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Title: Warrants by King Henry VI.

I. Warrant to John of Stanley, squire, serjeant of the King's armoury, to execute the order made by Viscount Beaumont, Constable of England, in the matter betwixt Thomas FitzGerald, appellant, and the Earl of Ormond, defendant, viz., that he should ordain armour for the appellant for the day of his battle. Westminster, 17 Feb., 23 Hen. VI.


II. The King to the Earl of Ormond. As it is necessary for the Earl, before the day of his battle in Smithfield, "to be for a certain time, nigh to the said Smithfield, for your breathing and more ease against the said day," the King licences him "so to be under the charge and governance" of the Duke of Exeter, Constable of the Tower of London, whom the King has ordered to deliver the Earl out of the Tower accordingly. No date.


Dated by Carew, "Anno 25 Hen. VI. 1447."


III. Mandate to the Duke of Exeter, as above.


Dated by Carew as above.


IV. Mandate to the [Bishop of ------], Keeper of the Privy Seal, to make out letters to the Exchequer for payment of 20l. to Philip Treher, fishmonger, for his labours "in teaching certain points of arms" to the Prior of Kilmayn[ham], who lately appealed the Earl of Ormond of hault treason, and to John Davie, who lately appealed John Catour, armourer, of treason, Windsor Castle, 28 Dec., 25 Hen. VI.


VI. Extract from Caxton's Chronicle touching the above mentioned challenge. The combat was prevented by the King, at the instance of the parson of St. Andrew's, Holborn, and other preachers.

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Former reference in its original department: MS 613, f. 45
Language: Latin

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