Catalogue descriptionThe COUNTRIES and INHABITANTS of the RIVER OF SHENAN from Athlone to the Sea, upon Leinster and Mounster side.

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Title: The COUNTRIES and INHABITANTS of the RIVER OF SHENAN from Athlone to the Sea, upon Leinster and Mounster side.



Co. Westmeath:--O'Malone's country; Moynter Wreens; Wreens.


King's co.:--Dallreghe; McCoghlan s country; McCoghlans. Mounster.


Co. Tipperarie:--O'Kennedie Roe; O'Kennedies; O'Kennedie Dun; O'Kennedies; O'Kennedie Fun; O'Kennedies.


Co. Crosse:--McBrian Arra; O'Briens.


Co. Limericke:--Eastermoy, otherwise Clan William; Burkes.


Lands appertaining to Limericke:--Citizens of Limericke. Poblebrian; O'Briens; Coshmay; Earl of Kildare.


Purcell's country:--Purcells; Kenry:--Archer, undertaker; Asketon:--Barkley, undertaker; Robertstoune:--Wingfeild, undertaker; Corgrave:--Trenchard, undertaker; Rucke-Patricke:--Trenchard, undertaker; Clanvery:--McMaghons; Shanegolin; Trenchard, undertaker; Loghill; Bp. of Limericke; Glynne: the Knight of the Valley.


County Kerry.


Tarberd, Crosbye, Listoftie Abbey; Scoles, undertakers; Carigfoyle, O'Connor Kerry; Bewlye; the Lo. of Kerry; Ballibonian, the Lo. of Kerry; Creebrowne, Brownes; Cuntlands, Cuntlands; Finnett, the Lo. of Kerry.


Here ends the Shenan upon Leinster and Mounster side.


COUNTIES and INHABITANTS on the RIVER of SHENNAN from Athlone to the Sea, upon Connaght and Tomond side.




County of Gallway.


The Naghtons' and Phallons' country; Naghtons and Phallons, the Fays; O'Kellies, Shelanthy, O'Maddins, Lowsmay; which lies on Leinster side, O'Maddins; Malike, the Earl of Clanricard; Porthumnye, Earl of Clanricard; Cloudegaffe, Earl of Clanricard; barony of Leitrim, Earl of Clanricard; Toughkinalein, the Earl of Clanricard; Clourishe; Burkes.


Tomond or county Clare:--


Termon Shanvoy, McNemarras; Termon Moyne, Bish. of Killaloo; Termon Gradie, O'Gradies; Castleloghe, Sir John McNemarra; Glenmoynte, the Earl of Tomond; Killaloo, Bishop of Killaloo; Bridgetoune, the Lo. of Insecoyne; Anamore, Earl of Tomond; Domasse, Earl of Tomond; Anaboy, Earl of Tomond; Castle Bankee, Earl of Tomond. Lands of the city of Limericke, citizens of Limericke: Blaake's Castle, Arthur of Limericke; Kilrushe, Arthur of Limericke; Cownaghe; Comin of Limericke; two of the Cratelaghes, Earl of Tomond; the third Cratelaghe, McNemarra; barony of Bonrattie, Earl of Thomond; abbey of the Channons and the Islands, Earl of Tomond; Corraghan, Earl of Tomond; Caracon, Earl of Tomond; barony of Clonderalaghe, McMaghons; the lordship of Kilrushe, Earl of Tomond; Kyrancully, Earl of Tomond; Moyart, Sir Daniel O'Brien; Carrighologhe, Sir Dan. O'Brien Kilcorraden, Earl of Tomond; Knockreghe, Sir Dan. O'Brien; Loopeshead, Sir Dan. O'Brien.


Here ends the River of Shennan upon Connaght and Tomond side.



Date: 1619
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 613, p. 48a
Language: English
Physical description: 3 Pages.
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Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. V, document 218.

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