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Title: Archives of the York and Lancaster Regiment

65th (1st Battalion): Records of service, 1758-1939; records of officers' service; record of the war service of officers, 1756-1902; documents of Major William Augustus Bygrave, 1792-1798; band book 1837-1885; weight book, 1895-1935; visitors' book, 1898-1939; visitors' book: South Africa, 1902; bridge book, 1928-1939; publicity build-up for visit of KAPE Team to South Yorkshire, 1963; disbandment ceremonies, 1968; 65th Historical Record 1756-1906, with photographs; Memoirs of the 65th 1756-1913; places where 65th (1st Battalion) were stationed 1759-1968; 30 Corps 1941-1945 in Germany [Ref: A.1-22]


Regimental Depot: Mess rules, minutes of mess meetings, 1882-1931; visitors' books, 1892-1939, 1946-1959; hunt and game book, 1897-1936; daily liquor account, 1898-1900; register of deserters, 1917-1925; officers' mess minute book, 1952-1959; inspection of the 65th P.T.C. by Lieutenant General P Christison; photographs of the visit by Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery; regimental depot, Pontefract, report 1796-1959 [Ref: B.1-10]


84th (2nd Battalion): Records of service, 1793-1939, including memorandum relating to settlement abroad and affiliated regiments; diary 1793-1936; complaints book, 1870-1939; memoirs of Major Kirkpatrick in Egyptian campaign, 1882; memoranda book, 1885-1897; visitors' books, 1895-1939; game book for hunting, fishing, 1897-1940; correspondence concerning cap badge, etc, 1897-1905; history of the wreck of the 'Warren Hastings', 1897; minutes of general sports meetings, 1923-1938; bridge book, 1926-1940; diary and reports on service in India, 1930; Parts I and II, orders 1939 [Ref: C.1-22]


3rd Battalion: Records of officers' service, 1815-1904; regimental records, 1852-1915; marriages and baptisms register 1868-1909; visitors' book, 1882-1919; daily attendance book, 1883-1887; regimental histories with officers' records of service, 1759-1905 [Ref: E.1-10]


Records of the additional battalions: 1/4th (Hallamshire) Battalion, 1914-1919; 6th (S) Battalion small war diary, 1914-1919; 7th Service Battalion World War I, with maps and caricatures of officers in France, 1917; 9th Battalion operations 1914-1918 and 1940-1946; 10th Battalion records during World War I; 12th Battalion: photographs, battle documents and maps, City Battalion roll of honour, newscuttings and documents of Pte. Osborn, 1914-1916; history of the 62nd Division including the 2/4th (Hallamshire) and 2/5th (Rotherham); Home Guard casualties 1939-1945; papers of George W Symes 1896-1980; nominal rolls of the Hallamshire Battalion 1939-1945; 49th West Riding and Midland Infantry Division Territorial Army, papers; Camps of the Hallamshires (poems); diary of events by Major R Elmshirst MC of the 6th Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment, 1943-1945; 6th Battalion, correspondence relating to Dunkirk and Tunisia of Colonel C E Wales; history of the 6th Battalion in World War II by Padre Campbell McKinnon; orders of service, memorial services and recruiting pamphlets; officers' dinner book, 1914-1969; papers concerning the commissioning of HMS Sheffield, 1975; presentations of colours; records of service of officers during World War I with lists of casualties of officers, NCOs and men; list of soldiers killed on the first day of the Somme; World War II casualty rolls; regimental awards; correspondence; account of Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson, assassinated 1922; journal of the 1/3 West Riding Field Ambulance and The Lead Swinger, with cartoons, 1915; order of battle of divisions, World War I [Ref: F.1-50]


Personal documents: papers relating to Major Thomas Adams; R A Athorpe; R W Bairstow; Lieutenant E A Barker; CSM J E Barlow; 8164 H Baxter; Major G E Bayley; 267 Pte T Bedford; 19007 Lance Corporal C Bingham; 8949 Ernest Bingham; Captain H J Birch; J Birch; Mrs T Bligh; Sir Douglas Branson; Colonel G E Branson; Thomas Bridger; Lieutenant Colonel E C Broughton; Major General W Byam; William Augustus Bygrave; J H Caldwell; Thomas Chaplain; Colonel Bryan Cooke; T M Copley; Pte T Crampton; Captain H Duckworth; Second Lieutenant P A C Edwards; J H M Edye; M W J Edye; CSM Eggleton; Pt J Else; Eyre Coote; Harry Fairhurst; T H K Fletcher; T W Fletcher; Lieutenant W B Fletcher; Second Lieutenant W G Fletcher; C W R Ford; L D Foxton; A E Garrison; Colour Sergeant W Gerrard; Second Lieutenant E L Gill; Major General A H A Gordon; Colonel R Gordon; Pte B Goswell; Pte F Gough; Colonel J E Groom; General T Grosvenor; Major General J Gunning; Sergeant M F Haldenby; Major General F Hardy; H R Hardy; Rd A C Harley; S Harvey V.C; Mr H Heather; Pte E Helm; Pte C W Hindmarsh; Drummer R Hogan; R Horton; CSM J Howden; Lieutenant Colonel J P Hunt; Sergeant J Hurd; Lieutenant G C N James; James Kenny; Thomas Kenny; C F Kerr; J Kiddle; Major W J Kirkpatrick; J Knight; Lieutenant General T Lightfoot; Colonel F Loftus; A Long; A M Lord; Guy Lowden; F W Lundy; Lieutenant Colonel F Lutman Johnson; C C Marshall; C G B Martin; S Y Martin; Sergeant B E McCormick; J W Miller; Field Marshal Montgomery; J E O'Toole; Lance Corporal J Parker; Lance Corporal S Perrins; Field Marshal Plumer; Corporal W Puddiphate; T Redfearn; Major J W Richardson; T L Rick; G H Rowland; H F Rycroft; Lieutenant F J G Saunders; Lieutenant J Shipp; H Silvey; N E H Sim; Lieutenant General Patrick Sinclair; Sergeant J Smalley; Mrs C H Smith; W F Smith; Major D Smyth; A W Stansfeld; T W Stansfeld; Count Steinach; Corporal M Stokes; Sergeant Stone; T Street; Sergeant F E Swales; Mr Jack Taylor; Corporal J Taylor; Lance Corporal A Thompson; Colonel William Thornton and sons; Lance Corporal T W Todd; Sergeant J Tomlinson; G Truelove; Colonel T E Vickers; Colonel C E Wales; Mrs C G Ward about T L Ward; Pte Joshuah Watson, G H Wedgwood (two individuals); Lieutenant Colonel C J Whitaker; Pte J Wilde; Major A J Willis; Captain A Willis-Dixon; Colonel J G Wilson; Lieutenant General Sir G B Wolseley KCB; E Woodward DCM; William Woodhead [Ref: Q.1-122]

Date: 1758-1968
Held by: York and Lancaster Regimental Museum, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

York and Lancaster Regiment

  • 65th Regiment of Foot
  • 84th Regiment of Foot
  • 3rd West Yorkshire Militia
  • Hallamshire Rifle Volunteer Corps
  • 8th Yorkshire West Riding Rifle Volunteer Corps
  • Armed forces
Administrative / biographical background:

The 65th and 84th Regiments of Foot, raised in 1758 and 1759 respectively, were later 'paired off' in the Cardwell military reforms of 1881 to form the 1st and 2nd Battalions, The York and Lancaster Regiment. Additional battalions were raised in times of international tension and certain militia and volunteer battalions became amalgamated as a matter of policy: the 3rd West Yorkshire Militia (raised 1759) formed the 3rd Battalion, Hallamshire Rifle Volunteer Corps (raised 1859) formed the 4th Battalion, and the 8th Yorkshire West Riding Rifle Volunteer Corps (raised 1859) formed the 5th Battalion, on their amalgamation with the York and Lancaster Regiment in 1883. Additional battalions were raised 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. The Regiment became part of the Yorkshire Brigade in 1958 and was disbanded in 1968 when its colours were laid up in the Regimental Chapel of Sheffield Cathedral. Victoria Crosses were awarded to men following action in the Indian Mutiny in 1857, in New Zealand in 1863 and during the World War I and II. [These notes taken from 'The York & Lancaster Regimental Museum, Guide and Short History' written by D W Scott, published for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Department of Libraries, Museums and Arts.]

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