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13 Ric. II.--Indenture between John Stanley, Lord Justice of Ireland, and O'Neale and his sons. Neale O'Neale, son to O'Neale, "was delivered upon pledges and ransom." O'Neale and his sons to be the King's liege men, and true to the King and the Earl of Marche, and their heirs. "To yield back and not to intermeddle with the bonnaughe of Ulster; but that the King for his time, and the Earl of Marche, when he shall be of full years, and his heirs, shall at their will, without contradiction of O'Neale, his sons or heirs, dispose the said bonnaughe for ever." The King and the Earl shall have the lordships, rents, exactions, and answerings of all the Irishmen of Ulster and Uriell, "as amply as the ancestors of the King and Earl of Ulster of antiquity have used to have; reserving to O'Neale and his successors such things as of old custom they have used to have of them. The pledges be named, &c.


3 Hen. IV.--Indenture, between Thomas of Lancaster, &c, and Awghly Mcch. Mahon. Mcch. Mahon to be a liege man. To rise out with the King or his Lieutenant against all rebels with all the force he can make. A manor is let to farm to him for 10l. rent.


28 Hen. VIII.--Indenture between Lord Leonard Grey and O'Neale. O'Neale to serve against all rebels. An indenture made by Skevington is confirmed. The King to levy his right, and O'Neale his rights. "O'Neale offereth, in his submission made to the Lord Deputy in Ireland, to take what name and lands the King will give him.


O'Neale, in his submission in England, promiseth to forsake for ever the name of O'Neale, with all claims that he might pretend by the same, and to take such name as it shall please the King to give him.


The Lord Deputy declareth Neale Connylaughe's suit to have a piece of land in recompence of the land the King gave to th' Earl of Tyrone, &c.


O'Neale acknowledges the King; desires pardon, and to be accepted and proclaimed a subject; "requireth leading of men at the King's appointment;" promises to come to Parliaments; refuses his black rent upon Uriell; promises to answer all hostings; and consents to the cutting of woods between the Irish pale and his county.


O'Neale and Phelem Roo be made friends by the Lord Deputy, and restitutions ordered on either sides.


35 Hen. VIII.--The Earl of Tyrone and O'Donnell submit the order of their causes to the Lord Deputy and Council.


The Lord Deputy takes order between the Earl of Tyrone and Phelym Roo. Mcch. Cardell to make restitutions of exactions, &c.


35 Hen. VIII.--Neale Connylaughe is on the King's peace. To pay 100 kine towards "the Earl's charges into England," and his lands to be free from the Earl, saving for hostings. Order is taken between Neale Connylaughe and Conn Mac Neale.


The Lord Deputy maketh a peace between the Earl of Tyrone and Hugh O'Neale.


O'Neale riseth with the Lord Deputy at every hosting, with a great number of men.


35 Hen. VIII.--Arbitrators appointed by the Lord Deputy to end causes between the Earl and Phelym Roo.


35 Hen. VIII.--O'Donnell to give to the Earl of Tyrone the arrearages of the chief rent for Inishen.


35 Hen. VIII.--Radmond Mcch. Rowry, captain of Ferny, submits to the King.


3 Edw. VI.--Certain of the Mcch. Mahons forfeited 500 marks to the King "upon breach of orders, and were upon their submission remitted, upon condition, if ever they did the like, to forfeit their lands, &c. for ever.


34 Hen. VIII.--Mcch. Donnell submits.


33 Hen. VIII.--Donnell Oge Mcch. Genisse, elected by the country and admitted by the Lord Deputy to be Mcch. Genisse, and Arte Mcch. Phelyme Mcch. Genisse are in controversy, which of them ought to be McGennysse. Donnell Oge is judged to be Mcch. Gennisse, and Arte to have his lands free.


1 Mary.--Eugeny Mcch. Gennisse, captain of his nation, submits. "He answereth to hostings 20 horsemen and 60 kearne, &c." He pays 100 kine for his nomination.


35 Hen. VIII.--McWille and Occane promise not to disturb the Queen's farmers of the Bande. They shall use the castle of Colarne. They have 10l. a piece given to them yearly.


34 Hen. VIII.--McWille to serve and obey the King only; and "to stand to the King's order for his customs of the Bande.


33 Hen. VIII.--O'Rwrerke acknowledges the King for his sovereign Lord. Commissions appointed to order the controversies for lands between him and O'Raylie.


33 Hen. VIII.--O'Donnell submits. McGuere and Felym Backer were taken as O'Donnell's friends and adherents. "This indenture is worth the reading.


33 Hen. VIII.--O'Donnell acknowledges the King to be his sovereign Lord.


28 Hen. VIII.--Phelym Roo submits.


28 Hen. VIII.--Savage submits.


34 Hen. VIII.--O'Neale, Phelym Roo, and McDonnell "put their contentions by consent to the Lord Deputy to be ordered.


25 Hen. VI. (sic.)--McMahon submits. To give over the black rent upon the Kings subjects. "To make satisfaction to the King's subjects of hurts done, according the laws and March parliaments." To carry nothing out of the English pale contrary to the statutes. To pay all bonnaughes, &c., as he paid to the Duke of York. "He payeth for the peace to the Lord Lieutenant four score kine; to the Chancellor, a white palfrey; or, in lieu thereof, twenty kine, at Gs. 8d. the piece.


37 Hen. VIII.--Preys taken by Tirloughe O'Neale be restored to O'Donnell. O'Donnell to pay no rent to the Earl of Tyrone for Innyshene, in respects of the hurts done to him by the Earl. "O'Dohertie was taken by the Earl and delivered to the Lord Deputy.


38 Hen. VIII.--"English soldiers be sent with ordnance to take a castle from Neale Connylaughe, which he took from the Earl, and to put it in indifferent hands until the matter be tried.


33 Hen. VIII.--Bryan O'Maughry McMahon, captain of his nation, submits.


Hewghe Reaughe McMahon, captain of his nation, serveth the King in all hostings, and findeth a battle of galleglas for a quarter.


[The date "38 II. 8." has been struck out.] "The Earl is bound to make restitution to the Baron of Dongannon, Callaughe O'Donnell, Tirloughe Leoneghe, and McGuire; and if any of them do any hurt to him, he to stand to the Lord Deputy's order, for that they hang upon the King.


1 Elizabeth.--"Shane O'Neale claimeth to be O'Nele; re-mitteth to the Queen's judgment whether the superiorities of McMahon, McGennisse, &c., ought to belong to her Majesty or to O'Neile; and in the meantime the Queen to levy her duties, and he his claims upon them, &c.

Date: 1559
Held by: Lambeth Palace Library, not available at The National Archives
Former reference in its original department: MS 603, p. 132
Language: English
Physical description: 5 pages. [On p. 135 a portion of p. 134 has been rewritten by the same hand, but crossed out.]
Unpublished finding aids:

Calendar of the Carew Manuscripts preserved in the Archiepiscopal Library at Lambeth, ed. J. S. Brewer & W. Bullen (6 vols., 1867-73), vol. I, document 221.

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