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ABZ/1. Bolton Wanderers Football Club Burnden Park Disaster Relief Fund.


ABZ/2. Local Celebrations: Coronation of Edward VII; Death of King George V and King George's Playing Fields Foundation.


ABZ/3. Bolton Burial Board and Cemetery Records.


ABZ/4. Local Celebrations: Coronation of King George V.


ABZ/5. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/6. Bolton Unhealthy Areas and Dwellings Records.


ABZ/7. Bold Street Unhealthy Area Records.


ABZ/8. Visit to Bolton of King George V and Queen Mary.


ABZ/9. Coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.


ABZ/10. Visit to Bolton of King Fuad of Egypt.


ABZ/11. Local Celebrations: Golden & Diamond Jubilees of Queen Victoria.


ABZ/12. Mayoral Appeal Fund Papers Various Public Appeals.


ABZ/13. Bolton Civic Week, 1929.


ABZ/14. Local Government Boundary Commission Records, 1946-1950.


ABZ/15. Bolton Charter Centenary Celebrations, 1938.


ABZ/16. Manchester & District Joint Town Planning Advisory Committee Records.


ABZ/17. Samuel Crompton Centenary Celebrations, 1927.


ABZ/18. Bolton War-Time National Savings Campaign Records.


ABZ/19. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/20. Freedom of the Borough of Bolton Records.


ABZ/21. Royal Visits to Bolton Various, 1913 - 1972.


ABZ/22 - 25. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/26. Legal Papers: James Sherry v. Bolton Corporation.


ABZ/27 - 34. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/35. Bolton Civil Parish: Amalgamation of Townships and Poor Relief.


ABZ/36. Ashworth Estate Plans: New Eagley Mills.


ABZ/37. Civic Events: Miscellaneous Pamphlets, Photographs, etc.


ABZ/38. Bolton Town Hall Organ Centenary Recital, 1974.


ABZ/39. Bolton Moor Enclosure Plan and Award.


ABZ/40. Plan of Darcy Lever Township.


ABZ/41. Bolton Town Hall: Architectural Competition and Papers.


ABZ/42. Bolton Wanderers Football Club Burnden Park Disaster Relief Fund.


ABZ/43. Bolton New Civic Centre.


ABZ/44. Hall i'th'Wood Museum and Gardens.


ABZ/45. Bolton Civic Theatre Proposed, 1964.


ABZ/46. Civil Defence and Air Raid Precautions Files.


ABZ/47. Civic Restaurants.


ABZ/48. Local Authority Establishment, Wages, Superannuation; Election of Alderman.


ABZ/49. Bolton Bye-Laws.


ABZ/50 - 51. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/52. Bolton Election, 1874: Petition against J.C.Cross, M.P.


ABZ/53. 'The Woodland' Hostel Enquiry, 1936.


ABZ/54. Mayor of Bolton's Victory Gratitude Fund Papers, 1946.


ABZ/55. Sale Particulars of Property in Bolton Various, 1878 - 1891.


ABZ/56. Insurance Policies and Miscellaneous Correspondence.


ABZ/57. Civic Dinners and Luncheons: Menu Cards.


ABZ/58. Bolton Aerodrome Proposed at Middle Hulton.


ABZ/59. King Edward VII Memorial Fund: Nurses' Home.


ABZ/60. Royal Lancashire Agricultural Shows at Bolton.


ABZ/61. Transferred to ABPP.


ABZ/62. Civic Events and Local Celebrations Various, 1932 - 1968.


ABZ/63. Armorial Bearings, Civic Regalia, Silverware and Tableware.


ABZ/64. Bolton War-Time Vegetable Shows and Food Exhibitions.


ABZ/65. Smithills Hall Estate.


ABZ/66. 'Town Clerk's Archives'.


ABZ/67. Bolton Ring Road: Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way.


ABZ/68. Bolton and District Regional Planning Committee.


ABZ/69. Bolton Commonwealth Friendship Council: International Co-operation Year.


ABZ/70. Bolton Town Hall Inventories.


ABZ/71. Mining Subsidence and Culverts.


ABZ/72. Theatrical Employers Act, 1925: Applications for Registration.


ABZ/73. Top Storey Club Fire Diasaster, 1961. Restricted Access.


ABZ/74. Bolton Corporation Jubilee, 1888.


ABZ/75. Deaths & Funerals of King George VI, Queen Mary and Winston Churchill.


ABZ/76. Local Government Re-organisation, 1958 - 1968.


ABZ/77. Local Honours and Awards, 1960 - 1970.


ABZ/78. Civic Trust Award Scheme, 1958 - 1968.


ABZ/79. Central Criminal Court for South Lancashire Proposed.


ABZ/80. East Lancashire Territorial Force Association.


ABZ/81. Sale Particulars Bolton; Enclosure Tonge Moor; Lostock Aircraft Factory De Havilland; National Trust Enterprise Neptune.


ABZ/82. Bolton Town Hall and Civic Centre.


ABZ/83. Miscellaneous Maps, Plans & Enclosure Awards.


ABZ/84. Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show, 1927.


ABZ/85. Air Raid Precautions Records.


ABZ/86. Bolton Town Hall Organ.


ABZ/87. The Loyal Regiment and the Bolton Artillery (Freedom of the Borough, etc.).


ABZ/88. Rolls of Honorary Freemen of the Borough.


ABZ/89. Bolton Civic Theatre and Arts Centre Proposed).


ABZ/90. Weights and Measures.


ABZ/91. Miscellaneous Byelaws, Handbooks and Council Publications.


ABZ/92. Bridgeman Street Public Baths, Bolton.


ABZ/93. Local Government Re-organisation, 1966 - 1973.


ABZ/94. Transferred to BZ.


ABZ/96. Bolton Town Hall and Civic Centre Films.


ABZ/97. Alderman Henry Warburton, Mayor of Bolton Films.


ABZ/98. Octagon Theatre, Bolton Film.


ABZ/99. War Charities Act, 1940: Charity Registration and Reports.


ABZ/100. Bolton Borough Charter of Incorporation: Petition, Correspondence, etc.


ABZ/101. Civil Defence.


ABZ/102. Bolton War Memorial Improvement Scheme.


ABZ/103. John Bradshaw Gass Charitable Trust: Lectures and Art Gallery.


ABZ/104. Mayor's Certificates of Nationality and Good Character.


ABZ/105. Bolton Institute of Technology: Official Opening.


ABZ/106. Royal Visits to Bolton: Photograph Albums.


ABZ/107. Bolton Local Employment Committee.


ABZ/108. Lostock Colliery.


ABZ/109. Mining Subsidence.


ABZ/110. White Bank Estate, Rumworth.


ABZ/111. O'Hara v.Bolton Corporation.


ABZ/112. Winter Hill Right of Way Dispute.


ABZ/113. South Lancashire Rivers Catchment Area.


ABZ/114. Bolton Members of Parliament Complaints.


ABZ/115. Map of North and Central England.


ABZ/116. Bolton Development Plan Town & Country Planning Act, 1947.


ABZ/117. Bolton Precinct: Hick Hargreaves Steam Engine

Date: 1793-1973
Held by: Bolton Archives and Local Studies Service, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Bolton County Borough Council

Physical description: 117 Series
Access conditions:

Some records are on restricted access

Immediate source of acquisition:

ABZ/83/27-28 deposited 28 June 1983

  • Bolton, Lancashire
  • Bolton, Greater Manchester
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