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Church St Michaels, Bishops Stortford


Chantry of St Michaels Church, Bishops Stortford


Castle Bishops Stortford


General Accounts of the Parish of Bishops Stortford


Schools Bishops Stortford School


Grammar School alias High School, Bishops Stortford


Proprietary School, Bishops Stortford


Antiquities The Prehistoric Horse


Charity Two Almshouses in Peters Street, plus various other charities


Folk Lore


Apparition at Windhill House, and at the Old Palace, Bishops Stortford


"Sympathetic Magic" at Bishops Stortford


Movement in Inanimate Objects


Cherry Feast


Sale Particulars


The Chantry, Bishops Stortford


Hockerill Park, Bishops Stortford


The Grange, Bishops Stortford




Robert Adison alias Lustyblood of Hertford. Charity for the marriage of Poor Maids


Edmund Aylee of Bishops Stortford, glazier, charged with being captain of the unruly soldiers who pulled down the altar-rails


George Waller Sworder of the well known firm of G E Sworder & Sons, auctioneers of Bishops Stortford


Richard Alliott son of Rev. William Alliott, Headmaster of the Nonconformist Grammar School, Bishops Stortford


Elizabeth Aynsworth of Bishops Stortford, Landlady mentioned in Pepys Diary


Francis Barber faithful negro servant of Dr Johnson, was placed in school in Bishops Stortford


Rev Francis Burlye sometime Vicar of Bishops Stortford, was one of the translators of the Authorised Version of the Bible


Mathew Bush of Bishops Stortford, Tanner. A copy of his will 1695


Rev William Chapman born in Bishops Stortford


Benjamin Granger Collis Draper of Bishops Stortford 1852


J W Defoe a descendant of Daniel Defoe writer of "Robinson Crusoe" lived at Bishops Stortford


Rev Thomas Leigh headmaster of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford, 17th C.


John Denley Martyr who was burned on Goose Mead Green, opposite the Prison, Bishops Stortford, also notes on other Martyrs


Sir Edward Denny & Lady Mary Denny


Sir Edward, Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to Queen Elizabeth I, Governor of Kerry and Desmond, Commander under Admiral Lord Thomas Howard, had lands in Hertfordshire, and a house in Cheshunt, also property in Bishops Stortford


The Denny Family of Bishops Stortford


Thomas Baron Dimsdale Surgeon at Hertford. M.P. for Hertford. Vaccination for Small Pox


Samuel Ely of Bishops Stortford a great critic in Greek and Hebrew


Robert Ferguson Highwayman "Galloping Dick" rented a messuage in North Street and a Barn in Hockerill St., Bishops Stortford


John Gybbe of Bishops Stortford a copy of his will dated May 7th 1588


Sir Walter Gilbey born in Bishops Stortford, revived the National Industry of Horse Breeding. Horse Shows took place at Bishops Stortford. Also a Wine & Spirit Merchant amongst other things


Sally Harris a friend of Lord Lytton, a poem entitled The Rape of Pomona


William Hazeland Master of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford, 17th C.


Sir George Floyd Duckett an Author of a "Technological Military Dictionary" in German, French and English, he also worked on County Histories


Sir George Duckett, formerly Sir George Jackson. Judge advocate of the Fleet; Secretary of the Admiralty and M.P. for Weymouth, Melcombe Regis and Colchester. Port Jackson in New Zealand and New South Wales were named after him. In 1769 he made the Stort River navigable to Bishops Stortford


Nathaniel Jennings born at Bishops Stortford 1816. Pastor of Little Hadham, he then turned his attention to teaching, he started a private school in Regents Park this ran for more than twenty years


Mary Susanna Lee a writer of stories, lived in Bishops Stortford


Thomas Leigh Vicar of Bishops Stortford also Headmaster of the Grammar School, Bishops Stortford for 47 years


John Morse Mullinger printer of books also a Bookseller and Antiquary, he reprinted Sir Henry Chauncy's "Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire" in two volumes in 1826/7


Thomas Pounde A Lay Jesuit imprisoned in Bishops Stortford Castle in the reign of Elizabeth the 1st


Cecil John Rhodes Born in Bishops Stortford 1853 son of Francis William Rhodes Vicar of Bishops Stortford; went to Bishops Stortford Grammar School in 1861. Rhodes diamond mined in Africa making a fortune. In 1881 Rhodes entered public life in South Africa. The territory to the north of the Transvaal etc. was named Rhodesia after the projector. In 1890 Rhodes became Prime Minister of the Cape.


(The Dictionary of National Biography 1901-1911 tells of his life)


James Watson Roberts a doctor from Bishops Stortford


Charles Lhuile Tyler born in Bishops Stortford in the year 1800. Landscape painter, and illustrator of books


Thomas Theodore Waterman Born in Bishops Stortford 1825 Well known merchant of Bristol, became a minister in 1854 in Maidstone


Miscellaneous Biographies Isabella Cooper


Miss Eleanor Dobede Bird, daughter of the late William Bird, one of the founders of the Bishops Stortford Brewery Messrs Hawkes & Co.




General Accounts of the Parish of Bovingdon


Bovingdon Church


Biographies Rev. Alfred Clegg pastor of the Congregational Church


Lists of Ministers of Box Lane Chapel and history of the chapel


Rev Dr Edmund Staunton nonconformist preacher buried at Bovingdon 1671


Folk Lore Beauty and a Sailor. A Legend of Hertfordshire and West Kent


Apparition at Bovingdon; a ghost


Prints Line drawing of Shantock Farm House, Bovingdon


Drawing of the Pump Shed, Bovingdon


Line drawing of Shantock Hall, Bovingdon


Postcard of Bovingdon Church


Brass Rubbings

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Language: English

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