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Reference: AMSK
Title: Additional Manuscripts, Catalogue K

Since it opened, East Sussex Record Office has maintained a collection of 'Additional Manuscripts' for accessions which are not assigned, or are not accrued to existing collections which have, a distinctive alphabetic reference based on the collection's title. The Additional Manuscripts collection is now known as AMS


Some of these accessions added to AMS have been returned to A2A as free-standing catalogues. The residue are being returned as a series of catalogues, each covering a range of AMS numbers. The summary list below covers all the accessions within that range, with notes against those which are the subject of separate catalogues or which have been transferred to other collections or other repositories. The main body of the catalogue notes only the reference and the fact of the separate catalogue or the transfer


Summary of contents


AMS5701 54 Southover High Street, Lewes, (Winton-Verrall); includes title to other property including Ann of Cleves House, Southover; 1781-1929


AMS5702 Will of Robert Randoll of Herrings in Dallington; includes Thorndale and Reedlands in Ashburnham, Becchland, Assartland and Stackenden in Dallington; 1782


AMS5703 6,10 and 16 Terminus Road, Eastbourne (Stapley-Pearson-Styer), 1873-1909


AMS5704 Sun Alliance policy register, Hastings, Thomas Breeds agent, 1820s-1878


AMS5705 Two houses in Southover, Pugsley-Pugsley, 1555; land on W side of Keere Street, Lewes, Pelland-Newton, 1582; house in Southover, Gosden-Newton, 1825


AMS5706 Langridge family, clerks of the peace: Balcombe family of Briggs Farm Streat, 1709-1868; bankruptcy of Henry Johnson of Waldron: copyhold at Uckfield, Truly manor in Edburton area, 1720-1818; Broomfield otherwise Tanyard Farm and Rockhill Farm in Waldron (including valuation), 1813-1850; settlement of timberyard in St Nicholas Lane, Lewes, cottages and land in Streat, mortgages of Pouches in Ringmer, houses in Lewes St Ann, Southover and Laughton, 1804; settlement on the marriage of Abigail Vidler and William Balcombe Langridge: property in St Margaret Westminster, 1805; release of timberyard in St Nicholas Lane with recital of title from 1727, 1827; settlement on the marriage of John Cusson Turner and Frances Langridge: property in Surrey left by her garndfather Vidler, 1844; partition of WBL's residuary estate: mortgages of property in Chailey, Barcombe, Lewes, Plumpton, Waldron, Brighton, Warbleton and Hamsey, 1849; further partition (including Eastbourne), 1868; leases of the Esher estate, 1862-1877


AMS5707 Photocopies of Exchequer Port Books, Rye, 1573-1589, Meeching 1598-1599


AMS5708 Plans and papers concerning the proposed Hellingly and Selmeston canals, 1791-1792


AMS5709 Estate of Horatio Nelson Williams of Hastings: house barn and 50a in Castle (Waters-Sargent-Davis), 1738; house in Hastings St Clement (Williams - Williams), 1809-1827; 7 Prospect Place, Hastings, Wallis-Williams, 1848; personal estates of Sarah and Humphrey Gilbe, 1851; mills and cottages at West Hill, Hastings, with inventory, Ward-Williams, 1856; carpenter's shop and warehouse in Courthouse Street, Hastings, Williams-White, 1872; copyhold house and land in Eastbourne, Latter's trustees, 1792


AMS5710 Tracing of Uckfield Tithe Map, 1841


AMS5711 Map of John Young's manor of Runtington, Heathfield, by Thomas Wood, 1709


AMS5712 Sale particulars of property sold by Geering and Collyer's Hawkhurst office; parishes nearest to Hawkhurst are best represented; Battle, Beckley, Bexhill, Bodiam, Brede, Brightling, Burwash, Catsfield, Chiddingly, Crowborough, Dallington, Etchingham, Ewhurst, Flimwell, Frant, Guestling, Hailsham, Heathfield, Herstmonceux, Hooe, Horam, Hurst Green, Iden, Jevington, Mayfield, Mountfield, Netherfield, Ninfield, Northiam, Ore, Pett, Polegate, Robertsbridge, Rotherfield, Rye, St Leonards, Salehurst, Sedlescombe, Stonegate, Ticehurst, Tidebrook, Uckfield, Wadhurst, Waldron, Warbleton, Westfield, Whatlington, Winchelsea, 20th century


AMS5713 Lease of 80 Western Road Brighton, Brooke-West End Clothiers, 1910; estates of Samuel Cook and George Edwards in Mayfield: Freemans in Mayfield with Lyes in East Chiltington (Earl-Olive-Marchant-Ashdown-Cook), 1749-1860; Crooked Reed and Reddings in Mayfield (Moon-Bassett-Marchant-Ashdown-Cook), 1788-1860; Horley Green in Mayfield (Peckham-Burgis-Burnell-Moon-Russell-Bridger-Cook), 1629-1864; Ordnance Place, Mayfield (Grantham-Frost-Cottingham), 1843-1845; Lower House and Hoadleys or Park Farm, Mayfield (Baker-Godfrey-Elsley-Baker-Dudlow-Alexander-Rowland-Scott-Schroeter), 1743-1874; house at Slaugham Gill Crowborough (Taylor-Gower-Trustam-Delves), 1840-1865


AMS5714 Marked catalogue of stock at Colbrans Farm Laughton, 1915, Halland farm East Hoathly, 1918; sale particulars of the Bentley estate, marked with contract for Peckham Farm Framfield, 1920; pedigree of Shoosmith of Beckley and Wadhurst, 1387-1782; notes on Cheyney and Lunsford families from PCC and elsewhere, 20thC


AMS5715 Map of William Thomas's Arlington parsonage glebe, 1629


AMS5716 House in Longer Street, Rye, Davis-Cooper, 1736; probate of John Jarrett of Rye, carpenter, 1800; correspondence concerning the proposed purchase of property in Peasmarsh late John Jarrett by Sidney Sussex College Cambridge to augment the benefice, with deatils of parish affairs, 1808


AMS5717 Whitehouse and ½a at Chailey Green, Bradford-Marten, 1761-1768; settlement on marriage of Thomas Chowne and Phoebe Westbroke, 1703: Lunsford in Etchingham and Salehurst, manor and farm of Tollers at Frog Firle in Alfriston, manor of Amies and Levetts in Firle, manor and farm of Seaford and a lease of Firle parsonage; 1703-1710


AMS5718 Deeds, Pleydells and Chapel Cottage Farm, Rushlake Green in Warbleton; Pleydells (Read-Wood-Baker-Pleydell-Waters), 1664-1773; freehold land and copyhold called Skings, including details of the Lade estate in Etchingham, Salehurst, Burwash, Ticehurst, Hertmonceux, Dallington, Wartling, Westham, Pevensey, Westfield, Ore, Pett, Fairlight, Guestling, Ewhurst, Sedlescombe, Iden, Eastbourne, Battle, Lewes, Lewisham and Romney Marsh (Lade-Day-Waters), 1739-1805; the whole estate (Waters-Crowhurst-Burfield-Parrish), 1805-1941


AMS5719 Estate of James Hilder of Robertsbridge: Hackwoods in Salehurst (Busbridge-Sivyer), 1728-1748; house in North Bridge Street (Chambers), 1802; Ockham Farm including a map by Thomas Redford, 1728 (Boys, Hilder), 1728-1852


AMS5720 44 High Street, Lewes (Towers-Alcock-Pellatt-Woodward-Nowel-Comber-Durrant-Elliott-Newman-Saxby), 1672-1912


AMS5721 Framfield copyhold land S of the White Lion at Terrible Down, Laughton, with a Dicker allotment in Chiddingly (Swain-Newington-Markwick-Sturt-Shoesmith-Smith), 1695-1889


AMS5722 Tabernacle Chapel, 3 High Street, Lewes (Pellatt-Verrall-Goldsmith-Wille and Stanford-Tabernacle trustees-Sussex Congregational Union), 1691-1935


AMS5723 Hatchard family of St Leonards including J A Hatchard, vicar of St Leonards: 58, 97, 104-107 Marina and 45-47 Caves Road, and the Wiltshire estate of the Holford family of Devizes; 1834-1899; 12 Lansdowne Terrace Eastbourne (Cavendish-Peerless-Toms-Latter-Pearson), 1876-1877; Barnhurst in Etchingham and Salehurst (Peckham-Micklethwaite-Coleman-Pakenham), 1812-1863


AMS5724 Flackley Ash Farm, Peasmarsh (Morris-Crockford), 1850-1857; 28 Burlington Place, Eastbourne (Witham-Frazer), 1887


AMS5725 119 Marina, St Leonards (Smith-Chapman-White-Grant-Povey-Turner), 1895-1919


AMS5726 Bulls Barn and 39½a in Ditchling (Russell-Abergavenny-Pitcher), 1891


AMS5727 Assignment of Lewes Gas Company Shares, Tamplin's executors-Wood, 1830


AMS5728 4 New Steine, Brighton (Kemp-Thunder-Pledge-Mitchell-Gray-Beckwith), 1789-1844; 2 Wellington Square, Hastings (Cossum-Dodgsort-Gaze), 1819-1881; 20 Duke Street, Brighton, with goodwill of tobacconist's business (Cohen-Wordsworth), 1933


AMS5729 Antiquarian collection


Sackville/Dorset estate leases: Milton in Arlington, to Boyce, 1698; The Lodge in Chailey, to Bonner, 1663; Rowses Manor in East Grinstead, to Bartholomew, 1667; Imberhorne demesne called The Millpond in East Grinstead, to Bodle, 1689; Woo and Beaches near Cansiron in Hartfield, Hallcombe otherwise Nicholas-Jarrett, 1633; Marshcopland and Pokemeadow in Hartfield, to Kingsland, 1650; Tye Farm Hartfield, to Turner, 1660; tenement in Church Lane Hartfield, to Inkpen, 1669; Bintons Boardwright at Holtye Common in Hartfield, to Woodgate, 1671; house and land in Hartfield Street, to Thatcher, 1709; Knights Hall, Pound Cottage and Westfield in Hartfield, to Pope, 1713, to Farmer, 1725; Erlowiswick in Kingston, Herbert-Caldicott-Lane, 1634-1654; Winterbourne and Houndean Barns in Lewes, to Medley, 1703; Hewkines Crofts in Withyham, to Middlemore, 1628; Blackham Court in Withyham, to Medhurst, 1634; Frayes in Withyham, to Palmer, 1650; Dales and Newnhams in Withyham, to Tias, 1662; Hoden Farm in Withyham, Elliott to Constable, 1669; Somerford Grange in Withyham, Packer-Morley, 1682; Sharlocks, Claylands and Bleechmead and a watermill in Withyham, to Crondwell, 1689; Stoneland with a farm and smithy and Hilders Farm in Withyham, to Fermour, 1690; Prowds otherwise Holmans in Withyham, to Weller, 1697; Somerford Grange in Withyham, to Morley, 1698; cottage and 1a with 12a to be enclosed from Ashdown Forest in Withyham, to Jenner, 1699; cottage on the Fidges Gate to Duddleswell road with 2a to be enclosed from Ashdown Forest in Withyham, to Bennet, 1699; Somerford Grange in Withyham, to Weller, 1709; Beachgreen Farm in Withyham, to Francis, 1725; office of deputy feodary of the duchy of Lancaster, to Cheesman, 1660; bailiwick of the half-hundred of Loxfield Dorset, to Cheesman, 1669; house and land [?Ivyland] at Netherfield in Battle (Gibson-Smalfield-Finch), 1526; Ivyland in Battle (Martin and Yielding to Peckham), 1672; house in Middlebrough, Battle (Crownage-Birch), 1655-1686; Browns Wood in Catsfield and Kelkmead and the Old Hop Garden in Battle (Weekes-Markwick), 1697-1706; Toft and land called the Hall at Berwick Tye (Caley-Busbridge-Allen), 1697; house and 2½a in Bodiam (Bourne-Hollands), 1643; Northlands Farm Bodiam (Baker-Levett), 1779; Whates and 1½a in Burwash, (Noakes-Cruttenden), 1703; Brownings in Burwash and Rosefields in Brede (Polhill-Polhill), 1704; Herdisbeak in Catsfield (French and Ballard to Ellis), 1595; house and 5a at Catsfield Green (Christopher-Keys-Bine), 1694-1705; part of Fartlands in Catsfield (Easton-Markwick), 1714; Heylildreden in Chiddingly (Howell-Streater-Scarlett-Swaine), 1659-1681; house and land in Eastbourne, copyhold of Netherinn (Bodle-Wilford-West), 1872; Buckant, Mawfield and Southcroft in Ewhurst (Cruttenden-Panton-?Bartlett), 1638; manor of Fairlight otherwise Frenchcourt (Hedger-Igglesden), 1716; two houses and land in Firle (Smith-Tourle), 1712; Wargraves in Herstmonceux (Lancaster-Stone) 1751; settlement on marriage of Richard Yielding and Elizabeth Pattenden: Great Hunts and 100a in Hollington, 1662; upland and drowned land in Iden (Robins-Cruttenden-Winder-Turk), 1658-1689; marshland in Iden (Chadwick-Sisley-Norris), 1711-1718; Common Mead and part Sands Wood at Chelwood Common in Maresfield (Mills-Day), 1731; barn and 32a part of Wenborns in Mayfield (Watts-Coe-Peckham), 1688-1723; Walters Farm Mountfield (Levett-Birch), 1607; Tunstall, Westbournes and Lotts in Mountfield, Braban family, 1731-1769; The Thorne and 63a in Ninfield and Sumers in Bexhill (Yielding-Carpenter-Sampson), 1638-1725; newly-built house in Northiam (Mathye-Mocock), 1603; settlement by John Iden: house and 72a in Northiam, Scoures Town in Ewhurst and property in Marden, Kent, 1619; Quickbourne in Northiam (Seamer-Tucker; Larkin), 1712-1770; settlement on marriage of John Harrington with Mary Englefield: manor and advowson of Ore, 1665; house and 60a with Hides Wood in Peasmarsh (Shephard-Spray), 1692; Thomas Land, Gerrards and Mean Wish in Penhurst (Relfe-Petter-Petter), 1617; 5a near Jarvis Brook and 8a called Wellfield in Rotherfield (Butcher-Butcher), 1670; 2a near Waterdown Forest in Rotherfield (Turner-Tompsett-Marchant), 1672; 3 houses in Longer Street Rye (Ashby-Spye), 1628; house in Market Ward and 2 stables in Baddings Ward, Rye (Thomas-Rason), 1642; house in Longer Street Rye (Gilford-Cadman), 1654; house in Longer Street Rye (Weight and Allen-Hounsell), 1742; house and stable in Longer Street Rye (Gravener-Thorpe), 1748; land in Northbridge Street Salehurst (Norden-Dunk), 1595; settlement of the tithes from several properties in Salehurst (Norman-Weller), 1638; Nethergers in Salehurst (Leader-Gill), 1683; farm at Kings Hill in Salehurst (Gillett-Mercer), 1700-1707; Maynards, Holmans, Green Croft, Broomyfield and Henrys Field in Salehurst and Brightling (Butler-Peckham-Braban), 1660-1720; The Five Bells near Salehurst church (Braban-Braban), 1731; Salehurst Mead in Salehurst (Weller-Weller), 1741; 2 barns, oasthouse and 103a in Salehurst (Weller-Taylor), 1745; Stonehouse (formerly Littleworth), copyhold of Robertsbridge, in Salehurst (Weller-Weller), 1751; house and land at Sedlescombe, copyhold of Battle (Braban-Snepp), 1721; Stock and The Noore in Ditchling (to Langford) and a house and 50a in Stanmer (to Michelbourne), 1640; settlement on marriage of Nicholas Saunders and Ann Barton: Finchcocks in Ticehurst (May-Saunders), 1626; Terrys Field and newly-built house in Wadhhurst Bryan-Fisher), 1650-1656; part of Faircrouch Manor in Wadhurst (Foche, Gibson and Jacob-Benge-Weller), 1697; land near Barley Mill in Wadhurst (Baldock-Bray), 1705; capital messuage near Wadhurst Town (Dunmoll family), 1723; Turners in Warbleton (Chilley-Wood-Fairfoot), 1686; manor of Buxsteep, mill and a farm in Warbleton, Dallington and Ashburnham (Gerrard and Martin-Weller-Avery), 1700; Stoneland in Warbleton (Baker-Gilbert), 1708-1720; Padgham in Warbleton and Dallington (Weller-Ellis), 1729; Sandhole in Warbleton (Avery-Bennett), 1754-1772; Teagues Field on Bayley Lane Wilmington, copyhold of Wilmington (Hamper-Richardson), 1702; house and garden in Middle Street Winchelsea (Convers-Convers), 1548; house and garden in the 13th quarter, Winchelsea (Henley and Milward-Isted), 1609; Podstream in Wivelsfield (Hurst-Wood), 1628; Griggs in Wivelsfield (Scrase-Neale), 1666


AMS5730 Lewes Rowing Club: subscription book, 1874-1901; annual report, 1899


AMS5731 19 and 20 Frederick Street, Brighton (Scrase-Martin-Carden-Redman), 1829-1888


AMS5732 Middletons near Otham in Hailsham (Crowhurst-Crowhurst), 1765; appointment of John Mynn of Hailsham, 1813; grant of freedom of Pevensey, 1823; accounts of the executors of WSP Mynn with the beneficiaries, 1893; genealogical notes, Crowhurst and Mynn families


AMS5733 11 West Street, Lewes (Harben-Standley-Soper-Corner-Reynolds-Beckett-Lea-Nicholson-Huggett-Lewes Co-operative Society), 1673-1916


AMS5734 Sackville estate in Lewes and elsewhere, final concord, 1754


AMS5735 Hanly in Barcombe (Coby-Heasman), 1650; property in Beckley (atte Hope-Woodhall-Edward), 1452; probate of Joseph Marner of Brighton, 1782; manor of Shodwell in Buxted (Stapley-Kilner), 1579; grant of annuity, Black of Etchingham to a Bridge, 1545; Hyrwall in Ewhurst (Coding-Fletcher-Atwood), 1345; estate in Ewhurst (Baron to Baron and Tokye), 1525; Ewhurst and Northiam (Gossip-Cheesman-Iden), 1588; house at Colemans Hatch Hartfield (Coleman-Coleman), 1634; 7r at Windmill Hill in Wartling (Naylor-Luxford), 1755; land at Cregge in Icklesham (Harengod-Jolif-Palmer), 1308; house in Eastport Lane Southover (Hunter-Hunter, Thetcher-Waller), 1615, 1646; house in Lewes St Ann (Harwood and West-Coby), 1668; cartulary of estates of John Webb Woollgar: 24 North Street Lewes (Durrant-Cooper-West-Marten and Soper-Stokes-Boore-Boys-Pugh-Egles-Woollgar, 1793-1824), estate of John Grover on the S side of Cliffe High Street, purchased by JWW in 1821; The Holy Lamb in Cliffe (Galloway-Spence-English-Cooper-Drowley-Novis-Sidney-Chatfield-Felingham-Piercy-Wood and Tamplin-Wood-JWW, 1743-1830); Bivelham in Mayfield and a cottage late Mundays (Elliott-Collins), 1699; cottage in Mountfield (Ashburnham-Quithampton), 1676; Gossip of Rye to feoffees, 1517; bond, Culpeper of Wigsell in Salehurst to Kenward, 1590; recovery, Salehurst, Blewett-Aynscombe, 1594; Ponts Brook in Salehurst (Fowle and Boys-Busbridge), 1671; Courtmarsh in Willingdon (Woodward-Gildredge-Brooke), 1659; arbitrators' award, Wood v Alchorne, land in Clayton, 1540; shop in East Street Brighton (Gorringe-Treyer-Rich), 1776-1832; 37-45, 51-55 Cumberland Place Brighton (Manser and Mutton-Pink), 1858-1864; Corner otherwise Hogg House, Gildridge and Lockyers in Buxted (Pickering-Earle-Thornton, including settlement on the marriage of John Earle and Jane Kenward, 1705), 1654-1723; houses in St Mary Lane, Lewes (Pelham-Hutchin), 1655, (Dungate-Blunden-Trayton-Valentine), 1649-1664; orchard in Southover (Cheale-Kent and Willard-Cruttenden-Baker and Tuppen), 1825-1827; calendar by R G Rice of deeds of the Maresfield Park estate, 1405-1832, compiled 1903; pedigree of Pierce of Westfield, temp H8 - 1637; 95a part of Franklins manor in Wivelsfield (Luxford-Attree), 1653; map of John Attree's Theobalds and Antye in Wivelsfield by Richard Daynes, 1659; rental of rape of Hastings castleguard and cottage rents compiled by E Austen, 1717-1725


AMS5736 Poor rate for Lewes All Saints, 1675; list of tenants of Lewes Borough charity properties, 1776; printed broadsheets concerning public meetings, lettings of borough properties, elections and subscriptions in Lewes, 1780-1816; printed verses on the retirement of John Baxter, printer, 1858; Borough Bonfire Society programme, 1898


AMS5737 Map of Michael and Robert Grace's estate in Icklesham by Charles Stephens, 1758; John Watson's Perryfield Farm in Peasmarsh by William Jemmett, 1765; Stile House Farm in Rotherfield by W and J Budgen, 1829


AMS5738 Map of John Woollett's house and land in Playden and Rye by W Manser the younger, 1811


AMS5739 Gildrerds, the great barn and 54a in Hailsham and Herstmonceux (Curteis, Gilbert, Roberts and Jefferay to Busbridge, Webb and Roberts), 1699


AMS5740 Minute book of Groombridge Cricket Club, 1891-1921 with statements of account, 1906-1915


AMS5741 Records of Mayfield Chapel Benefit Society, 1927-1970


AMS5742 Antiquarian collection of Percival Lucas: land in East Blatchington (Page family), 1646; Popinhole in Mountfield and Whatlington (Iden-Worge), 1663; house 2 barns and 6a in Eastbourne, Tutt-Sutton, 1663; settlement on the marriage of Joseph Westbourne and Jane Bill: Shadwells in Hailsham and marsh at Chilley and Manxey in Pevensey, 1676; land in Eastbourne (Hutchin-Willard), 1701; settlement on marriage of Thomas Mannington and wife Abigail: house called Summers near Bodiam Bridge, 1661; settlement on the marriage of John West and Joan Noakes: house and 2a at Dallington churchyard, 1661; land part of Collinghams in Dallington (Clarke-Lattenden-Clarke), 1684; advowson of Hailsham (Wenham-Hooper), 1693; 28a waste in Broadreed Wood Mayfield (Nevill-Muddle and Relfe), 1638; land in Mayfield (Hepden-Elliott), 1640; part of Broadhurst in Mayfield (Hepden-Elliott), 1646-1677; settlement of marshland in Ninfield, Pevensey, Hailsham and Wartling by Thomas Luxford, 1631; parts of Kitchenhams Farm in Peasmarsh (Hall-Waters-Beeching), 1669-1675; terrier of land in Piddinghoe common laines (Smith-Alford-Buckoll), 1718; house and land in Rye (Harrison-Cooper), 1630; house, kitchen and the site of a house in Middle Street and a house in The Butchery, Rye (Breeds-Breeds and Tucker), 1740-1741; Asteford in Sedlescombe and Ewhurst (Davey-Holman), 1655; capital messuage called Hale and 60a in Withyham (Weller-Saxby), 1646


AMS5743 Records of Davey and Son, plumbers of 162, 163 and 181 High Street Lewes, 1855-1965


AMS5744 Coney family of Burwash, butchers, 14th-18th centuries


Wills, probates and inventory, 1611-1648; Nether Goodsole in Burwash (Coney-Maunser), 1648-1673; Mount House Burwash (Glasier-aWyke-Hepden-Roper-Stephens-Coney), 1318-1672; Biggs Place Ticehurst (Frend-Coney), 1450-1694; Woodlands and Highlands in Burwash (Byne-Manser-Byne-Coney), 1629-1683; Chillies Mead in Burwash, copyhold of Burwash (Caly-Cruttenden; Gowen-Piper-Gowen-Coney), 1659-1687; house adjoining Burwash parsonage, copyhold of Burwash (Barnes-Spray-Coney), 1672-1692; estate of John Coney of Wadhurst (d1689): land in Robertsbridge and Westerham, Kent, 1661-1704; marshland at Chilley in Pevensey (Mabley-Comber-Jordan-Maynard-Coney), with property at Brenchley in Kent and a capital messuage in Pevensey, 1530-1694; house late Jefferys in Burwash (Newington-Coney), 1698; settlement on marriage of John Coney and Mary Lovelace, 1701; house and croft in Burwash, copyhold of Burghurst (Moor-Coney), 1703-1708; manor of Northye in Bexhill and Hooe (Webb-Coney), 1704; Bowmans Farm Burwash (Byne-Coney, Byne-Lucas-Cruttenden-Langham-Newington-Cayle), including settlement on the marriage of Simon Coney and Elizabeth Avery, 1640, 1452-1705; leasehold in near Dudwell Mill in Burwash (Wilson-Coney), 1706; Ashlands in Burwash and Etchingham (Lunsford-Cooper-Davis), Poppinghole in Whatlington (aWood-Kemp; Hill-Webb-Bennett-Harvey-Bird-Davis) and Youngland in Mountfield (Medhurst, English-Davis); (Davis-Dyne and Hicks-Coney), 1589-1708; copyhold at Poppinghole in Whatlington (Hooper-Coney), 1710-1712; the whole estate, 1713-1732; resettlement of 1732; the whole estate (including settlement on the marriage of John Coney and Damaris Smersall, 1753, and the sale of Youngland to Thomas Usher, 1759), 1753-1771; Bicknell Coney's inheritance from John Coney, 1775-1801; documents not apparently connected (Alciston copyhold settlement by John Cleaver, 1639; underwood sale, Battle, Montague-Western for Brede Furnace, 1677; probate of Thomas Alchorne of Mayfield, 1569; receipt for Tullyshatch Mayfield, Sawyer-Avery, 1579; messuage at Vinehall in Mountfield, Matthew-Iden, 1568; land at Aldrington, Owden-Price, 1639; Bailey of Mayfield deceased arbitration, Mayfield and Rotherfield, 1489; messuage and 9a in Westham, Kenchley-Purchin, 1664; 1458-1677


AMS5745 Estate of Robert Gear of Cuckfield and St Anns House Lewes in Brighton, Hastings, Lewes and Kent 1639-1920


Now listed as AMS6199/13/1-125


AMS5746 Messuage, woodhouse and carpenter's shop in Seaford (Alwork-Dunstone-Birch), 1808; plot 64, Seaford Park Estate in East Blatchington (Gell-Watson-Dennis-Lambe-Carter), 1877-1892


AMS5747 Letter from [John Baker Holroyd], Lord Sheffield, to John Apsley Dalrymple, concerning JAD's company of the North Pevensey Legion; 1805


AMS5748 Cottage and 1½ rods in Mayfield (Dray-Day, Piper), 1632


AMS5749 Durrant House, Market Street, Rye, (Barnes-Christmas-Durrant-Clark-Brown-Marshall), with pedigree and register extracts for the family of John Mercer Durrant, 1867; 1786-1936


AMS5750 Minutes, accounts, membership lists and annual reports of the Brighton and Hove Clerical Society, 1878-1976

Date: 1458-1941
Held by: East Sussex and Brighton and Hove Record Office (ESBHRO), not available at The National Archives
Language: English

East Sussex Record Office

Physical description: 50 Accessions
  • East Sussex
  • Land tenure
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