a collection of Southport photographs which were found already separate) have been listed together, under the MPTE heading.


The organisation of the records is as accurate a reflection of the administrative organisation of the MPTE and its predecessors as it is possible now to get: many of the record groups and classes were rearranged and broken up before the Record Office was able to start this listing. (For example, in some cases the archivist has had to reconstitute files: this is noted in the list when it occurred).


Note: the initials "DD" refer to an amateur transport enthusiast who listed some of the material before the MRO and who sometimes disrupted the orginal order of files and papers.

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Administrative / biographical background:

Merseyside Passenger Transport Authority & Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive were set up after the Transport Act of 1968. MPTE was formed in November 1969 and from 1 December assumed responsibility for the bus and ferry fleets of the former Liverpool, Birkenhead and Wallasey municipal undertakings. The MPTA was at first made up of representatives from each of the 18 councils on Merseyside; after 1974 the MPTA was Merseyside County Council, through its 23-member Passenger Transport Committee. The MPTA (the "shareholders") was responsible for overall policy decisions on public transport - fares, frequency of services, etc - and the MPTE (the "board of directors") was to handle the day-to-day running of the transport, i.e. putting those policies into action.


To control its operations the PTE was split into three traffic divisions: Wirral (formed from the Birkenhead and Wallasey undertakings and including the Mersey Ferries) and North and South Divisions (based on those adopted latterly by Liverpool City Transport, extended to the PTE boundary). Following local government reorganisation in 1974 Southport and St Helens were added to the the PTE's sphere of operations, as Districts within the existing North and South Divisions respectively. In 1981 these Districts became Divisions in their own right. Following further local government changes in 1986 MPTE became Merseyside Transport Ltd.

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