Catalogue description Miscellaneous papers collected by Thomas Wilks.

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Reference: IOR/H/770
Title: Miscellaneous papers collected by Thomas Wilks.

(1) pp. i-lxxx, Alphabetical Index of Subjects. (2) pp. 1-68, "View of the conduct of the French in Bengal since their re-establishment in that Province by the Treaty of Peace in 1763" 23rd March 1764 to 17th Aug. 1769. (3) pp. 89-174, Altercation between the Council and Select Committee of Bengal, the Committee complaining of infringement upon its powers, 1770. (4) pp. 175-86, "Of the Governor's [Bengal] Title and of the exercise of his authority as Military Commander-in-Chief." (5) pp. 189-209, "View of the alteractions which have happened between the Governor and Council of Fort St. George and Major-Gen. Eyre Coote 20th Aug. 1770 to 6th Feb. 1771. (Two copies, not exactly the same. The latter copy is not paged.) (6) pp. 213-38, Summary of Proceedings [between the Court and Crown] relative to powers vested in Sir John Lindsay 23rd Feb. to 5th Oct. 1770. (Two copies, the latter not paged.) (7) pp. 241-9, Incidental charge [of nearly 5 lakhs or £55,000] incurred in 1769 by a Deputation to Shuja-ud-daula, Nawab Wazir of Oudh. (8) pp. 265-81, Case of Major Graham, accused of disrespect to Gen. Richard Smith (Commander-in-Chief, Bengal) 1768 to 1769. (9) pp. 283-6, Purchase of Lead by Charles Lloyd 1768. (10) pp. 287-318, Of the Deficiencies of Salt Duties from 1765 to 1770. (11) pp. 327-43, "View of the Administration of Justice by the Country Government, collected from the Proceedings of the Council of Control, established in 1770 at Moorshedabad, in which the authority of Nizam [or Naib Subah] and Duan are separately and exactly defined." (12) pp. 347-66, Case of Capt. Mathias Calvert [Madras Army] Accused of "having borne Sepoys on the Rolls of his Battalion, which were never entertained or forthcoming, and for having for eight months constantly drawn the pay and batta of such Sepoys and for other abuses of a similar nature," including, p. 361, a testimonial from Gen. Joseph Smith to his military conduct. His defence of Ambur in 1767 was the first action in India from which a Sepoy Battalion (then the 14th) received a particular name and for which it was allowed to bear an appropriate device on its colours (Wilson's Madras Army, I, 249.) (13) p. 369, Proprietors' Instructions compared with those of the Directors--in reference to the Instructions issued regarding the Governor-General, Board of Trade and Exchequer. (14) pp. 375-403, "Proceedings [of the Court of Directors] relative to the establishment of Arrack and Sugar Works [in Bencoolen] as they respect the conduct of the Governor and Council, the views and expectations of the Company's Servants in general at Fort Marlborough and the late engagements of the Court with Mr. Baker and the German Protestants," 1769. (15) pp. 411-82, Printed copies of "Instructions for the Governor-General and Council of Bengal and for the Council of Commerce with directions for the institution of a Board of Exchequer drawn by the Committee of Proprietors," with declaration by Ja. Wallace, Richard Jackson, J. Skynner, J. Dunning and C. Sayer that, as amended, the Instructions are legal and consistent with the provisions of Act XIII of George III 14th Jan. 1774; pp. 485-514, Printed copies of the opinion of Council, viz. J. Glynn 27th Dec. 1773, J. Dunning 27th Dec. 1773, Archibald Macdonald 27th Dec. 1773, and C. Sayer 15th Dec. 1773 on the legality of the Instructions as prepared by the Committee appointed by the General Court of Proprietors 7th Dec. 1773 for that purpose. (16) pp. 517-33, Printed copy of Instructions from the Court of Directors to Warren Hastings, Esq., Governor-General, and Council of Bengal, with similar certificate of legality. (17) pp. 537-55, Instructions respecting powers to be exercised by Military Commanders-in-Chief of India, being para. 40 of Court's letter to Bengal of 29th March 1774. (See H/212 (2))

Date: 1764-1774
Held by: British Library: Asian and African Studies, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

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