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Details of VID
Reference: VID
Date: 1706-1972
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Vidler and Company, Rye, estate agents, surveyors and valuers

James C Vidler, Rye, auctioneer and land agent

James C Vidler, Son and Clements, Rye

Physical description: About 70 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

Records deposited 16 Sep 1966 (ACC 768), 2 Aug 1980 (ACC 2600), 3 Jul 1990 (ACC 5529)

  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure
Administrative / biographical background:

The firm had been established in Rye by c1826 by John Vidler (1789-1854), a port officer, auctioneer and merchant. He was Mayor of Rye in 1839, 1845 and 1850, and a JP from 1845 until his death in 1854. He was in partnership with a Mr Reeve from 1826 to 1843 and then with his second son until 1854


John Vidler had married in 1816 Mary Ann (1791-1855) the daughter of John Amon. Their second son, James Coleman Vidler (1825-1898), joined his father's auctioneering business in c1852


On the death of John Vidler in 1854 the firm continued trading as James C Vidler, Auctioneer and Land Agent until 1878 when he was joined by his son Ernest James Vidler (1858-1933) and George Frederick Clements. They traded as Messrs James C Vidler, Son and Clements


James C Vidler was Mayor of Rye in 1881 and 1886, and a JP from 1884 to 1896. On his death in 1896 the firm became known as Messrs Vidler and Clements


George Frederick Clements died in 1904 and in 1907 Ernest J Vidler disposed of the auctioneering part of his business to Messrs Reeve, Finn and Company, who continued to trade as Messrs Vidler and Company. Ernest J Vidler continued to act as a tenant right and general valuer, and estate agent until his retirement in 1920, when the business was acquired by Vidler and Company


The firm during its activities incorporated two formerly independent companies - Messrs Reeve and Finn of Lydd in Kent and Messrs Howse and Company of Beckley. The firm had offices in Rye, Lydd and Hastings, and business at Rye and Ore cattle markets


The Company was acquired by Prudential Property Services during the course of the 1980s


Vidlers, in common with many other firms of valuers, used an alphabetical code for numerical values in compiling tenant right valuations. The phrase 'golden mark' was used, whereby G had a value of one, O a value of two and so on to K which has a value of zero


Company records


VID/1/1 Partnership agreements; 1882


VID/1/2 Partners' call books; 1959-1972


VID/1/3 Dissolution of the partnership; 1907


Administrative records


VID/2/1 Valuations, unnumbered series; 1834-1890


VID/2/2 Valuation books, main series; 1853-1961


VID/2/3 Survey and valuation books; 1880-1924


VID/2/4 Valuation reports; 1920-1950


VID/2/5 Lists and indexes; 1873-1950


VID/2/6 Timber valuations; 1866-1950


VID/2/7 Inherited records: copies of documents; 1708-1813


VID/2/8 Auction books, early series; 1826-1837


VID/2/9 Auction books, main series; 1912-1957


VID/2/10 Auction books, second series; 1924-1932


VID/2/11 Auction books, real property and wood sales; 1948-1968


VID/2/12 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, valuation books; 1879-1977


VID/2/13 Inherited records: Howse and Company, valuation books; 1918-1965


VID/2/14 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, early valuation books; 1882-1891


VID/2/15 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, unnumbered series of valuation books; 1920-1969


VID/2/16 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, indexes; 1901 - 1921


VID/2/17 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, early auction books; 1883-1890


VID/2/18 Inherited records: Reeve and Finn, auction books; 1889-1966


Financial records


VID/3/1 Clients' account ledgers; 1877-1957


VID/3/2 Auctions, markets and sales ledgers; 1909-1955


VID/3/3 Clients' rent ledgers; 1870-1904


VID/3/4 Clients' rent ledgers; 1888-1905


VID/3/5 Clients' rent ledgers; 1885-1905


VID/3/6 Clients' rent ledgers; 1953-1970


VID/3/7 Auctions, markets, sales and rent ledger; 1924-1946


VID/3/8 Expenses ledgers; 1925-1950


Agency records


VID/4/1 County Fire Office agent's account books; 1918-1949


VID/4/2 Sun Fire Office printed material; 1910


Vidler and Company: clients' records


VID/5/1 Burra family; 1882-1955


VID/5/2 Henry Curteis Burra of The Chapel House, Rye; 1914-1954


VID/5/3 Richard Curteis Pomfret of The Hooks, Playden; 1914-1960


VID/5/4 Edward Barrett Hodges Curteis; 1880-1946


VID/5/5 Denise Harriott Burra; 1918-1945


VID/5/6 Mrs Frances Curteis; 1880-1922


VID/5/7 Major Edward Barrett Curteis of Leasam, Rye; 1854-1888


VID/5/8 General Reginald Laurence Herbert Curteis; 1865-1967


VID/5/9 Anne Mary Curteis; [1766]-1925


VID/5/10 Curteis family; [1799]-1920


VID/5/11 Rye Cattle Market Company Limited; 1911-1937


VID/5/12 Rye Farmers Club; 1908-1915


VID/5/13 Howard Warburton Elphinstone, Bt of St Leonards; 1851-1935


VID/5/14 Katherine Elizabeth Richardson; 1919-1952


VID/5/15 Charles James Bannister of Salcote Place, Playden; 1905-1940


VID/5/16 Nathaniel Lloyd of Great Dixter, Northiam; 1910-1939


VID/5/17 Executors of Captain Charles Edward Pennefather of Hays, Beckley; 1888-1969


VID/5/18 Harold Wilfred Armine Freese-Pennefather; 1906-1935


VID/5/19 Mrs H C C Kenrick; 1875-1932


VID/5/20 Trustees of Lieutenant Edward Peter Blake Frewen of Brickwall, Northiam; 1845-1972


VID/5/21 Victor A G A Warrender, Lord Bruntisfield of Leasam, Rye; 1900-1948


VID/5/22 William Allen Jowitt, KC of Budds Farm, Wittersham, Kent; 1920-1936


VID/5/23 Trustees of John Pankhurst of Holmans Farm, Stone, Kent; 1869-1947


VID/5/24 Executors of John Paine of the Fleur de Lis, Brenzett, Kent; 1913-1946


VID/5/25 C L Laurence-Pix of Woodside, Peasmarsh; 1900-1920


VID/5/26 Winchelsea Beach Estate; 1922-1934


VID/5/27 Ilythia Theodula Phipson of St Anthony of Pardua, Rye; 1938-1941


VID/5/28 Messrs Shipman and King of The Old Picture Palace, Rye; 1944-1948


VID/5/29 Muriel Gwendoline Marsden of The Railway Hotel, Rye; 1941-1946


VID/5/30 C P Aiken Trust, Jeake's House, Rye; 1944-1947


VID/5/31 Parish of Playden; 1844-1940


VID/5/32 Parish of East Guldeford; 1839-1940


VID/5/33 Parish of Northiam; 1875-1940


VID/5/34 Parish of Rye; 1840-1940


VID/5/35 Parish of Winchelsea; 1842-1945


VID/5/36 Mary Marshall of Rye; 1716-1923


VID/5/37 Rother and Jury's Gut Catchment Board; 1930


VID/5/38 Mrs S E Springate of Hawkhurst, Kent; 1879-1907


Other records


VID/6/1 Vidler and Howse: sale particulers; 1864-1965


Inherited records: Howse and Company, clients records


VID/7/1 Parish of Beckley; 1841-1936


VID/7/2 Thomas Gibson; 1706-1865


VID/7/3 Parish of Northiam; 1852-1921


VID/7/4 G D Bishopp; 1882


VID/7/5 Augustus Langham Christie of Glyndebourne; 1916


VID/7/6 Colonel Geoffrey William Liddell of Peasemarsh Place, Peasemarsh; 1866-1930


VID/7/7 Parish of Peasmarsh; 1889


VID/7/8 Parish of Broomhill; 1924

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