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Title: Abstract of title

"This Book contains An account of the Title Deeds belonging to Thomas Boycott Esqr, except such as relate to the Estates mortgaged to the late John Madocks Esqr"


1. Bundle 1 - Hinton estate


Deeds numbered 1-167, 1422-1801 (numbers correspond to those marked on deeds in this group in this collection)


The principal additional information given concerns:-


3. Wednesday after SS Peter and Paul 2 Edward IV (30 June 1462)


Margaret wife of Nicholas Greves to Thomas of Hinton, her son, all her lands in Hinton in fee


4. 16 December 7 Henry VII (1491)


Thomas Hinton lord of Hinton is heir at law to Roger of Leeton and ought to inherit all his estate - title through Margaret his mother


73. 3 May 1 James (1603)


Settlement by Roger Brereton after the marriage of Roger his son with Cicely Kinaston, of the manor of Hinton, to Arthur Chambre


77 25 September 5 James (1607)


Settlement by Roger Brereton senior and junior, of the capital messuage called Hinton Hall to Sir Edward Kinaston and Arthur Chambre


79 23 August 17 James (1619)


Feoffment, Roger Brereton esq, Roger his son, Thomas Whitley esq and Anne his wife daughter of Brereton senior, to John Tryn, in consideration of £1340, of Hinton Hall in fee


81 4 October 17 James (1619)


Release from Ralph and William Brereton younger sons of Roger of all their title to the manor of Histon


83 1 May 18 James (1620)


Lease, Allen and Ralph Bradley TO Sir Thomas Brereton, lands in Hinton for 50 years or lives of Sir Thomas and Dame Alice his wife


90 12 September 1625


Lease, Ralph Bradley to Mary his daughter, of the Great Bythorn in Histon for 31 years from end of lease to Sir Thomas Brereton


96 29 April 1630


Lease, Ralph and David Bradley to William Boycott, the Wall field in Hinton for 21 years from 25 March 1653


98 21 October 1630


Lease, Ralph Bradley and others to William Boycott, of Matthews yord in Hinton for 6 years from death of Margaret Bradley


99 8 October 1630


Lease, same to same, Neare Bythorn in Histon for 21 years from death of Sir Thomas Brereton


100 23 July 1632


Absolution to Richard Woolley clerk, William Boycott and Elianor his wife from their excommunication PCC for their clandestine marriage in the night


107 6 October 1636


Copy surrender from Ralph and David Bradley of a messuage and lands in Histon to William Boycott in fee


109 11 May 15 Charles


Counterpart deed to create tenant for recovery of the manor of Hinton and Hinton Hall and lands, from William Boycott to James Lacon and George Hayward, to enure to William Boycott in fee


113 18 March 22 Charles


Feoffment, Robert Lord Cholmondeley, Earl of Leinster, and Dame Katherine his wife to William Boycott, all their lands and estate in Histon in fee


117 7 March 1648


Feoffment, Elizabeth Boycott spinster to William Boycott her father. Consideration £800, manor of Hinton, capital house and lands, in fee


119 7 May 1657


Feoffment, Sarah Boycott to William Boycott her father, Consideration £700, manor of Hinton, capital house and land in fee


122, 123 10 and 18 August 1652


Charles Dod, Katherine his wife and Robert Dod their son TO William Boycott gentleman, Lease and release in fee of a messuage in Hinton and parcels land


130 24 April 1654


Articles, Peter Newton and John Lacon and Thomas Holland. John Newton son of Peter and others for £580 have sold a messuage and land in Hinton to William Boycott by deed of equal date - covenant to indemnify from annuities to himself for life


133 27 July 1654


Articles of agreement between William Boycott and Francis Geers, before marriage of Silvanus Boycott and Mary Geers


134 11 July 1656


Settlement of manor of Hinton etc after marriage of Sylvanus Boycott and Mary daughter of Francis Geers


136 24 January 1658


Probate copy will of William Boycott


137 2 September 1661


Settlement of manor of Hinton after marriage of Sylvanus Boycott with Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Geers


142 18 February 1694


Articles for settling the Hinton estate before marriage of Thomas Boycott esq with Elizabeth daughter of Sanuel Reynolds


143 19 February 1694/5 The settlement


144 10 November 1720


Thomas Boycott esq to Mr Richard Boycott, deed of covenant to levy fine of the Hinton estate to enure to Thomas Boycottin fee


146 9 June 1735


Release of dower out of Hinton estate, Philadelphia Boycott widow of Thomas Boycott esq deceased to Francis Boycott esq. cons. annuity of £80


148 29 January 1742/3


Office copy will of Mr Francis Boycott


149 3 September 1762


Articles before marriage of Thomas Boycott esq with Miss Jane Puleston


151 25 September 1762


Duke of Bridgewater to Thomas Boycott esq, release of 15a rents and all rents, heriots, and services except to the Court . in respect of Hinton estate


152-3 1 and 2 November 1762


Thomas Boycott esq to John Maddocks esq and John Leeke


Settlement on marriage of Thomas Boycott and Jane his wife, of the Hinton estate and also premises in Asterley, Parely and Pontesbury, Westbury, Lowe, Alveley, als Alverley and Shrewsbury, to lead recovery - all estates except Hinton to Thomas in fee, Hinton to uses


159, 160 30 and 31 May 1793


i Thomas Boycott esq and Jane his wife


ii Thomas Boycott esq their eldest son


iii Joseph Allen


iv William Leeke


Release of the Hinton estate to create tenant for recovery to enure to Thomas senior for life, remainder to Jane his wife for life, remainder to Thomas theyr in fee


162-3 23 and 24 April 1793


i. Thomas Boycott senior


ii Thomas Boycott junior


iii William Leeke and Edward Ravenscroft


Conveyance of the Hinton estate and also pieces of land in the parish of Whitchurch with messuages erected on them which were purchased by Thomas Boycott senior of John Watson esq, to use of Thomas senior for life. Jane his wife for life, Thomas theyr in fee if he survive them


164-5 16 and 17 July 1801


Release of life estate in the Hinton estate, Mrs Jane Boycott widow of Thomas senior to Thomas Boycott junior


166-7 7 and 8 August 1801


Settlemt before marriage of Thomas Boycott esq with Miss Jane Tarleton - Hinton estate to Thomas for life, remainder to Jane for life ad dower, remainder to his heirs and assigns


2. Schedule of deeds relating to lands purchased by the late Thomas Boycott esq from John Watson esq, in the township of Whitchurch


1, 2 28 and 29 September 1763


i. Richard Parry Price esq and Phillips Lleyd Fletcher esq


ii. John Watson esq


iii Thomas Boycott esq


Release of 2 pieces of land in the township of Whitchurch called Lively's croft and Beech Bank, in fee (reserving to Watson liberty to search for water springe and lay pipes for conveying water to a house of his called Terrick)


3 1 May 1783


Counterpart lease. Thomas Boycott to John Lamb, of the 2 pieces of land and the new erected messuage thereon for lives of Lamb. Martha his wife and Mary his daughter.


Rent 8 gas clear


Deeds for Hinton nos 162-167 also relate to these lands


This property was sold by Mr Boycott in 1845 to Captain Poole


3. Schedule of title deeds relative to Rudge Manor and that part of Rudge Estate which was formerly the property of the Warters


Bundle No 2


Deeds numbered 1-39, 1624-1760


1 Michalemas term 20 James I 1624


Fine between Sir John Stracye knt. John Washbourne esq, plts Sharington Talbet senior and junior esqres deferciants, manor of Ruddge als Rudge and property there


2 30 August 1637


Assignment of lease, Francis Harrison and Johane Harrison to Sharrington Talbot esq, premises in the manor of Rudge, Talbot to pay £500 on 1 March next


3 1 September 1638


Marriage settlement, on marriage of George Talbot, son of Sharrington, and Katherine daughter of Edmund Whittington Manor and premises


4 Easter term is Charles II. fine


John Brooke gentleman plt. Sir Clement Clerke and Sarah his wife defl. manor of Rudge etc


5 13 July 1666


i. Sir Clement Clerke and Sarah hiswife


ii John Brookes


iii Sir Richard Rainsford


Mortgage of capital messuage and lands to secure £1000


6 1 April 1671


Demise of premise in Rid e. Clerke and wife to George Skipp and Thomas Langley for 99 years of lives of Clerke and wife, in trust for him for life and his wifefor life


7 15 June 1671


i Clerke and wife


ii Rainsford


iii Dame Sarah Corbet


iv Ambrose Holbech


Assignment of mortgage term and demose to secure ^P2000


8 Trinity 23 Charles II Fine


9 16 December 1677


Demise in trust to indemnify George Skipp on his standing bound for payment of Clerke's debts


10 15 December 1677


Assignment to William arl of Craven of the two terms of 500 and 500 years, for securing £5000


11 17 December 1677 Schedule of title deeds


12 The £5000 declared the proper money of Anne viscountess Bayneing wife of Sir John Baker and disposable by her


13 6 July 34 Charles II Decree in Chancery to foreclose


14 2 September 1686


Lady Mary Bradshaigh to Anne Pesington widow, mortgage of 1/4th of the capital messuage, manor and lands of Rudge for residue of terms of 500 and 500 years for securing £450


15 1 Marchn 1697/8


Assignment by several parties to Richard Creswell


16 23 April 1696


Receipt for £1149.8.0 consideration


17 receipt for £3000 consideration


18 Letters of attorney for receiving part of the money


19 Copy will of Richard Creswell, 15 August 1707


20-1 Copy, 29 October 1709. articles before marriage of Richard Creswell esq with Elizabeth Entcourt sp.


22 Richard Creswell to John Warter esq. 17 July 1713.


Assignment of manor, Cons £2500 paid and £2389 to be paid, for residue of the 2 terms. Creswell covenants to purchase the freehold at his own expense and to convey the whole to John Warter in fee


24-32 Other deeds relating to this business


33 1 October 1724


Will of John Warter esq


34 8 July 1729


John Warter and Francis Hattam, agreement for premises in Rudge for 21 years


35-6 1 and 2 November 1734


Conveyance, Thomas Whitmore esq to Ann Warter widow, several messuages and lands in Rudge


37-8 21 and 22 April 1740


i William Boycott


ii Catherine Warter sp


iii Robert Noreton and John Lloyd esqrs


iv Wannerton Groome gentleman and Francis Maycott esq


Settlement beforemarriage of William and Catherine Boycott entitled to the premises in fee


38 Administration of goods of Catherine Boycott formerly Warter granted to her husband, 6 Sept 1743


39 3 July 1760


Copy will of William Boycott, 3 codicils 15 July 1760. 4 August 1760 and 18 June 1762


Note - all deeds in Bundle 3 except 2, 3, and 4 taken out for intended mortgage to Mr Barker, February 1805


4 Schedule of Title Deeds relating to several pieces of land in Rudge purchased by the late Thomas Boycott esq from Mr Valentine Vickers


As to 7 of the pieces, called The Meadow, Clive field, Furlong, Further Ciderhill, Broomy ground, Blakely piece Blakeley Rough


1. 28 September 13 Charles II


Feoffment, (inter alis), messuage and premises in Rudha Thomas Phillips gentleman - settlement before his marriage to Elizabeth daughter of William Short


2. 8 July 1662


Exchange, Sir Clement Clerke and Thomas Phillips, lands Old Hop Yard for 6 pieces in 3 fields called Whitnall field, Mill field and Mearewall field


3. 17 September 1668


Exchange, same parties, furlong in Mearewell field for 12 pieces of land in the 3 fields


4. Easter 22 Charles II, fine on both deeds of exchange


As to 1/3rd of the 7 pieces


5, 6. 14 and 15 March 1693


Margaret Phillips sp, 2nd daughter and one of 3 coheirs of Thomas Phillips by Elizabeth, both deceased, releases her third of the premises to trustees for uses


7. Easter 6 William and Mary


Fine on the last premises


As to a moisty of another 3rd part of the 7 pieces


8, 9 2 and 3 June 1696


Release to trustees to uses, Margaret Phillips (sister and one of the coheirs of Mary Nicholls decd. Into wife of John Nicholls gentleman, 2 of the daughters of Thomas Phillips by Elizabeth his wife)


10 Trinity term 8 William III. Fine


As to a moisty of the 7 pieces


11. 22 June 1739


Copy will of John Savidge


12. 10 May 1760


Copy will of Thomas Savidge


13. 20 May 1773


Copy will of John Savidge


14. 26 September 1773


Appointment of a moiety of the premises in the first settlement, Alice Savidge to Gregory Seale in fee after death of Ann widow of John Savidge and Phebe mother of John


15. 17 March 1774


Appointment, Alice Savidge (in pursuance of powers given under will of John Savidge decd) of land in Derbyshire to a relation of the testator in order to make a proper title of premises intended to be conveyed to Mr Plimley


16, 17 24 and 25 March 1774


Conveyance in fee, Ann Savidge, Phobe Savidge, Alice Savidge, Gregory Seale and Jane his wife, to William Plimley and John Barker his trustee, undivided moiety


18 Michaelmas 15 Geo III Fine


19, 20 2 and 3 September 1774


Mortgage in fee. Plimley and Barker to John Taylor elder and younger, Sampson Lloyd elder and younger, £2400


21, 22 6 and 7 April 1778


Reconveyance to uses, moiety to use of Christian Beetelaton widow for 500 years (as indenture 7 April 1778), remainder to use of Plimley


23 7 April 1778


Plimley TO Bectelston. The term was to indemnify her against claims by John Bro n re promises in Sutton Maddock sold to her by Plimley


As to the other moiety of the 7 pieces


24 28 February 1726


Release. Thomas Brown to John Stubbs and William Turton on trust - messuage and premises in Rudge


25, 26 14 and 15 November 1769


Conveyance, Thomas Brown and Catherine his wife TO Joseph Turton the yr gentleman


27 Michaelmas term 10 Geo III Fine


28,29 3 and 4 April 1778


Joseph Turton to William Plimley, conveyance


As to several pieces of Land called the Lowdit Hill with a But, Omans well and the Mill Hams, the remaining part of the lands purchased of Mr Vickers


30, 3. 23 and 24 March 1731


William Billingsley to Thomas Overton, moiety of a messuage in Rudge (formerly the estate of Thomas Cheese deed uncle of Billingsley and Jane Overton mother of Thomas which came to them as his heirs at law)


32 26 March 1732


Thomas Overton and Jane his mother TO Richard Wynn and George Wynn, demise of the entirety of the premises of Thomas Cheese to secure £220


33 Same date. Covenant to levy fine


34 Baster 5 Geo III Fine


35 Deed of covenant to secure the mortgage


36 24 March 1740 Assignment to John Charlton


37 25 March 1744. Deed of covenant to secure mortgage


38 21 July 1747


Timothy Overton to John Charlton, assignment of annuity of £10


39 18 November 1762 Assignment to Richard Davies and Thomas Onions


40 8 May 1767 Assignment to Robert Langford. No receipt indorsed


41 8 October 1771 Davies and Onions to William Plimley.


Assignment of all premises mortgaged except 4 called the 2 Cliff or Clive pieces, Morall brook, and the Sling.


Cons. £269.3.6. Overton, is cons. of £420 deducted from the total principal, bad conveyed the 4 pieces in fee to the mortgagees, 14 and 15 September 1767, subject to redemption


42 10 October 1773 Covenant for production of title deeds


43, 44 9 and 10 April 1776


Francis Overton, brother and heir of Thomas Overton deceased, and Hannah his wife TO William Plimley gentleman


Cons £252.2.6. due for mortgage and £220


Conveyance in fee of Lowdit Hill, the Butt adjoining, Omans Well, and the Williams


Deeds relating to premises purchased from Mr Vickers, from the time when they were purchased by William Plimley (see 19-23 back)


45, 46 3 and 4 August 1777


William Plimley to Arthur Charlett esq. mortgage in fee of the lands called Lowdit Hill etc in Rudge. Cons £1200


47 4 February 1777 Bond


48, 49 24 and 25 December 1778


Plimley to Charlett - mortgage is fee of land at Ridge called The Meadow, Clive als Cliff field, Furlong, Further Underhill and Broomy ground, as further security


50, 51 23 and 29 December 1773


Plimley to Humphrey Lyttleton gentleman, mortgage in fee of a and pieces of land called the Homestead, the meadow, Clive or Cliff field. Furlong. Further Underhill, Broomy Ground, Blakeley piece, Blakeley Rough, Millham, Lowdit Hill, and the Butt adjoining. Omans Well and 3 pieces also called Millhams, to secure £420 due to bond 28 July 1778


52 29 December 1778 Bond


53, 54 21 and 22 August 1783


Transfer of mortgages from the executors of Arthur Charlett. Messrs Ellins and Welch, by direction of Richard Bourne Charlett esq. to Messrs Wright of London bankers, as collateral security for £3000


55, 56 14 and 15 November 1784 Reconveyance, enrolled


57, 58 25 and 26 Assignment of mortgage to Humphry Lyttleton


59, 60 19 and 20 March 1786


i. Humphry Lyttleton


ii John Bridgwood gentleman surviving devisee and executor of will of William Plimley deceased


iii Thomas Plimley eldest son and heir of William


iv Valentine Vickers gentleman


Cons £1067..7.2 to Lyttleton and £472.2.10 to Bridgwood Release to Vickers in fee


61 Easter 6 Geo III Fine


62 5 August 1790 Agreement between Vichers and Thomas Boycott for sale


63, 64 Valentine Vickers and Mary his wife to Thomas Boycott esq and trustee Sir Robert Salesbury Cotton bart


65 Hilpry 31 Geo III Fine. Boycott, Vickers and wife.


66 8 October 1805 Feoffment, 11 acres land, Vickers to Boycott


Schedule of deeds relating to an Indemnity by Joseph Turton at the time he conveyed to Plimley a moiety of premises in Rudge, against any claim within 18 years from April 1778 by John Brown who had not been heard of since 1747 (in Bundle 3)


1-3 bond and demise of property in Wolverhampton, 1778


4 Assigned by Plimley's executor to Vickers 20 March 1786


5 Assigned by Vickers to Boycott, 25 March 1791


5 Schedule of deeds relating to 4 pieces land in Rudge called The two Cliff pieces, the Morall Brooke and the Sling, which Boycott contracted to purchase from Overton and devised by codicil to his will to Davies and Onions upon trusts


As schedule for Lowdit Hill 1731-1767


Will of William Boycott (as 3.39)


14 and 15 September 1767


Thomas Overton to Davies and Onions, Conveyance for £420


6 Schedule of deeds relating to 3 pieces of land in Rudge called the Middle Lessow, Hatch Leasow, and Upper Leasow


Bundle 5


1-2 29 and 30 September 1720


John Croydon to Francis Overton, conveyance in fee of messuage and lands


3. 30 September 1720 Bond


4 27 October 1722 Will of Francis Overton


5 30 January 1741


Francis Overton to John Clemson, mortgage by demise of 3 pieces of ground in Pattingham called Middle Leasow and Hatch Leasow to secure £140


6. 31 January 1748


i. John Clemson


ii Francis Overton


iii Martha Overton spinster


Assignment, and also demise of land called Morrall Brooke


7 15 March 1748. Deed poll by Martha - £80 of the money belonged to her brother Timothy Overton


8. 31 January 1750 Assignment from William Billingeley, Martha's executor, to Timothy overton


9 Bond


10 21 February 1769


Francis Overton to Richard Devey, demise of the Upper Leasow to secure £50


11, 12 17 and 18 November 1762


Francis Overton and Hannah his wife to Richard Boycott Conveyance of 3 pieces of land. Cons £360


13. Michaelman 3 Geo III fine


7 Schedule of deeds relating to land called the Morall Brooke purchased by Thomas Boycott from the devisee and trustee named in the will of the late Richard Davies


As above 1720-1750


1, 2, 28 Feb (should be Jan according to note) and 29 Jan 1770


Francis Overton and Hannah his wife to Richard Davies Conveyance


3 10 December 1775 Copy will of Richard Davies


4. 10 August 1792 Agreement between Mr Maddocks on behalf of Richard Langford and Mr Knight on behalf of Thomas Boycott


5, 6. 27 and 28 September 1793


i. Bulkeley Hatchett, devisee in trust and executor of will of Richard Davies


ii Richard Langford, gentleman, grandson and heir at law and devises named in will of Davies


iii Thomas Boycott


Conveyance in fee


8. Schedule of deeds relating to the title of a messuage called Bulwardine with the lands and hereditaments thereunto belonging in the parish of Claverley als Clareley


Bundle no 7


1. 28 August 1629


Feoffment, several pieces of land from Thomas Gatacre and John Gatacre to Thomas Nempas, in fee. Consideration £305 to Thomas and £110 to John


2. Bond by Thomas Gatacre


3. Bond by John Gatacre


4. Michaelmas 1630 Fine, property in Claverley and Gatacre, Thomas Mempas plt. Thomas Gatacre and frances his wife and John Gatacre and Mary his wife deforciants


5. 10 October 1646


William Rudge gentleman and Kathering his wife sole daughter and heir of Thomas Mempas deceased TO William Barneley and William Devye. Covenant to levy fine to uses


6. Michaelmas 22 Charles Fine


7. 7 December 24 Charles


Feoffment. Consideration £205. John Gatacre esq to William Rudge, messuage called Bulwardine and land except 2 pieces sold to Richard Clempson and William Whitmore knt. respectively.


8. Easter term 1649. Fine, William Rudge plt, John Gattacre and Mary his wife deforciants


9. 24 March 1649/50


William Rudge to Ithiell Smarte clerk, feoffment by way of mortgage to secure £500


10 Copy (draft)


11 Bond


12 Fine. Trinity term 1660, Richard Devey gentleman and William Pratt plt, Margaret Clemson widow, Thomas Clemson and Richard Clemson son and heir of Thomas, deforciants, of messuage and land in Broughton and Claverley als Clareley


13. 9 May 1661 and 10 May 1661


14. Bargain and sale, Ithiell Smarte and William Rudge to William Barnesley of Treeshull co Staffs gentleman and John Warter of Swancott gentleman, Release of mortgaged premises for ever


15. Letter of attorney to give seizin


16 1 June 1652


Deed of covenant to levy fine, Ithiell Smarte and Doreas his wife, William Rudge the elder and Katherine his wife. William Rudge the younger one of the sons of William and Katherine TO Barnesley and Warter, to ensure to them, their heirs and assigns for ever


17 3 June 1651 Unsigned indenture to same purpose


18 Same parties, Feoffment, Consideration £740


19 Bond


20 Letter of attorney to T.Fudsey to give possession


21 Another letter


22 Michaelman term 1651 fine


23 Deed poll by Ithiel Smarte. Consideration £500 paid by Warter. Release of claims


24 draft quitclaim by all parties


25 21 December 1654


1. John Warter. William Ridge the elder and William Barnsley


2. William Boycott of Buildwas gentleman


3. Silvanus Boycott of Buildwas gentleman and John


Harriotts of Clareley gentleman


Settlement before marriage of William Warter son and heir of John Warter with Sarah daughter of William Boycott


26 2 February 1656/7


Counterpart lease of Bulwardyne messuage and part of the lands in Clareley, William Warter to William Skett the younger, for 7 years


27 28 April 14 Charles II


Chancery Order in cause between John Grove plt. John Gatacre, Thomas Fletcher and others defts, respecting premises in Alveley and Clareley, to dismiss the plts bill, who is ordered to execute an assurance to Gatacre


7 December 1714


Copy lease of Bulwardine from John Warter esq to William Barker, for 15 years


The wills of John Warter dated 1 October 1724 and William Boycott dated 8 July 1760, relate to Bulwardine estate as well as the manor of Rudge


Schedule of deeds relating to several pieces of land in Alveley formerly the property of the Warters


Bundle no 8


1 1 May 15 Elizabeth


Grantfrom John Hytchecoxe and Joyce his wife of pieces of land in Astley and Kingsnordley, parish of Alveley, to Humphrey Potter and Roger Barrett and their heirs, to uses


2. 20 February 25 Elizabeth


Counterpart lease from Hitchecoxe and wife to Thomas Lye. Yate fields in Astley and Kingsnordley for 21 years


3 10 March 8 James


Counterpart lease, Thomas Rowlison, Joyce his wife, and Roger Hichcokes son and heir of Joyce, 3 lessows or pastures within the lordship of Astley being part of Little Astley, (2 called Crowe Ceoftee and the other called the Wall fyld) to Stoves James for 21 years


4. 6 January 14 James


Hychecoxe to Nycolles, counterpart conveyance in fee of a piece of land called the Startes, parish of Alveley


5. 29 October 20 James


Bond in £100 to perform covenants, Roger Hitchcoks to John Warter of Bridgnorth gentleman


6. 4 December 21 James


Mortgage in fee to secure £14.11.2. lands in Astley and Kingsnordley, Roger Hitchcoxe to John Warter


7. 26 March 22 James


Feoffment. consideration £35, Roger Hitchcox to John Warter. premises as No 3


8 24 November 1624 Receipt for £54 purchase money for land in Little Astley, Alveley


9. 1 February 22 James Receipt for £70.10.0 purchase money lands in Alveley parish and 3s rent from lands in Alveley


10. 9 February 22 James


Roger Hytchcoxe to John Warter. The feoffment was by way of mortgage (no 7) Cons. further £35.10.0. Release for ever. Grant of 3s rent from messuage called Doddes house and other premises in Alveley


11. Easter 2 Charles. Fine


12 5 August 3 Charles. Receipt from Edward Baylye for 10s a post fine payable on completion of last Fine


Indenture of 21 December 1654 relates to this estate as well as Bullwardine, and also the wills of John Warter and William Boycott


Schedule of deeds relating to the several estates except Hinton from the time Thomas Boycott esq was in possession Bundle 9


1, 2, 21 and 22 January 1793


(1) Thomas Boycott the elder esq and Thomas the yr his eldest son ans heir


(2) Joseph Allen the younger gentleman


(3) William Leche esq


Deed to make a tenant for recovery of the manor of Rudge and property in Rudge in which Thomas Boycott was entitled to an estate for life with remainder to Thomas Boycott junior in tall; an estate in Bulwardine in the parish of Claverley; an estate in Alveley; tithes in Burcott; any other hereditaments in Rudge, Bulwardine, and Claverley and in that part of the parish of Pattingham which lies in the County of Salop, in which Thomas Boycott the elder was estitled to an estate for life under the will of his late Uncle William Boycott esq and the codicils, with remainder to his son in tail male to enure to uses as father and son should jointly appoint in default to same uses as before


3, 4 Attested copy


5. Exemplication of recovery. Hilary 1793


6. Attested copy


7, 8 23 and 24 April 1793


(1) Thomas Boycott senior and junior


(2) William Leche esq and Edward Ravenscroft esq


(3) Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton bart and John Knight gent


Settlement of the same premises and also a toft and pieces of land purchased by Thomas Boycott senior from Valentine Vickers, to uses subject to provises, including one to allow Boycott to charge the estate with £1200 and another permitting both to revoke any uses and appoint other uses


Covenant to surrender copyhold in Swancott, Burcott, and Roughton to uses with like provise to revoke


9, 10 Attested copies (marked wanting)


11. 10 December 1793


(1) Thomas Boycott the elder


(2) Brereton Grafton gentleman


Appo intment of the manor of Rudge and hereditaments for 1000 years subject to provise for redemption. £1200


12, 13 8 and 9 June 1796


(1) Thomas Boycott senior and junior


(2) William Leche and Edward Ravenscroft


(3) Sir R.S.Cotton and John Knight


Revocation of settlement except power to charge with £1200 and except term of 200 years to raise a yearly sum for Thomas junior during joint lives


Appointment and release to uses - Thomas Boycott senior for life, remainder to trustees for 1000 years to raise £10500 to be paid as Boycott's will should direct. remainder to use of Thomas the younger in fee. Now uses appointed for copyhold. Messuages and land in Westbury, Pontesbury, Asterley, Fareley, Alveley and Lowe appointed to trustees to uses, Thomas senior for life, remainder to Thomas junior in fee


14. 10 June 1796


Will of Thomas Boycott the elder. £10500 to be raised under trust of term of 1000 years. We devises land in Rudge lately purchased from Bulkeley Natchett esq and Richard Langford gentleman called Morall Brooks to son Thomas in fee


15. 18 August 1796


Deed poll. Brereton Crafton declares the money secured by no 11 to be the proper money of Richard Woollam gentleman


16. 26 February 1801


(1) Brereton Grafton


(2) Richard Woollam


(3) Thomas Boycott esq


Surrender of premises (except tithes sold by Boycott) to Boycott for residue of term of 1000 years to merge


17 17 July 1801


(1) Charles Boycott esq. Edward Ravenscroft esq. John Hayman and Frances his wife, Henry Lannoy Hunter esq and Harriet his wife, Sophia Boycott spinster, Maria Boycott spinster, Charlotte Boycott spinster and Louisa V.P.M.Boycott spinster (Charles is the younger son and the girls 6 of the 7 daughters of Thomas Boycott esq deceased)


(2) Thomas Boycott esq eldest son and heir, and John Knight esq. trustees in settlement before marriage of John Hayman and Frances his wife


(3) William Manning esq Claudius Stephen Henter Esq and Thomas Boycott party and John Knight, 4 trustees in articles before marriage of Bunter and Marriet his wife


(4) Jane Boycott widow of Thomas Boycott deceased, Sir R.S.Cotton bart and John Knight, executors in will of Thomas deceased


(5) Thomas Boycott the son


Consideration £10500 paid to Cotton and Knight by Thomas Release from term of 1000 years. Surrender to merge.


18 17 July 1801


(1) Thomas Boycott


(2) Jane Boycott widow


(3) Hugh Leycester esq and John Knight


Grant to Jane of annuity of £509.2.0 for life charged on manor of Rudge, capital messuage, and other hereditaments in Rudge and Pattingham co Salop


Note that 11.15.16 were taken out for intended mortgage to Mr Barker Feb 1805


Schedule of deeds relating to estates and tithes in the parishes of Claverley and Trysull cos Staffs and Salop, purchased by Thomas Boycott esq February 1807 from Dame Mary Glynne and Sir Stephan Richard Glynne bart


1. 29 August 1682


Demise, Sir Clement Clerke of Rudge bart TO Roger Fletcher of Dovebridge on Derby gentleman, of 3 parts to be divided of a messuage and lands in Shipley


Cottage in Shipley (fletcher)


2 closes in Shipley under the west end of a parcel of ground called Abbotts Castle


3 leasows called Corsty Hills within the parish of Treesley no Staffs (Thomas Taylor) for 500 years from decease of Margaret Eddowes, rent one red rose is June, to secure to Fletcher £206 due and £40 salary during his service over and above his fees as attorney


2 16 May 1681


(1) Ann Fletcher widow executrix of said Roger Fletcher deceased, Harper Fletcher son and heir of Roger, William Wardle the younger gentleman, another executor and Richard Hand another executor, and Sir Clement Clarke


(2) John Whitmore of Ludson esq


Assignment of demise to Whitmore for remainder of term


3. 17 May 1681


(1) Clarke


(2) William Whitmore of Shilpey gentleman


Consideration £40 Release of reversion after death of Margaret Eddowes, in fee


4. 16 May 1682


Same Parties. Bargain and sale. Attornment endorsed


5, 6, 25 and 26 March 1701


(1) Samuel Downton of Darlaston and Ann his wife one of the sisters and coheirs of William Whitmore, and William Jones of Ludson yeoman and Mary his wife another sister


(2) John Brome of Welverhampton gentleman


Conveyance in fee of same premises. Cons £100. A fine was levied on this. Trinity 13 William III


7, 8. 5 and 6 July 1710


(1) John Brome and John Whitmore esq. administrators of goods etc of William Whitmore, William Jones and Mary his wife, Ann Downton widow (Mary and Ann being sisters and coheirs of William)


(2) John Dovey and William Fregleton


Conveyance of premises under Chancery decree


Note - an assignment of the 500 years, 20 January 1710 is recited in no 10)


9, 10 21 and 22 April 1712


(1) Dovey and Fregleton


(2) John Lacon gentleman


Consideration £303.1.7½ to Dovey and £496.18.4½ to other creditors of Whitmore




11 22 April 1712


(1) John Skrymsher and John Devey


(2) William Skett. Thomas Thomas, Richard Dovey, executors of John Sanders gentleman deceased; Jase pecks widow, Thomas Taylor, William Crowther, administrators of Mary Turner widow deceased and also of unadministered goods of John Terner; Thomas Rudge. Thomas Astley, Dorothy Billingsley widow and executrix of William Billingsley yeoman deceased, and John Shyrkham yeoman


(3) John Lacon and Joseph Plimley


Consideration £303.1.7½ to Dovey and £496.18.4½ residue of £800 purchase money. to the 2nd parties, creditors of Whitmore, Assignment of term of 500 years in trust for Lacon and to attend inheritance


Release of claims by 2nd parties, and general release of actions


12, 13 6 and 7 February 1728


(1) John Lacon


(2) John Dovey junior


(3) Walter Dovey esq


Conveyance of premises in Shrewsbury, Shipley, and parish of Claverley, to create tenant for recovery to use of John Lacon in fee


14. Hilary term 1 Gee (II) Recovery


Court rolls of Claverley show that John Lacon died intestate leaving 2 sisters Hannshand Ann, his heirs at law, who were seized of the whole of his estates. Hannah died unmarried and intestate - the whole then became the inheritance of Ann


15 23 April 1752


Attested copy of probate copy of Mrs Ann Lacon's will giving a molety ot all freehold and copyhold cos Salop and Hereford to her cousin Edward Dovey in fee and the other moiety her cousin Report Dovey - residue of real and personal estate equally divided between them. Considerable legacies. Note that the last devise included the Staffordshire estate


Edward Dovey died intestate. His moiety descended to his eldest brother and heir at law John Dovey


16 21 July 1767


Attested copy letters of administration to Edward Dovey PCC granted to John


John died a bachelor and intestate. His moiety descended to the Rev Richard Dovey clerk as his eldest brother and heir at law


As to tithes in Treysull


17. 28 September 1769


(1) the Rt Hon Grenville Levinson, Earl Gower


(2) John Duke of Bedford and William Lutwyche of Lutwyche esq


(3) Rupert Dovey of Stourbridge co Worcs esq


Consideration £76.9.4. Gower with consent of 2nd parties sold tithes of corn, grain and other gt tithes on a close of land of Dovery's in Treysull and within the tithings of Treysull and Seisdon co Staffs, ie Corsty Hills (36 acres in possession of John Botts)


18 25 May 1815


Attested copy letters of administration to John Dovey PCC granted to the Rev Richard Dovey brother and next of kin - estates in Treysull and Claverley


19 16 November 1770


Copy, probate copy will of Rupert Dovey, devising residue of estates real and personal to his brother the Rev Richard Dovey. By this devise, property purchased by Mr Boycott passed


20 8 May 1771


Attested copy of attested copy will of the Rev Richard Dovey clerk, proved Doctors Commons- residue of estate freehold, copyhold and personal to cousin Richard Bennett of Shifnal


21, 22 27 and 28 July 1779


Attested copies


(1) the Rev Sir Stephen Glynne bart


(2) Richard Bennett


(3) Mary Bennett only child and heir of Richard


(4) the Rev Henry Whitmore clerk and John Hodgetts esq


(5) Nathanniel Barrett esq and Richard Slaney esq


Settlement before marriage of Sir Stephen Glynse with Mary Bennett - all freehold property in co Salop, to use of Richard Bennett till the marriage, after to 5th parties for term of 300 years, Richard Bennett for life, Mary Bennett for life, 4th parties to preserve, sons in tail male


Term of 300 years to raise £10,000 to be disposed as Richard Bennett should appoint anything not raised to sink into reversion; also to secure annuity of £50 p.a. to Mrs Elizabeth Bennett (who died before Boycott purchased) for life and to raise £4000 and pay from it £500 each to the said Elizabeth Bennett, Richard Bennett nephew of Richard party. Eleanor Bennett and Ann Bennett sisters of Richard the nephew, and Lacon Bennett, if living at time of death of Richard Bennett party, Samuel Bennett eldest son of Lacon, Joshua Bennett another son of Lacon and Elizabeth daughter of Lacon. Further trust for raising portions for younger children but there was only one child, Sir Stephen Richard Glynne who joined in the conveyance to Boycott.


Power for Mary in case no issue to charge property with £6000 for her own use


23 5 November 1791


Attested copy


(1) Richard Bennett


(2) Dame Mary Glynne


(3) Thomas Boydell gentleman


Lady Glynne's income inadequate, £200 to be added p.a. until increase should be ordered by Chancery from estates of Sir Stephen Richard Glynne an infant, repayment to Bennett secured out of the £10,000


24 22 March 1794


Attested copy will of Richard Bennett - he revoked the sums of £500 spiece and charges all property with sum of £100 to sister Elizabeth besides the £50 annuity, £20 to nephew Richard Bennett of Bewdley, £20 to brother in law Mr Thomas Sshwood of Longstone co Berby, £20 each to each of the other relatives named in the settlement. Estates charged with the £10,000 (£2000 of it appointed to his daughter Dame Mary Glynne payable the day after his decease for her own use, This was not paid but she joined in the conveyance to Boycott. Residue to her on various trusts, all determined)


25 6 April 1795


Attested copy Samuel Bennett's discharge for £20


26 Like from Richard Bennett


27 Like from Joshua Bennett


28 Like from Ann Stanier formerly Bennett


29 Like from Elizabeth Bennett


30 Like from Lacon Bennett


31 Like from Mrs Eleanor Pritchard formerly Bennett


32 4 March 1780


Copy release from Samuel Bennett and Joshua Bennett as surviving executors of will of Lacon Bennett their late father who was sole executor and residuary legates of will of Elizabeth Bennett sister of the testator, 1794, for £100 legacy


33 8 March 1796


Attested copy


(1) Edward Griffiths esq and Richard Barker gentleman, executors of Boydall deceased


(2) Dame Mary Glynne


(3) George Wright gentleman and Joseph Moreton yeoman


Assignment of £756, the sum advanced for the annuity and other purposes under no 23


34 8 August 1799


Attested copy


(1) Richard Willey schoolmaster and Joseph Chesters farmer executors of Joseph Moreton


(2) Dame Mary Glynne


(3) Richard Barker gentleman


Assignment of £450, part of the £756, subject to provise


35 1 August 1806


Attested copy


(1) Richard Barker


(2) George Wright


(3) Dame Mary Glynne


Consideration £450 and £306 respectively. Assignment and exoneration of estate


36 17 March 1806


Attested copy


(1) Dame Mary Glynne and her son Sir Stephen Richard Glynne


(2) Stafford Squire Baxter gentleman


(3) Valentine Vickers gentleman


Bargain and sale onrolled, to create tenant for recovery to use of Mary for life and remainder to her son and heirs and assigns


37 Easter term 46 George III


Attested copy exemplification of recovery, estates in Shropshire


38 Recovery on estates in Staffordshire


As to tithes in Heathton


39 25 March 1801


The Rev John Charles Beckingham of Oswalds in the parish of Bishops Bourne co Kent clerk and Dame Mary Glynne Consideration £25 Conveyance of a moiety of tithes of corn, grain, fruit, hemp, flax, pigs, geese and other tithes from a parcel of land in Claverley (John Farmer) (7 a), freehold, Assignment of all tithes of hay, herbage, and agistment of cattle from the said land for residue of term of 1000 years


40, 41 Abstract and supplemental abstract of title with Mr Preston's opinion on behalf of Mr Boycott the purchaser dated 30 August 1806


42, 43 18 and 19 February 1807


(1) Dame Mary Glynne


(2) Sir Stephen Richard Glynne


(3) Thomas Boycott of Rudge Hall esq


(4) William Leech esq


Conveyance of dwellinghouse with garden, land, in Heathton in the parish of Claverley (0.1.14) (John Farmer): close arable in Heathton called Hilland piece (9a) (Farmer): 3 closes arable in the manor of Treysull co Staffs called Gorsty Piece or common piece (together 42.1.29) (Farmer): great and small tithes from the 3 closes in Treysull: 3/4ths of a messuage, buildings, fold, garden, nursery, rickyard and closes arable and meadow called Barnyard, Calves close, Lower meadow, Long meadow, Spoonly piece, Furlong Whitleys, Big Rudge field, Brickkiln flat, Sling, Standley, Oldfield, Coney grey, ditch, New end piece, and Little Hill end, all in the township of Shipley and parish of Claverley (86.1.2) (John Farmer)


Moiety of tithes of corn grain fruit hemp flax pigs geese and other tithes real praedial personal or mixed from 9 acres land as above, except such part of the tithes as are leasehold


To Boycott, his heirs and assigns for ever, released from the £10,000, to use of persons as appointed by him, or himself for life, trustee to preserve etc


Assignment of the tithes (as no 39)


44 19 February 1807


(1) Joseph Corbett of Longnor clerk, archdeacon of Salop in the diocese of Hereford


(2) Thomas Boycott


(3) John Knight of Dodington, Whitchurch


Assignment from Corbett as administrator of Joseph Plimley (as no 11) of term of 500 years in trust to attend inheritance

Date: N.D
Held by: Shropshire Archives, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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