• 1853-1945 ED 49 Elementary Education Endowment Files

    Files of the Charity Commission (otherwise in CHAR), Education Department, and Board of Education relating to elementary educational endowments.

    The dividing line between elementary and secondary education foundations is often indistinct. Where the provisions of a foundation clearly embrace both elementary and secondary education and separate files have been created, the elementary, or primary, endowment file is confined to its own field; anything affecting the foundation as a whole appears on the secondary education endowment file.

    'General' foundations applicable to the whole or a large part of the county or a large ecclesiastical division also appear at the end of the county; cross references have been made for foundations covering more than one county. Foundations in county boroughs appear in alphabetical order, incorporating the title of the beneficial area, when it is not the whole county borough, as first part of the foundation title.

    The separate group of 'General' foundations at the end of the list refers to those not concerned with a particular county in England and Wales. The group also includes a small number of charities applicable to other countries.

    Foundations which have been transferred from one area to another owing to a change in boundaries are shown where they are now situated, but foundations which have moved from one place to another are listed, so far as pre-1936 papers are concerned, in the area in which they were on 31st March 1935.

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