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  • NRA 21059 Ernest Henry Alton, professor of Latin: corresp with classical scholars
  • NRA 24100 Thomas Arnold: family papers
  • NRA 22032 Hugh Oakeley Arnold-Forster, author and politician: personal and family corresp
  • NRA 22019 Admiral John Baker corresp
  • NRA 42677 John Banville, novelist, dramatist and journalist: literary MSS
  • NRA 30477 Robert Childers Barton, politician: corresp and papers
  • NRA 21057 Charles Francis Bastable, economist: corresp
  • NRA 20075 Lord John George de la Poer Beresford, archbishop of Armagh and chancellor of Dublin University, co
  • NRA 21058 Rev Charles Claudius Beresford corresp and misc papers
  • NRA 20074 John Henry Bernard, archbishop of Dublin and provost of Trinity College Dublin: corresp and papers
  • NRA 24103 RI Best and EJ Gwynn: Celtic studies collection
  • NRA 24102 Thomas Bodkin, art historian: papers
  • NRA 23140 Bourke family history collection
  • NRA 21055 Sir Maziere Brady, Lord Chancellor of Ireland: corresp
  • NRA 25244 Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo: corresp
  • NRA 26259 Walter Hussey Burgh, MP, lawyer: corresp and papers
  • NRA 34821 Charles Kendal Bushe, Irish judge: personal and family corresp and papers
  • NRA 42676 Hubert Butler, writer and market gardener: corresp and papers
  • NRA 32225 Campbell family of Ballyrobin and Belfast: family corresp
  • NRA 38991 Joseph Campbell, poet and Irish nationalist: corresp, diaries and papers
  • NRA 24847 Carew family, Barons Carew: corresp and papers
  • NRA 35723 John Francis Carney, dramatist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 24098 Roger Casement: letters to Fritz Pincus
  • NRA 20233 Richard Caulfield, Irish antiquary: collection
  • NRA 34815 Central Association of Irish School Mistresses
  • NRA 23149 Robert Erskine Childers, author and politician: Irish and family corresp and papers
  • NRA 20080 George Clarke, politician and connoisseur: corresp
  • NRA 18803 Clements family of Ashfield and Lough Rynn: family and estate papers
  • NRA 24845 Arthur Henry Cole, MP, resident at Mysore: corresp and papers
  • NRA 20081 Conolly family of Castletown: family and estate papers
  • NRA 20082 William Corbet, Irish patriot: personal and family corresp
  • NRA 20226 Sir Philip Crampton, surgeon: corresp and family papers
  • NRA 34812 Crofton family of Inchinappa: deeds and papers incl Earbery family
  • NRA 20236 Crosbie family of Ardfert Abbey, Kerry (Earls of Glandore, Viscounts Crosbie and Lords Branden) cor
  • NRA 22037 Henri de Beaumont and Andre Hurault, Sieur de Maisse, French ambassadors to England: official corre
  • NRA 35724 Liam De Roiste, Gaelic scholar and politician: corresp and papers
  • NRA 23146 John Dillon, politician: family and political corresp and papers
  • NRA 21053 Andrew Francis Dixon, anatomist and surgeon: corresp and papers
  • NRA 39869 Henry Horatio Dixon, botanist: corresp
  • NRA 20227 Edward Dowden, professor of English literature: corresp and papers
  • NRA 31500 Dublin and Kildare diocese
  • NRA 21056 Dublin University Defence Committee and Herbert W Greene corresp
  • NRA 42680 Dublin University Players
  • NRA 22027 CL Falkiner autograph collection
  • NRA 29766 Fitzgerald family, Dukes of Leinster: Irish deeds and papers
  • NRA 22021 Fitzpatrick family corresp and papers
  • NRA 30476 William Edward Forster, statesman: corresp and papers
  • NRA 34833 Robert Butler Digby French, lecturer in English: corresp and papers
  • NRA 21064 Thomas French, assistant in Trinity College Dublin Library: corresp
  • NRA 34820 Frank Gallagher, journalist and author: personal and family corresp and papers
  • NRA 32221 Michael Henry Gill, printer and publisher: corresp and business papers
  • NRA 22036 Thomas Patrick Gill, Irish MP: corresp
  • NRA 39363 Evelyn Gleeson, founder of Dun Emer Guild: corresp and papers
  • NRA 34816 Kathleen Goodfellow, author: literary MSS and papers
  • NRA 20404 Gore family, Earls of Arran: family and estate papers
  • NRA 23141 James Richard Weekes Goulden, historian: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22022 James Grattan, politician: misc papers
  • NRA 37918 Graves family of Cloghan Castle: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22028 ED Gray autograph collection
  • NRA 22029 Rev Alexander Balloch Grosart, author and editor: corresp
  • NRA 35729 Daniel Charles Grose, topographical artist and author: watercolours, sketches and papers
  • NRA 38992 Hamilton family of Brownhall: estate papers
  • NRA 22031 Hamilton family of Dunboyne: deeds and estate papers
  • NRA 20076 Sir William Rowan Hamilton, mathematician and astronomer: corresp and papers
  • NRA 20229 Hartpole of Shrule, Leix and Bower of Kilnacourt, Leix; family and estate papers
  • NRA 22331 Hely-Hutchinson family, Earls of Donoughmore: family and estate papers
  • NRA 21061 Paul Henry, artist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 29997 James Hope, United Irishman: misc papers
  • NRA 21051 Patricia Hutchins, author: corresp and papers rel to James Joyce
  • NRA 25245 Incorporated Society for Promoting Protestant Schools in Ireland
  • NRA 21063 Irish courts material: proceedings and related papers, 1798
  • NRA 23147 John Jebb, bishop of Limerick: corresp
  • NRA 25562 Jervis-White-Jervis family, baronets: Dublin and Ballyellis, co Wexford, estate papers
  • NRA 34631 William Denis Johnston, broadcaster: corresp and papers
  • NRA 21060 John Joly, geologist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 37913 John Joly, geologist: letters from Professor HH Dixon and his family
  • NRA 35725 Dorothy Kay, artist: personal and family corresp and papers
  • NRA 20078 William King, archbishop of Dublin: corresp (Lyons collection)
  • NRA 22034 Kinkead and Allen families: family corresp and papers
  • NRA 38976 Eleanor Knott, professor of early Irish: corresp and family papers
  • NRA 23142 HG Leask, inspector of national monuments, Ireland: papers
  • NRA 20228 William EH Lecky (MP, historian and essayist) and Mrs Elizabeth Lecky: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22020 Sir Shane Leslie, Bt, author: corresp and misc papers rel to Sir John P Mahaffy
  • NRA 38506 John Arthur Thomas Lloyd, author and journalist: literary MSS
  • NRA 23143 Walter Love: papers rel to the Irish massacre, 1641
  • NRA 20232 Dr Richard Robert Madden (author and administrator) corresp and papers incl Society of United Irish
  • NRA 20077 John Pentland Mahaffy, provost of Trinity College Dublin: autograph collection
  • NRA 24844 Arnold Marsh, Quaker and political economist, corresp and papers
  • NRA 28112 William Monck Mason, historian: collections rel to Dublin
  • NRA 22025 William Shaw Mason, civil servant and antiquary: corresp
  • NRA 38501 Thomas McGreevy, author and director of the National Gallery of Ireland: letters from Samuel Becket
  • NRA 23148 Thomas McGreevy, author and director of the National Gallery of Ireland: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22035 Thomas Moore, poet: misc corresp and papers rel to his life
  • NRA 23170 Captain SCB Mundey: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22023 Sir Richard Musgrave, Bt, Irish political writer: 1798 rebellion collection
  • NRA 20083 Arthur James Netterville, 8th Viscount Netterville: misc papers
  • NRA 24101 Kathleen Nicholls: misc papers
  • NRA 23144 Nelly O'Brien: corresp and papers
  • NRA 38503 William Smith O'Brien, Irish nationalist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 24843 Eimar Ultan O'Duffy, writer: corresp with AC Garrad and literary MSS
  • NRA 28114 Michael O'Farrell, barrister: corresp and papers mainly rel to Young Ireland movement
  • NRA 20235 O'Reilly of the Heath House, Leix: family corresp and papers
  • NRA 38487 Anne O'Sullivan, Irish scholar: corresp and papers
  • NRA 38505 Thomas Parnell, poet: misc corresp and papers
  • NRA 24099 Patrick Henry Pearse, poet and revolutionary: family papers
  • NRA 31230 Penrose family of Riverview: family and estate papers
  • NRA 42942 Walter Alison Phillips, historian: corresp and papers
  • NRA 42678 Pike Theatre, Dublin
  • NRA 26209 Ponsonby family of Kilcooley Abbey: family and estate papers
  • NRA 22018 John Jeffreys Pratt, 1st Marquess Camden: letter-book as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
  • NRA 31219 Prior-Wandesforde family of Castlecomer: family and estate papers
  • NRA 22017 Ebenezer Prout, composer and professor of music: corresp with N Kilburn
  • NRA 34813 William Stanley Purdon, printer, and his wife Sally: corresp and papers
  • NRA 34823 William Reeves, Bishop of Down and Connor: corresp
  • NRA 38489 Royal Zoological Society of Ireland
  • NRA 716 Shackleton family of Ballitore: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22033 Shackleton family of Ballitore: family corresp and misc papers
  • NRA 20231 Major Henry Charles Sirr (chief of Dublin police) corresp and papers, incl Thomas Russell (United I
  • NRA 28113 Estella Frances Solomons, painter: corresp
  • NRA 23151 Edith Somerville and Violet Martin (Martin Ross), authors: corresp
  • NRA 28115 Walter Fitzwilliam Starkie, professor in romance languages: papers
  • NRA 26258 William Joseph Myles Starkie, resident commissioner of national education: corresp and papers
  • NRA 23150 Stopford family, Earls of Courtown: family and estate papers
  • NRA 38993 Edward Synge, bishop of Elphin: literary MSS
  • NRA 20079 John Millington Synge corresp and papers
  • NRA 24846 Charles Talbot, Duke of Shrewsbury, and Sir John Stanley: official letter books rel to Ireland
  • NRA 34814 Samuel Thomson, poet: corresp and poems
  • NRA 20234 James Henthorn Todd, professor of Hebrew: corresp and papers
  • NRA 29765 Wilbraham Fitz-John Trench, professor of English Literature: corresp and papers
  • NRA 24840 Trinity College, Dublin
  • NRA 21062 Trinity College, Dublin: autograph collection
  • NRA 19810 Trinity College, Dublin: conspectus of MS catalogues
  • NRA 24842 Trinity College, Dublin: misc accessions
  • NRA 19217 Trinity College, Dublin: modern collections
  • NRA 32078 Trinity College, Dublin: MSS rel to Easter rising, 1916
  • NRA 9503 Trinity College, Dublin: scientific MSS
  • NRA 42679 University of Dublin Choral Society
  • NRA 34811 Percy Arland Ussher, writer: personal and family corresp and papers
  • NRA 22024 Joseph Cooper Walker, antiquary: corresp
  • NRA 21054 Walsh family, Barons Ormathwaite: Cork and Kerry estate deeds
  • NRA 35730 Lt-General George Walsh: family corresp and papers
  • NRA 21052 Richard Davis Webb, printer, Dublin, and Alfred John Webb, Irish politician: corresp
  • NRA 22026 Ethel M Wells autograph collection
  • NRA 34828 Agnes Romilly White, writer: corresp and papers
  • NRA 22030 Herbert Martin Oliver White, professor of English: corresp
  • NRA 29763 Robert White, rector of Dundonald, co Down: corresp and papers
  • NRA 32069 Sir Almroth Wright, bacteriologist: corresp and papers
  • NRA 38994 Wynne family of Tigroney: family and business corresp and papers


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