• 1945-1948 WO 357 War Office: South East Asia Command, War Crimes Branch: Record Cards

    This series contains a collection of record cards which record progress in war crimes investigations and prosecutions by the War Crimes Branch, South East Asia Command.

    The investigations cover the following topics: war crimes in the Far East; the assessment of evidence; the dispersal and disposal of suspects; the progress and outcome of trials; details of sentences; and the prison records of convicted people.

    The cards include the names of Japanese tried, executed and imprisoned as well as those who could not be interrogated or tried because they had died. There is a separate series of cards covering Australian cases (piece 3).

    With few exceptions, these cards are not of any use as indexes to other records.

  • WO 415 1953-1966 Office of the Judge Advocate General: Indexes to Minute Books Details