• 1231-1829 SP 46 State Papers Domestic: Supplementary

    An artificial collection of letters, papers, legal proceedings and accounts, many relating to private affairs, largely derived from other sources than the State Paper Office.

    Some documents are Privy Council papers that were not included in the main regnal series of State Papers that were bound together chronologically. There are also records from the unsorted miscellanea of the Exchequer, and Augmentations Office miscellanea.

    A few proceedings before the Council of the North and the King's Council of the Marches of Wales may also be found, as well as, bundles of Johnson (1544 to 1553), Darrell (1563 to 1589), Williamson (1516 to 1595), de Panzi (1604 to 1642, Ireland), Daniel (1511 to 1610), Carnsew (1535 to 1629), Darcy (1459 to 1534), Strelley (1285 to 1613), Ormond (1231 to 1530), Warner (1634 to 1643), Scarning (1599 to 1642), and other family papers, a small collection of maps and plans of the time of Elizabeth I, another of original proclamations extending from 1620 to 1676, papers of Parliamentary Committees of the Commonwealth period, correspondence and papers of the Council of State, and of the Commissioners for the Admiralty and Navy during the Interregnum, and petitions and other papers in litigation addressed to Thomas Wolsey as Chancellor.

    The series also contains some papers relating to Scotland (mainly documents concerning legal proceedings in cases relating to the lords of council and session, based in Edinburgh), and to Ireland (mainly deeds, letters, accounts and petitions).

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