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Reference: GB 026 D3580
Title: Longsdon of Little Longstone Family and Estate Papers

Summary of contents


Title deeds D3580/T


Estate papers, general D3580/E


Estate papers, and accounts, by family member D3580/EF


Plans D3580/P


Office and public service D3580/O


Personal papers D3580/FP


Family papers, general D3580/FZ


Papers of associated families D3580/ZF


Longsdon family history D3580/ZP


Legal papers D3580/ZL


Miscellaneous D3580/ZZ


Correspondence D3580/C


Index to correspondence D3580/CA


Additional miscellaneous estate, family and personal papers, 20th century D3580/X


Index of Contents


D3580/T Title deeds


D3580/T1-18 Medieval deeds


D3580/T19 Estate of Robert Longsdon


D3580/T20-22 Estate of Anthony Longsdon 1, 1571-1604


D3580/T23-24 Estate of Stephen Longsdon, before Mar, 1608-1613


D3580/T25-43 Estate of Anthony Longsdon II, 1626-1653


D3580/T44-52 Estate of William Longsdon, 1653-1658


D3580/T53-58 Estate of Thomas Longsdon I


D3580/T59-73 Estate of Thomas Longsdon II, 1684-1750


D3580/T74-79 Estate of Thomas Longsdon III, 1750-1780


D3580/T80-116 Estate of James Longsdon I, 1775-1822


D3580/T117-122 Longstone tithe estate, 1786-1829


D3580/T123-166 Estate of James Longsdon II, 1822-1829


D3580/T167-235 Estate of William Longsdon


D3580/T236-276 Estate of Henry John Longsdon and trust under will of William Longsdon, 1847-1900


D3580/E Estate, general


D3580/E1-27 Enclosure, Ashford, Little Longsdon


D3580/E28-77 Land Tax, Little Longstone


D3580/E78-114 Tithes, Little Longstone Estate papers


D3580/E115-286 Before William Longsdon, 1829


D3590/E287-366 William Longsdon


D3580/E367-1429 William Longsdon's trust


Family estate files inc Life tenancies in Longstone estate


D3580/E1430 - 1607 Revd Henry John Longsdon


D3580/E1680 - 1641 Henry Crofts Longsdon


D3580/E1642 - 1738 Ernest Morewood Longsdon


D3580/E1739-1971 Anthony EC Longsdon


D3580/EF Estate papers and accounts, by family member


D3580/EF1-3 Anthony Longsdon of Longstone


D3580/EF4-5 Thomas Longsdon of London


D3580/EF6-16 Thomas Longsdon I, senior of Longstone & Armley


D3580/EF17-29 Thomas Longsdon II


D3580/EF30-33 William Longsdon of Eyam


D3580/EF34-76 Thomas Longsdon of Goatcliffe


D3580/EF77-503 James Longsdon senior and family


D3580/EF504-549 James Longsdon, senior, Cotton enterprise


D3580/EF551-563 Elizabeth Longsdon


D3580/EF564-569 William Longsdon


D3580/EF570 Emma Jane Longsdon


D3580/EF571-575 Charles James Longsdon


D3580/EF576-668 William Longsdon's trust


D3580/EF669-687 Mrs FD Longsdon & family


D3580/EF688-847 Mrs EM Longsdon's trust


D3580/EF848-876 Mrs EC Longsdon


D3580/EF877-878 AEC Longsdon


See also D3580/X/1


D3580/P Plans


D3580/P1-18 Field plans


D3580/P19-24 Drainage plans


D3580/P25-31 Plans of Great Longstone Hall


D3580/P32-38 Plans of the Grotto Cottage, also The Hollow


D3580/P39-54 Plans of farms, cottages and other buildings


D3580/P55-57 Plans from EM Longsdon's architectural practice


D3580/P58-59 Little Longstone plans


D3580/O Office and Public Service


D3580/O1-16 General: tithe, militia


D3580/O17-23 Association for the Prosecution of Felons, Ashford, Longstone


Little Longstone township:


D3580/O24-30 Accounts and rates


D3580/O31-33 Apprenticeship


D3580/O34-36 Bastardy


D3580/O37-41 Settlement


D3580/O42-44 Highways


D3580/O45-212 Longstone church including note on registers


D3580/O213-214 Ashford charities


D3580/O215-284 Longstone charities


D3580/FP Personal papers


D3580/FP1 Stephen Longsdon


[James Longsdon]


William Longsdon and Emma J Longsdon:


D3580/FP2-5 Journals


D3580/FP6-12 Political correspondence


D3580/FP13-35 Tax notes and speeches


D3580/FP36-40 Other interests


D3580/FP41-80 Henry John Longsdon


D3580/FP81-83 Mrs F D Longsdon née Lace


D3580/FP84-130 EM Longsdon


D3580/FP131-141 Mrs EC Longsdon nee Crosse


D3580/FP142-147 Miss B Longsdon


D3580/FP148-158 AEC Longsdon


See also D3580/X/1


D3580/FZ Family papers: general


D3580/FZ1-5 Right to bear arms


D3580/FZ6-62 Papers regarding family baptisms, marriages, burials, etc


D3580/FZ64-77 Invitations and associated Papers


D3580/ZF Papers regarding families associated with the Longsdon family


D3580/ZF1-8 Wynt or Wyant of Middleton by Youlgreave


D3580/ZF9-21 Bunting of Ashover etc


D3580/ZF22-47 Finney of Longstone


D3580/ZF48-50 Gardom of Bakewell


D3580/ZF51-85 Smithers of Ashford


D3580/ZF86-98 Lace of Doncaster


D3580/ZF99-123 Broomhead family


D3580/ZF124-172 Morewood family


D3580/ZF173-183 Chappe Cross family


D3580/ZF184-366 Goodwin and Swetnam Family of Bakewell


D3580/ZP Longsdon family history papers


D3580/ZP1-22 Longsdon pedigree


D3580/ZP23-29 17th cent translations and copies of early deeds


D3580/ZP30-749 EM Longsdon's working papers of family history


D3580/ZL Legal miscellanea


D3580/ZL1-3 Legal practice of Thomas Longsdon of Armley, Yorkshire


D3580/ZL4-15 Legal instruments


D3580/ZZ Miscellaneous papers


D3580/ZZ1-3 Estate accounts, place unidentified


D3580/ZZ4-20 Verse


D3580/ZZ21-23 Recipes, medical and horticultural


D3580/ZZ24 Advertisement regarding appointment of taxing agent


D3580/ZZ25-32 Genealogical notes on Twigge family of Holme near Bakewell, etc


D3580/ZZ33-47 Historical notes on Longstone and district


D3580/ZZ48-57 Concert programmes, chiefly 19th century


D3580/ZZ58-59 Post Office Jubilee postcard


D3580/ZZ60-64 Church order of service, 19th-20th century


D3580/ZZ65-67 miscellaneous notes, chiefly 19th century


D3580/ZZ68-86 Photographs of Longsdon family members and friends


D3580/ZZ87-113 Views of Longstone buildings, etc


D3580/ZZ114-120 Miscellaneous photographs


D3580/ZZ121-129 Scenic views, prints, sketches, postcards, etc


D3580/ZZ131-134 Newspapers


D3580/ZZ135-137 Printed calendars


D3580/ZZ138-141 Printed maps


D3580/ZZ142-150 Printed books & journals


D3580/C1-1200 Correspondence


D3580/CA/1 Index to correspondence


D3580/X Additional papers, early-mid 20th cent


D3580/X/1/1-36 Diaries of AEC Longston. 1948-1983


D3580/X/2/1-2 Miscellaneous Estate, family and personal accounts, 1970-1975


D3580/X/3/1 EM Longsdon's architect's drawing of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Ashbourne

Date: 14th-20th Century
Held by: Derbyshire Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Longsdon family of Little Longstone, Derbyshire

Physical description: 13 series
Access conditions:


Immediate source of acquisition:

These papers were deposited in Derbyshire Record Office in February 1992.

  • Little Longstone estate, Derbyshire
  • Great Longstone Hall, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, James, 1745-1821, of Little Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, James, 1786?-1827, of Little Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, John, 1788-1819, of Little Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, William, 1790-1896, of Little Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, Ernest Morewood, b1867, architect and surveyor, of Bakewell, Derbyshire
  • Longsdon, Anthony Ernest Croft, b1911, of Derbyshire
  • Morewood family of Alfreton and the High Peak, Derbyshire
  • Little Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Great Longstone, Derbyshire
  • Ashford, Derbyshire
  • Estate management
  • Textile industry
Administrative / biographical background:

The Longsdon family were established in Little Longstone from the 13th century, but their fortunes improved in the early 17th century when Stephen Longsdon and his son Anthony exchanged lands with the Countess of Shrewsbury, 'Bess of Hardwick'. By this they gained access to commons and woods and free grazing on Longsdon Moor for 200 sheep. The family benefited from the wool trade so that by the early 19th century James Longsdon (1745-1821) had 450 acres of rented land and 150 freehold acres. From the 1780s his farming activities including buying cattle for fattening from fairs in Derbyshire and later Lancaster.


In the 1770s and 1780s James Longsdon became involved in the cotton industry in partnership with the Morewood family of Alfreton and the High Peak. Together they opened a trading agency in St Petersburg in Russia. When Richard Arkwright's patent claims were dismissed, they decided to expand their interests in cotton manufacturing. In 1785 the partners built a carding mill and warehouse, plus a bleaching croft, in Great Longstone, but two years later the partnership was dissolved. The business then devolved on three brothers James Longsdon II (1786-1827), John Longsdon (1788-1819), and William Longsdon (1790 - 1878). Trading difficulties led to James's withdrawal from the cotton manufacturing industry in 1812, but his two brothers developed a textile merchants' business in Charleston, South Carolina, from 1819. One of the strengths of this collection is the extensive series of family and business correspondence for the late 18th and 19th centuries (D3580/C1-1200). For further information, see 'James Longsdon, farmer and fustian manufacturer' by SD Chapman, Textile History.


In the early 20th century EM Longsdon developed a successful architect's practice in Derbyshire. Commissions undertaken by him included new buildings for Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School in Green Road, Ashbourne.

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