Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation

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Title: Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation
Date: 16th Century - 20th Century

The records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation are divided into three sections:


BRU: the records of the unreformed borough, 1553-1835


BRR: the records of the reformed borough, 1836-1974


BRT: the records of the institutions carried on by members of the Corporation acting in another capacity (e.g. as Justices of the Peace) or whose responsibilities and/or records were taken over by the Corporation (e.g. the Gild of the Holy Cross).


These are subdivided as follows:


BRU: records of the unreformed borough, 1553-1835


BRU1 Borough Charters


BRU2 Minute books


BRU3 Orders and bye-laws


BRU4 Chamberlain's accounts


BRU5 Receipts and vouchers


BRU6 Cash books


BRU7 Rentals and surveys


BRU8 Expired leases


BRU9 Title deeds


BRU10 Maps and plans


BRU11 Toll books


BRU12 Court of record


BRU13 Capital burgesses and aldermen, certificates of elections and admission


BRU14 Lawsuits


BRU15 'Miscellaneous Documents'


BRU16 Other miscellaneous volumes


BRU17 Trading companies


BRU18 Corporation bonds and declarations of trust


BRU19 Grammar School admission certificates


BRU20 Electoral rolls


BRU21 Miscellanea


BRR: reformed borough records, 1836-1974


Town Clerk's Office


BRR1 Minute books


BRR2 Committee minutes and reports


BRR2/1: Watch committee


BRR2/2: Finance committee


BRR2/3: General Purposes committee


BRR2/4: Contagious diseases committee


BRR2/5: School attendance committee


BRR2/6: Cemetery committee


BRR2/7: Land & Buildings committee


BRR2/8: Gas committee


BRR2/9: Sanitary & Highways committee


BRR2/10: Record committee


BRR2/11: Waterworks committee


BRR2/12: River & Bancroft committee


BRR2/13: Infectious hospital committee


BRR2/14: Technical education committee


BRR2/15: Electric light committee


BRR2/16: Public library committee


BRR2/17: Sewage disposal committee


BRR2/18: Housing of the working classes committee


BRR2/19: Fire Brigade committee


BRR2/20: Town Planning committee


BRR2/21: Rating committee


BRR2/22: Information Bureau committee


BRR2/23: Industrial Development committee


BRR2/24: Flying grounds committee


BRR2/25: Conference committee


BRR2/26: Trees committee


BRR2/27: Camps & bathing committee


BRR2/28: Air raid precautions committee


BRR2/29: Community feeding centre


BRR2/30: Road Safety committee


BRR2/31: Civil Defence committee


BRR2/32: Public Relations committee


BRR2/33: Accounts committee


BRR2/34: Health committee


BRR2/35: Highways and planning committee


BRR2/36: 1964 Shakespeare Celebrations committee


BRR2/37: Bylaws, planning and town development committee


BRR2/38: Highways & sewerage committee


BRR2/39: Miscellaneous or composite volumes


BRR3: Printed Committee minutes of Borough Council


BRR4: Registers of attendance at committee meetings


BRR5: Acceptance of office by mayors, aldermen, councillors, etc.


BRR6: Yearbooks (1889 - 1916)


(1948 - 1951)


BRR7: Committee time-tables


BRR8: Committee papers


BRR8/1: Watch committee


BRR8/2: Contagious diseases committee


BRR8/3: School attendance committee


BRR8/4: Notices calling meetings, 1872-74.


BRR8/5: Miscellaneous letters


BRR9: Burgess and electoral rolls


BRR10: Expired leases


BRR11: Title deeds


BRR12: Paper relating to election of Borough Councillors.


BRR13/1: Bundles of papers grouped by subject.


BRR13/2: Miscellaneous government circulars.


BRR13/3: Papers relating to bye-laws


BRR13/4: Papers relating to extension of borough boundary, 1879.


BRR13/5: Papers relating to appointment of officials.


BRR13/6: Grammar school papers.


BRR13/7: Papers relating to Guild Chapel.


BRR13/8: Papers relating to parish church and vicarage.


BRR13/9: Papers relating to municipal charities.


BRR13/10: Papers relating to Corporation property.


BRR13/11: Miscellaneous papers.


BRR14: Miscellaneous volumes.


BRR15: Photographs


Borough Chamberlain & Treasurer's office


BRR16: Chamberlain's annual accounts, including rentals.


BRR17: Printed extracts of accounts.


BRR18: Estimated accounts and financial statements.


BRR19: Cash books.


BRR20: Waste cash books.


BRR21: Receipts and vouchers


BRR22: Money order and payment ordered books.


BRR23: General Ledgers


BRR24: Journals for closing entries


BRR25: Expenditure journals


BRR26: Rentals (see also BRR16, BRR23/1-2)


BRR27: Surveys and property documents


BRR28: Bank books, receipt and deposit books


BRR29: Cemetery accounts


BRR30: Gas accounts


BRR31: Public Library


BRR32: Fire Brigade accounts


BRR33: Housing accounts


BRR34: Unemployment schemes


BRR35: Civic Restaurant accounts


BRR36: Treasurer's correspondence


BRR37: Committee papers


BRR38: Rating records, rate books


BRR39: Water rates


BRR40: Valuations


BRR41: Accounts


BRR42: Miscellaneous


BRR43: Superannuation and pension records


BRR44: A.R.P. accounts


BRR45: Wages and salaries records


BRR46: Wages and Mop Fair records


BRR46a: Loan records and Sinking Fund accounts


BRR47: Miscellaneous volumes


BRR48: Miscellaneous bundles


Borough Surveyor & Borough Engineer's Office


BRR49: Plans submitted for building and planning consent.


BRR50: Plans and drawings for public works


BRR51: Indexed register of plans


BRR52: Further series of plans in date order


BRR53: Borough Surveyor's report books


BRR54: Index volume for pre-1947 files


BRR55: Files, pre 1947


BRR56: Index volumes, post 1947 files


BRR57: Files, post 1947


BRR58: Road account books


BRR59: Photographs


BRR60: Miscellaneous volumes and papers


Public Health Inspector's Office


BRR61: Annual reports, Medical Officer of Health


BRR62: Annual reports, Sanitary Inspector


BRR63: Committee papers


BRR64: Canal boat records


BRR65: Lodging House records


BRR66: Miscellaneous


Borough Police Records




Public Library Records




Information Office




Gifts and Deposits








BRT: the records of institutions and offices carried out by members or officials of the Corporation in another capacity (e.g. as Justices of the Peace, Returning Officers etc.) or whose responsibilities were taken over by the Corporation (e.g. the Guild of the Holy Cross)


Summary of divisions


BRT1: Guild of the Holy Cross


BRT2: Bridgewardens


BRT3: Peculiar Court


BRT4: Borough Sessions


BRT5: Bridge Commissioners


BRT6: Gas Company


BRT7: Board of Health


BRT8: Borough Vestry


BRT9: Old Stratford Parish Vestry


BRT10: Alveston parish


BRT11: School of Art


BRT12: Burial Board


BRT13: Committee to purchase fire-engine


BRT14: School Board, Returning Officer


BRT15: Deputy Registration Officer


BRT16: Returning Officer, County Council elections.

Held by: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation

Physical description: 3 sub-fonds

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