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Reference: 157 DD/E
Title: Edge of Strelley

The collection relates to the Edge family's estates in Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire. It comprises deeds, estate and family papers, legal and household papers and of particular note are the papers concerning coal mining in Strelley in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (DD/E/28/23-40, DD/E/46/80). The series of financial papers includes personal, household, farm, and estate annual bundles of accounts, receipts and vouchers, and some correspondence, 1738-1817 (DD/E/1). Accounts from London and Edinburgh as well as Nottingham are contained in this series.


Among the personal papers are many relating to Thomas Musgrave, Archbishop of York, 1847-1860, (DD/E/212-220). These papers are believed to have come into the collection via a family connection, namely a marriage between Francis Ethelreda Musgrave and Lewis Kekewich Edge of Strelley in 1886 and include correspondence with many prominent people including Viscount Melbourne, Lord John Russell and Sir George Grey 1807-1864, (DD/E/215/1-127). One letter of note is that recording his reflections arising out of a grand tour in 1815 at the time of Napoleon's defeat, (DD/E/213/13).


There is a small series of papers relating to the Nottinghamshire Lent Assizes, 1790 (DD/E/3/14-16), which includes a calendar of prisoners, a grand jury list and a summons for TW Edge to serve on the grand jury. Two series of shrievalty papers, 1708-1904, (DD/E/12/1-11) and 1722-1782 (DD/E/207-208) include material concerning the appointment of Thomas Webb in 1722 and John Webb in 1781 to the office of sheriff of Warwick.


Of particular interest are the records of meteorological observations made at Strelley Hall, 1863-1976, (DD/E/211/1-47) and a purse-string pattern book c.1654 (DD/E/222/3). The collection also contains a series of papers relating to the pedigree and genealogy of the Edge family, 1707-1978 (DD/E/209-210.


DD/E/1. Accounts 1738-1817.


DD/E/2. Basford 1851-1858.


DD/E/3. Thomas Webb Edge (Father & Son) 1746-1844.


DD/E/4. Rev. Barlow Evetts 1756-1819.


DD/E/5. Legal 1608-1737.


DD/E/6. Lenton 1650/1651


DD/E/7. Lowdham and Gunthorpe 1647-1816


DD/E/8. Miscellaneous 1654-1905


DD/E/9. Settlements 1606-1817


DD/E/10. Shelford 1658-1665


DD/E/11. Sherwood Forest 1675


DD/E/12. Shrievalty 1708-1904


DD/E/13. Southwell and Upton 1608-1690


DD/E/14. Strelley and Bilborough 1619-1872


DD/E/15. Toton 1654-1655


DD/E/16. Wills 1682-1830


DD/E/17. Wollaton and Bramcote 1668


DD/E/18. Corn. Derbyshire c.1630


DD/E/19. Dalby-on-the-Wolds, co. Leics 1671-1674


DD/E/20. Bagots Bromley, co. Staffs 1590-1629


DD/E/21. Horton, co. Staffs. 1469-c.1683


DD/E/22. Sherborne, Corn. Warwick 1699-1819


DD/E/23. BASFORD 1841




DD/E/25. MAPS AND PLANS 1881-1889


DD/E/26. SHRIEVALTY 1804-1904


DD/E/27. STAPLEFORD 1839-1840




DD/E/29. MISCELLANEOUS 1775-1872


DD/E/30. Accounts 1657-1891


DD/E/31. Bestwood Park 1825


DD/E/32. Bingham 1599


DD/E/33. Blyth 1638/1639


DD/E/34. Bramcote 1561-1593


DD/E/35. Nottingham Canal 1791-1802


DD/E/36. Correspondence 1745-1841


DD/E/37. Game Books 1780-1911


DD/E/38. Ingram Family 1611-1715


DD/E/39. Kinoulton 1660


DD/E/40. Kirkby-in-Ashfield 1768-1811


DD/E/41. Lowdham and Gunthorpe 1647-1815


DD/E/42. Miscellaneous 1633-1842


DD/E/43. Newspapers 1790-1864


DD/E/44. Radcliffe-on-Trent 1661-1743


DD/E/45. Sherwood Forest 1277-1278


DD/E/46. Strelley and Bilborough, inc. COAL 1657-1858


DD/E/47. Sutton-on-Trent 1803


DD/E/48. Trowell 1787


DD/E/49. Corn. Derby 1631-1750


DD/E/50. Corn. Essex 1719


DD/E/51. Corn. Leicester 1704


DD/E/52. Corn. Staffs. 1794-1763


DD/E/53. Corn. Warwick 1556-1819


DD/E/54. Corn. York. 1633-1830


DD/E/55. Arnold 1789


DD/E/56. Broxtowe 1595


DD/E/57. Correspondence 1683-1901


DD/E/58. Gotham 1804


DD/E/59. Miscellaneous 1673-1868


DD/E/60. Nuthall 1817


DD/E/61. Southwell and Upton 1799


DD/E/62. Strelley and Bilborough 1680-1860


DD/E/63. Various Townships 1609-1810


DD/E/64. Corn. Derby 1811-1842


DD/E/65. Corn. Leicester 1812


DD/E/66. Corn. Staffs. 1658-1730


DD/E/67. Corn. Warwick 1560-1808


DD/E/68. Account Books and Rentals 1848-1930


DD/E/69/1-9. Miscellaneous 1671-1916


DD/E/70/1-15. Acts of Parliament 1737-1888


DD/E/71/1-4. Correspondence 1669/70-1679/80




(See other sections for related material.)


DD/E/72 Gloucestershire. 1329


DD/E/72/1 Saintbury. 1329


Thurbarn - Witbred and Muculton.


DD/E/73 Northamptonshire. 1437


DD/E/73/1 Brockhall, Muscott and Welton. 1437


Russhenell - Newenham.


DD/E/74-93 Warwickshire. c.1135-1786


DD/E/74/1-15 Great Alne, also Coventry etc. where specified. 1677-1731


Attwood - Hopper


DD/E/75/1-2 Barford, also Llannelvewe 1572-1674


(Brecknock, Wales).


DD/E/75/1 Crown - various. 1572


DD/E/75/2 Ward - Fayrfax. 1674


DD/E/76/1-6 Ryton par. Bulkington. 1649-1755


Wale - Man - various.


DD/E/77/1-2 Cosford. 1720


Hinde - various - Hinde.


DD/E/78/1 Fulbrook, also Snitterfield. 1699


Rollinson - Edwards.


DD/E/79/1-2 Nuthurst par. Hampton in Arden. 1701-1705


Ingram - Sly.


DD/E/80/1-2 Henley in Arden. 1682-1697


Ingram - Higgins.


DD/E/81/1-5 Lapworth. 1698-1738


Askew - Doley.


DD/E/82/1-27 Kenilworth. 1545-1685


Taverner - various.


DD/E/83/1 Newbold. 1310




DD/E/84/1-8 Norton. 1740-1750


Stoughton - Jones.


DD/E/85/1-4 Priors Marston. 1606-1676


Various - Eagle - Wills.


DD/E/86/1-85 Sherborne. c.1135-1754


DD/E/86/1-3 De Novo Burgo - Pilgem and Suein. Early 12th cent. - 1135.


DD/E/86/4 Knights Templars - John the Chamberlain son of Suan the Chamberlain. c. 1220


DD/E/86/5-6 Various. c. 1320


DD/E/86/7-14 Various - Chamberleyn. c.1330-1342


DD/E/86/15-63 Various. 1322-1508


DD/E/86/64-76 Guilds of Holy Trinity and St. George, Warwick, etc. - Rogers, Palmer. 1545-1677


DD/E/86/77-83 Various - Burgoyne - Webb. 1722-1754


DD/E/86/84-5 Rogers, Palmer. 1594, 1676.


DD/E/87/1 Shrewley and Pinley. 1335


Prioress of Pinley - Wm. de Lucy.


DD/E/88/1-42 Warwick: also Norton Curlue, Norton Lindsey, Whatcote, Ryton par. Budbrooke, Shrowley par. Hatton where specified. c.1310-1782


DD/E/88/1-4 Droncken - Walden. c.1310-1375


DD/E/88/5-7 Saunders - Joyce - Clark. 1582-1660


DD/E/88/8-26 Various. 1653-1782


DD/E/88/27-38 Man and various. 1664-1754


DD/E/88/39-42 Newton. 1755-1767


DD/E/89/1-68 Whatcote; also Thornton Le Moor (Lincs) at 89/6; also Priors Hardwick and Priors Marston at 89/45-46. 1381-1746


Various - Neale - Savage - Davis.


DD/E/90/1-2 Wilmcote. 1679; 1755


Edkins - Johns; Webb - Walker.


DD/E/91/1-6 Wolston and Marston par. Wolston. 1630-1741


Willis; Webb - various.


DD/E/92/1 Ullenhall par. Wootton Wawen. 1688


Ingram - Preston.


DD/E/93/1-26 Cancelled Bonds. 1735-1786


Webb and Webb Edge to various.




(This section is chiefly concerned with probate & executorship papers and is arranged under the Webb and Edge families and other families with whom they had relationships. The role as executor also accounts for the survival of much miscellaneous material which bears little relationship to the actual family. Pedigrees are not included in this section - see PEDIGREES GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY. See also other sections for related material.)


DD/E/94 Elias Webb I. 1727/8


DD/E/94/1 Sherborne Warks..


DD/E/95 Elias Webb II. 1753-c.1770


DD/E/95/1-16 Sherborne, Wolston Warks. where specified.


DD/E/96 Ralph Edge. 1765-1783


DD/E/96/1-93 Strelley, Longnor Staff, Bilborough, Lowdham and Gunthorpe where specified.


DD/E/97 John Webb. 1783-1784


DD/E/98/1-34 Evetts family: Barlow Evetts, Thomas Evetts. 1735-1780


Butlers Marston Warks., Temple Balsall Warks. and other premises in Warwickshire & Staffordshire where specified.


DD/E/98/35-198 Barlow, Thomas & Wm. Evetts. c.1747-1773


DD/E/98/199-252 Wm. & Jane Evetts. 1762-1783


Butlers Marston, Knowle, Warwick, and Longnor Staff where specified.


DD/E/98/199-214 Original bundle 1762-1774


DD/E/98/215-226 Original bundle 1767-1777


DD/E/98/227-233 Original bundle 1768-1778


DD/E/98/234-252 Original bundle 1768-1783


DD/E/98/253-436 Jane Evetts. 1768-1784


DD/E/98/253-283 Original bundle 1768-1782


DD/E/98/284-368 Original bundle 1768-1783


DD/E/98/369-423 Original bundle 1782-1784


DD/E/98/424-436 Original bundle 1768-1783


DD/E/99/1-33 Hinde, Ward, Farndon, Webb and various. 1687-c.1756


Wolston, Marston End par Wolston, Priors Marston, Ryton on Dunsmore Warks., Leire Leics., Lilburne and Braybrooke Nhant, Barton in Fabis, Armitage and Handsacre Staff where specified.


DD/E/100/1-41 Man family: related to Ward, Reynolds and Webb families. 1685-1757


Warwick and Ryton in Dunsmore Warks. where specified.


DD/E/100/42-54 John and Lettice Haywood (Heawood). Lettice was executor of husband John and Thomas Man(n) executor of Lettice Haywood. 1692-1730


Warwick; also premises in Bull Street, Birmingham where specified.


DD/E/100/55-123 Man, Hands, Freeman and various. John Webb was executor of Thomas Man and Man was executor of Rebecka Hands of Shuckborough Warks.. 1667-1769


Whatcote, Fenny Compton Warks. where specified.


DD/E/101/1 Hurt of Alderwasley Derbs.. Elizabeth daughter of Francis Hurt was married to Thomas Webb (Edge) 24 May 1785. 1783


Wirksworth, Alderwasley, Highedge and Morley Park Derbs.; Blore and Waterfall Staff.


DD/E/101/2-39 Rev. John Francis Hurt's trust. 1866-1883


Bilborough where specified.


DD/E/102/1 Rev. John Webb Edge of Strelley. Rector of Bilborough with Strelley 1819-1842. 1836-1841


Strelley, also North Muskham.


DD/E/103/1-17 Mrs. Catherine Anne Wethered. James Thomas Edge was her brother and one of her executors. 1876-1900


DD/E/104/1-44 John Manger Pott. 1888-1896


Premises in London and Harpenden Herts.


DD/E/105/1-193 Miscellaneous families. Arranged alphabetically. 1636-1897


DD/E/105/194-226 Miscellaneous items found at later date. 1701-1778




(See other sections for related material.)


DD/E/106-116 Surveys, valuations and rentals. 1674-1929


DD/E/106 Northamptonshire 1724


DD/E/106/1 Farthinghoe.


Townsend. 1724


DD/E/107 Nottinghamshire 1766-1929


DD/E/107/1-3 Gunthorpe, Lowdham and Nottingham.


Edge. 1766-c.1767


DD/E/107/4-11 Nuthall Temple Estate - sale catalogues, particulars, illustrations and plans. 1817-1929


DD/E/108-116 Warwickshire 1674-1786


DD/E/108/1 Lillington.


Wise; Lord Brooks. 1711, c.1720


DD/E/109/1 Marston. c.1770




DD/E/110/1 Rogers. 1674


DD/E/111/1-19 Burgoyne and Church lands. 1714, 1730


DD/E/112/1-3 Webb; also Lord Bingley. 1729; -c.1778


DD/E/113/1 Lancaster c.1750


DD/E/114/1 Smith & Lord Bingley. c.1750


DD/E/115/1-3 Goodricke. 1776-1786


DD/E/116/1-2 Warwick.


Various including Webb and Lord Warwick. 1767-1770


DD/E/117-118 Account Books. (See other sections for related material.) c.1684-1787


DD/E/117/1-268 Webb and Edge. c.1695-1787


DD/E/118/1-23 Man. (See 117/144-163 for related material). 1710-1757


DD/E/118/24-54 Farr and miscellaneous. c.1684-1786


DD/E/119-193 Bills, vouchers and related papers. (see other sections for related material.) 1672-c.1850


DD/E/119/1-164 Chiefly relating to Warwickshire - Sherborne, Wolston and Warwick area. 1672-c.1850


DD/E/120/1-21 Chiefly relating to Sherborne and Warwick area. 1723-1756


DD/E/121/1-26 Chiefly Sherborne & Warwick area, also Bilborough and Strelley. 1725-1782


DD/E/122/1-22 Chiefly Sherborne & Warwick - includes work on John Webb's house at Sherborne. 1727-1757


DD/E/123/1-13 Chiefly Sherborne & Warwick area. 1733-1750


DD/E/124/1-38 Original Bundle. c.1744-1754


DD/E/125/1-28 Chiefly Sherborne, Wolston and Warwick area. 1750-1756


DD/E/126/1-17 Chiefly Wolston, Butlers Marston & Warwick area. 1753-1756


DD/E/127/1-34 Chiefly Sherborne and Warwick area - includes work on Webb house at Sherborne. 1754-1756


DD/E/128/1-19 Chiefly Sherborne and Warwick area. 1751-1756


DD/E/129/1-22 Chiefly Sherborne and Wolston area. 1755-1756


DD/E/130/1-6 Red Horse, etc. Warwick. 1755-1757


DD/E/131/1-20 Red Horse and other property in Warwick. 1755-1760


DD/E/132/1-22 Work on house and furnishings at Sherborne, Red Horse at Warwick, etc. 1755-1759


DD/E/133/1-27 Chiefly Sherborne, Warwick and Wolston area. 1755-1759


DD/E/134/1-42 Chiefly Sherborne, Butlers Marston, Wolston, Warwick area. 1755-1784


DD/E/135/1-59 Chiefly Sherborne, Wolston, Warwick area. 1756-1757


DD/E/136/1-30 Westham Meadows, Wolston 1756-1771


DD/E/137/1-18 Warwick 1756-1773


DD/E/138/1-19 Chiefly Sherborne, Snitterfield, Warwick etc. 1757-1758


DD/E/139/1-38 Chiefly Sherborne, Warwick area. 1757-1759


DD/E/140/1-31 Chiefly Sherborne and Warwick area. 1759-1760


DD/E/141/1-41 Chiefly Sherborne, Snitterfield, Wolston, Warwick area. 1758


DD/E/142/1-71 Chiefly Sherborne, Snitterfield, Wolston, Warwick area. 1758-1760


DD/E/143/1-82 Chiefly Barford, Butlers Marston, Sherborne, Snitterfield and Nottingham. 1758-1763


DD/E/144/1-28 Chiefly Sherborne and Warwick. 1758-1785


DD/E/145/1-99 Chiefly Butlers Marston, Sherborne, Warwick and Nottingham. 1759-1762


DD/E/146/1-107 Chiefly Butlers Marston, Warwick, Wolston, Sherborne and Strelley 1760-1769


DD/E/147/1-71 Chiefly Butlers Marston, Sherborne and Warwick area. 1759-1761


DD/E/148/1-64 Chiefly Sherborne, Warwick and Nottingham. 1762-1766


DD/E/149/1-97 Chiefly Sherborne and Warwick - includes work on Red Horse, Warwick. 1762-1767


DD/E/150/1-12 Chiefly Sherborne, Snittersfield area. 1767


DD/E/151/1-7 Sherborne, Barford. 1763-1766


DD/E/152/1-94 Butlers Marston, Barford, Sherborne, Snittersfield, Wolston, Warwick. 1762-1770


DD/E/153/1-38 Butlers Marston, Sherborne, Warwick 1764-1765


DD/E/154/1-78 Sherborne, Warwick 1764-1765


DD/E/155/1-24 Knowle, Warwick 1753-1773


DD/E/156/1-58 Butlers Marston, Sherborne, Snittersfield, Warwick. 1764


DD/E/157/1-99 Butlers Marston, Sherborne, Snittersfield, Warwick. 1767-1768


DD/E/158/1-19 Nottingham, Lowdham & Strelley. 1766-1784


DD/E/159/1-62 Gunthorpe, Lowdham, Mapperley, Nottingham & Strelley. 1766-1767


DD/E/160/1-13 Bills incurred for Mtr. Webb Edge's schooling. 1767-1770


DD/E/161/1-6 Inn bills incurred on journey from Strelley. 1771


DD/E/162/1-37 Bills incurred for Mtr. Webb Edge's schooling. 1766-1770


DD/E/163/1-76 Bilborough, Strelley & Gunthorpe. 1768-1778


DD/E/164/1-53 Strelley & Gunthorpe property. 1768-1779


DD/E/165/1-21 Strelley & services supplied by Nottingham tradesmen. 1768-1779


DD/E/166/1-22 Receipts of receiver for Sherborne Warks. rents. 1771-1777


DD/E/167/1-131 Craft & tradesmen's bills re. Warwick. 1770-1771


DD/E/168/1-77 Bills chiefly re. Strelley household & estate. 1770-1774


DD/E/169/1-4 Accounts with Labourers at Sherborne? Warks. 1774


DD/E/170/1-136 Bills relate to Bath, London, Sherborne & Warwick. 1774-1783


DD/E/171/1-89 Bills relate to Nottingham tradesmen & Nottingham. 1775-1777


DD/E/172/1-22 Some bills of Nottingham tradesmen; Bilborough & Strelley. 1774-1777


DD/E/173/1-25 Bills of Nottingham tradesmen supplying foodstuffs & housegoods presumably to Strelley. 1776-1777


DD/E/174/1-8 Strelley household and estate. 1778-1779


DD/E/175/1-51 Bills by Nottingham tradesmen; work on Strelley Hall & estate. 1779


DD/E/176/1-19 Re. Strelley Hounds 1779-1781


DD/E/177/1-2 Original Bundle 1780-1782


DD/E/178/1-41 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne. 1783


DD/E/179/1-47 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne. 1783-1784


DD/E/180/1-20 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne. 1784


DD/E/181/1-51 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne. 1784


DD/E/182/1-33 Bills re Warwick & Birmingham. 1784


DD/E/183/1-45 Bills re Sherborne & London. 1784


DD/E/184/1-2 Accounts relating to corn, cattle & other produce. 1784-1785


DD/E/185/1-42 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne. 1785


DD/E/186/1-71 Bills re London, Sherborne, Warwick & Strelley. 1785


DD/E/187/1-30 Bills re London, Warwick & Coventry tradesmen. 1785


DD/E/188/1-26 Re Sherborne & Strelley? 1785


DD/E/189/1-34 Bills re London, Sherborne & Strelley. 1786


DD/E/190/1-41 Bills re London, Warwick & Sherborne 1786


DD/E/191/1-35 Bills re Warwick & Sherborne, Strelley? 1786


DD/E/192/1-41 Bills re London, Warwick & Sherborne. 1786


DD/E/193/1-12 Bills re Sherborne. 1786


DD/E/194-201 CORRESPONDENCE. 1729-1827


DD/E/194/1-24 Chiefly re. Sherborne rents and proposed sale of property to Webb. 1729-1771


DD/E/195/1-6 Original Bundle 1735-1748


DD/E/196/1-6 Chiefly re. sale of Burgoyne estate at Sherborne Warks. inherited by Sir John Goodricke to Webbs. 1777-1778


DD/E/197/1-5 Re. proposed sale of Sherborne Warks. on Edge settling at Strelley. Lord Warwick re. purchase of piece of Edge property in West Street. Warwick. 1786


DD/E/198/1-11 Kings Norton and Wolston Warks. estate. 1768-c.1800


DD/E/199/1-96 Featherstone (par. Wolverhampton, Staff). 1794-1808


DD/E/200/1-25 Edge title to Featherstone estate. 1793-1827


DD/E/201/1-42 Sherborne rents etc.; mortgage of Fitzherbert estate; repair of chancel of Sherborne church; Bilborough and Stubbins Wood. 1729-1784




Aston Cantlow Warks.; Snitterfield Warks.; Warwick Staff Nicholas; acts of parliament.






Whyle v. Webb: Wellesbourne Warks. tithes.




DD/E/204-206 LOCAL AND PARISH AFFAIRS. 1707-1975


DD/E/204/1-98 Role as parish official. 1707-c.1799


DD/E/205/1-23 Resoration work on Sherborne Warks. church c.1740-1749


DD/E/206/1-18 Church rate levied on Strelley parish. 1856-1869


DD/E/206/19-31 Resoration work on Strelley church. 1855-1856


DD/E/206/32-45 Correspondence re. transfer of advowson of Bilborough with Strelley church to Society for Maintenance of the Faith. 1923


DD/E/206/46 Strelley church fabric account. 1973


DD/E/206/47 Bilborough and Strelley Church of England School. 1903


DD/E/206/48-73 Richard Smedley Charity. Ilkeston Derbs., also Bilborough & Strelley etc. 1883-1975


DD/E/206/74-88 Middlemore's Charity (Almshouses). Stanton-by-Dale Derbs.. 1925-1971


DD/E/207-208 SHRIEVALTY. 1722-1782


DD/E/207/1-16 Thomas Webb appointed sheriff of Warwick in 1722. 1722-1758


DD/E/208/1-24 John Webb appointed sheriff of Warwick in 1781. 1781-1782




DD/E/209/1-91 Edge, Webb and related families. 1707-1978


DD/E/210/1-127 Papers of John Wolley re. Hurt and Edge pedigrees. c.1852-1857




DD/E/212-220 PAPERS OF THOMAS MUSGRAVE (1788-1860). 1726-1901


DD/E/212/1-28 Archbishop of York 1847-1860. Papers re. appointment as Professor of Arabic, institution to benefices, election to see of Hereford and archiepiscopal see of York, church politics etc. 1816-1850


DD/E/213/1-22 Precedents granted by archbishops of York for felling timber etc.; Musgrave's grand tour at time of Napoleon's defeat; resignation of Robert Wilberforce on doctrinal grounds, etc. 1726-1865


DD/E/214/1-32 Chiefly letters from bishops on convocation dispute, infant baptismal regeneration and other church matters. 1805-1858


DD/E/215/1-127 Chiefly correspondence with bishops, James Tate headmaster of Richmond Grammar School (NY.), Christopher Wordsworth and politicians such as Melbourne, Lord John Russell and Grey. Subjects chiefly politics and church, Cambridge University and education, Gorham case, convocation dispute, patronage and related matters. 1807-1864


DD/E/216/1-11 Correspondents include Palmerston and the Rev. Sydney Smith. 1828-1901


DD/E/217/1-38 Correspondents include Melbourne, Lord John Russell and bishops; subjects chiefly convocation and church affairs. 1837-1882


DD/E/218/1-31 Correspondence on Convocation dispute. 1852-1860


DD/E/219/1-33 Miscellaneous correspondents. 1843-1898


DD/E/220/1-46 Miscellaneous autographs and assorted items. 1789-c.1900


DD/E/221 MAPS AND PLANS. 1693-1947


DD/E/221/1-4 1693-1883


SY2/1-4S c.1855-1864


SY3/1-2S 1864


SY2/1L 1947


DD/E/222/1-79 MISCELLANEOUS. Mid. 17th cent.-c.1938.

Date: c.1135-1978
Related material:

Further meteorological observations taken at Strelley Hall, 1921-1932, are held by the Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections at the University of Nottingham.

Held by: Nottinghamshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Edge family of Strelley, Nottinghamshire

Physical description: 120 boxes
Access conditions:

Accessible to all holders of a reader's ticket

  • Musgrave, Thomas, 1788-1860, Archbishop of York
  • Lamb, William, 1779-1848, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, statesman
  • Russell, Lord, John, 1792-1878, politician
  • Grey, Sir, George, 1799-1882, 2nd Baronet, Home Secretary, statesman
  • Strelley, Nottinghamshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Northamptonshire
  • Staffordshire
  • Warwickshire
  • Land Tenure
  • Coal mining
Administrative / biographical background:

These records relate to an estate built up in the 17th century by the Edge family, who were lawyers originally from North Staffordshire. The estate passed by marriage through the Conway, Webb and Hurt families who all adopted the Edge name.


The majority of the records were held at Strelley Hall prior to their deposit in Nottinghamshire Archives. The documents were deposited in several instalments: the first was made in 1950 (accession 85) and was followed by ones in 1951, 1952, and 1957. In 1979 a further large deposit was received from the family solicitors.

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