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Reference: SAS-M/1/331
Title: SUTTON AND SEAFORD: quarto book marked "Sutton-Sandore,"

The following are abstracts, translated from the Latin of the documents in the volume. In the Budgen's catalogue each is separately numbres, 331 to 349


(a) Undated, c 1260


Memo. that in the time of King Henry under whom the Blessed Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury, was martyred, Albreda was the lady of Sutton. She married Roger de Fraxineto, and their daughter Beatrice married Simon son of Simon son of Peter. Simon and Beatrice had a daughter Cicely, who married William de Averenches, lord of the barony of Fulkestan, to whom they gave in free marriage portion the manor of Sutton. William and Cicely had a son, William; and Cicely, having survived her husband, in free widowhood gave the manor of Sutton to the monastery of Robertsbridge for 700 silver marks for the redemption of her son, William, from the King's prison, the grant being confirmed by William and also by the King


(b) Undated, c1200


Grant by ALBREDA DE QUERCETO to JOHN son of THUREBERNE of 2 ac. of land in the vill of Sutton called del Ellen'


Witnesses:--Adam de Puninges, Thomas son of Simon, Moris de Audele, William de Holt, Henry de Secoheford, Anselm de Glanvilla, Hubert de Vallis


(c) Undated. (The foundation of the Hospital of St. James next Seaford.); c1160 [1146 x 1169]


Grant by ROGER DE FRAXINETO to the LEPERS dwelling next Seaford [Safordia] of the land upon which they dwelt, and the marsh which could be enclosed towards the west and all the marsh towards the east as far as the pit [puteum], except so much upon which the priest who served in their church might build if he wished, and an acre near their house and 1½ acres above the pit, which land was called Gore [Garam]--And in the vill of Saford 2 dwelling houses [mansuras] which Salida and Welpsi held, rendering yearly 2 shillings--And of Sutton and Beavesdene the whole tithe--And of 20 acres which Thedricus held the whole tithe--And of Hamme which Whi[ber]tus held one tithe and to their chaplain the other--And of 20 acres which Telarius and other men held, converted from demesne, one tithe and to their chaplain the other--And in these 40 ac. last named the chaplain was to have 4 acres yearly whether the whole were cultivated or not. From the lands which the said Roger had in Wickland, of which he had given one tithe to the Abbey of Cristan [? Grestan], he gave the other to the lepers. Likewise in Estwalton, one tithe to the Abbot of Crestan and the other to them. Also pasture for 100 sheep. Roger also granted to their chaplain 10 acres, of which 7 were in the Wish [Wissa], the acre which Herding of Saford held next the marsh and 2 acres near the acre given to the lepers next their house.--Roger's wife Albreda and his daughter joined in all these grants in perpetual alms, the grantor retaining the lordship and protection of the lands granted


These things were done under the eye and in the hearing of Hilary, Bishop of Chichester, on the day when he consecrated their church. And on the same day, they made this gift on the altar of St. James in the presence of Master John, Dean of Chichester, Master Jordan and Donn. Henry, the Archdeacons, and Master Joseph, Master Theodric, Guy [Wido] the priest of Bishopston, Peter then chaplain of Saford, Robert de Denton, Adam de Puningis, Bartholomew de Querceto, Robert Peverell and many other clerks and laymen


(d) Undated, c1160 [1146 x 1169]


Grant by ROGER DE FRAX[IN]ETO [to the chaplain of the lepers dwelling next Seaford] of 7 ac. of land lying together on the high land next the way from Blachington to Sutton against the south side of the chapel of the lepers, with all other land granted to him, viz. 10 ac., on the day the church was consecrated by Bishop Hilary. Albreda his wife and Beatrice his daughter concurred


Witnesses:--Master John, Dean of Chichester, Masters Jordan Henry the Archdeacons, Guy the priest of Bishopston, Peter the chaplain, Ralph the clerk of Saford, Pagan of Blachington


(NOTE: The original charter is in the possession of the Suss. Arch. Society.)


(e) Undated. [1180 x 1204]


Composition between Master EDMUND, Canon of Chichester, and the LEPERS of St. James of Saford about the tithes of new cultivations from the demesne pastures of Sutton, whereby, with the assent of the Chapter of Chichester and of Simon son of Simon, lord of Sutton, and Beatrice his wife, Master Edmund was to have a moiety of the tithes of new cultures by Lady Albreda de Cheney after the death of her husband and of future new cultivations, the lepers to have the other moiety; and of 6s. which the Canon used to receive yearly, Edmund to have one half and the lepers the other


Made before Seffrid II., Bishop of Chichester, and the whole Chapter of Chichester and the said Simon son of Simon. Witnesses:--Walter, William, and Stephen, chaplains, William Ruffus, William de Petevill


(f) 1223


Fine between JOHN, Abbot of Robertsbridge, and CECILY DE AVERENCHES, concerning the manor of Sutton. Michs. term, 7 Hen. III. (1223). (See Sussex Fines, No. 183, Suss. Record Society, Vol. II.)


(g) Undated. [c1315]


Grant by ALLAN, Abbot, and the CONVENT of ROBERTSBRIDGE to RICHARD HERVY of Sutton of the following lands, viz.:--2½ ac. called Edwynes gore; 2½ ac. called Crokkeresdike; 2 ac. called Chalkedene; 2½ ac. in Bereshale; 2 ac. on the Hegheland; 1 ac. on the Wynterlonde; a piece called Holtesgore and common of pasture


Witnesses:--John de Hydenye, John ate See, Geoffrey atte Broke, Geoffrey de Dene, clerk, Robert Whetebred, William Bosse, John ate Dune, Elyas Marchall, Ranulf de Okelyng, Ralph de Parscope, Walter le Drancks, William and Richard ate Slade, William de Robertsbridge


(l) Easter term, 32 Edw. I. (1304)


Fine between GILBERT, Bishop of Chichester, querent, and LAURENCE, Abbot of St. Mary of Robertsbridge, deforciant, concerning 100s. to be received yearly from the Abbot and his successors from their manors of Sandore and Derne for maintaining two clerks in the Bishop's church of the Holy Trinity to act as incensers of the body of Christ at its elevation daily at the High Altar when High Mass was celebrated


Concord made by the King's command


(See Sussex Fines, No. 1156, Suss. Record Society, Vol. VII.)


(j) Undated. [c1200]


Grant by CECILIA DE ABRINCIIS to SIMON DE SACFORT of lands in Sutton as follows:--7 ac. in Boggedene at the head of Wulwineslinche on the east; 2 ac. in the bottom of the valley in Waltune; 1 ac. at Crokeredic; 4 ac. 1 r. which Brixi the shepherd held; 1 ac. 1 r. on Winterdune which William de Hout held and 1½ ac. for building upon between the monks' court and land of Richard de Frist; also pasture which belongs to half a virgate in the common pasture. Rent 1 lb. of cummin and the service of 1/20th of one knight


Witnesses:--Stephen of Chichester, Ralph the chaplain of Saford, Harding de Saford, John the chaplain of the Hospital, Master Alvered de Saford who wrote the charter


(k) ... June, (1314)


Quit-claim by ALLAN the Abbot, and the CONVENT of ROBERTS-BRIDGE, to RICHARD HERVY of Sutton of the tenement which Ralph Hervy his father held of the Abbey


Witnesses:--John of Sutton, Geoffrey at Broke, Geoffrey the clerk of Dene, Robert Whitebred, Wm. Bosse, John at Doune, Elias Marchall, Wm. of Robertsbridge


(l) 1356-1417


Extracts from Court rolls of the manor of Sandore relating to lands of Hervy.--1356. John Fynche of Winchelse guardian of John son of John Hervye held lands, rent 41s. 9½d.--1374. The lands which John Woodhull, clerk, acquired of William Batisford of the lands sometime Richard Hervy's were:--2 ac. in Longfurlang; 1 ac. at the Cheker; 1 ac. at Blanchburlote; 1 ac. at Havengate; 1½ ac. at Westonerdanewey; 1 ac. at the Lyth next Hottersgore; ½ ac. under the Wyke; 1 ac. 1 r. on the Douneland; 1 ac. in Longealden; 1½ ac. in same; 1 ac. in same; 3 roods at ... gore next Redstone; ½ ac. in Litlealden; 1 ac. 1 r. on the east of Sutton; 1 ac. on the Grasseland.--1377. John Wodehull, clerk, alienated to John de Burgh.--1386. Alice de Burgh alienated to Master Robert Wendlyngburgh.--1390. Lands sometime John Burgh's held by the Priory of Michelham.--1417. Death of John Lem, Prior of Michelham, presented


(m) 1275-1276


Extracts from Court rolls of Sandore manor.--Death of Henry de Ambelegh, presented.--William Cheke and Theophilus de Derne to be distrained for homage and fealty.--1276. The Abbot conveyed to John at Wykes and Edeline who was wife of Ralph Hervy the tenement which Richard de Derne sometime held


(n) Undated, c1215


Grant by CECILY DE AVERENCHES in widowhood, with the assent of her son, William, to the ABBOT and MONKS OF ROBERTSBRIDGE of her capital messuage with demesne cultures in Sutton next Seford and all pasturages of the manor and 9½ ac. of meadow in the same manor and the dene which is called Omble


Witnesses:--William, Earl of Warrenne, William, 3rd Earl of Sussex, Gilbert de Aquila, Simon de Echingham, William his brother, William de Munceaus, Richard de Cumbe, William Gulafre, Walter de Denne, Reginald Giffart


(p) Undated, c1215


Verdict of the Halamote of Sutton and the free tenants and others concerning the land of Ombelea before J. the Prior of Robertsbridge and William the chaplain, and another William, monks of Robertsbridge, and Lady Cecily de Abrinciis and John the chaplain of the Hospital, and R. the chaplain of Chittingleigh and J. de Hucham and Laurence de Munfeild, knights


They say that he who holds the land of Ombelea ought to enclose the land which is called "Den" of wood which grows, & c (sic) at his cost. They never saw Ralph de Ombelea the first-born of William de Ombelea of those who now live seised of the land of Ombelea


(q) Undated, c1215


Grant by WILLIAM AVERENCHES to the MONKS of ROBERTSBRIDGE of the Alms which Cecily his mother gave in Sutton


Witnesses:--William, Earl of Warrenne, William de Aubeneis, 3rd Earl of Sussex, Gilbert de Aquila, Simon de Echingham, William his brother, William de Munceaus, Richard de Cumbe, William Gulafre, Walter de Denne, Reginald Giffart, Robert Fitz Alan, Helia Folehit


(v) Undated, c1215


Grant by CECILY DE AVERENCHIIS in widowhood, with the assent of WILLIAM DE AVERENCHIIS her son & heir, to the ABBOT & MONKS OF ROBERTSBRIDGE of the whole tenement and all right which she had in the manor of Sutton next Seaford except the alms which she had granted to them, in fee farm at the yearly rent of 100s. For this donation the Abbot and Monks gave the said Cecily 700 marks of silver for the delivery and release of her son William, from the prison of King John of England


Witnesses:--Simon de Echingham, William his brother, William de Munceuse, Richard de Cumbe, William Gulafre, William de Richardville, Master Ralph de Essebi, Walter de Denn, Robert Fitz Alan, Helia Foleth


(s) Undated, c1215


Grant by WILLIAM DE AVERENCHES confirming his mother's grant of the manor of Sutton


Witnesses, as in last charter


(t) Undated, c1280


Grant by JOHN DE SEFFORD to the ABBOT and MONKS of ROBERTS-BRIDGE of pasture for 100 sheep in Sutton of his own acquisition from Gilbert de Hastinge as fully as appeared in a charter dated Decr. 1276


(u) 1472


A memo. of Rents of Seaford, including:--Prior of Michelham, 17s. 6d.; Heirs of Andrew Mafey, 6s.; Thomas Alfeigh, 6s. 8d

Date: c1615
Held by: East Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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