• 1665-1986 ZJ 1 London Gazettes

    This series contains copies of the London Gazette, the official newspaper of the government. The copies include acts of state, proclamations, and appointments to offices under the crown; also orders in Council and such other orders as were directed to be published, including dissolutions of partnership, notices of proceedings in bankruptcy, official notices relating to insolvent debtors, etc.

    Many volumes contain integral indexes. There are indexes to complete years and also indexes within volumes to parts of the same year. In many cases the entire volume is an index, usually to the whole year, occasionally to four, five or six years (1820-1839) and occasionally to six months (1917-1921).

    During the 20th century, the present format evolved:

    • State Intelligence;
    • Proclamations;
    • Orders in Council;
    • Acts of Parliament passed;
    • Addresses to the Queen;
    • Appointments to and promotions in various Orders of Chivalry;
    • Civil appointments, Exchequer statement;
    • Returns of Prices of Corn;
    • Bank of England Issue and Banking;
    • Bank Returns;
    • Departmental Orders and Notices;
    • Honours, Decorations and Medals;
    • Mentions in Despatches and Commendations;
    • Naval, Military and Royal Air Force Appointments and Promotions;
    • Advertisements;
    • Notices of Public Places of Worship Registered for the Solemnization of Marriages;
    • Notices to prove debts and claim legacies under decrees of High Court of Chancery;
    • Meetings of Public Companies;
    • Building and Friendly Societies dissolved and cancelled;
    • Heirs and kindred of deceased persons;
    • Names changed;
    • Dissolution of partnerships;
    • Assignments for the benefit of creditors;
    • Sales by Auction, and Bankruptcy;
    • Companies Acts: notices under;
    • Claims to be made and debts paid on Estates;
    • Bankruptcy Acts: notices under;
    • Scottish Bankruptcy.

    The material in this series is non record material originally held in the Library.

    Please Note: all pieces concerning London Gazettes for the First and Second World Wars are available online at the London Gazette website, or on microfilm in the reading rooms at The National Archives, Kew.

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