• 1650-1660 SP 26 Trustees for Crown Lands and Fee Farm Rents: Books

    Records of the Trustees for Crown Lands and Fee Farm Rents, including books of contracts for the purchase of fee farm rents (permanent ground-rents payable annually), books of certificates of rates (purchase certificates, stating exact prices paid), an order book generated by the fee farm trustees, and parchment original indentures relating to the conveyance of fee farms and manorial rents to corporations or individuals. Most of the records concern the sale of fee farm rents.

    The contract books state the purchaser's name in the margin and contain his signature at the foot of the contract, which locates the fee-farm and states the number of years' purchase agreed. The date of purchase usually appears in the margin of the contract.

    The series was formerly known as 'Interregnum K'.

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