Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue 2

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Details of Add Mss 501 - 1000
Reference: Add Mss 501 - 1000
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue 2



This volume of Additional Manuscripts (Add Mss) has been compiled on the lines as indicated in the Introduction to its predecessor. Deeds of title, court rolls and maps comprise a large part of these documents, but there will also be found estate accounts (Add Mss827-829), correspondence relating to tithe commutation (Add Mss863), a notebook relating to a survey of the river Adur (Add Mss1000), one of Humphry Repton's 'Red Books' (Add Mss520), papers of John Charles Brooke, Somerset Herald (Add Mss523), and letters relating to Queen Caroline (Add Mss733). The documents range in date from a deed of Thakeham of 1467 (Add Mss882) to the court book of the hundredal manor of Aldwick (Add Mss871) which remained in use until the end of 1949


Students are again asked to exercise care in quoting these documents, and to use the form indicated in the Introduction to the earlier volume




June 1957. County Archivist




Add Mss501 Deed of the prebend of Marden, 1577


Add Mss502, 503 Deeds of Aldingbourne, 1826, 1842


Add Mss504 Deed of Chichester, 1728


Add Mss505 Deed of Walberton and Yapton, 1829


Add Mss506 Deed of Walberton, 1741/2


Add Mss507 Deed of Broadwater, 1714-1716/7


Add Mss508-517 Deeds of Felpham, etc., 1710/1-1889


Add Mss518 Map of Shipley, 1733


Add Mss519 Map of Up Marden, c.1710


Add Mss520 Volume of landscape plans for Little Green in Compton by Humphry Repton 1793


Add Mss521 Court roll of the manor of Trotton, 1617-1624/5


Add Mss522 Tracing (made 1949) of a map of Shipley, 1834


Add Mss523 Letters and papers of John Charles Brooke


Add Mss524-717 Miscellaneous documents, 1570-c.1850


Add Mss718-721 Deeds of Appledram, 1775-1789


Add Mss722-725 Documents of Linchmere, 1760


Add MS. 726 Unexecuted deed of Petworth, 1784


Add Mss727 Notes on surnames by John Charles Brooke


Add Mss728 Pedigree showing the descent of Edward Miller Street from Thomas Farrington, 1880


Add Mss729-731 Manorial documents of Stedham, 1528-1565, 1737-1928


Add Mss732 Letters written by John Horace Round, 1901-1922


Add Mss733 Letters, etc., mainly relating to Queen Caroline and Thomas, 1st Lord Denman, 1821-1876


Add Mss734-741 Deeds of the Vicars' Close, Chichester, 1686-1813


Add Mss742 Deed relating to the Strood estate in Slinfold, 1763


Add Mss743, 744 Miscellaneous deeds, 1856, 1858


Add Mss745 Ironmonger's price list, c.1885


Add Mss746 Deed of Washington, 1592


Add Mss747-826 Court rolls and related documents of the manors of Sidlesham, Shotford and Merston, 1686-1936


Add Mss827-829 Account books of the Hampton family, 1757-1839


Add Mss830 Settlement of the Colebrooke family estates, 1771


Add Mss831-834 Miscellaneous documents, 1621, 1801-1836


Add Mss835-837 Deeds of Walberton, 1767-1819


Add Mss838-854 Miscellaneous documents, mainly relating to the Napper family, 1617-1820


Add Mss855-862 Wills and related documents of the Brown family of Westbourne, 1853-1871, and assignments of leasehold property in Cowfold, 1873-1883


Add Mss863 Correspondence relating to Horsham tithe commutation, 1840-1846


Add Mss864 Deed of Warnham, 1675


Add Mss865-877 Court rolls of the manors of Aldwick, Nytimber and North Mundham, 1641-1949


Add Mss878 Miscellaneous papers relating to Harting, 1845-1927


Add Mss879 Will of John Freeland of Appledram, 1787


Add Mss880, 881 Letters written by William Shayer, artist, to Charles Combes of West Wittering, 1862, 1867


Add Mss882, 883 Deeds of Thakeham, 1467, and Sullington, 1556


Add Mss884 Deed of Rumboldswhyke, 1654


Add Mss885 Receipt relating to lands in Crawley and Ifield, 1670


Add Mss886, 887 Deeds of Ifield, 1855, 1857


Add Mss888 Pedigree of the family of Mitford


Add Mss889-914 Admissions, etc., relating to a copyhold property called Browns House in Sutton, 1723-1941


Add Mss915-920 Deeds of a plot of ground in Birdham, 1799-1882


Add Mss921-950 Deeds of 13 Westgate, Chichester, 1720-1907


Add Mss951-955 Deeds of 62 High Street, Chichester, 1814-1868


Add Mss956 Letter relating to Arundel, c.1831


Add Mss957-980 Miscellaneous deeds, 1622-1908


Add Mss981-999 Deeds of a messuage and land in Bognor, 1658-1734, and deed of partition of the estates of the late John Page in Donnington, Chichester, Up Marden, etc., 1780


Add Mss1000 Notebook of Cater Rand relating to a survey of the river Adur, 1817-1821

Date: 1467 - 1949
Held by: West Sussex Record Office, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

West Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 500 pieces
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  • West Sussex
  • Land tenure

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