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Reference: AMSR
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue R

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS6001 Deeds of Sempstead Farm, Ewhurst, 1683-1843; Sempstead Place and the manor of Knoll: (Piers-Egles-Lade-Day & Collins-Day, including a barn and land in Brede sold to Gill and Lordingstreet in Ewhurst sold to Snepp), 1683-1784; Castledens Farm (freehold and Ewhurst copyholds called Deans, Heals and Parties; Blackman-Bartlett-Colbran-Day), 1755-1804; the whole (Day, including extensive vouchers for repairs, damage by hop-pickers), 1804-1840; plan of New House, Marchants and Northiam Place in Northiam and Padgham and Shoreham in Ewhurst, EJ Curteis deceased, 1843; notes of legacies of Richard Day of Hadlow in Mayfield, 1746, settlement of Gatehouse, Impingtons and Broadreed in Mayfield, 1672, 1684, list of deeds of Twyfords Marsh in Pevensey, all prepared c1754; PCC admon of Elizabeth Barton of Staplehurst, 1807


AMS6002 The Tanyard, North Down, Heathfield (Gage-Fuller; Maynard & Coates-Bridger-Barton-Smith-Baker; Hare; early title includes watermill), 1567-1764


AMS6003 Estate of Charles Hay Frewen, 1775-1903; Kites Nest estate in Ore and Hastings (Milward-Hovenden-Burfield-Breeds-Denne), 1774-1835; part of Franks and Ponds Farm in Ore and Hastings (Wyatt-Denne), 1839; the whole (Denne-Coveney-Frewen, with sales off to Pollington and Brasier), 1859-1903; Blacklands estate in Hastings (Sayer-Frewen), 1784-1877


AMS6004 Abstracts of title and conveyancing papers relating to the Howard De Walden Estate, Seaford; purchases by Charles Rose Ellis from Pelham; Woolgar-Harben, Towner-Harben, Holbone-Harben, Barnard-Harben, Bean-Harben, Harben-Durand-Pelham; Frogatt; Leach; Allwork; Goodman-Williams, Fox-Williams-Leach; Combs; Chambers; [1798]-1899


AMS6005 Copies of Pelham and Molineux family documents, 1768-1812: duches of Newcastle vouchers and ephemera, 1768-1771; Lewes Hunt Races programme, 1833; letter from commander of the Russian officers, 1856; 1812 Seaford election letters (Vansittart, Arbuthnot, Bishop, McMahon, Ellis); Isfield parish printed ephemera and amateur theatrical playbills, including India, cricket, magistracy, Stavely Derbs election, 1876-1894; letter from John Baker-Holroyd concerning his attendance on queen Caroline, 1820; Laughton copyhold at The Dicker in Chiddingly (Hollingdale & Marshall-Saxby), 1761; 1768 election expenses voucher; appointment of exchequer attornies (Pelham-Parke & Ellis), 1770; list of boys at Lord Pelham's school in Lewes, Cater Rand master, 1784; letter concerning execution of Henry Payne in 1820, 1827; letters from Henry FitzRoy, 1853; letters from Lord Gage concerning philanthropy in the Newman, Baker and Alexander cases, 1856-1861; letter from Harvey Goodwin, bishop of Carlisle, concerning Thomas Molineux's resignation of Waberthwaite, 1873; letters from lady Gage concerning picnics at Firle Park, c1900; letter from Byam Shaw, 1901; letter from H A Huxley, 1912


AMS6006 Records of Lewes Mechanics Institution, 1825-1956: minutes, 1825-1855; meetings papers, 1850-1879; accounts, 1825-1832, 1860; reports, 1825-1876; purchase and enlargement of building, ref to Lewes School of Art, 1849-1879; library catalogues, 1827-1892; printed lectures by TW Horsfield 1825, Dr Booth 1856, Dr Tyler Smith 1866; publicity literature, 1820-1870; programmes, scrapbooks including posters for lectures (collection of Charles A Wells), 1851-1876; texts of lectures and ephemera, 1855-1900; article on LMI, 1955 (8/2/7); see also R/C4/2 for shareholders records and deeds


AMS6007 Rules of the Lewes British School, 1840, with list of subscribers, 1841


AMS6008 Printed maps of Sussex, town plans, Brighton and Hove, Chichester, Eastbourne, Hastings and St Leonards, Haywards Heath, Lewes, out-county, 1575-1951


AMS6009 Estate of Marcellus Purnell Castle of Brighton, brewer, 1883-1909: London property; shares in ships and Thames barges; Castle's Shipbreaking Co Ltd; 21-23 Western Road and 43-49 Church Road Portslade, 1902; Albion Brewery Brighton: mortgage of The Globe Surrey Street, The Laundry Tavern Albion Hill Brighton, The Norfolk Arms and The Joiners Arms Southwick, 2-3 High Street and 30-32 York Road, Brighton, 1885; conveyance of brewery with schedule of deeds 1865-1877 and full schedule of freehold and leasehold houses, 1892; The Cleveland Hotel Preston, 1897


AMS6010 Draft electoral addresses, Lewes Borough, of Colin Macaulay, 1812, James Scarlett, 1818


AMS6011 Minutes, accounts, cuttings and lists of sympathisers, Lewes Oxfam Group, 1964-1978


AMS6012 Records of Brighton & Hove Band of Hope, 1873-1967: minutes (including Brighton Youth Temperance Council), 1890-1965; accounts 1899-1967; reports (including history 1873-1900), 1873-1963; correspondence, 1890-1963; memnership records, 1937-1960; social activities, 1909-1964; Temperance Queens and photographs, 1926-1958; national Union papers and ephemera, 1896-1964


AMS6013 Charity Farm, Chiddingly (Elphick-Fuller-trustees of Mary Harbart's school charity Brightling), 1657-1732, with plan by John Hassell, 1737


AMS6014 Eastbourne Pier Company Directors' minutes, 1944-1946


AMS6015 Photograph of alphabet sampler by Emily Sims of Hanover Terrace Board School, Brighton, c1875


AMS6016 Souvenir brochure of Pevensey Historical Pageant, with foreword by Geoffrey Strachan, pageant-master; 1908


AMS6017 Photocopy of a letter, Elizabeth Howell, Brighton to Mrs Lockstone, Glos, including ref to failure of Wigney's Bank; 1842, with details of Lashmar, Howell and Lockstone families


AMS6018 Deeds of estate of Edward Holmes Baldock at Pound Green, Buxted, mostly Framfield copyhold, 1745-1899: 1-7 New House Buxted (Skinner-Taylor-Weller; Dapp-Weller; Gorringe-Baldock, including settlement on marriage of EHB and Mary Gorringe, and map by Jonathan and Sylvan Harmer, 1831), 1774-1831; 8-10 Hamlin at Pound Green (Dennett & Hick-Mitchell-Baldock, with map by William Figg, nd), 1821-1825; 11 details of estate from tithe, 1842; 12-45 Crossways near Totease, Britts on Black Lane and Whitehouse Farms (Smith-Coe-Taylor; Brunsden-Stanbridge-Taylor), 1778-1842; Batchelors Lane and Harpers Lane (waste-Buxted Highway Surveyors-Catt, Britt-Taylor), 1826-1840; the whole (Taylor-Baldock, with details of Taylor, Coe and Hollands families), 1844; 46-52 cottages at Pound Green (Cook-Wilmshurst-Nash-Batchelor-Baldock), 1774-1845; 53-56 Pound Green Lane and waste (waste-Buxted Highway Surveyors-Baldock), 1845; 57-71 house, cottage and 12a (Carratt-Wood-Balcomb-Curd-Baldock), 1745-1845; 72, 73 copyhold admission to the whole estate, 1846; 74-107 late Filtnesses (Baker-Filtness-Weller; waste-Brunsden-Weller; Weller-Gorringe-Buckwell-Baldock-Baldock, with refs to Pencost near Hadlow Down, potato disease and electoral registration), 1754-1846; 108-122 cottage and land called Sash Windows (Start-Dalloway; Baker-Dalloway; Waterman-Richardson-Baldock), 1768-1847; 123-134 cottages at Buxted Wood (Buxted parish-Willett-Bennett-Baldock; Buxted parish-Willett-Alchorne-Baldock), 1839-1858; 135-143 house and land at Buxted Wood (Coe-Winter-Baldock), 1806-1860; 144-164 cottage and land called Jefferys at Buxted Wood (Goldsmith-Wheatly-Adams-Weller-Gorringe-Rutley-Baldock), 1757-1862; 165-170 New House (Baldock-Baldock), 1861-1862; 171-179 inn called The Spotted Cow, cottages and land (waste-Winter-Baldock), 1807-1868; 180-190 the whole estate (Baldock-Baldock; tenancy agreements; enfranchisement), 1875-1899; 191-207 land at Pound Green (waste-Parker-Hollands-Field-Whiteman-Gardner-Buckwell), 1775-1883; 208 barn and 2a at Buxted (waste-Jenner), 1756; 209 photograph of a family group on rocks at The Hermitage, High Hurstwood, c1870


AMS6019 Deeds of Wyncote, Hawkswood Road, Hailsham, including title to North Heath Farm, Hailsham (Morley-Delves-Price-Smith-Price-Whitcher-Coles, Goldsmith & Lade-Lade-Hicks-Ticehurst-Hobden-Harris-Milham-Hearsey-Barber-Kirkbride), [1800]-1982


AMS6020 Northlands Farm Fletching (Linvell-Baldwin-Killingbeck & Cox), 1699, enrolled in Pennsylvania USA, 1702


AMS6021 Rye Gazette, Sep 1981 - Jun 1988


AMS6022 Watercolour of Bodiam Castle by W J Lander, 1877; sketch of Old Hospital, Rye, by H C Lander, 1897


AMS6023 Westfield Windmill in Westfield and Brede (Gott-English, 1713, Thomas-Crisford, 1787)


AMS6024 Letter from Frederick Rehwinckell, King's German Legion, Bexhill, to John Tompsett, solicitor, Hastings, concerning Sophia Brazier's bastard child, 1813


AMS6025 Copies of documents at Lloyds TSB Archives (A/12/4/d/133-178) concerning 69 Grand Parade, Brighton, owned by Ann Dulany (1750-1828): accounts for building and furnishing house and dispute with Amon Wilds, architect, 1824-1826; account for new vault at Patching church, 1825; correspondence with Henry Lloyd and Charles Barry concerning the imminent danger of collapse, and rebuilding, and papers in Dulany v Wilds at Horsham and Lewes assizes, 1827; 1825-1829; inventory of 69 Grand Parade, [1828]


AMS6026 7 and 8 Southover High Street (Emary-Cooper-Tillman-Funnell-Guest, with mention of 11-13 White Lion Lane [Westgate St], Lewes), 1773-1903


Withdrawn 1991 withdrawn; list is Documents in Private Hands 24


AMS6027 Photographic archive of Howard John Elphinstone, 1889, 1892: Windmill Hill Place, Wartling and Herstmonceux; Curteis family and servants; Mrs Unsted; Belhurst in Wartling; Guys House at Posey Green in Wartling; The Lamb Inn, Wartling; Herstmonceux Castle; Tom Gurr; Dr Barnes; cricket; Henty family of Hambrook, Funtington; Baptist Chapel at Piltdown, Maresfield; Fleetwood Curteis; Brickfield Cottage, Cottage Plat, Beacon Green, Comphurst and Tilly Farm at Windmill Hill; Papillon family; Peshawar, Shadipur in Kashmir, India; 1889-1895


AMS6028 Kemp Town Enclosures Management Committee minute books, 1828-1966; plan, 1942; general correspondence, 1975-1987


AMS6029 Curteis of Windmill Hill Place, Wartling; faculty for George Luxford to enlarge his pew, 1727; cricket score sheets, 1842, 1843, 1859-1866; newspaper cutting, many concerning cricket, 1844-1866; cricket scorebooks, 1861-1866, 1885; cricket recollections of Herbert Curteis, 1918; recollections of Col John Curteis of parish history and topography, 1938


AMS6030 Brighton Grammar and Commercial School Ltd draft prospectus, 1867; appeal for school library and museum, 1870s; report and balance sheet, Brighton Grammar School Ltd, 1890


AMS6031 Antiquarian collection of Malcolm Payne of Crowborough: papers of Richard Jones, attorney, Tunbridge Wells acting for the administrators of William Jennings of Burwash, draper, 1794-1812; correspondence and papers of Richard Jones, attorney, Tunbridge Wells concerning his London agents, 1793-1811; other correspondence and papers of Richard Jones concerning the enclosure of Ditchling Common, 1813; papers of Messrs Sprott and Stone of Tunbridge Wells and Mayfield, solicitors including Brightling Prebend copy of court roll, tenements at Rye Green Burwash (Austen-Carter), 1748, letter in Rotherfield v Speldhurst (removal), 1816, prosecution brief in R v Hayward of Heathfield for larceny at Mayfield, QS, 1826, Wadhurst Turnpike Trust debts, 1836, mortgage of house in three dwellings at Wadhurst, Smith-Sprott, 1839; other papers including report on enteric fever in Uckfield USA district by W H Power, 1881, plan of proposed shop and post office at Danehill, 1922 (missing from DW/A5/18/2674)


AMS6032 Photograph of Sussex Members of Parliament (Fletcher, Gordon-Lennox, Gathome-Hardy, Barttelot-Barttelot, Field, Robertson, Noble, Brookfield, Marriott), [1886x1888]


AMS6033 Warbleton Parish Records, 1786-1954: service register, 1906-1913; tithe-books, 1861-1878; receipts for procurations, 1821-1823; Rushlake Green church account book, 1906-1924, and vouchers, 1917-1923; Warbleton church account book, 1939-1948, voucher, 1946, 1951; war damage claim, 1952; churchyard extension, 1954; tithe-map, 1838, altered apportionments, 1895-1936, redemption certificates, 1892-1924; charity disbursements, c1820, vouchers, 1821-1908; Warbleton School managers' minutes, c1906-c1921, correspondence including inspections, 1871-1898, 1902-1906, 1937-1952, cash-books, 1880-1902, vouchers, 1890-1900, balance-sheets, 1893, 1894, account-books, 1893-1897, papers re 1902 Education Act, teachers' contracts, 1903-1925, correspondence with county education committee, 1905; Overseers' rate-books, 1818-1835 (with accounts), 1850, 1852, 1853, list of poor exempted from rates, 1849, accounts, 1786-1788, list of unemployed and parish work, 1822, emigration and other correspondence, 1822, collectors' totals, 1850-1852, parish apprenticeship, Evenden-Evenden, 1710; surveyors' accounts, 1850-1852, list of labourers employed, c1822; parish minute-book, 1861-1919; photographs of incumbents, c1900; scouting papers, c1920; parochial returns, 1924-1940; wayleave, 1938


AMS6034 Northiam Unitarian Chapel Church Book, 1797-1850, including births 1802-1850, Northiam Union Library accounts, book-list, subscription list and papers, 1808-1836; list of burials, 1797-1838


AMS6035 Deed of Ralph de Icklesham permitting Hastings Priory to receive grants by his tenants; c1195


AMS6036 Plan by Charles Sleight of parts of Mayfield paying tithe to Lord Carrington, with property owned by Lord Carrington indicated; 1798


AMS6037 Photocopy of Plan of Ordnance Gun Sheds, stables etc at Bexhill Down and accompanying letter from Maj Gosset RE to Lt Gen Mann, 1814


AMS6038 Photocopy of Lewes Bonfire Society certificate authorising collections by C F Smith, 13 Mount Pleasant, 1888


AMS6039 Honeymoon journal of Robert Upperton, solicitor (Hove - the Isle of Wight) with detailed accounts, 1826


AMS6040 House, barn, stable and land W of St Pancras Road, Southover (Read), 1776


AMS6041 Partnership account book of Thomas Rickman the elder and younger of Lewes, grainmerchants, millers and shipowners, 1785-1787


AMS6042 Article on the control of tuberculosis in Lewes by J R Steinhauser, from the Journal of Royal Sanitary Institute, and a description of the town's new sewerage scheme by D Roberts, 1912


AMS6043 Copy of a letter from George Edmund Street to Rev H R Whelpton on Street's design of the church of St Saviour, Eastbourne, with a sketch; 1865


AMS6044 Transcript of 'The Passage of the Hurricane from the Seaside at Bexhill in Sussex to Newingden Level' 1729 by Richard Bugden, with notes on an engine to raise water; 1730


AMS6045 51 Cliffe High Street (site of the House of Correction) with a carpenter's shop, with land (county-Richards; Goodyer-Gell), 1794-1832


AMS6046 Rent account book of the Sheffield Park Estate, 1854-1868


AMS6047 Sale particulars: Cinder Hill in Mayfield and Wadhurst with property in Kent, 1849


AMS6048 Waste N of Shortfrith in Ditchling (Ditchling copyhold), lord-Gibb, 1583; fine, house and land in Clayton (Bax-Wood), 1702; 13a NE of the Wivelsfield-Lewes road in Plumpton (Goring and othres-Hollis-Parson-Comber-Verrall), 1598-1639


AMS6049 Polling-day arrangements for the Brighton district by Dixon and Williams, agents for Dodson and Cavendish; East Sussex Election, 1868


AMS6050 Third part of Sutton Parsonage, Seaford (Barker, Whapham, Jones), 1774


AMS6051 Photograph of John Gilbert's cricket team, Sheffield Park, Fletching, 1886

Date: c1195-1987
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 50 accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure

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