Smythe Etches and Co, later Lee Crowder and Co, solicitors of Birmingham

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Details of MS 3375
Reference: MS 3375
Title: Smythe Etches and Co, later Lee Crowder and Co, solicitors of Birmingham

1 Deeds, leases, estate and family papers of the Colmore family, including deeds and leases of property in Birmingham Colmore Row/Newhall Street area and Bell Barn Lane/Bath Row area, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Warwickshire, 1676-1920; rental of estates in Birmingham, Shropshire and Warwickshire, 1802-06; Birmingham inclosure act, 1798, and copy inclosure award, 1802; plan of estates in Snitterfield Warks, 1758; plan of lands at Birmingham and Aston, 1769; family settlements, 19th century; probate copy will of William Colmore of Warwick, 1724; copy will and codicils of Charles Colmore of London, 1795; copy will of Mary Colmore of London, 1798; copy will of Lionel Colmore of London, 1807; copy will of Elizabeth Sarah Cregoe of Charlton Kings Glos, 1837; probate copy will of Colmore Frind Cregoe Colmore of Moor End, Bagendon Glos, 1872; copy will of Joseph Gulston of London, 1766; copy will of Richard Walthew of Birmingham, 1815; probate copy will of Joseph Cooper of Birmingham, 1824; copy will of James Baxter of Birmingham, 1797; probate copy will of Thomas Thornton of Handsworth, 1868; copy will of Randal Bradburne of Birmingham, 1764; probate copy will of William Taylor of Birmingham, gent, 1799; copy will of Thomas Jefcoate of Kingswinford Staffs, 1821; deed of dissolution of partnership of Ellen and Mary Ann Walker, 1870; copy will of Selina Walker, 1877; pedigrees of the Colmore family of Birmingham, 1674-1837 and the Cregoe and Cregoe-Colmore families of Devon and Cornwall, 1775-1933, 1933


2 Deeds, leases and estate papers of the Taylor family of Moseley Hall and Strensham Hall Worcs, including bailiff's account rolls for Yardley manor, 1398-1460; manor court rolls of Bishops Tachbrook Warks, 1350-67, 1488-1579, Bishops Itchington Warks, 1547-68, and Yardley, 1537-1793; rental of Lyndon in Solihull, 1744; deeds of Birmingham, Bishops Itchington, Castle Bromwich, Coleshill, Eckington Worcs, Moseley, Kings Norton, Northfield, Powick Worcs, Sheldon, Shustoke Warks; Solihull, Strensham Worcs, Twyning Glos, and Yardley, n.d. 13th cent -1915; plans of Hill House estate, Yardley, c1790, c1840; plan of Sarehole Farm, Yardley, c1800; plans of property at Stechford, 1811 and Bewdley Worcs, 1852; valuation of Hill House estate, Yardley, 1810; valuations of Yardley and Kings Norton estates, 1849-51; papers relating to inclosure of Yardley, 1810-43; copy inclosure award for Kings Norton, 1823; official copy of order from inclosure commissioners for Twyning, 1879; schedule of tenancy agreements on Strensham estate, 1849; plans and elevations for rebuilding of Strensham Court and related buildings, c1873; copy and probate copy wills of Richard Allen of London, 1843; William and John Arch of Yardley, 1729-30; James Baker of Birmingham, 1755; Henry Baylis of Strensham, 1747; George Bissell of Yardley, 1739; John Blount of Yardley, 1835; John Bosworth of Yardley, 1675; Thomas Chamberlain of Eckington, 1814; Bennet Chambers of Yardley, 1823; Ann Dansey of London, 1735; James Dingley of Holly Green, 1779; Edward Dolphin of Birmingham, 1760; Robert Eaves of Sarehole, Yardley, 1743; Richard Eaves of Birmingham, 1764; George Firkins of Croome d'Abitot Worcs, 1814; William Giles of Yardley, 1784; William Green of Yardley, 1778; Edmund Greswolde of Solihull, 1836; Richard Greves of Moseley, 1623; Richard Grevys of Moseley, 1688; Richard Grevis of Moseley Hall, 1760; Lady Anne Guise of Elmore Glos, 1733; William Gunn of Yardley, 1774; Samuel Gunn of Acocks Green, 1805; Thomas Heath of Yardley, 1818; Samuel Hopkins of Yardley, 1818; William Hopkins of Twyning, 1820; Mary Jones of Shrewsbury, 1713; Thomas Jones of Shrewsbury, 1715; Charles Wakeman Long of London, 1829; William George Maxwell of Twyning, 1839; William Moore of Tewkesbury Glos, 1819; William Mortiboys of Mappleborough Green Warks, 1734; Richard Russell Nash of Clerkenleap, 1757; Rev. Dr. Treadway Russell Nash of Bevere House, Claines Worcs, 1804; James Powell of Eckington, 1820; George Purser of Twyning, 1846; Joseph Ross of Birmingham, 1828; Sir Francis Russell of Strensham, 1706; Samuel Skey of Bewdley, 1800; John Smallbrook of Yardley, 1827; John Standley of Yardley, 1843; Charles Taylor of Birmingham, 1800; John Taylor of Birmingham, 1775; Maria Theresa Taylor of Strensham, 1893; Benjamin Tidmarsh of Beckford Worcs, 1776; Humphrey Watton of Birmingham, 1715; Francis Welles of Earls Croome, 1795; John Woodward of Twyning, 1854; Susannah Wright of Birmingham, 1753; John Yates of Yardley, 1685; commissions and appointments of members of the Taylor family, 1825-41


3 Deeds and papers of the Lloyd family of Sparkbrook, including deeds of Aston, Bordesley, Deritend, Small Heath, and Sparkbrook, 1554-1879; plan and valuation of Golden Hillock estate, 1855-60; plans of land in Broad St, Birmingham, Kings Heath and Small Heath, 1853-c1860; report on the proposed development of the Farm estate, Sparkbrook, as a building estate, 1877; copy wills of William Anderton of Kings Heath, 1831; John Barnsley of Birmingham, 1722; Martha Batch of Tanworth-in-Arden, 1727; Thomas Buck of Deritend, 1735; Elizabeth Buck of Deritend, 1752; William Colmore of Bordesley, 1740; Thomas Forrest of Deritend, 1719; Richard Higginson of Birmingham, 1727; Charles Lloyd, 1858; James Lloyd, 1854; Sampson Lloyd, 1780; Sampson Lloyd, 1808; John Moore, 1789; Thomas Owen of Bordesley, 1688; Joseph Owen of Solihull, 1692; William Westley, 1757; miscellaneous family papers, 1743-1886


4 Deeds and papers of the Mynors family of Holifast Grange, Erdington, including manor court rolls of Aston, 1644-49, 1702-30, 1753-69, 1821-49; deeds of Birmingham, Erdington, Maney and Sutton Coldfield, 1708-1901; particulars and plan of Holifast Grange and Berwood House, 1877; copy wills of Thomas Hassall of Hartshorn Warks, 1845; Mary Mynors, 1820; Robert Edward Eden Mynors, 1840; William Tovey, 1775; John Wallis of Fillongley Warks, 1814; miscellaneous estate papers, 1849-97


5 Minor clients papers from Messrs. Smythe Etches & Co., solicitors, including deeds of Balsall Warks, Balsall Heath, Barston Warks, Birmingham, Bordesley, Cannock Staffs, Edgbaston, Erdington, Handsworth, Harborne, London, Oldbury, Smethwick, Tipton Staffs, Wigston Parva Leics and Yardley, 1614-1892, and in many villages in Cheshire, Herefordshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire; plans of property in Barston Warks, Birmingham, Handsworth, and West Bromwich, 1771-1898; in Church Lawton Staffs, 1792; in Great Malvern Worcs, c1800; in Sketchley, Wigston Parva and Sharnford all Leics, 1829; in Pensax Worcs, c1850; copy wills of Lancelot Ackney, 1782; Ann Adams of Erdington, 1778; Thomas Nicholls Adams, 1835; George Thomas Adams, 1850; James Baker, 1869; Dr Richard Banner of Oxford, 1750; John Barber, 1868; Elizabeth Barker, 1801; George Hollington Barker, 1802; Ann Barker, 1855; John Barker, 1863; John Belliss, 1860; Elizabeth Belliss, 1872; William Bingley, 1699; Catherine Bingley, 1710; Thomas Bloxham, 1832; William Boden, 1774; John Boucher, 1815; James Souter Bolton, 1860; Thomas Broadfield of Birmingham, 1826; William Burgess, 1793; George Burgess, 1794; Brabins Butler, 1822; Robert Cave, 1844; Thomas Clutton, 1806; Frances and Elizabeth Clutton, 1850; William Colmore, 1768; Susanna Dawes, 1841; Elizabeth Elliss, 1852; Thomas Fisher, 1748; Mary Fowler, 1872; James Gibson, 1802-06; Sarah Gimblett, 1860; Sylvester, Lord Glenbervie, 1823; Alfred Greatrex, 1871, 1879; Jonathan Grundy of Wigston Parva Leics, 1778; Thomas Grundy of Birmingham, 1818; Richard Harrison, 1731; Daniel Hawksford, 1763; Charles Heath, 1855; William Howell, 1834; Mark Huish, 1807; Micaela de las Mercedes Humphreys, 1876; Jacques Husbands, 1808; John Jones, 1807; Matilda Kell, 1872; Rev. Frederick Kempson, 1877; Edward Simkin Kendrick, 1845; Michael Ketteridge, 1870; Mary Lawless, 1865; Ralph Lea, 1798; William Leonard, 1822; various members of the Lowe family of Birmingham, 1703-93; Simon Lucas of Kenilworth, gent., 1792; Joseph Lyndon, 1836; William Wallis Mason, 1805; Sir Thomas Morgan, 1679; Sir John Morgan, 1694; Daniel Morris, 1791; George Mynd, 1813; William Alexander Newman, 1885; Thomas Normansell of Birmingham, 1859; Hannah Oakley, 1863; John Palmer, 1853; John Pidcock, 1834; Alexander Pope, 1852; John Pope, 1826; Luke Pope, 1828; John Pritchit, 1817; Richard and Mary Rabone, 1799-1856; Thomas Rann of Erdington, 1719; John Rawlins, 1813; Ann Savage, 1798; Anthony Seal, 1757; John Seale of Soho, button-maker, 1793; Hannah Tovey, 1832; John Wallis, 1860; John Ward, 1789; Richard Wasborough, 1794; John Whately, 1794; Richard White, 1843; Joseph Whitehouse, 1860; Thomas Haywood White of Coventry, 1861; William Wilkinson, 1859; Charles Wilton, 1821; Eliza Wotton, 1896; Ann Wright, 1859; Sir Robert Yeamans, 1686; Frederick Yeamans, 1784; certificate of bankruptcy of Charles Pritchard, 1849; pedigrees of the Clutton family of Pensax Worcs, c1850; Dawes family, c1870, the Grundy family of Smethwick and Wigston Parva Leics, c1830, the Willett family of Brandon Warks, 1864; memorandum of agreement by John Belliss and others for sale of a business, 1853; list of pewholders in Oldbury chapel Worcs, 1726; inventory of household goods of William Creighton, with abstract of will and account of estate, 1831; papers relating to the formation and dissolution of business partnerships, mainly in Birmingham, 1828-90, including G.E. Belliss and J.J. Seekings, 1862; miscellaneous apprenticeship indentures, 1808-88; rental of property of Henry Hallam in West Bromwich and Wednesbury, 1840-52


Additional deeds of the Colmore family estate in Birmingham, 1817-67; Colmore Trust letter book, 1839-40; plans of Colmore estate property, c1760-1850


Taylor family of Moseley Hall and Strensham Court Worcs: account books of Charles Taylor, 1776-99; rental and accounts of John Taylor, 1754-84; miscellaneous letters and papers concerning the Taylor estates, 1399-1880; rental, 1848-52; plans of Sheldon, 1756; Elmdon, 1761; Bickenhill and Sheldon, 1787; land adjoining R. Cole and Trittiford Pool, Yardley, c1800; Twyning, 1841; Strensham Court estate, 1856, c1885


Letters, accounts and papers concerning Christ Church, New St., including plans and sections, 1807-73


Theatre Royal, Birmingham: minute books, register of proprietors and share transfers, rentals of theatre property, ledgers, cash books, letter book and correspondence, reports, deeds, plans, licences, wardrobe catalogue and inventories, receipts, 1773-1937


Deeds and documents from solicitors' practice of Messrs. Lee & Corrie; later Lee, Son & Hunt; Lee, Pinson & Best; Griffiths & Bloxham, Bloxham, Smythe Etches & Co.; Smythe Etches & Co. and Lee Crowder & Co. N.B. This summary comprises material forming the whole or parts of accessions 1937/34, 1937/60, 1937/65, 1942/34, 1947/26, 1947/44, 1956/41, 1958/6 and 1959/7, which are no longer readily distinguishable. Records of the Theatre Royal Acc. 1937/33 and part of 1958/6 are also stored as part of the collection, but have been described separately.


Office papers: letter books, 1804-58; probate copy wills, 18th-20th cent.; marriage settlements, 1741-1825; papers relating to Chancery and other court proceedings, 1743-1886, including dispute over will of William Jackson, who left money to establish a Socialist school in Birmingham, 1849-50; partnership articles of Birmingham firms, 1783-1825; notes on office procedure, fees etc., c1880; drafts from the office of - Neville, solicitor, 1858-71


Major clients:


Askey family: deeds of Aston, Birmingham, and Handsworth, 1726-1844; probate copy will of James Askey, 1796; executorship papers of Thomas Askey, 1827-47


Bagot family of Blithfield: deeds of Aston, Curdworth and Erdington, 18th-19th cents.


Barns family: deeds of Aston, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, Bordesley, Deritend, Digbeth, and Duddeston, 1826-71


Bartleet family: deeds of Cheltenham Glos, 1805-33; partnership papers concerning business for manufacture of fish hooks, c1850-80; documents concerning Redditch Chapel, 1805, 1837; family papers, 1824-72


Bickley family: deeds of Balsall Heath, Edgbaston, Foleshill Warks, Moseley, Kings Heath, and Quinton, 1730-1886; testamentary papers of Thomas Bickley, 1842-86; legal papers, 1846-76; state of the poll in the Borough election, 1868


Boulton of Great Tew, Watt and Muirhead families: papers re personal estates of members of Boulton and Muirhead families, late 19th-early 20th cents; schedule of papers of James Watt junior, 1848; deeds of land in Wheathamstead Herts, 18th-19th cents; probate copy will of Mrs. Muirhead, 1890; papers re James Watt and Aston estate, c1826-29; deeds of Halesowen, Handsworth, Rowley Regis Staffs and Smethwick, 1709-1888; papers re sale of French Walls Works, Smethwick to Muntz's Metal Co., 1863-64


Busby family: deeds of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Erdington, Tamworth Staffs, 1813-66; family papers, 1820-67; Edgbaston Boys Sunday School minute and account books, 1825-34


Chirm family: deeds of Aston, Birmingham, Erdington, Handsworth, Harborne, Rock Worcs, 1862-94; will of Joseph Chirm, 1830 and executorship papers, 1848-50 Colmore family of New Hall, Birmingham: deeds of Birmingham, 18th-19th cent.; building leases, 1870


Cox family: deeds of Deritend, 1795-1890; sale particulars and plans, 1885-86


Dixon family: deeds of Dudley Worcs and Tipton Staffs, 1650-1877; partnership deeds of Dixon, Amphlett and Bedford, bankers, 1789-1800; probate copy will of Edward Dixon, 1737; papers re mine workings at Tipton Staffs, 1874-1909


Foley family: deeds of Beoley Worcs, Birmingham, Bromsgrove Worcs, Quinton, 1690-1855; wills and inventories, 1667-1914


Hawes family: deeds of Ashcott Somerset, Aston, Moorlinch Somerset, and Yardley, 1725-1859; wills, settlements and related papers, 1810-1916; papers relating Atherstone and Tamworth Unitarian Chapels, 1639-1902; papers of the Copper, Lead and Haematite Mining Co. of Lanzi, Tuscany, Ltd., 1874-85


Hetherington family: deeds of Birmingham, Kings Norton, Oldbury Worcs, 1788-1826; wills and related papers, 1740-1826


Higham family: deeds of Solihull and Yardley, 1890-1910


Holden, Brettell and Houseman families: deeds of Aston, Birmingham, Bromsgrove Worcs, Erdington, Fockbury Worcs, Great Sheepy Leics, Lyme Regis Dorset, Montgomeryshire, Saltley, Stoke Prior Worcs, Upton Snodsbury Worcs, Yieldingtree Worcs, 15th cent-1900; legal papers, 1875


Houghton family: deeds of Alvechurch Worcs, Birmingham, Edgbaston, Glamorganshire, Oldbury Worcs, Tedstone Delamere Herefs, and West Bromwich, 1676-1843; papers re proposed new road in Edgbaston, 1811-25


Hunt family: deeds of Brades estate in Oldbury Worcs, Rowley Regis Staffs, West Bromwich, etc. 1696-1880; testamentary and executorship papers, 1775-1871; letters and personal papers of Samuel Hunt, 1840-c1860; testamentary and executorship papers of Thomas Yate Hunt, 1843-92; papers re Stour Valley Coal & Iron Co., c1860-90; papers re firm of Lee, Hunt & Co., solicitors, c1800-35; estate account book, 1870-75; plans and sketches of Brades estate and steel works, 1815-75; sale particulars and plan of Brades estate, 1885; papers relating to Brades Steel Works, 1849-80; miscellaneous estate papers, 1799-1873


Johnstone family: deeds of Kings Norton, Solihull, and Yardley, 1774-1880; marriage settlements, 1792-1826; will, 1867


Keirle family: deeds of Aston, Birmingham, Castle Bromwich, Deritend, 1590-1840; papers re estate of J.S. Keirle, 1850-67


Lakin-Smith family: deeds of Birmingham, Bordesley, Handsworth, Moseley and Nechells, 1838-1922


Lee family: deeds and papers concerning property in Birmingham, Enderby Leics, Kings Norton, Yardley, 1805-55; legal papers, 1857; plans of the town of Nelson, New Zealand, 1843


Lillington family: obituary books, 19th cent.; genealogical notes, 1867-1912; wills, 1806-1910


Linton family: deeds of Hemingford Abbots Hunts, Hemingford Grey Hunts, and Offord Darcy Hunts, 1575-1898


Lloyd family of Sparkbrook: deeds of part of Golden Hillock estate, 1827-75


Lolley family: papers re property in Handsworth, 1855-74; testamentary papers of William Lolley, 1877-98


Male family: deeds of Birmingham and Romsley Salop, 1640-19th cent.; draft deeds of Henry Male of Birmingham, solicitor, 20th cent.


Martineau family: deeds, plans and papers concerning property in Birmingham, Hemel Hempsted Herts, Kings Norton, Leamington Spa Warks, Sparkhill, Sutton Coldfield, Ward End, Wheathamstead Herts and Yardley, 1680-early 20th cents.


Muntz family of Widney Manor, Solihull: deeds, 18th-19th cent.


Mynors family of Weatheroak Hill: deeds of Alvechurch Worcs, 1726-1927; wills, 1830-80


Rathbone, Rev. Edward, of Stafford: deeds of Birmingham, 1806-59; personal papers, letters, bills etc., mid 19th cent.


Scott family of Great Barr: deeds of Birmingham, Erdington, Shepley Worcs, Great Barr Staffs, Norbury Salop, Sutton Coldfield and Walsall, 1793-1896; rentals of property in Smethwick and Sutton Coldfield, 1808-24; family settlements, 1720-1888; wills, 1697-1880; royal licence to bear the name and arms of Scott, 1820s


Short family: deeds of Henley-in-Arden, Solihull, and Wootton Wawen, 1697-1907; trusteeship papers, 1776-1915


Smallwood family: deeds of Barston Warks, 1901-20; personal papers, 1825-81; plan of line of projected Grand Junction Railway, 1832


Taylor family of Moseley Hall and Strensham Park: draft surrenders in Kings Norton manor court, 1818-76; deeds of Bordesley, Kings Norton, Stirchley, Stourport Worcs, Strensham Worcs, Twyning Glos and Yardley, 1650-1889; papers relating to building of Christ Church, Yardley Wood, 1830s-40s


Webb family: deeds of Moseley, Sedgley Staffs and Yardley, 1682-1878


Whitfield family: deeds of Birmingham and Smethwick, 18th-19th cents.


Williams and Shore families: deeds of Aston, Birmingham, Handsworth and Saltley, 1873-1905; pedigrees and descriptions of members of the Williams family, c1905; books and papers of Fleetwood T. Williams, c1828-36


Wilson family: deeds of Acocks Green, Birmingham, and Smethwick, 1727-1893; sale particulars, 1893; investment accounts, 1864-90


Withering family: deeds, 17th-19th cents.; papers re Chancery dispute over estate of Lydia Withering in Westmancote and Wick House, Brislington Somerset, 1797-1871


Worthington family: deeds of Bromsgrove and Erdington, 1788-19th cent.


Chapels and Churches:


Cradley and Lye Staffs Unitarian Chapels: deeds and papers, 1820-20th cent.


New Unitarian Meeting House/Church of the Messiah, Birmingham: deeds of site in Moor St., 1605-1792; papers re purchase of Broad Street site and building of new church, 1851-62; legal papers concerning New Meeting Trust estates, 1858-62; petition to Parliament about destruction of meeting house in Birmingham riots, 1791; architectural drawing for new church, 1860; New Meeting Mission accounts, 1844-93


Smethwick Old Church: miscellaneous papers, 19th cent.




Addyes School & Clothing Charity, Gt. Barr: deeds of Great Barr and Sutton Coldfield, 1597-1855; papers, c1860-c1910; agreements to let the school and its property, 1872-73; management papers for school and papers concerning proposed amalgamation with the National School, 1722-1874; plans, 1794-early 19th cent.; papers re Barr enclosure, 1796-99; receipts, 1875-86; statements of accounts, 1853-80


Birmingham Hospital Centre: documents concerning property of Birmingham General Hospital, 1848-1903; correspondence re United Hospitals Act, 1927-34; papers re establishment of Hospital Centre, 1932-34


Birmingham Triennial Music Festival: applications, 1897-1912; seating plans, 1909-12; programmes, 1876, 1903, 1909; address books, 1903-12; newspaper cuttings, 1891-92; letter book, 1903-12; stewards' instructions, 1894, 1900; admission tickets, 1894-1912; scrapbook of ephemera, 1873-88; letters to R.H. Milward from composers including Gounod, Stanford etc., 1880s


Birmingham Working Boys Home: minutes, 1892-1920; annual reports, 1881-1919; photographs, c1890-c1925; account books, 1911-32; papers relating to premises in Deritend, 1865-1920


Fentham's Charity: accounts, papers and apprenticeship indentures, 1739-1864; deeds of property in Erdington, Handsworth, 1698-1927; trust deeds and papers, 1697-1851


Jackson's Charity: apprenticeship indentures, 1758-1867 Lench's Trust: account book, 1694-1785; leases of property in Birmingham, Bromsgrove Worcs and Yardley, 1655-20th cent.


Thomas Pargeter of Foxcote's Charity: accounts?, 19th cent.


Piddock's Charity: account books, 1783-1939; miscellaneous papers, 1763-1845


John Wand's Bequest: registers of applicants for annuities, 19th-20th cents.




Albion Brickworks, West Bromwich: deeds, 1833-84; papers re construction of a tunnel under the canal at Albion, 1878


Birmingham & Edgbaston Proprietary School: minute books, register of shareholders, deed of settlement, account books, letter books, design for desks and miscellaneous papers, 1838-82


Birmingham & Liverpool Junction Canal: papers concerning the purchase of property for the canal, 1823-47


Birmingham Canal Navigations: loose minutes, 1805-16; legal papers concerning liability for poor rates, 1784-1821; letters and papers concerning repairs, claims etc., 1807-12; papers re Rotton Park reservoir and feeder, 1825-27; miscellaneous papers concerning property, 1763-1825; plans and papers concerning the removal of the Worcester Bar and making of a connection from the Birmingham Canal to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal, 1806-20; papers about expenses of a survey of an intended canal from Tewkesbury Glos to Cheltenham Glos, 1810-14


Blakeley Hall Colliery: accounts, correspondence and legal papers, 1875-84


Blue Coat School, Birmingham: lists of subscribers, 1824-41; annual reports, 1842-82; histories, 1806, 1817; rental, 1844-47; papers re Charity Commission scheme, 1870-92; draft leases of property in Bordesley and Sparkbrook, 1849-95; papers re sale of property for erection of parsonage for Christ Church, Sparkbrook, 1875-77


Bown, William: legal papers re use of "Aeolus" bearings for bicycles, 1878-94; papers about inventions, c1880-90


Great Western Railway: papers about construction of Snow Hill and the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham, 1852-75


Kapsalls Ltd: legal papers, 1903-13


Metropolitan Railway & Wagon Co.: plans, 1900


William Middlemore, cycle manufacturer: pattern books, 1890-92


New Silkstone Colliery Co.: share book; title deeds; papers re liquidation of South Yorkshire Coal & Iron Co., 19th cent.


Miscellaneous deeds of Alderminster Warks, Allesley Warks, Alvechurch Worcs, Aston, Beausale Warks, Birkenhead Cheshire, Birmingham, Bishop's Itchington Warks, Brislington Somerset, Bromsgrove Worcs, Coughton Warks, Curdworth, Deritend, Doddington Salop, Eckington Worcs, Edgbaston, Erdington, Fillongley Warks, Great Barr Staffs, Hampton-in-Arden, Handsworth, Harborne, Harpley Norfolk, Hemingford Abbots Hunts, Hemingford Grey Hunts, Keynsham Somerset, Kings Norton, Kingswinford Staffs, Kinver Staffs, Landin Radnor, Lillington Warks, Llangunllo Radnor, Minworth, Moseley, Northfield, Pilleth Radnor, St. Albans Herts, Sedgley Staffs, Shrewsbury Salop; Small Heath, Smethwick, Solihull, Stechford, Stoke-on-Trent Staffs, Stone Staffs, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth Staffs, Thrapston Northants, Tipton Staffs, Warwick Warks, West Bromwich Staffs, Whitchurch Salop, Yardley, and Yelvercroft Northants, 1437-1936; and of Barbados, 1841-81


Miscellaneous documents including Birmingham appren9iceship indentures, 1789-99; papers about repairs to Edgbaston church tower, 1875-76; will of Sir Henry Gough, 1775; Shore family papers concerning wine trade with Lisbon, 19th-20th cents; regimental diary Warwickshire Regiment?, 1807-08; papers re sale of Tipton Green Colliery Staffs, 1874-76; minutes of building committee of St. Stephen, Selly Hill, 1864-72; Thomas Bloxam's account of an attack on a French Dutch ship, 1799-1800; plans of former glebe land at Kenilworth, 1887-early 20th cent.; list of guests at British Association Birmingham meeting, 1886; papers relating to the purchase of land to make the River Lark in Suffolk navigable, 1597-1849; letters from Frederick A. Harrison in India, 1878-82; Elmdon Warks tithe map and award, 1839


Deeds of Taylor family property in Worcestershire, 1843-79


Deeds of property in Ashted Row, Birmingham, 1810-65


2,500 deeds, wills, letters, accounts and other papers relating to estates in and around Birmingham and in Huntingdonshire Stored as LEE CROWDER and not readily distinguishable from Acc 1937/34, where a description is given;


Taylor of Moseley & Strensham Worcs: catalogues of library of J.A. Taylor at Strensham Court, 1849-89; inventories and valuations of furniture and effects of J. Taylor, 1852-58; inventory of plate of J.A. Taylor, 1854; will and codicil of J.A. Taylor, c1889; inventory and valuation of The Moat, Strensham, 1907; agent's accounts, 1842-49, 1855-63; accounts of A.J. Taylor, 1913-18; estate accounts, 1842-52, 1890-1918; Moat Farm, Strensham accounts, 1912-19; Moat Farm stock valuation, 1916-17; estate rent ledgers, 1855-82; A.J. Taylor private account book, 1909-17; estate rentals, 1853-63; cottage and allotment rentals, 1871-1918; general ledgers, 1848-1919; administration accounts, 1848-53; Moat Farm stock accounts, 1914-18; Taylor estate labour account, 1910-17; Moat Farm labour accounts, 1910-19; cash books, 1870-90; rent cash book, 1887-91; house accounts, 1914-18; Strensham Mill cash accounts, 1908-18; Strensham Mill expenses, 1893-97;


Colmore of Birmingham: rent receipt book of W.B. Cregoe Colmore, 1896; Newhall house rental, 1862-72; Colmore estate rentals, 1848-92; cash books of W.B. Colmore, 1881-1905


Feoffment from John Taylor to Thomas Colmore of land in Kings Norton, 1804


Deeds and papers relating to property in Birmingham, Perry Barr, Great Barr Staffs, Stourbridge Worcs and Sutton Coldfield, 1597-1821


Deeds of Yardley, 1573-1824 and Birmingham, 1829-78; probate copy will of Thomas Bissell of Lyndon Green, Yardley, 1765; copy wills of William Gunn of Yardley, 1774, and Joseph Bissell of Yardley, 1777; plan of land belonging to Henry Gunn in Hayne Field, Yardley, 1793


Pedigree of Taylor family of Birmingham and Strensham Court Worcs, n.d. c1870

Date: 1290-1983
Held by: Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service, not available at The National Archives
Language: English

Smythe Etches and Co, Birmingham, solicitors

Lee Crowder and Co, Birmingham, solicitors

Physical description: 92 series
Immediate source of acquisition:

SMYTHE ETCHES & CO. and Lee Crowder & Co.

  • Worcestershire
  • Warwickshire
  • Staffordshire
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