Catalogue descriptionWoodcock of Hoslingden

This record is held by Lancashire Archives

Details of DDX 118
Reference: DDX 118
Title: Woodcock of Hoslingden

The following list is only a partial index


DDX 118/100 Plans (also DDX 118/9,10,13,75,76, DDX 118/159/1,18


DDX 118/101 Admittances qualifying solicitors to take surrenders as customary tenants


DDX 118/102 Apprenticeship indentures


DDX 118/103 Property at Wolfenden, Hugh Mill, Boothfold before 1860


DDX 118/104 Horncliffe Wood Farm before 1860


DDX 118/105 Property at Lower Clowes before 1860


DDX 118/106 Properties specified in DDX 118/103-105 and other properties in Haslingden and Rawtenstall after 1860


DDX 118/107 Haslingden, Rawtenstall and Bacup


DDX 118/108 Rawtenstall and Bacup


DDX 118/109 Cobham Estate, Rossendale


DDX 118/110 Holden V. Mordacque (Haslingden Church School)


DDX 118/111 Higher Hud Hey Farm, Haslingden


DDX 118/112 Oakenhead Wood


DDX 118/113 New Hall Hey Estate, Rawtenstall


DDX 118/114 Turfhouse Estate, Haslingden


DDX 118/115 Haslingden


DDX 118/116 Haydocks Tenement, Mellor


DDX 118/117 Alexanders Estate, Ramsgreave


DDX 118/118 Wood Estate, Mellor


DDX 118/119 Edgworth


DDX 118/120 Baxenden, Accrington and Haslingden


DDX 118/121 Rawtenstall


DDX 118/122 Bacup Booth


DDX 118/123 Private Lane, Haslingden


DDX 118/124 Haslingden Churchyard


DDX 118/125 George Street Public Accommodation Co., Haslingden


DDX 118/126 Haslingden Chapel


DDX 118/127 Horncliffe (in Tottington rental)


DDX 118/128 Flaxmoss


DDX 118/129 Henheads and Carterplace


DDX 118/130 Minerals in the manors of the Honour of Clitheroe


DDX 118/131 Sheep Green, Haslingden


DDX 118/132 Ramsbottom Estate


DDX 118/133 Haslingden Gas Light and Coke Company


DDX 118/134 High Street, Haslingden


DDX 118/135 Lane Side Foundry


DDX 118/136 Lighting and watching of Haslingden, 1844


DDX 118/137 Miscellaneous abstracts of title


DDX 118/138 Haslingden


DDX 118/139 Miscellaneous (inc. 1794 summary of Tottington)


DDX 118/140 Drake House Farm, West Bradford, co. York


DDX 118/141 Tithes from the Drake House and Marybone Estate, West Bradford


DDX 118/142 Hancocks Farm, West Bradford


DDX 118/143 Fell Side Farm, West Bradford


DDX 118/144 Waddington, co. York


DDX 118/145 Seedalls, Hansons and Dowsyke tenements, West Bradford


DDX 118/146 Drake House Farm and Marybone Meadow Farm, West Bradford


DDX 118/147 Townhead Farm, West Bradford


DDX 118/148 Pillings Farm, West Bradford


DDX 118/149 Freeholders Farm, Thornbers Farm, Damhead Farm, Waddington


DDX 118/150 Allotments at West Bradford


DDX 118/151 Townhead Estate, West Bradford


DDX 118/152 Honour of Clitheroe, copyhold tenure (1085-1927)


DDX 118/153 Horncliffe Quarries in Tottington


DDX 118/154 Tottington Lower End


DDX 118/155 Rossendale


DDX 118/156 South Lancashire Elections, 1861 and 1865


DDX 118/157 South Lancashire Election, 1865


DDX 118/158 Haslingden and Rawtenstall Waterworks


DDX 118/159 Spotland


DDX 118/160 New Hall Hey Mill, Rawtenstall


DDX 118/161 Flaxmoss, Fulling Mill


DDX 118/162 River Irwell Reservoir


DDX 118/163 Wolfenden and Rawtenstall


DDX 118/164 Flaxmoss


DDX 118/165 Townsend family of Holme


DDX 118/166 Musbury


DDX 118/167 Haslingden church and township


DDX 118/168 Turnpike Trusts


DDX 118/169 Cotton Famine


DDX 118/170 Toll Contracts, Edenfield


DDX 118/171 Newchurch (Rossendale) Highways


DDX 118/172 Miscellaneous (inc. Flaxmoss, Leyland, Pendlebury, Railways, Roads, Schooner "Mischief", Chorley, Blackpool, Bury, Trayles)

Date: 1085-1950
Held by: Lancashire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Woodcock, Thomas, of Haslingden, Lancashire

Physical description: 172 Series
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Open to consultation, unless otherwise stated

  • Land tenure
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