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Family and estate papers




The numbers of the properties relate to the 1742 surveys, in Box 115.

Date: 1404 -c.1900

Box 1-19 Title deeds main estates in Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Cornwall and Hants.


20-21 leases, etc.


22-26 Litigation


27, 30-33 Vouchers


28-29 Estate accounts.


34 Surveys, rentals, tax assessments for Hundred of Williton and Freemanors, 1665-1666


35 Tenancy agreements and papers.


36 Litigation. Elections Minehead, Ilchester C18th Ilminster Church, Williton Chapel C18th-C19th (Wadham aisle C18th)


37-39 St.Decumans parish records.


40-43 Watchet Harbour


41/1-46/3 Manorial records - Court rolls W/CR


47/1-3 Manorial records - Surveys, etc. W/SR


48 Manorial records - Various


49/1-3 Seymour family S/CB S/CP


50-88 Whole estate leases




90-96 Wilts.deeds and leases




97 Court papers


98-99 Silverton Park household accounts etc.


100 Orchard Wyndham household accounts etc.


100-101 General estate accounts


103-106 Bankers, Solicitors rent, income tax and stewards' accounts.


107-114 Wage accounts and vouchers.


115 1742 Surveys


116-118 Valuations and surveys


119-121 Maps incl.copies of tithe maps


122-129 Estate rentals


130-139 Estate correspondence.


140, 142 Sale posters


141-149 Tenancy papers, attornments.


150 Estate papers Watchet(lime kiln, iron foundry, paper mills), Ilton(almhouses), drainage matters.


151 Somerset tenancy


152 Legal papers




156-160 Tenancy papers Wilts., Hants., Som., and Devon.


160-161 Orchard Wyndham estate accounts; Lord's rentals.


162 Misc.incl.agricultural depression papers, 1879-1889.


163 Sales papers.


164 Gamekeeper shooting and fishing rights. Game books.


165 Timber sales.


167 Tenancy papers


168 Enclosure papers


169 Railway papers


170 Misc.printed and estate material


171, 173 Tithe papers


172 St.Decumans poor rates and misc.


174 Presentations and living churchwardens, presentments at Bishopric Visitation 1861, Neroche enclosure, Chard Canal, W.Somerset election.


175 Turnpikes, Taunton hospital.


Box 176 St.Decumans rectorialtithe account.


177 Former lands of Sir Thomas Hamon in Somerset and Devon and Dorset (Wadham Wyndham)


178 Estatepapers Oliver Stubbs for Revd.Thos.Wyndham


179 papers


180-182 Not used


183 Alex.Popham's legal notebooks


184, 186, 187, 187-190, 195 Popham and Wyndham of Dinton estate.


185 Jn.Wyndham of Norrington various estates


Thos.Wyndham of Yately various estates


186 Earls of Egremont personal and legal papers


187 Litigation papers


188 Ilton estate 'Miss S.Love'


191 Wyndham of Hinton, Admiral Knatchbull family.


192 Mortgaged property of Wm.Wyndham.


193-194 papers


196-199 papers


200-231 General estate rentals




232 Rentals, (Wilts) Orchard Wyndham. Wage books.


237-240, 243 Estate surveys incl.copy tithe appts.(238)


241 Misc.


242 accounts


244-254 Estate accounts and surveys


Loose 1801 Somerset Survey


Estate accounts


Various plans, grants of titles, etc.


Deeds listed in the Tripp catalogue but not deposited at the Somerset Record Office.


Bdl.E no.82


Bdl.H no.121, 122


Bdl.I no.129


Bdl.K no.148


Bdl.L nos.150-151


Bdl.M nos.153-154


Bdl.O papers re sales of lands in Somerset on the redemption of land tax 1805.


Bdls.D2, 3 & 4


Bdl.F2a 1-5


Bdl.W2 no.16


Bdls.P3, B3b & c


Bdl.D3 no.2


Bdls.G4, O4 a & b, E15, AA, BB, CC, DD1-2


Bdls.EE, FFa, b, c, d, HH, II, KK, LL


Bdls.A/1-14, C/1-10, D/1-9, E5, D6, C7b


Boxes 1-19 comprise deeds of title to the main Wyndham estates in Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Dorset, Cornwall and Hampshire derived from the Sydenham and Wadham families and also by subsequent purchases.


Their arrangement adheres to the order imposed pre. 1838 by W.U.Tripp, Steward of the Earl of Egremont's Western estates (the resulting catalogue, in two volumes, is stored in Box 74). Despite some inconsistencies, it illustrates the accrual of the estates.


Bundles A-O (boxes 1-5) comprise mainly settlements relating to the large estates with some earlier deeds of title of elements of the ancient estate. Subsequent bundles cover deeds of title to individual manors and estates together with deeds of later acquisitions from the mid C17th. Schedules of the lands held, together with pedigrees of the Wyndham, Sydenham and Wadham families, are included in the "Tripp Catalogue"(see Box 74). This should be consulted with reference to deeds unfit for production to students and also for giving an overall picture of the family holdings since it lists deeds not deposited at the Somerset Record Office. The catalogue relates to the manorial records (boxes 44-47), the Seymour family manorial records (box 49) as well as the deeds of title (boxes 1-19). Also stored in Box 74 are the calenders of the early deeds compiled by Col.Malet on behalf of the National Register of Archives, 1951-1952. The calendars are arranged chronologically with each deed being allocated the reference MTD followed by its original reference. These are indicated in the present list. At the time of calendaring several artificial bundles AZ, BZ, CZ, DZ, EZ & FZ were created. These have all been disbanded and the deeds allocated to the appropriate original bundles except in the case of bdl.AZ comprising deeds of Watchet (stored in Box 5). Several deeds found in the original bundles of miscellaneous deeds have been similarly resorted.


Box 50 Williton unnumbered leases


Boxes 51-54 Williton Regis Leases & W. Fulford.


Box 55 Williton Hadley


Boxes 56-57 Beer Crowcombe


Box 58 Beggearnin Huish, Hill Country etc.


Box 60 S.Braydon, Chiselborough, Hardington Devon Manors


Box 59 over Vexford, Stogunber, Hill Country etc.


Boxes 61-63 Ilton


Boxes 64-65 Watchet and Washford


Boxes 66-67 Uphaven


Box 68 Penselwood, Hardington Mandeville


Box 69 Hawling, Fovant


Box 70 Edingworth


Box 71 Hadspen and Miscellaneous


Box 72 Kentisbeare


Box 73 Kentisbeare and Silverton


Box 74 (19 Schedules of MSS & family pedigrees


Box 75 Rolstone, Edingworth, Churchill, etc.


Box 76 Tisbury, Hanging Langford


Box 77 Hutton, Kingsbury, Fideock and Oldbury, Yatton


Box 78 Cullompton, Exeter, Broadclist


No Box 79


Box 80 Lustleigh, Rew, Branscombe, Willand


Box 81 Manningford Bohun, Ripley and Sopley, Shifnal, Salop


Box 82, 83 Wilts. material: Sutton Mandeville, Dinton, Fovant and Teffont Magna and Lufton Manor, Somerset


Box 84 Sock Dennis, Hutton, Wedmore, Puxton.


Box 85 Arundel Papers, Radipole, Dorset


Box 86 Cullompton


Box 87 South Braydon and Newcott


Box 88 Bondleigh and Moorston


Box 89 Miscellaneous docts.


Boxes 90-96, 102 Wilts. docts. and Lufton Manor, Somerset


Estate Papers


BOX 97-107 Accounts


BOX 108-114 Vouchers


BOX 115-118 Surveys and valuations


BOX 119-121 Maps and plans

Held by: Somerset Heritage Centre (South West Heritage Trust), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Wyndham family of Orchard Wyndham, Williton, Somerset

Physical description: c.275 boxes
Immediate source of acquisition:

C/306. C/426

  • Somerset
  • Williton, Somerset
  • St Decumans, Somerset
  • Wiltshire
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