Catalogue description Papers of the Kearley family of Peasmarsh Place, Viscounts Devonport

This record is held by East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO)

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Reference: SAS-DE
Title: Papers of the Kearley family of Peasmarsh Place, Viscounts Devonport

Principal contents, deeds, manorial records and estate papers relating to


1-39 Tillingham Farm in Peasmarsh, 1750-1832


40-78 Tillingham estate in Peasmarsh, 1734-1846


79-100 Lea and Newhouse Farms in Peasmarsh, including partition of the estate of John Collier, 1766; 1732-1782


101-112 Pelsham Farm in Peasmarsh, 1703-1806


113-122 Hazel Grove and Kitchen Knowles in Peasmarsh, 1784-1826


123-134 Cottage late Huggett's in Peasmarsh, 1819-1867


142-159 Marshland in Peasmarsh, Beckley and Wittersham in Wittersham Level, 1771-1866


160-180 Rye and Playden: Leasam, house near the churchyard, King's Head in Rye, Burntwood in Rye, leasehold waste in Rye Foreign, Hoadmill Wood in Playden and Rye, messuage in The Square, limekiln at The Wish, newly-built messuages in Rye; 1729-1838


181-202 Buttons Farm in Peasmarsh, 1744-1838


203-215 Hookhurst and Snatts in Peasmarsh, a house in Rye and land in Benenden, Rolvenden, Newenden and Sandhurst, Kent, 1764-1789


216-221 Beckley: newly-built house, 1797; newly-built cottage, 1818; 1797-1846


222-228 Two Oven Wood in Peasmarsh and Beckley, lot 20 in the Gott Sale of 1820; 1722-1820


229-235 Newly-built in Peasmarsh, formerly part of Cockwood, [1815]-1867


236-248 Cock Farm otherwise the Brick Field in Peasmarsh, with a house in Rye, 1806-1867


249 The Shawell Farm, Peasmarsh, 1771


250-252 Bankruptcies of Alexander Fordyce of London, banker, 1772, and Collinson and Tritton of London, bankers, 1782


253-265 Peasmarsh: Williams and Combe Field at Tillingham Green, 1709-1760


266-349A the Peasmarsh Place Estate, including leases, inventories of Marley, Clayton and Lea Farms, particulars of sale, partition of 1851, sale to HG Liddell 1867; 1790-1913


349B-365 Peasmarsh: Tillingham Estate, including Roberts Field, with several statutory declarations and certificates concerning the Woodhams and Stileman families, 1731-1844


366-402 Peasmarsh Place Estate: leases, copyhold portions of the estate held of the manors of Peasmarsh Prebend, Ewhurst, Mote, Kechenour, Morley and Vield, including enfranchisments, [1673]-1875


403-413 Peasmarsh Place Estate: reconveyances of the mortgaged estate, 1867


414-440 Peasmarsh Place Estate: purchases, leases and sales off by the Liddell family, 1867-1896


441-444 Peasmarsh Place Estate: enfranchisements, 1881-1908


445-447 Particulars of sale of Marshalls Farm Udimore, Leasam Estate, Roberts Land in Peasmarsh, 1885-1889


448-452 Peasmarsh Place Estate: sale of land for addition to Peasmarsh churchyard, 1891


453-463, 518 Peasmarsh Place Estate: papers in Liddell and Springet v Curteis and Barham, 1890-1892, Cox v Liddell, 1894-1895, and Leveson-Gower v Liddell, 1896


464-517 Peasmarsh Place Estate: abstracts of title to component elements, drawn mostly on HG Liddell's purchase in 1867; [1750]-1912


519-520 Peasmarsh Place Estate: particulars of sale of the estate, 1866, 1912


521 Peasmarsh Place Estate: papers concerning the East Sussex Light Railway, 1901-1905


522-524 Peasmarsh Place Estate: map of Tillingham Farm c1824; map of the whole estate, c1828, annotated to show partition of 1851; OS sheets 45/5-7 annotated to show the extent of the estate, produced in Liddell v Curteis, 1872


525 Unlisted box of documents including will of John Holt concerning lands in Wittersham and Stone in Kent, 1725; decree in Curteis v Kenrick, 1830; papers concerning the sale of 1867; papers for manor of Tillingham and Peasmarsh, 1873-1881; Liddell v Curteis, 1870; correspondence re proposed exchange at Leasam, 1873; leases to George Hilder, 1886-1891; detailed particulars of the estate including cottages, 1892; schedules of deeds handed to mortgagees, 1892; analysis of abstracts of title, 1892; copy draft conveyances on the sale of the estate, 1912-1921; provisional agreement with East Sussex Light Railway, 1901; notes by the Revd, Walter Budgen, SAS curator of deeds, with draft lists of these and other documents including maps of Tillingham in Peasmarsh, 1706 and 1708 (not found)

Date: 1673-1938
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: SAS/DE
Language: English
Physical description: About 460 files

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