• 1940-1957 WO 355 War Office: War Crimes, Europe, Card Index of Persons Passed to or Wanted by Various Allied Authorities, Second World War

    This series contains a card index of persons passed to or wanted by various Allied authorities for war crimes in Europe during the Second World War.

    This index was originally two separate indexes: one of people passed to CIC or COC, and the other of people wanted by various authorities (e.g. Belgian authorities, the cards so marked).

    The cards in the first of these original indexes are marked as such:

    • CIC: it has not been established with certainty to which organisation, of several organisations whose title is so abbreviated, this refers.
    • COC: not identified.

    For convenience, the cards have now been amalgamated as one index. No cards have survived in either of the two categories for the letter G.

    The amount of information on each card varies; sometimes it includes the name of the camp or place with which the person was associated, the reason for which he is sought, and a note of an interrogation or trial having taken place, as well as the person's name.

    The cards in this series generally bear two numbers, one at the top right hand corner, one at the top left hand corner under the surname. The significance of these has not yet been established. Of the two dates which usually appear on the cards, that on the left is patently the date of birth, whilst that on the right, (e.g. 1945 or 1946), is the arrest date.

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