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The records of the general Quarterly Meetings, usually on a county basis, and of the Monthly Meetings which were held in each District, fall regularly into various classes, the main headings of which are


Minute Books and Proceedings


Minutes of Ministers and Elders


Women's Minute Books


Resolutions and Recommendations


Queries Answered


Minutes of Committee of Accounts


Registers of Testimonies of Disownment and Denial


Sufferings Registers and Accounts


Account Books


Women's Account Books


Public Stock Accounts


Deeds and Papers re Property


Registers of Deeds, Trust Books, etc


Registers of Wills


Conveyancing Precedent Books


Epistles and Advice from Yearly Meetings


Various Papers


This should assist users of the list in locating the required records under the geographical heading of each meeting. A description of the area covered and the amalgamations which have taken place within the area is given following each heading. A record commenced by one meeting and used subsequently by another with which it has been amalgamated is given under the meeting first originating the document. Where loose papers, especially copies of minutes and marriage and burial entries or settlements, have been transmitted from one meeting to another for information and their 'covers' are now missing, some doubt exists as to their recipient and hence their proper classification


Sussex Quarterly Meeting


SOF/1 Minutes and proceedings (includes accounts); 1668-1806


SOF/2 Minutes of Ministers' and Elders' meetings; 1728-1819


SOF/3 Minutes of Womens' meetings; 1753-1794


SOF/4 Testimonies of disownment; 1672-1767


SOF/5 Registers of sufferings, register of Horsham gaol, photocopy extracts of the Sussex section from J Besse's A Collection of the Sufferings of the People called Quakers; 1655-1827


SOF/6 Womens' meeting accounts (includes minutes); 1677-1751


SOF/7 Womens' meetings rough accounts; 1714-1751


SOF/8 Public stock accounts; 1682-1706


SOF/9 Register of deeds and trust books; 1667-1846


SOF/10 Register of wills; 1663-1685


SOF/11 Conveyancing precedent book; 17th - 18th centuries


SOF/12 Epistles and advice from yearly meetings; 1670-1850


Surrey Quarterly Meeting


SOF/13 Minutes and proceedings; 1668-1802


SOF/14 Minutes of Ministers' and Elders' meetings (includes epistles from yearly meetings); 1751-1802


SOF/15 Minutes of Womens' meetings (includes registers of attendance); 1736-1802


SOF/16 Queries answered; 1730-1801


SOF/17 Registers of sufferings; 1656-1801


SOF/18 Epistles and advice from yearly meetings; 1728-1838


SOF/19 Other papers consisting of letters, advice, amalgamation of the Kingston, Wandsworth and Croydon Monthly Meetings, abhorrence of privateering, returns of members, objection to inclosures, accounts, Ackworth School, Quakers in America, arithmetic exempla book and tables; 1730-1801


Sussex and Surrey Quarterly Meeting


SOF/20 Minutes and proceedings; 1803-1860


SOF/21 Minutes of Ministers' and Elders' meetings; 1805-1859


SOF/22 Minutes of Womens' meetings; 1801-1849


SOF/23 Minutes of the Committee on Accounts; 1836-1855


SOF/24 Returns of sufferings from monthly meetings and various papers concerning schools, Catalogue of books sold by William Phillips, proposal to instruct some African Negroes; 1813-1835


Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and part of Dorset Quarterly Meeting


SOF/25 Minutes and proceedings; 1860-1929


SOF/26 Minutes of Ministers' and Elders' meetings; 1860-1905


SOF/27 Minutes of Womens' meetings; 1867-1911


SOF/28 Accounts; 1855-1884


SOF/29 Various papers consisting of epistles and advice from yearly meetings, returns to the Charity Commissioners, printed protest against compulsory military service in the Boer War, Stewart's 'The Early History of the Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire Quarterly Meeting', notes on the history of the meeting; 1864-1958


Lewes Monthly Meeting


SOF/30 Proceedings; 1669-1810


SOF/31 Rough minutes; 1714-1725


SOF/32 Minutes of Womens' meetings; 1677-1812


SOF/33 Ministers' and Elders' minutes; 1772-1805


SOF/34 Membership papers consisting of lists of births, marriages and deaths, marriage certificates; 1776-1799


SOF/35 Certificates of clearness; 1720-1722


SOF/36 Papers relating to sufferings; 1657-1857


SOF/37 Property records consisting of deeds and papers; 1665-1819


SOF/38 Correspondence; 1801-1828


Arundel Monthly Meeting


SOF/39 Minutes; 1668-1803


SOF/40 Rough minutes (includes pamphlet of the Society for the Abolition of the Slave Trade); 1771-1804


SOF/41 Minutes of Womens' meetings; 1698-1802


SOF/42 Membership papers; 1772-1805


SOF/43 Registers of sufferings; 1665-1811


Lewes and Brighton Monthly Meeting


SOF/44 Minutes; 1802-1817


SOF/45 Ministers' and Elders' minutes; 1805-1828


SOF/46 Accounts; 1804-1826


SOF/47 Property records; 1804-1831


SOF/48 Correspondence; 1806-1827


Arundel and Chichester Monthly Meeting


SOF/49 Minutes; 1804-1812


SOF/50 Ministers' and Elders' minutes; 1803-1807


SOF/51 Register of sufferings; 1804-1811


Lewes and 'Chichester Monthly Meeting


SOF/52 Minutes; 1817-1932


SOF/53 Minutes of Womens' meetings, minutes of yearly meetings, Small Meetings Committee (Thakeham and Gardner Street Committee) monthly meeting minutes, accounts; 1812-1929


SOF/54 Ministry and Oversight minutes and papers; 1829-1906


SOF/55 Membership records consisting of lists of births, marriages and deaths; 1828-1906


SOF/56 Papers relating to sufferings; 1858-1868


SOF/57 Various papers consisting of letters, certificates; 1814-1857


East Sussex Monthly Meeting


SOF/58 Minutes; 1669-1707


Horsham Monthly Meeting


SOF/59 Membership records and registers of sufferings consisting of abstracts and lists of births, marriages, deaths and burials, registers of sufferings; 1655-1837


SOF/60 Property records; 1753-1826


Arundel and Chichester Preparative Meeting


SOF/61 Minutes; 1803-1814


Brighton Preparative Meeting


SOF/62/1 Minutes; 1769-1935


SOF/62/2 Womens' Preparative Meeting minutes; 1823-1900


SOF/62/3 Adult School (Trafalgar Street) minutes; 1899-1919


SOF/62/4 Young People's Christian Endeavour Society minutes; 1904-1917


SOF/62/5 Accounts; 1867-1934


SOF/62/6 Tract Association register; 1850-1910


Lewes Preparative Meeting


SOF/63/1 Minutes; 1818-1936


Tunbridge Wells Preparative Meeting


SOF/64/1 Minutes; 1886-1933


SOF/64/2 Various papers consisting of letter concerning the constitution of the meeting, agreement to hire the Mechanics' Institute, Meeting House fund account book; 1886-1896

Date: 1655-1958
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English
Physical description: 15 Subfonds
Access conditions:

Records are open for consultation unless otherwise indicated

Immediate source of acquisition:

Deposited by the Quarterly Meeting of Sussex, Surrey and Hants, by A.E. Bissell, Esq., Custodian of Records, in 1959 as authorised at the Quarterly Meeting held at Bournemouth on 18 Oct. 1958. Additional deposits 18 Dec 1974 (A1840) and 22 May 1985 (A4456)

  • East Sussex
  • West Sussex
  • Tunbridge Wells, Kent
  • Religious movement
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