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Reference: IOR/H/183
Title: East Indies Series 91.

(1) pp. 1, 33, 73, 111, 1021, 1033, Routine or Formal Letters. (2) Drafts of Letters submitted to Lord Sydney. pp. 2-9, 3rd March 1784. To Madras, Memorials of Capt. Kenneth Mackenzie and Lieut.-Col. B. Douglas; pp. 13-7, To Bengal, Permissions to return and appointments, Cadets' Passage Money; pp. 19-25, To Bombay, Company's Marine, Limitation of Bombay Establishment, Bond Debt, Memorials of John Lidderdale and Capt. Samuel Biggs, Appointments; pp. 77-84, 11th March 1784, To Bengal, Presents received by Hastings, Surgeon Thomas Morris's Account, Investment, Conduct of Board of Trade; pp. 87-91, To Bombay, Trade, Appointments of Mr. Mallet (Persian Interpreter), &c., Major Godfrey's Will; pp. 95-7, To Madras, Management of Company's Affairs, Regular Military Casualty Lists, Major William Cotgrave's Orphans, Appointments; pp. 99-108, To Bengal, Company's Affairs in Parliament, Necessity of Retrenchments; p. 1037, 19th March 1784, To Bengal, Investment; pp. 1041-3, To Madras, Suit in Chancery of Covoor Nidenadoo Moodally and Nagapah Chitty against Madras Government for annulment of a Cowle. (3) p. 29, Approval of Draft Letters by Secretary of State. (4) p. 31, Nathaniel Smith (Chairman) to Lord Sydney 5th March 1784, Claims of Lieut.-Col. Malcolm inadmissible. (5) Letters and Advices from Bombay. pp. 37-65, 30th Sept. 1783, Maratha Affairs, Importance of Bombay, Raghuba, and Sindhia, Adhesion of Tipu Sultan to Treaty between England and France, War on Malabar Coast and Siege of Mangalore, Articles of Treaty between Major John Campbell and Tipu Sultan, Bengal Detachment under Col. Morgan, Conferences between Gen. Macleod and Tipu Sultan; pp. 121-4, 30th Sept. 1783, Mr. Gambier's Minutes on the Investment. (6) p. 69, Lord Sydney to Directors 11th March 1784, Claims of Mr. Lacam. (7) pp. 115-8, List of Papers presented to Lord Sydney, From Bombay 11th March 1784. (8) pp. 127-298, Correspondence between Bombay Select Committee and Brig.-Gen. Richard Mathews 11th Dec. 1782 to 1st April 1783, Expedition against Hyder Ali. (9) pp. 301-24, Correspondence between Bombay Select Committee and Cols. Macleod and Humberston, 6th to 14th March 1783, on their leaving the Army under Gen. Mathews. (10) pp. 327-483, Correspondence between Col. Norman Macleod and Bombay Select Committee 22nd March to 14th April 1783, Conduct of Gen. Mathews and action thereon; pp. 485-517, Minutes of Bombay Select Committee 27th March 1783, Conduct of Gen. Mathews; pp. 583-611, Do. do. 2nd Aug. 1783. (11) pp. 521-40, Cols. Macleod and Humberston's Journals of the Army under Gen. Mathews 22nd to 29th Feb. 1783. (12) pp. 543-79, Major John Campbell and King's officers to Bombay Council 28th March to 10th April 1783, Complaints against Gen. Mathews. (13) pp. 615-50, Commodore George Emptage to Bombay Council 13th June 1783; pp. 653-70, James Sibbald and Factors at Tellicherry to Bombay Council 15th May 1783; pp. 673-84, Mathews' Cowles to Hyat Sahib 28th and 30th Jan., 15th Feb. 1783. All referring to Mathews' conduct. (14) pp. 687-726, Robert Gambier to Secretary Edward Ravenscroft 14th March, 1st, 4th and 10th April 1783, Affairs transacted by Bombay Council during his illness. (15) pp. 729-49, Norman Macleod and Capt. Ashmead Pruen to Bombay Council 11th April 1783, Capture of the Ranger by the Marathas off Gheria (about 4,000 words). (The Frontispiece to Col. John Biddulph's Pirates of Malabar is supposed to represent this engagement. The English ship attacked carries a curious flag, i.e. red and white horizontal stripes with the cross of St. George in the top corner next the staff. The Company's flag carried the Union in this corner); pp. 753-78, Correspondence between the Bombay Council and the Peshwa relative to capture of the Ranger after the conclusion of Peace. (16) pp. 781-6, Grant of Broach to Sindhia by Governor-General and Council 6th June 1782, and grant of exclusive privileges of trade to the English by Sindhia 21st March 1783. (17) pp. 789-91, Treaty between the Company and the Peshwa 26th April 1783. (18) pp. 793-803, Col. Macleod to Bombay Council 5th June 1783, Measures for continuing the war against Tipu Sultan; pp. 871-905, 18th and 19th Aug. 1783, Conclusion of Peace between Major John Campbell and Tipu Sultan; pp. 933-57, 27th Sept. 1783, with an Account of his interview with Tipu Sultan; pp. 993-1013, Articles of the Peace 2nd Aug. 1783. (19) pp. 805-40, Bombay Council to Governor-General and Council, Bengal, Madras, and Sir Edward Hughes 19th June 1783, Measures for continuing the war against Tipu Sultan. (20) pp. 843-58, Correspondence between Gen. Macleod and Bombay Select Committee 15th July to 3rd Aug. 1783, Preparations for war with Tipu Sultan. (21) pp. 861-8, Bombay Council to Governor-General and Council, Bengal, 10th Aug. 1783, Macleod's expedition to Mangalore. (22) pp. 907-12, Lieut. George Mignon to Bombay Council 18th Aug. 1783, Siege of Mangalore. (23) pp. 915-20, Madras Council to Bombay Council 27th June and 7th July 1783, Cessation of Arms. (24) pp. 923-5, Governor of Bombay to Tipu Sultan 18th Sept. 1783, Congratulations on his accession. (25) pp. 927-30, George Smith to Governor of Bombay 1st Sept. 1783, Despatch of French forces to China. (26) pp. 959-77, Col. John Campbell to Bombay Select Committee 2nd and 23rd Aug. 1783, Necessary precautions for safety of Mangalore. (27) pp. 981-9, Sir Edward Hughes to Bombay Select Committee 8th July 1783, Indecisive naval engagements. (28) p. 1017, Memorandum on Lord Macartney's declaration of English sovereignty in the Carnatic. (29) Letters and Advices from Fort Marlborough. pp. 1023-6, 5th Sept. 1783, Establishment at Padang; pp. 1029-30, 8th Oct. 1783, Reduction of military expenses on the conclusion of Peace.

Date: 1783-1784
Held by: British Library: Asian and African Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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