The National Archives Discovery API

Terms and conditions

Statement of intent

You are welcome to use the information and the images for personal use, educational purposes or commercial use under the Open Government Licence.

Our Discovery API is designed to maximise access to the information held in our Discovery service catalogue. We wish to provide access to the API with as few barriers as possible but, while our API is in beta, we are requesting users contact us with their IP address first.

Best practice

Please tell us about your use of the API by emailing us a link to your websites and describing how you are using the API service. Also, please provide feedback about your experience of using the API so that we can work to improve the service.

Do not make an unreasonable number of API calls or use the API in a way which significantly compromises the experience of other users of the API. As a guideline, you should make no more than 3000 API calls per day at a rate of no more frequently than one request per second. The National Archives may choose to limit the number of API calls more formally in the future.

Report any concern you have over copyright to The National Archives.

Terms and conditions

If you make a request to this service you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions listed here.

You may not use The National Archives logo on your website without our specific written permission.

Our Discovery service is still under development. Please do not cache or store any content returned by the API.

You will not use The National Archives content or API service for any illegal or defamatory purpose of any nature. You will not use the API service to juxtapose our content with any illegal or defamatory material of any nature.

You understand and agree that The National Archives will not provide any technical support services in connection with any use of the API. We do not guarantee availability of the API service.

The National Archives reserves the right to extend or alter these terms and conditions at any time.

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