Stanton Croft and Co, solicitors

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Reference: DT.SC
Title: Stanton Croft and Co, solicitors

Financial Records


Clients records, arranged alphabetically








Church Board of Finance for the Diocese of Newcastle




Samuel Ferguson Davidson, builder






Featherson family of Cotfield House, Gateshead


Foster family of Newcastle














J & J Meikle, wine and spirit merchants










Sir Walter Scott, baronet


G D B H Soame's estate


Stephenson Family of Newcastle


Aubone Surtees' estate








Property deeds, clients unidentified


Plans, clients unidentified, arranged alphabetically by place


Index to names and places appearing in documents but not shown in the catalogue:




Ainsley, Edward of Newcastle, bricklayer 102/4


Ainsley, James of Newcastle, bricklayer 102/5


Airey, Henry of Newcastle, gentleman 211/6


Airey, Jonathan of Newcastle, gentleman 211/6


Airey, Joseph of Benwell, gentleman 211/4-5


Airey, Ruth wife of Joseph Airey of Benwell, gentleman 211/4-5


Airey, Thomas of Benwell 211/5-6


Akenhead, David of Gateshead, stationer 200/1-2


Allison, Jane of Fore Street, Gateshead, widow 21/1


Anderson, Andrew Henry, of Newcastle, publican 5/1-2


Anderson, Ann of Newcastle, widow 305/3


Anderson, Elizabeth, of Newcastle, widow 6/7, 6/9-10, 6/12


Anderson, Francis of Bradley, Co Durham, knight 281/2


Anderson, George Bell, of Felling, publican 5/1-2


Anderson, James, of West Blandford Street, Newcastle, wine & spirit merchant 6/10, 6/12-15


Anderson, Joseph, of Felling, publican 5/1-2


Anderson & Mack, auctioneers and appraisers, 43 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle 36/6


Anderson, Robert, of Felling, publican 5/1-2


Anderson, Thomas, of Little Harle Tower, Benwell, esquire 6/1, 6/3, 305/3-4, 8, 13


Anderson, William, of Newcastle, publican 5/1-2


Anthony Hood & Co, timber merchants 189/1-2


Angus, George, merchant 40


Angus, Henry, of Newcastle, coach manufacturer 8


Angus, Sarah wife of William Mathwin Angus 155/2


Angus, William, of Newcastle, coach manufacturer 8


Archbold, James of Newcastle, esquire 110/1


Armstrong, Edward of Cloughton, Yorkshire, tailor 279/3


Armstrong, Priscilla of Cloughton, Yorkshire, spinster 279/3


Armstrong, Thomas of Gateshead, miller 19/2, 20/1


Armstrong, Sir William George of Newcastle 80/4, 6


Arnett, John of Newcastle, tallow chandler 105/1-20


Aston, Margaret Ann of 8 Bromley Street, Commercial Road East, London, widow 91/2


Atkinson, John of Gateshead 200/13


Atkinson, John of Newcastle, gentleman 78/5


Aydon, John of Newcastle, agent 149/6


Ayton, John Featherston of Hindley, Northumberland, esquire 122/1-2




Bainbridge, George of Windyside, Stanhope, Co Durham, yeoman 96/1


Bainbridge, James of Lumley Thicks, Co Durham, esquire 204/4, 6


Bainbridge, Joseph of Newcastle, gentleman 100/2, 101/4, 201


Bainbridge, Robert of 28 Waverley Terrace, Newcastle, gentleman 194/2


Bainbridge, Thomas of the Grange, Gosforth, gentleman 194/2


Baker, Thomas, of Newcastle, gentleman 6/3


Barber, John, solicitor 106/2


Barker, Richard of North Shields, gentleman 101/1-2, 10-12, 109/9


Barnes, Robert of Gateshead, dyer 200/1, 4-5


Bartleman & Crightons, London porter merchants, 101 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle 36/3


Batson, Thomas Richard of Newcastle, esquire 110/1


Bearup, William of Newcastle, builder 281/10


Beasley, Thomas of Newcastle, publican 146/1


Bell, Benjamin of Sunderland, iron manufacturer 193


Bell, Joseph of Newcastle, builder 78/6-7, 81


Bell, Richard Hansell of South Shields, esquire 289/1


Bell, Robert of Benridge, Northumberland, esquire 63/1-2


Bell, Thomas of The Minories, Jesmond, esquire 78/2


Benney, Martha Ann see Martha Ann Clendon


Bertram, Charles, of Gateshead, esquire 25, 276


Berwick upon Tweed: messuage 216


Bird, Ellen, of 41 Mansfield Street, Newcastle, widow 6/13


Bird, James, of Bee Hive Inn, Cloth Market, Newcastle, innkeeper 6/11


Bird, James, of Seghill, Northumberland, overman 6/8


Birtley, John, of Gateshead, builder 6/5, 6/9


Blackburn, Quintin of North Shields, merchant 291/1


Blackett, George, of Hills Green, Stockbury, Kent 31


Blackett, Robert, of Newcastle, esquire 30


Blackett, Sarah Isabella, wife of George Blackett of Hills Green, Stockbury, Kent 31


Blakeley, Alfred Brooke of Holroyd, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, colliery proprietor 74/2


Blakey, Jane of Newcastle, spinster 281/10


Blakey, Mary of Newcastle 281/10


Blakey, Robert of Newcastle, whitesmith 281/10


Blakey, Thomas of Newcastle, yeoman 281/10


Blakey, William of Newcastle, yeoman 281/10


Boggon, Anthony of Newcastle, flour dealer 212/3


Bonner, Ann of Briscoe Cottage near Carlisle, Cumbria, spinster 370/1


Bonner, Sarah of Clifton, Gloucestershire, spinster 370/1


Boyd, William, of Newcastle, banker 26/1


Bradley, John of Gateshead 21/4-5


Briggs, Elizabeth of Newcastle, widow 102/3


Brockett, William Edward, of Whickham House, gentleman 6/3-4


Brook, Fanny Elizabeth of Kew, Surrey, widow 267/6


Brough, Edward Hudson of 109 Tynemouth Road, Heaton, grocer 43/2


Brough, Mary Jane of 1 Tyrrell Street, Gateshead, widow 43/2


Brown, Thomas of Tees Cottage, Darlington, Co Durham, coal owner 193


Brunton, Thomas of Bishopwearmouth, gentleman 277


Buddle, John, of Wallsend, colliery viewer 26/1


Bulcraig, Thomas of Benwell, blacksmith 324


Bulmer, Charles of Saltwell Hall, Gateshead, esquire 322/1


Bulmer, Ellen of Saltwell Hall, Gateshead, widow 322/2


Burdon, Thomas of Newcastle, brewer 212/2-3


Burn, James, of Newcastle, coach manufacturer 8


Burne, Jane of Cullercoats, widow 98/2-5


Burnett, David, of Dunbar, Scotland, paper manufacturer 4/1-6


Burton, William Spelman of Newcastle, solicitor 80/13




Campbell, Henry of Benwell, yeoman 212/4


Cargill, Thomas of Newcastle, iron merchant 189/6


Cargill, William of Newcastle, iron merchant 189/6


Carr, Jacob of Ladywell, Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland, mason 350/3


Carr, Jane of Scotswood, spinster 50


Carr, Joshua of Gateshead 200/12


Carr, Mary Eleanor of 2 Lily Crescent, Newcastle, spinster 350/6


Carr, Thomas the elder, of Scotswood, fire brick maker 50


Carr, William Cochran of Newcastle, fire brick manufacturer 248/2


Carr, William of Ladywell, Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland, mason 350/4


Cay, Robert of Benwell 211/5


C. F. & M. Forster of Sunderland, brewers 301


Chambers, Richard of Newcastle, ironmonger, dealer and chapman 103/1


Charles Bragg & Co, linen drapers, silk mercers etc, 93/95 Pilgrim Street 36/7


Charlton, Thomas of Scotswood, paper manufacturer 278


Chater, Thomas of Newcastle, gentleman 102/11-13, 277


Chicken, George of Gateshead, engine wright 232/1-2


Clark, Mary wife of Charles Clark of Bordeaux, France 155/2


Clavering, Ralph of Newcastle, merchant 21/1


Clayton, John of Newcastle, esquire 216


Clayton, Nathaniel of Newcastle, esquire 105/1-20


Clendon, Martha Ann, wife of Philip Clendon of North Shields 92/1


Clendon, Philip of North Shields, master mariner 92/1


Collins, Elizabeth Ogle of Bishopwearmouth, widow 277


Colte, Margaret of Fore Street, Gateshead, widow 21/1


Cook, George of Inner Temple, London, gentleman 149/1


Cook, Ralph of Newcastle, gentleman 119/1-3


Cook, Ralph of Newcastle, baker and brewer 119/2


Cooke, John 102/3


Cooke, Robert of Batley, Yorkshire, theatrical proprietor and manager 74/1-3


Cookson, John of Meldon Park near Morpeth, Northumberland, esquire 247


Corbett, Joseph, hosier, glover, shirtmaker, 1 Mosley Street, Newcastle 36/4


Coote, Arthur of The Minories, Newcastle, shipbuilder 78/5-7


Coulson, John Blenkinsopp of Jesmond, esquire 79/1


Cowan, Charles Edward of 2 Bentinck Place, Newcastle 65/1-2


Cowan, George Marshall of Newcastle, provision merchant 65/1-2


Cowan, William of Newcastle, bacon factor 90/3


Cowan, William Errington of 106, Rye Hill, Newcastle 65/1-2


Coward, Henry of Preston, esquire 98/13, 101/2


Coward, Robert of Cullercoats, gentleman 98/10, 12-13


Cox, Jane of North Shields, widow 92/1


Cox, Maria Louisa wife of Richard Charles Clement Cox, army captain 221


Creigh, Thomas Russell, of Newcastle, builder & cartwright 6/3


Creighton, Alexander of North Shields, esquire 102/12


Croser, Joseph, of Kenton Lodge, esquire 26/1


Crow, Robert of Cloughton, Yorkshire, blacksmith 279/7


Cunningham, Alexander of Tynemouth, master mariner 98/8


Curry, Michael of North Shore, Newcastle, gentleman 102/7


Curry, Thomas of Heaton, schoolmaster 81


Cuthbertson, George of Newcastle, gentleman 119/1




Dalgliesh, William of North Shields, joiner and cabinet maker 102/9-10


Davenport, Joseph of South Shields, master mariner 92/1


Davison, John of North Shields, hardwareman 101/1


Davison, Thomas of Newcastle, gentleman 149/1


Davison, William Bell of 17 Warkworth Terrace, Commercial Road East, London, gentleman 92/1


Day, Ann. see Ann Harrison


Day, Jane. See Jane Hood


Day, Thomas of South Shields, chemist 281/10, 289/1


Dean and Chapter of Durham 289/2


De Monbrison, Fanny wife of Henri Gaspard de Monbrison of Chateau de St Roch par Auvillars, France 221


Dick, George of North Shields, mason 92/1


Dick, John of Whitley, mason 92/1


Dick, John Swindles of Linskill Street, North Shields, HM Customs officer 92/1-2


Dick, Sarah. See Sarah Sheriff


Dick, William of North Shields, shoemaker 91/2


Dick, William George of North Shields, shoemaker 91/2


Dickinson, Francis of Cloughton, Yorkshire, weaver 279/5


Dickinson, Henry of Burniston, weaver 279/2,4


Dickinson, Isabell of Burneston, Yorkshire, widow 279/1


Dickinson, Thomas, of Burneston, Yorkshire, woollen weaver 279/1


Dixon, Frances wife of Rev Thomas Dixon 107/1, 113


Dixon, Mary of Newcastle, spinster 103/1


Dixon, Rev Thomas of South Shields 107/1, 113


Dodd, Simon of Newcastle, merchant 102/12-14


Donkin, Armorer of Newcastle, gentleman 79/4


Donkin, S, french milliner, 103/105 Pilgrim Street, Newcastle 36/8


Douglas, William, agent 40


Dove, Thomas of Newcastle, gentleman 281/10


Downey, Joseph Davenport of North Shields, shoemaker 92/1


Downey, Thomas of North Shields, employee of River Tyne Commissioners 92/1


Duke of Portland, William Henry Cavendish Scott 58/1


Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley 356


Dykes, Thomas of 141 Northumberland Street, Newcastle 184




Ecclesiastical Commissioners 289/3


Elliot, Robinson of South Shields, artist 180/2


Elliot, Thomas Rippon of Sunderland, hat manufacturer 180/2


Errington, Albert of Whittingham, Northumberland, wood agent 90/4


Errington, Elizabeth of Newcastle, widow 231/1-2


Errington, James of Newcastle, wholesale stationer 90/3-4, 91/2


Errington, William of Ravensworth, woodman 90/2-4


Erskine, Henry Adeane of Bank of England, Newcastle, esquire 55/1, 56/1




Fadkin, John of Newcastle, butcher 149/2


Fairless, Nicholas of South Shields, esquire 201, 229/1


Faith, George of Mincing Lane, London, merchant 193


Falcus, John of Newcastle, gentleman 102/10-11


Falla, William of Hebburn Quay, Jarrow, nursery and seedsman 240/1-7


Falla, William the younger of Gateshead, nursery and seedsman 240/1-7


Falla, William Coates of 2, Elswick Villas, Newcastle, gentleman 240/1-7


Farrell, Mary, of 2 Buckland Terrace, Maidstone, Kent, widow 30


Featherston, Isaac Earl of Newcastle, doctor of medicine 107/1-2, 110/1-2


Featherston, Jane of Newcastle, widow 107/1, 110/1, 113


Featherston, Jacob Ralph of Newcastle, grocer 101/3, 107/1, 3


Featherston, John of Newcastle, merchant 96/2, 103/1


Featherston, John of Cotfield House, Gateshead, grocer 107/1


Featherston, Mary Ann of Cotfield House, spinster 107/1


Featherston, Ralph of Stanhope, Co Durham, innkeeper 96/2


Featherston, Rev Robert Nicholson of Poulton le Fylde, Lancashire 107/1, 110/1, 113


Featherston, Thomas of Cotfield House, Gateshead, merchant 95/9-10, 103/1, 107/1-2


Featherston, Thomas of Thetford Abbey, Norfolk, gentleman 107/1-2, 110/1-2, 112-113


Fenwick, Francis of Ulgham Grange, Northumberland, gentleman 215


Fife, William Henry esquire, captain in 9th Lancers 64


Fife-Cookson, John Cookson, esquire, major in 65th Regiment 64


Finlay, Mary Ann, wife of John Finlay of 163 Portland Road, Newcastle 6/13


Finley, George of North Shields, tailor 102/6-10


Flitch, John Joseph, of Buslingthorpe, Leeds, Yorkshire, leather manufacturer 4/1-6


Forster, Alice. See Alice Tearse


Forster, Charles Frank of Newcastle, lead manufacturer 122/3-5, 301


Forster, Cicely 122/4-5


Forster, Dorothy 122/4-5


Forster, Emma Jane wife of Charles Frank Forster of Newcastle, lead manufacturer 122/3-5,


Forster, Francis 122/4-5


Forster, Jonathan Longstaff of Newcastle, gentleman 90/2


Forster, Leslia 122/4-5


Forster, Mary Ann. See Mary Ann Finlay


Forster, Matthew of Bishop Middleham, Co Durham, brewer 125-126, 301


Forster, Phillip of Fore Street, Gateshead, mercer 18, 21/2-3


Foster, Alfred James of Anick Cottage, Hexham, Northumberland, lead manufacturer 122/3-5,


Foster, Emma Jane of Newcastle, spinster 125


Foster, James of Newcastle, lead manufacturer 122/2,


Foster, James, of Standard Hill, Battle, Sussex, esquire 30


Fox, Anne of Scalby, Yorkshire, spinster 279/6


Fox, George Townsend of South Shields, ropemaker 201


Fox, Robert of Scalby, Yorkshire, tailor 279/6


France, Joseph, of Newcastle, lamp manufacturer 6/8


Frauenknecht, Oscar, of Shoe Lane, London, lithographic printer 4/1-6




Gateshead: High Fell 200/11


Gateshead: High Street 200/1


Gateshead: Low Fell 200/11-13


Gateshead: Pipewellgate 200/1


Gatis, George of Newcastle, yeoman 281/10


Gibson, Elizabeth of Newcastle, spinster 149/1-3


Gibson, John of Newcastle, merchant 325/8


Gibson, Thomas of Benwell 211/5


Gibson, Thomas of Newcastle, esquire 201


Gibson, Thomas Cummings of Newcastle, merchant 193


Glass, Annie Henrietta wife of Edward Canning Glass of Ellicombe House, Dunster, Somerset 221


Glazonby, Margaret of Corbridge, Northumberland, widow 79/1


Gow, Alexander, of Newcastle, lead manufacturer 31,


Gowland, Lancelot of Barnely, Co Durham, yeoman 149/3


Grace, Percy of Whickham, paper manufacturer 78/5


Grace, Thomas Coxon of Broomfield, Newcastle, civil engineer 77/3, 78/5, 80/5


Gray, Joseph, of Gateshead, goods agent to NER 6/9


Green, Robert Yeoman of Newcastle, gentleman 78/5


Greene, Joshua the younger of Newcastle, merchant 276


Greene, Michael of Dunston, gentleman 370/2


Greenwell, Joseph, of Gateshead, gentleman 23/1-2


Greenwell, William of Newcastle, merchant 325/8


Grieve, Gideon of Chester le Street, Co Durham, miller 98/2, 4


Guy, Walter James of Scarborough, gentleman 64




Hair, Jane of North Shields, widow 92/1


Hall, John of North Shields, bookseller and stationer 92/1


Hall, John of North Shields, ship and insurance broker 102/14


Hamilton, Julia Annie wife of Pryce Hamilton of Wilton near Ross, Herefordshire, esquire 64


Hamilton, Pryce of Wilton near Ross, Herefordshire, esquire 64


Hardy, Jane of South Shields, widow 180/2


Harle, Anne, wife of Edward Harle of Newcastle, merchant 281/7


Harle, Edward of Newcastle, merchant 281/7-8


Harle, Jane of Gateshead, widow 20/1


Harrison, Ann wife of George Harrison of South Shields, builder 281/10, 289/2


Harrison, Ann Nixon of Newcastle, spinster 290/2


Harrison, Cartmell of 68 Lincolns Inn Fields, Middlesex, esquire 180/3


Harrison, George the elder of South Shields, shipwright 291/1-3


Harrison, George the younger of South Shields, builder 281/10, 289/2-3


Harrison, George Day of Newcastle, civil engineer 290/2, 292/1-3


Harrison, Mary, of Gateshead, widow 24/1


Harrison, Sarah Jane of Newcastle, spinster 290/2


Harrison, Thomas of Meldon Terrace, South Shields, builder 292/1


Harrison, William of Cloughton, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/10


Hastings, Eldon of Newcastle, stationer 231/1-2


Hastings, Esther of Warkworth House, Tynemouth, widow 231/2


Hawks, Robert Shafto of Heworth, gentleman 200/1, 6


Hawks, Reverend William, of Gateshead Fell, clergyman 26/1


Hay, Robert of Cloughton, Yorkshire, husbandman 279/3


Heckels, Matthew of South Shields, builder 180/1-2


Henderson, John of North Shields, mason 101/1


Henderson, Thomas Hood of Newcastle, timber merchant 189/1


Heppell, George of Newcastle, merchant 63/2


Hewson, Isabella of Dockwray Square, Tynemouth, spinster 224


Hill, John of Westoe, gentleman 291/1


Hird, William of Burniston, tailor 279/2


Hoare, Robert Gurney of Heaton Dene, Newcastle, banker 80/12


Hobson, Robert of Gateshead, tallow chandler 200/7


Hodgeson, Edmund of Filey, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/6


Hodgeson, Henry of Filey, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/6


Hodgson, Joseph of Benthead, Stanhope, Co Durham, yeoman 96/2


Hood, Jane of South Shields, widow 281/10, 289/2


Hospital of St Mary the Virgin, Newcastle 305/12, 15


Hudspeth, James, of Newcastle, cabinet maker 6/9


Hull, Mary of High Church Chair, Gateshead, widow 20/1


Hunter, Cuthbert of Walker, copperas manufacturer 248/2


Hunter, George of Newcastle, cheesemonger 63/2


Hunter, George of North Shields, painter and glazier 101/1


Hunter, John Joseph of Newcastle, merchant 248/2


Hutton, John of Hole near Tenterden, Kent 95/5




Ibbetson, Francis of North Shields, currier 102/8


Ingram, James Crofts of 68 Lincolns Inn Fields, Middlesex, esquire 180/3




Jackson, Charles of Suythall, Yorkshire, gentleman 279/1


Jackson, Eleanor of Newcastle, widow 281/10


Jackson, Eleanor Maud of Maudlins Nass, Kildare, Ireland, wife of H S Jackson 357


Jackson, Mary of South Shields, widow 289/1


Jackson, William of Benwell 211/2


James Coxon & Co, silkmercers, furriers etc, Newcastle 36/5


Jesmond: Carlton Terrace: 216


Jobling, Margaret wife of Robert Jobling of Newcastle, wine merchant 105/1-20


Jobling, Robert of Newcastle, wine merchant 105/1-20, 119/4


Johnson, William of North Shields, gentleman 101/1-3


Jopling, Samuel of Delaval, Benwell, farmer 212/3-4


Joseph W Bell, confectioner, 69 Grainger Street 36/9


Joyce, Joseph of Scotswood Road, Newcastle, joiner 278




Kenmir, George Johnson, of Gateshead, gentleman 6/5, 155/1


Kenmir, Sarah wife of George Johnson Kenmir of Newcastle, gentleman 155/1


Keppel, George of Swalwell, gentleman 105/1-20


Kidd, William of Harwood Dale, Yorkshire, yeoman 280


Kimpster, Annie Morland of Gateshead, spinster 162/1-2


Kimpster, Arthur Ernest of Gateshead, merchant 162/1-2


Kimpster, Marian of Gateahead, spinster 162/1-2


Kimpster, Thomas Morland of Newcastle Royal Infirmary, bachelor of medicine 162/1-2


Kirk, William of Sunderland, merchant 193


Knaggs, William of Stockton-on-Tees, Cleveland, metal merchant 231/2


Knox, Margaret of North Shields, widow 92/1




Laidler, Matthew of Newcastle, tanner 119/2


Lamb, Edmund George of Borden Wood, Sussex, esquire 357


Lamb, Stephen Eaton of 30 Redcliffe Square, London, esquire 357


Lands Allotment Co Ltd of 20 Bridge Row, London 244


Langhorn, Addison of Newcastle, gentleman 105/1-20


Laverick, Abraham of Marley Hill, yeoman 149/3-4


Laverick, Ann of Penshaw, widow 149/5


Laverick, Margaret of Penshaw, spinster 149/5


Laverick, Thomas of Penshaw, colliery viewer 149/5


Lawson, Sir Henry of Brough Hall, Yorkshire, baronet 201


Leadbitter, Robert of Newcastle, gentleman 215


Leadley, Henry of Cloughton, yeoman 279/9


Leadley, John of Cloughton, Yorkshire, tailor 279/7-8


Leadley, John of Cloughton, yeoman 279/9-10


Leadley, Mary of Cloughton, Yorkshire, widow 279/9


Leadley, Robert of Cloughton, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/10


Leadley, Thomas of Cloughton, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/9


Lee, Ann of Newcastle, widow 149/6


Lee, Cuthbert of Newcastle, butcher 149/5


Lee, Elizabeth of Newcastle, spinster 149/6


Lee, Joseph Edward of Newcastle, chemical manufacturer 257


Leighton, Elizabeth of South Shields, widow 180/1


Leonard, George of Gateshead, gardener 95/6, 200/1, 8


Lindle, Thomas of South Shields, shipowner 289/1


Lochner, John Christopher of Forty Hill, Middlesex, esquire 276


Longridge, Michael of Sunderland, draper 291/1, 3


Longridge, Thomas of Gateshead, ironmonger 103/1


Lowry, Stephen, of Newcastle, timber merchant 6/3




Mabane, Thomas Grieves of South Shields, gentleman 289/3


McAllum, William of 6 Billiter Street, London, shipbroker 92/1


McClean, George White of Newcastle, stationer 231/1-2


MacLeod, John the elder of Gateshead, gentleman 200/2-9


MacLeod, John the younger of Gateshead, gentleman 200/10


McLeod, John of Benwell, paper manufacturer 278


McKay, Ann wife of John McKay of North Shields, commercial traveller 92/1


McKay, John of North Shields, commercial traveller 92/1


Mann, Thomas of Wallsend, gentleman 98/13


Masterman, Jane of Gateshead, wife of John Masterman, yeoman 21/1


Masterman, John of Gateshead, yeoman 21/1-3


Maughan, John of Suffolk Street, Pentonville, Middlesex, printer 149/7


Meaburne, Anthony of Pontop, Co Durham 19/1


Meikle, Helen of Spring Bank, Benwell, widow 184


Meikle, James of 39 Blackett Street, Newcastle, licensed victualler 180/3


Meikle, John of 39 Blackett Street, Newcastle, licensed victualler 1803/3


Middlemost, Ralph of South Shields, draper 289/1


Middleyerth, George, of Hartley, yeoman 98/1, 4-5


Milbanke, Mark of Newcastle, merchant and Alderman 21/2-3, 325/9


Milbanke, Sir Ralph of Hannyby, Yorkshire 21/4-5


Miller, Ann of 40 East Holborn, South Shields, spinster 290/1


Miller, James of Marske, Yorkshire, gentleman 290/2


Milner, Charles of Newcastle, ironmonger 107/1, 112-113


Milner, Eliza, wife of Charles Milner of Newcastle, ironmonger 107/1, 113


Milner, George of Newcastle, ironmonger 107/1, 113


Monkhouse, Ralph of Gateshead, blacksmith 232/1-2


Montagu, Hon Elizabeth of Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, spinster 356


Moodie, Margaret, wife of Robert Moodie of Newcastle, waterman 102/1


Moodie, Robert of Newcastle, waterman 102/1-2


Moore, Joseph Mason of South Shields, gentleman 180/2


Moorhouse, Ann of Saville Row, Newcastle, widow 215


Morpeth, Northumberland: messuage 216


Morrison, James of Jesmond Park, esquire 80/5-6, 8


Morrison, James of Gresham Street, Newcastle 6/4


Morrison, James of Newcastle, coal owner 218


Morrison, James William of Yannon, Teignmouth, Devon, esquire 80/12-13


Morrison, Martin of Faceby Manor, Yorkshire, coal owner 80/12-13


Morrison, Reginald James of The Rowdens, Teignmouth, Devon, retired army colonel 80/13


Morrison, William Oliphant, of Edinburgh, Scotland, printer 4/1-6


Mosley, John Vantandelow of North Shields, shoemaker 102/8


Murray, Thomas, agent 40


Murray, William of Heaton, builder 78/6-7, 81


Muschamp, Jane wife of William Muschamp of Sunderland, linen draper 113


Muschamp, William of Sunderland, linen draper 113




Newcastle City Council 248/5, 370/1


Newcastle: Clayton Street 216


Newcastle: Day Street 299


Newcastle: Harrison Place 299


Newcastle: Long Brearley Laws 281/7


Newcastle: Lovaine Place 299


Newcastle: Pitt Close 281/7


Newcastle: Race Street 299


Newcastle: Sandyford Lane 299


Newcastle: Simpson Street 299


Newcastle Courant, newspaper 36/2


Newmarch, Robert George, gentleman 204/6


Nicholson, Robert of Blyth, Northumberland, retired mariner 92/1


Nixon, Joseph of Newcastle, gentleman 281/10


Nixon, Mary. See Mary Blakey


Norris, Ann of Newcastle, widow 102/1




Ogden, Samuel of Benwell 211/2


Ord, George of Benwell, gentleman 211/3-4


Ord, James of Great Queen Street, London, esquire 149/1


Ord, Robert of Carey Street, St Clement Danes, Westminster, esquire 149/1




Panton, Hugh of Sunderland, merchant 193


Panton, Thomas William of Sunderland, merchant 193


Park, Alexander of Leven House, Hutton Rudby, Yorkshire, esquire 78/5


Parke, Michael of Gateshead, tobacco pipe maker 19/1-2


Parkinson, John of Longbenton pitman 95/3, 7


Parkinson, William, of Newcastle, merchant 25, 276


Pattinson, Jesse Taylor of Newcastle, tanner and leather manufacturer 198/1-4


Pattinson, Joseph of Newcastle, tanner and leather manufacturer 198/1-4


Pattinson, Thomas of Newcastle, tanner and leather manufacturer 198/1


Pattison, Margaret of Benwell, widow 212/2


Pattison, William of Benwell, innkeeper 212/1-2


Peareth, William of Sandgate, Kent, esquire 277


Pearson, Richard of Benwell, paper manufacturer 278


Peart, Ann of Benthead, Stanhope, Co Durham, widow 96/1


Peart, Joseph of Benthead, Stanhope, Co Durham, yeoman 96/2


Pedley, Thomas Humphrey, of Stubbing Court, Derbyshire, esquire 6/5


Peirson, Huntrods of Scarborough, Yorkshire, master mariner 280


Plummer, Matthew of Sheriff Hill House, Gateshead, gentleman 200/10-11, 202


Portman, Hon Henry Berkeley of Buxted Park, Uckfield, Sussex 356


Potter, Addison of Heaton Hall, esquire 248/4


Potter, William of Forth Banks, common brewer 105/1-20


Potts, James, of Newcastle, merchant 26/1


Powditch, Elizabeth wife of Thomas Powditch of Gainford, Co Durham, esquire 223/1


Powditch, Thomas of Gainford, Co Durham, esquire 223/1


Proud, Luke of Monkwearmouth, railway platelayer 90/1-2


Pumphrey, Frances, wife of Joseph Pumphrey of Minsteracres, colliery owner 124


Punshon, Nathaniel of Newcastle, gentleman 98/13


Pye, George, of Newcastle, husbandman, a bachelor 6/7


Pye, Hannah, of Newcastle, widow 6/7


Pye, James, of Newcastle, porter 6/7


Pye, John, of Newcastle, cow keeper 6/1-3


Pye, John, of Newcastle, railway porter 6/7


Pye, Richard, of Newcastle, provision dealer 6/7


Pye, Robert, of Newcastle, cart man 6/7






Race, Joseph of Newcastle, gentleman 281/10


Race, William of Newcastle, farmer 281/10


Railston, James the elder, of Morpeth, Northumberland, gentleman 6/4


Ramsay, Thomas of Derwenthaugh, gentleman 105/1-20


Rawling, Sir Benjamin of Pigdon, Northumberland 325/10-12


Rayne, Charles, of Newcastle, seed crusher 26/4


Rayne, John of Newcastle, merchant 79/4, 212/2-3


Reavely, Ann Wilson wife of Thomas Reavely of Newcastle, merchant 216


Reavely, Reverend Francis Fenwick of Ulgham, Northumberland 216-217


Reavely, Thomas of Newcastle, merchant 216, 219/1-2


Reavely, Thomas the younger, of Kinnersley, Herefordshire, esquire 217, 219/1-2, 221


Reay, John of Newcastle, victualler 119/2


Reed, Davis Hewson of North Shields, mariner 223/2


Reed, Edward Blakey, builder 40


Reed, John of Newcastle, sail cloth manufacturer 63/2


Reed, Joseph the younger of Newcastle, agent 225


Reed, Mary of Newcastle, glass merchant 225


Reed, Mary Young of Tynemouth, widow 223/2


Reed, Thomas of Dockwray Square, Tynemouth, gentleman 223/2, 224


Reed, William, of Newcastle, agent 26/1


Reed, William of Dockwray Square, Tynemouth, esquire 223/1


Rennoldson, John of Newcastle, cooper 102/12


Richardson, David of Wheel Birks, Northumberland, gentleman 123


Richardson, William of Newcastle, glazier and painter 370/1-2


Richardson, William of Newcastle, merchant 102/10-11


Riddell, Edward, of Cheeseburn Grange, Northumberland, esquire 30


Riddell, Elizabeth of Newcastle. See Elizabeth Errington


Riddell, Robert of Constant Spring, Preston, gardener 101/2


Ridley, Thomas, of Newcastle, gentleman 6/4


Robertson, Ann of Gateshead, widow 95/1-2, 4-10


Robinson, Daniel of Burwash, Sussex, hop farmer 92/1


Robinson, Avary of Gateshead 19/1-2


Robinson, Barbara wife of Ralph Robinson of Sunderland, gentleman 281/4


Robinson, George of Byker Hill, farmer 63/1


Robinson, Isabel of Gateshead, widow of Robert Robinson 19/1


Robinson, Isabella of East Ballast Hills, Newcastle, milliner and dress maker 63/2-3


Robinson, John of Walsgrave, Yorkshire, master mariner 279/4


Robinson, Maria of East Ballast Hills, Newcastle, milliner and dress maker 63/2-3


Robinson, Ralph the younger of Sunderland, gentleman 281/4


Robinson, Richard of Sunderland, gentleman 281/4


Robinson, Robert of South Shields, mason 229/1-2


Robinson, Robert of the younger of Newcastle, grocer 229/2


Robinson, William of East Ballast Hills, Newcastle, boot and shoe maker 63/2-3


Robson, Jonathan of Gateshead, engineer 232/2


Robson, Lewis of Blyth, shipwright 92/1


Robson, Thomas of High Church Chair, Gateshead, baker 20/1


Roddam, Joseph, of Newcastle, merchant 31


Ross, Isabella of North Shields, spinster 92/1


Row, William of St Peter's Quay, shipbuilder 201


Row, William the younger of St Peter's Quay, gentleman 201


Rowland, Jane widow of John Rowland of Tynemouth, gentleman 98/12-13


Rowland, John of Tynemouth, gentleman 98/7-12


Rowland, John of Tynemouth, mariner 98/12-13


Rowland, William of Tynemouth, mariner 98/12-13


Rowlandson, Samuel of Newton Morrell, Yorkshire, esquire 78/5


Russell, John of Heworth, esquire 201


Rutherford, Annie Mary wife of John Victor Walton Rutherford of Newcastle, MD 267/1




St Hilda Benefit Building Society, South Shields 289/1


Salvin, Louisa 216


Sample, Thomas of Bothal Castle, Northumberland, surveyor 122/4


Scorrer, Peter of Sheelraw, Tanfield, brewer 149/3


Scott, Charles Thomas of The Lodge, Ardsley, Yorkshire, contractor 267/4


Scott, Henry of Gateshead, painter and glazier 200/1, 3


Scott, Henry of Southwick, earthenware manufacturer 276


Scott, Joseph Samuel of Trimdon Grange, Co Durham, mining engineer 267/2


Scott, Mason Thompson of Newcastle, printer and publisher 267/3


Scott, William Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland 58/1


Scott, William Martin of Leeds, Yorkshire, iron and steel manufacturer 267/5


Shepperdson, Adam of Newcastle, esquire 281/2


Sheriff, Sarah wife of William Sheriff of South Shields, master mariner 92/1


Sheriff, William of South Shields, master mariner 92/1


Shield, John of Swalwell, gentleman 149/6


Simey, Frances Mina wife of George Henry Thomas Simey of Sunderland 221


Simpson, Thomas of Newcastle, gentleman 291/1


Sisson, William, clerk, curate of Whitley 58/2


Smith, Edmund of North Shields, mariner 100/1-2


Smith, George, of Park Road, Newcastle, commercial traveller 6/6


Smith, Henry of Gateshead, cheesemonger 149/6


Smith, Mary Ann, of Newcastle, widow 6/7-8


Smith, Thomas of Murton House, Co Durham 19/1


Smith, William of Newcastle, gentleman 291/1-3


Snowdon, Jane, of 19 West Blandford Street, Newcastle, widow 6/13


South Shields: Queen Street 299


Sowler, Mary Anne of Monkwearmouth Shore, widow 301


Sparke, George 281/7


Sparke, Margaret, wife of George Sparke 281/7


Spencer, John of Newcastle, merchant 256-257, 305/14


Spencer, John of Newburn, steel and file manufacturer 305/14


Stephenson, David of Newcastle, architect 103/1


Storey, Roger of Gateshead, butcher 102/2


Straker, Isabella the younger, of Harton Moor House, spinster 180/2


Stuart, William, of 14 Grainger Street, Newcastle, flour dealer 36/1


Surtees, Anthony of Newbiggin, Northumberland, esquire 336


Sye, Thomas of Edingley, Nottinghamshire, yeoman 279/1




Taylor, Dorothy of the New Road, Newcastle, widow 79/4


Taylor, Dorothy of Newcastle, spinster 79/4


Taylor, John of Newcastle, gentleman 79/4


Tearse, Alice, wife of William Tearse of Clive Terrace, Byker 6/13


Thompson, Ann. See Ann McKay


Thompson, Isabella of North Shields, spinster 92/1


Thompson, James Davenport of North Shields, carver and gilder 92/1


Thompson, John of North Shields, carpenter 92/1


Thompson, Mathew of Newcastle, baker 119/2


Thompson, Robert of North Shields, painter and glazier 92/1


Thompson, Thomas of Byker Bar, gentleman 63/2


Thompson, William of North Shields, journeyman cabinet maker 92/1


Thorburn, John of Newcastle, coal fitter 231/2


Tindle, Thomas of North Shields, butcher 100/2


T.J.E. Games Co, 41 Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol, manufacturers 130/1


Todd, Richard of Cloughton, Yorkshire, yeoman 279/5


Todd, Robert of Newcastle, timber merchant 102/14


Turner, George of Blyth, agent 92/1


Tyndale, Robert of Gateshead, surgeon 20/1


Tyndall, Ann Frances, wife of George Tyndall, civil engineer 216-217




University of Durham 292/2-3






Walker, John of Newcastle, watchmaker 119/2


Wallace, Robert of Newcastle, surveyor 305/12


Wallis, Joseph of Reeds Onsett, Benwell 211/1, 3


Wallis, Robert of Reeds Onsett, Benwell 211/1-2


Walters, Robert of Newcastle, gentleman 212/2


Ward, Francis of Cullercoats, gentleman 98/3-6


Ward, Thomas of Preston, gentleman 98/7


Watson, Edward of Newcastle, agent 194/2


Watson, Jane of Whalton, Northumberland, widow 149/7


Watson, John of Morpeth, merchant tailor 216


Watson, John of Willington Quay, gentleman 201


Watson, Mary of Benthead, Stanhope, Co Durham, widow 96/1


Watson, Mason of Newcastle, agent 194/2


Watson, Robert Spence of Newcastle, solicitor 80/13


Watson, William of Newcastle, merchant 98/9-10


Watts, Mary of Blyth, Northumberland, widow 105/1-20


Webster, Rowland, of Bishopwearmouth, merchant 26/1


White, Jane of 11 Framlington Place, Newcastle, widow 194/2


Whinfield, William Anthony of Newcastle, draper 63/2


Whitfield, Elizabeth of Benthead, Stanhope, Co Durham, widow 96/2


Whitfield, Henry of Widyside, Stanhope, Co Durham, yeoman 96/1


Wildes, Edward of Chancery Lane, London, gentleman 201


Wilkinson, John of Bells Close, waterman 278


Wilkinson, Joseph of Newcastle, grocer 63/2


William Henry Lambton & Co, of Newcastle, bankers 325/14


Wilson, John, of Newcastle 30


Winship, William of Morpeth, Northumberland, land agent 77/3


Woodall, John Woodall of Scarborough, Yorkshire, banker 64


Woodman, Benjamin of Morpeth, gentleman 218, 219/1-2


Woodman, William of Morpeth, Northumberland, gentleman 216


Woods, John Anthony of Newcastle, timber marchant 189/1


Woods, William of Newcastle, timber merchant 189/1


Wright, Joseph of Morpeth, Northumberland, gentleman 119/4


Wright, William of Newcastle, gentleman 119/2


Wright, William of Newcastle, ironfounder 305/12


Wylam, William of Newcastle, merchant 276






Yelloley, Robert of Newcastle, merchant 98/13


Young, James of South Shields, shipowner 289/1


Young, Margaret of Gateshead, spinster 200/1, 9


Young, Robert of Gateshead, joiner 200/1, 9


Young, Robert of South Shields, earthenware dealer 289/1



Date: C16th-C20th
Held by: Tyne and Wear Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Stanton and Atkinson, 1869-c1901, solicitors

Stanton, Atkinson and Hudson, c1901-1915, solicitors

Stanton, Atkinson and Bird, 1915-?, solicitors

Stanton Croft and Co, solicitors

Physical description: 393 SERIES
Immediate source of acquisition:

Accessions 15, 134, 327, 1164, 1187, 1337 (part), 2034, 2190, 2877 (part), 3343

Administrative / biographical background:

The firm was founded by Philip Holmes Stanton at 23, Sandhill, Newcastle in 1821. By 1868, his son, Cornelius Harrison Stanton had joined him in the business. The following year John Atkinson, formerly a sole trader at 86 Pilgrim Street became a partner and the business changed its name to Stanton and Atkinson. The next change, to Stanton, Atkinson and Hudson, came around 1901 when Lee Hudson joined the partnership. In 1908 Arthur Lister Bird, formerly of Leadbitter and Harvey joined the firm but does not appear to have become a partner until 1915 when the name of the business changed to Stanton, Atkinson and Bird. In the mid - 1960's Stanton Croft and Co (as the firm had by then become) merged with John J Neesham and Co of Percy Chambers, Newcastle.


These changes of personnel together with changes of address etc are charted on the following two pages.

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